Thailand: a unique country that attracts tourists from all over the world

Tourist about Thailand

Thailand is one of the most exotic, unusual, interesting countries in the world, which is why millions of tourists from all over the world travel to Thailand every year. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is washed in the east by the waters of the Gulf of Siam, and in the west – by the waters of the Andaman Sea. A huge number of well equipped beaches and resort areas in the country allow Thailand to be called one of the most popular resort countries in the world.

The most developed tourist centers in Thailand are, of course, its capital, Bangkok, Jomtien, Pattaya, Samiu Islands and Phuket.

Bangkok is the calling card of Thailand – a city of contrasting eastern culture and the traditions of modernity. Bangkok is often compared to Venice, as some areas of the city are located on the water.

Unique natural conditions of Thailand, its beautiful nature, the rich underwater world allows every visitor to find an activity to his liking: scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing, skydiving, water skiing. For more lazy holidaymakers-equipped sandy beaches, swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, high-class hotels. As you know, in Thailand since ancient times rooted the cult of Buddha, as evidenced by the numerous temples in different parts of the country.

Many religious holidays are non-working days. Thailand is also famous for its colorful festivals. Cuisine of Thailand deserves special attention. Due to the peculiar climatic conditions and the geographical location of the country, the variety of dishes of Thailand has no limits.

Rice and fruit are the main components of any dish. Very popular are the snack bars right on the street, where, unlike restaurants, you can watch the cooking yourself. “Troubled” with the idea of vacationing in Thailand? Then welcome to the “land of smiles,” the bright sun, beautiful beaches, nature and indescribable vacation!

Resorts in Thailand

One of the most famous resorts in Thailand – Pattaya, an ancient city on the Gulf of Thailand – is located in the east of the country about 150 km from Bangkok. Pattaya is the most active and “party” resort of Thailand. The city has many bars, discos, restaurants for every taste, and there are a variety of shows, bowling alleys, shooting galleries, archery fields, tennis courts, shopping malls, a lot of stores and stalls, a lot of various excursions and entertainment programs.

Another popular resort of Thailand, the island of Phuket is located in the south-east of the country an hour flight from Bangkok. It is the largest island of Thailand and is considered the pearl of the Andaman coast. The beaches of the island are well developed infrastructure and are loved by fans of entertainment and nightlife. The coast of Andaman Sea with its wonderful sea and underwater landscapes, coral thickets and caves are popular with those who are fond of scuba diving. On the island at any time you can rent a yacht, play golf, engage in a variety of water sports.

Samui, one of the most prestigious resort islands in the world, is located 70 minutes flight from Bangkok, in the Gulf of Thailand. The island has recently become famous, and now rivals the island of Phuket for the title of the most popular seaside resort in Thailand. The unique nature all year round attracts tourists from all over the world. The island has quiet beaches, deserted shallow bays, coconut plantations, and rice paddies. Samui offers its guests both luxurious hotels, and accommodation in the beach bungalows. Despite the fact that this is a very small island, which can be circled in an hour, there are hotels of leading international and Asian companies.

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In addition to the famous major resorts in Thailand, there are many small islands, most of which are virtually uninhabited. Krabi resort is famous for its beauty. Lonely cliffs, palm groves, white sand beaches, small islands and clear sea – all this makes an unforgettable impression. Krabi is now well established and becoming more and more popular with tourists from all over the world. The sights of the island are the “cemetery of shells”, a monastery in the tiger cave, picturesque parks and caves.

Pi Pi Islands are located 20 km southeast of Phuket. Here, in addition to the pristine natural beauty, blue sea and lush tropical vegetation, you can find “edible” birds’ nests, which are used to make soup by Chinese gourmets. On cliffs and in caves you can see special structures made of bamboo, which are climbed by bird nest collectors.

Chang Island has always been a favorite vacation spot for locals. The mountainous island is covered with tropical forest with untouched fauna of many species, including macaques, deer, wild boars, and more than 70 species of birds inhabiting the mountain slopes of the island. Chang Island and its surrounding islands have been amalgamated into a marine national park in order to preserve the rich nature of the area as much as possible. The island is at the very tip of the Thai maritime domain, which has made it so secluded and quiet. Largely untouched by modern civilization, Chiang Island has retained its charm. The locals still live a quiet, measured life as they did in ancient times, mainly through fishing, fruit growing, and rubber cultivation. There are hotels on the island as a bungalow, and comfortable four- to five-star complexes.

Cities of Thailand

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is the largest city in Southeast Asia. In Thai the city has a long name, which means the Palace of the Gods, Built by the Gods in Paradise, or the City of Angels. Bangkok is located on the banks of the large river Chao Praya, a few kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand. It ranks among the most dynamic cities in the world. Almost all administrative institutions and research institutes of Thailand, many international organizations are concentrated in Bangkok. Temples, exhibitions, museums show a fantastic variety of ancient and new art, bars and discos of all types are a legendary center of nightlife, international hotels and restaurants are famous for their gastronomic delights.

Unusual places to travel

Bangkok is famous for its attractions. On the banks of the Chao Praya River opposite the Royal Palace is the Wat Arun Temple, famous for its 79-meter pagoda decorated with ceramics and colored porcelain. The Royal Palace itself and located on the territory of the palace complex of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha – unique architectural monuments, known throughout the world. The palace complex stands near the Chao Phraya River, so it is convenient to get to it by boat.

In Bangkok, there is the old Buddhist temple of Wat Po, famous for its rich decoration and a huge gilded statue of the reclining Buddha. In Wat Po is a school of Thai massage, here they give massages to visitors.

