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Sarasota is a city in Florida with my favorite beach in the USA | Sarasota

sarasota florida usa / sarasota

Sarasota is a small town of beautiful cabins on the Gulf Coast of Florida just south of Tampa, Florida, with about 60,000 residents. It is one of the favorite places to live for the American rich, like Naples, Santa Barbara or Delray Beach. Not only does it have more sunny days than Miami, but it’s also home to art galleries and a creative atmosphere like Sedona. And Sarasota is also home to Siesta Beach, the best beach in the U.S., known for its white quartz sand and lack of big waves.

sarasota florida usa / sarasota


Sarasota is an elongated coastal city on the mainland with adjacent barrier islands (Lido Key, St. Armands Key, Otter Key, Casey Key, Coon Key, Bird Key and part of Siesta Key. ), located between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida.

  • The name Sarasota comes from the Spanish term for a place to dance.

Basic Information

The city of Sarasota is well known in the United States for its unique combination of pleasant climate, beautiful architecture, wonderful beaches, wide variety of cultural and entertainment activities, good restaurants and stores. It is at the top of most American city rankings in terms of quality and convenience of life.

sarasota on the map

Our recommendation: For official information about Sarasota, visit before you travel.

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What’s interesting about Sarasota?

  • Tourists come here to relax on the amazing white sandy beaches away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.
  • And many affluent American retirees move to Sarasota precisely because of the variety of cultural life.

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Sarasota has many different venues for the performing arts – music, dance, theater, and circus. This includes opera and ballet, orchestra, jazz club, conservatory, and circus school. Films are also filmed here.

  • Since 1998, Sarasota has hosted an annual film festival.

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 85

Fun fact: In the early twentieth century, the famous Ringling Brothers Circus was based in Sarasota, and many attractions in Sarasota are named after them.

Sarasota is also home to the Mote Marine Laboratory, the Aquarium, the beautiful Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, and the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.

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Downtown Sarasota is the best place to live, with easy walking paths from all neighborhoods. You’ll find all the arts, culture, and fun in the morning and evening as well as beautiful architecture in the afternoon. And you can also luxuriate, choose an expensive beach resort on one of the barrier islands and enjoy the sun and the sea.

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For example, Longboat Key, a 12-mile island, has several resorts, but mostly residential neighborhoods with expensive parking lots for yachts right next to the house with direct access to Sarasota Bay. The quaint neighborhood in the center of this island is full of different restaurants, stores, and beach bars.

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We, on the other hand, decided to stay just out of town at the almost new, comfortable Hyatt Place Hotel, which we had loved while traveling in the Florida Keys. And we were very pleased with it!

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 63

When is the best time to go

Sarasota has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters. The rainy season lasts from June to September, and the dry season from October to May.

  • During the summer months, it often rains in the afternoon.
  • Sometimes it can get cold in the winter when cold arctic air reaches the south coast of Florida, so a warm jacket may come in handy.

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 68

So, the best time to vacation in Sarasota is November-December and March-April, when temperatures are most comfortable and there is no rain. But in the middle of winter is better to go to the Maldives, where it’s warm the whole year, and in summer – in Hawaii or Seychelles.

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How to get there

sarasota city map

Map of Sarasota

sarasota map

Detailed map of Sarasota

Downtown Sarasota parking map

sarasota parking

Where to Stay

Here are some good hotels in Sarasota:

1. Embassy Suites By Hilton – rooms and apartments on the waterfront, at the Lido Key exit

2. the Lido Beach Resort – a modern hotel on Lido Beach with a pool and family rooms

3. Hyatt Residence – an upscale beachfront hotel with a beach club on Siesta Beach

4. Carlisle Inn – comfortable hotel away from the beaches, but with the most spacious rooms

5. Ameniti Bay – Best Western – an affordable hotel with a high rating near Interstate 75

beaches sarasota

Lido Beach.

Lido Beach is about 4 kilometers long and is closest to downtown Sarasota. It is located on the island of Lido Key. And we walked here, leaving our car at the inexpensive St Armand’s Parking Garage at 57 N Adams Drive Sarasota for $0.5/hour.

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 19

Beautiful promenade in the shade of the trees

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 18

Exit to Lido Beach

When we arrived at Lido Beach, we immediately fell in love with it! As soon as we got to the beach itself, the first thing I wanted to do was to take off my shoes and walk barefoot on the beautiful sand and splash in the water. And most importantly, that and the people was not so much. To be honest, we felt like we were in the Maldives. In general, the perfect beach in Florida was found for us!

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sarasota florida usa / sarasota 81

Lido Beach itself consists of three beach areas:

  • The northern part of Lido Beach is the most secluded and wildest, with no amenities. But we liked it the most. It is interesting to walk barefoot on the soft white sand and shoals, watch birds and passing boats. It is somewhat secluded, with limited parking and no amenities.
  • The middle of Lido Beach is a popular spot for a relaxed beach vacation, but with the amenities of showers, toilets and a public pool.
  • The beach at the south end of Lido Key, with its shady trees and picnic areas, is convenient for family-friendly outdoor activities. South Lido Park has a trail for walking and sports.

Photo of Lido Beach in Sarasota:

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 79

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 80

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 74

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 65

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 5

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 10

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 16

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 6

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 13

Siesta Beach

Siesta Key is 8 miles long and is accessed from the mainland by two bridges, which provide convenient access to free parking for vacationers at Siesta Beach, Crescent Beach, and Turtle Beach. The beaches themselves stretch along the Gulf Coast for more than 5 kilometers.

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 50

The broad Siesta Beach, a beach with soft white quartz sand and calm waves, is considered the best. It has many times been voted the best beach of the year in the United States because of its landscaping, natural beauty and large size. It has everything you need for a beach vacation, including a park and playgrounds for children. On Florida’s west coast, only Clearwater Beach can compete with Siesta Beach in terms of popularity among tourists.

Photos of Siesta Beach in Sarasota:

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 49

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 54

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 53

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 42

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 41

Venice Beach

Venice is a southern suburb of Sarasota, considered one of America’s happiest seaside towns. It’s a nice place to relax in a quieter, more democratic setting, away from millionaires and their expensive whims.

Not to be confused with the famous Venice in Los Angeles, California. There, too, is the iconic Venice Beach, more associated with film and music.

We found Venice Beach to be pretty good overall, and the cost of lodging, as well as prices in restaurants, are generally lower here.

Photos of Venice Beach in Sarasota:

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 57

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 58

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 59

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 60

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 55

What to see

Beach relaxation, sitting in restaurants, and participating in the cultural scene (as an artist or audience member) are all worth going to Sarasota for. The places to visit are marked in the map below.

sarasota what to see

The botanical garden caught our attention, but we did not get there because we decided to repeat the trip to Lido Beach.

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The cafes and stores in the historic St. Armands Circle were worth a visit.

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 72

Our review

We visited Sarasota on our Florida trip. We walked around the city, saw almost all the beaches, and took a break from the daily commute. We really liked the city itself for its quiet and peaceful atmosphere and safe environment. Many beautiful squares with sculptures create an elevated mood. It’s a very atmospheric place!

sarasota florida usa / sarasota 7

It was a pleasure to walk the beautiful streets through historic downtown Sarasota to our favorite beach, Lido Key, and interesting to watch the unhurried life of the locals – mostly the wealthiest and most successful retirees who have made their American dream a reality.

We hope to visit Florida again someday and then we will definitely stop by Sarasota!

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Lido Key

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