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Fort Lauderdale – our trip, impressions and review | Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a resort town in Florida on the east coast of the United States. It is close to the most famous beach resort in the United States – Miami and the port city of West Palm Beach. Fort Lauderdale is famous for being the departure point for cruise ships with tourists bound for the Caribbean Sea. Fort Lauderdale also has an international airport that connects the United States and many Latin and South American countries. And we had just flown into blooming Florida on our way from Los Angeles to fabulous Peru. But we had plenty of time to explore the city, see the sights of Fort Lauderdale, walk around, and relax on its beaches, so we took full advantage of our good connection. In this article I will describe Fort Lauderdale in detail, and share my experiences and recommendations that will be helpful to those planning a trip to the East Coast of the United States or on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands.

Fort Lauderdale is

Fort Lauderdale

The resort city of Fort Lauderdale is located on the Atlantic Ocean near Miami. Sometimes it is also called the “Venice of America” because of its extensive canal system. Although we have already been to one such “Venice”, in Venice, California, it was possible to explore another coastal resort. Interestingly, Fort Lauderdale is part of a huge agglomeration of three cities – Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. It reminded us a little of Greater Los Angeles on the West Coast.

Interesting fact: Fort Lauderdale is known primarily for its beaches and, of course, the opportunity to go yachting (the yachting capital of America, after all!) or take a cruise on the Caribbean Sea.

Fort Lauderdale 14

We had no time for cruises and sailing, but we rested on the beach with pleasure. We chose Hollywood Beach, the most famous beach in Florida (after Miami Beach, of course!).

fort lauderdale 13

Weather in Fort Lauderdale.

Since we were traveling in October, there were already few beachgoers, as this time is generally considered low season in Miami (it lasts from May to mid-October). After that, the rainy summer ends and the comfortable winter begins. This is exactly the weather change we experienced: at first it was very warm and nice, and then it rained hard.

Fort Lauderdale Miami

How to get to Ft Lauderdale

There are 4 easy ways to get to Fort Lauderdale and one rather unconventional way:

1. 1. By Plane

Fort Lauderdale has its own major international airport Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (its code is FLL). For more information about it, see its website. Since you most likely will need to fly to Fort Lauderdale with a connection in one of the major cities in Europe or the U.S., then tickets with convenient connections is better to look at the website Aviasales .

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Fort Lauderdale 05

The Fort Lauderdale airport seemed kind of empty and boring to us. So if you happen to have a connection there and don’t want to leave its territory, stock up on food and entertainment in advance. For travelers this airport is useful only because many inexpensive flights to the States, Caribbean and even Central and South America are made there.

There are two other airports nearby:

  • Miami International Airport (Miami International Airport, code – MIA );
  • Palm Beach International Airport (code – PBI ).

2. By train

    connects Fort Lauderdale with other U.S. cities on the Atlantic coast. – is a special train that runs between Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach airports. At Miami Airport, the Tri-Rail is connected to the Metro Rail system.

Fort Lauderdale 02

3. by bus.

The Greyhound bus station is located downtown at – 510 NE 3rd Street, Fort Lauderdale.

4. By car.

Interstate I-95 runs through Fort Lauderdale and connects all three of South Florida’s major cities – Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

  • Northbound I-95 runs from Fort Lauderdale through Jacksonville all the way to Washington, D.C. And then it continues to New York City and goes all the way north.
  • To get to Orlando and Disney World, it’s best to take Florida’s Turnpike. It’s only 220 miles.

Book a car for the lowest price at →

Fort Lauderdale 07

5. On a cruise ship

This method will come in handy for anyone who is going on a cruise through the Caribbean islands. It is more accurate to say that you can sail from Fort Lauderdale to the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise liner. Port Everglades is just south of downtown and the airport (just a mile away).

Fort Lauderdale how to get there

How to get from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami or Hollywood

Getting from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami or the beaches of Hollywood is fairly easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  • By cab. A trip from the airport to Miami will cost about $75, and to downtown Fort Lauderdale only $18-20 .
  • By shuttle. Book a shuttle from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami, downtown or the port in advance at one of the sites on the Internet, for example
  • By train. TriRail electric trains connect Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach airports and are conveniently integrated with Miami Metro.
  • By bus. Take the free shuttle from the airport to the TriRail station. There is also a city bus departing from there. For the trip to the beaches you can take #6 (ticket costs $1.75, the machine does not give change as usual), which goes towards Aventura Mall. It will wander through the streets first, and then turn out onto Florida’s main artery and stop along the many beaches.
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We drove ourselves from the Fort Lauderdale airport to the beach by bus, which didn’t take long to wait. We had to dig through all our pockets to find small coins to pay the fare. There were hardly any passengers in the morning hours, and we rode alone for a long time.

Fort Lauderdale 09

Port Everglades

Port Everglades is the main cruise port on the East Coast of the United States. It is not very far from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and it is very easy to get there.

It is very important for tourists to know the following: there are three different entrances to Port Everglades. Here are their addresses:

  • 17th Street at Eisenhower Boulevard;
  • State Road 84 on Spangler Boulevard east of Route 1;
  • I-595 East on Eller Drive.

You will be allowed into the port upon presentation of your passport and cruise documents.

Fort Lauderdale - How to get to Port Everglades

How to get from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Port Everglades

How to get to Port Everglades from the airport? Here are the easiest ways:

  • By car . Type the right address of the right entrance to the port into your navigator and follow its directions.
  • By cab . The normal price for a ride from the airport is $10-15. Do not forget to tip.
  • Hotel shuttle . Some of the hotels provide a shuttle to the port; check the information when you make your reservation. always lists it in the hotel description.
  • By bus . BCT buses Stop at the north end of the port.
  • By Go Airport Shuttle. The fare is $11 per person. There will be 10 people in the minivan. Individual shuttles are also available for $40 .

Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood Beach Florida

Hollywood Beach in Fort Lauderdale

Hollywood Beach is a small town on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida as part of Fort Lauderdale. Yes, Florida has its own Hollywood. And it is located exactly midway between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Fort Lauderdale 11

Unlike California’s Hollywood, Florida’s Hollywood is not a booming movie industry. It’s an island of serene, quiet relaxation in Miami. If you want to party till morning, it’s better to settle in Miami Beach. And here everything is relaxed, the old-fashioned way.

Fort Lauderdale 16

But of course the most important thing in Hollywood is its sandy beaches. Why does everyone fly to Miami? That’s right, to be on the beach all the time and watch the ocean waves. When we arrived in Fort Lauderdale we took the bus to Hollywood Beach to look at the Atlantic Ocean.

fort lauderdale 17

There is a great promenade along the beach where you can take a leisurely stroll or work out. We watched with interest the cyclists and those out for a morning run. There are also several restaurants there, including our favorite Subway sandwiches.

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Fort Lauderdale beaches

The first look at Miami’s famous beaches, which are the main attraction in Florida, brought some disappointment. Is this what people from all over the United States and the world come here for? The only thing that made me happy was the number of athletic people. Everything else was reminiscent of the Soviet Union. Old hotels, dead sun beds (by the way, $ 22 for use) and not very well maintained beach.

fort lauderdale 08

We involuntarily thought that we liked the beaches of Los Angeles much better, although you can not swim there.

fort lauderdale hotel


Still, spending a day in Fort Lauderdale was not a bad idea, and we stayed at a pretty good Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort . It’s on the first line right by the beach, new, and pretty well maintained, unlike the other hotels. Also, we really liked the breakfast. So we recommend it.

Other discounted hotels in Fort Lauderdale:

Fort Lauderdale attractions

Fort Lauderdale Attractions

As it turns out, there aren’t many attractions in Fort Lauderdale. It doesn’t have much to see except the beaches. But if you have time, here’s something to occupy yourself with:

    Fort Lauderdale’s beach, The Strip, is the stretch of beach off Las Olas Boulevard and north of Sunrise. It has the same name as the most famous street in Las Vegas, but it’s much quieter! There are several stores, restaurants, and bars right on the beach. It’s also a quiet beach, not unlike the rowdy pre-parties of Miami Beach. So if you’re a fan of peace and relaxation – you’re here.
  • Las Olas Boulevard is the center of life in Fort Lauderdale. It’s the center of Fort Lauderdale’s life and the canals that have made the city known as the Venice of America. Here you can find stores, restaurants, and bars.
  • For those who love culture, Fort Lauderdale has several museums. Worth seeing the Museum of Art and the Museum of Discovery and Science.
  • History buffs will enjoy the Antique Car Museum , where you can see the prewar American vehicles.
  • See exotic butterflies at Butterfly World in Tradewinds Park.
  • Kids will love the fun at Boomers! Rollercoaster Park . Read more about vacationing in Florida with a child.
  • For nature lovers, I suggest paying attention to Florida’s top bird, the flamingo, at Flamingo Gardens and Wray Botanical Collection .

Map of Fort Lauderdale

Symbols on a map of Fort Lauderdale:

  • maroon – airports, bus and train stations, and the Port of Everglades;
  • blue stars – attractions and activities;
  • purple – museums;
  • yellow – beaches;
  • dark blue – the cities of Miami and West Palm Beach.

Fort Lauderdale review

Our review of Fort Lauderdale

Since we didn’t come to Fort Lauderdale specifically, but were only passing through, we didn’t see everything there. Nevertheless, it seemed like some forgotten resort, where no one has been coming for a long time, but the owners still think they are the most fashionable.

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It turns out that Fort Lauderdale and even Miami itself have long gone out of fashion. Everyone is vacationing in the Bahamas or Cancun, some are even flying across the ocean to the Philippines or Thailand. But here they still live in hope that fashion will change. In the meantime, you can still go jogging in the morning. Exercise is probably the only positive thing left in Hollywood Beach.

fort lauderdale 04

If we had to choose between Los Angeles or Miami, we would no doubt go to California again, and for a beach vacation we would rather go to Hawaii or the paradisiacal Maldives.

fort lauderdale 15

On the other hand, Miami has its own advantages – noisy youth discos until dawn, or the unique islands of The Keys, for which it is worth returning to Florida. For those cruising out of Fort Lauderdale, don’t be disappointed; the port is close to the airport and a walk on the beach will help you pass the time between your arrival and departure on the cruise.

All in all, we wouldn’t come to Fort Lauderdale specifically, but in transit it’s quite nice.

Top 10 Beaches in Florida

Bahia Honda State Park is located at 37 miles in the Florida Keys, near Marathon. This park offers one of Florida’s most spectacular beaches, and because it is in a state park, it remains in its natural state. The park has two beach areas, each facing opposite directions, so there is almost always one beach that is not affected by waves and wind. The most beautiful area is on the outer shore, where the beach seems to stretch out endlessly, with plenty of room to walk. The water in many areas is shallow for a long distance. The beach is best visited at high tide. The small beach on the inside has a great view of the old railroad bridge.

Accommodations: Where to stay near Bahia Honda

2 Miami Beach.

Miami Beach may not be the first choice for the best beach, but for those looking for a complete beach scene in the city, this is the place. On hot days, the sand is packed with sunbathers and watchers travel slowly in their cars to see what’s going on.

Accommodation: Where to Stay in Miami Beach

Map of Miami Beach – points of interest

3 Fort DeSoto.

Naturalist lovers, Fort DeSoto State Park offers an exceptional beach left in its natural state. As a result, not only is it a great place to swim and walk, it’s also a good opportunity to see birds and other wildlife.

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Accommodations: Where to stay near Fort Desoto

4 Clearwater Beach.

On the Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach offers excellent access from the city bay of nearby Tampa and is one of the best beaches along Florida’s western shores. This wide stretch of soft sand is great for walking, beach chair parking and swimming.

Accommodations: Where to stay in Clearwater

5 Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Fort Lauderdale Beach resembles Miami Beach in some ways. Located on the promenade and across from the hotels, the beach is the center of the tourist area in Fort Lauderdale. People come here to bask in the sun, take a walk or drive along the promenade, play games and enjoy the view. The beach is also a venue for activities and entertainment.

Accommodations: Where to stay in Fort Lauderdale

6 Venice Beach.

Venice Beach M. Keefe / photo modified

Venice Beach has a unique feature. It is well known for the little prehistoric sharks that can be found in the fine sand. Many people come here to look for the teeth, and those who know what they are looking for can walk away with many in their possession. The teeth come from ancient sharks that have decomposed on the seafloor.

Accommodations: Where to stay near Venice Beach

7 Editor’s Choice Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is for people looking for a real beach town and a beautiful beach. The soft sand stretches for miles, but the most popular area is at the pier, where beachgoers sit under umbrellas or play beach volleyball. On top of the beach are casual restaurants, ice cream parlors, and beachwear stores.

Accommodations: Where to stay in Fort Myers Beach

8 St. George State Park.

St. George State Park.

Like all Florida state parks, St. George Island remains serene and undeveloped. This long stretch of white sand beach offers a terrific place to sunbathe and swim. There is also camping, boat launches and picnic areas. Located in northern Florida near Panama City, this beach is a summer favorite.

Accommodations: Where to stay near St. George Island

9 Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach.

Panama City Beach, located in the Florida Panhandle, is a popular destination during the warmer months. The incredible white sandy beach is 27 miles long, providing playgrounds for all kinds of activities.

Accommodations: Where to stay in Panama City Beach

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  • 11 of the most popular tourist attractions in Panama City Beach

10 Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach is a wide, sandy beach where some areas are so tightly packed that driving is allowed along the top of the beach. The town itself has long had a reputation for spring break, but that has passed and it now attracts a quieter group of visitors. Because of its northern location, it is most popular from spring through fall.

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