In the “City of Angels” walking is the fastest way to get anywhere, this form of “transport” is much faster than a cab or bus. Another great form of transportation is the water cab. In addition to the fact that this mode of transport is unusual in itself, you can see the real life of Bangkok at each stop along the canal.

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. From 9 pm until 2 am it lasts nightlife, and some clubs are open until 7 am. The center of nightlife is Patpong Market. This is bars with shows and cabarets, clubs and massage parlors, and a place where you can buy so-called “copies” of famous brands at extremely low prices.

Nightlife in Bangkok is bright, varied and exotic. In the capital of Thailand countless restaurants, cafes, eateries, street kitchens and other catering facilities. No matter what area of the city was not a tourist – he can be sure that close to a place where you can have a tasty and filling meal. The most expensive restaurants are located in the areas of Silom, Siam Square, Suravong and Sukhumvit, but in general the price level is considered quite acceptable for the average Russian tourist.

Bangkok is famous all over the world for its developed sex industry. There are a lot of strip bars in the city, which are mainly concentrated in two areas of the city: most of them on Patpong Street, where the night market is, and a dozen or two on Cowboy Street. The bars open at 8-9 p.m. and stay open until 2 a.m. (although they officially close at 1 a.m.). The sex shows start around 11pm. For a fee you can take the girl out of the bar, the reward must be negotiated additionally with her herself.

Tips for tourists visiting Thailand

Going to Thailand, you need to know about some of the nuances of rest in this country. The following tips will help make it more comfortable.

You must remember:

Never drink tap water. Drinking bottled water is very inexpensive and is sold at every step. Also in the minibar of most hotels you will find 2 free bottles of drinking water in your room every day.

Be careful in the sun. Even with considerable cloud cover, before you have time to adapt to the climate, there is a risk of sunburn. Always use protective creams and do not abuse tanning, especially in the first days of vacation.

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Always keep in mind the peculiarities of traffic in Thailand (it is left-handed). When crossing the street, look to the right first.

Respect Buddhism and its traditions. It is not acceptable to wear short sleeves or shorts when visiting active temples. If you want to take a picture, do not lean or sit on the statue of Buddha.

It is not customary to shout or have an argument in front of other people.

When entering a temple or a Thai home, be sure to remove your shoes at the threshold. Do the same in a beauty salon or barbershop.

Respect those who are older than you. If you bargain with a seller at the market or a cab driver of a respectable age, do it as politely, politely and with a smile as possible – you will immediately notice how it affects the price of services.

Do not accept from strangers any packages, envelopes or parcels that you have to take across the border of Thailand! If you are found in possession of drugs, life imprisonment is the minimum penalty.

Tickets for buses, trains and planes should be purchased only at the terminal offices or at local travel agencies with a TAT (Tourism Committee of Thailand) license.

Vaccinations against cholera are better to be done well in advance of your departure. For a general strengthening of the immune system before a trip is useful to be vaccinated against hepatitis “A”, transmitted through food. In Thailand, there are practically no traditional tropical diseases, so do not worry.

Everyone loves a tip, even the grocery clerk who gives you your change back.

Speak with proper reverence of the King and members of the Royal Family. They are deeply respected by all Thais and any disparaging phrase or gesture towards them is taken as a personal insult.

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Thailand – the perfect place for an exotic vacation.


More and more tourists from Western countries are seeking to spend vacations in Southeast Asia. And the status of the leader in terms of attendance in the region for several years now remains for Thailand – a place of pristine beaches, ancient temples, bustling cities and unusual cuisine. If you want an unforgettable and thrilling experience, feel free to book a tour to this country. But what do you need to know about Thailand before you go there?

What is Thailand?

The country has its roots in the kingdoms of Sukhothai, which appeared in this region in the first half of the XIII century, and Ayutthaya, established two centuries later. Locals developed under the influence of the strongest neighbors in the form of the Chinese and Indian nationalities. At the same time, Thailand has never been a colony in its history.

Tourism in the country began to boom in the middle of the last century. And by now it has become one of the most visited by foreigners in the whole of Southeast Asia, despite the two coups since the turn of the millennium.

Secrets of the eternal cities of the Maya

The state, washed by the waters of the Andaman and South China Seas, is located on the territory of Indochina and Mallaqui, as well as the adjacent islands. The country is 1,860 kilometers long and is divided into five regions:

The country is situated on the waters of Andaman and South China Seas, on the territory of Indochina and Mallaqi and on the adjacent islands

  1. Central, the vast plains and surrounding foothills in the Chaopraya River valley with its many tributaries and arms.
  2. Eastern, which includes Rayong, Chentburi and Trat provinces.
  3. North, consisting of mountain ranges and field-covered plains.
  4. The Northeast, most of which is occupied by the Korat Plateau.
  5. Southern, where the majestic mountains give way to fertile plains and miles of beaches in the coastal zone.

Each of the regions of the country is interesting to tourists in its own way and ready to surprise tourists with a variety of topography, climate, and even the difference in customs of local residents.

Thailand is considered a multilingual country with seventy dialects. The most common languages are Thai, Isai and Yuan, which belong to the same group – Thai. But in large cities and resorts, many people speak English fluently. The country’s main currency is the local baht, roughly equal to three U.S. cents. Thus, 100 U.S. dollars is just over three thousand baht. The country lives by Indochinese standard time (GMT+7). So the difference with Moscow is +4 hours.

Main resorts of Thailand

But still the majority of tourists prefer to stay in several places, which have all conditions for comfortable rest. The most visited resort areas of the country are rightly considered:

  • Phuket and Samui, which, unlike other islands of Thailand, attract travelers with developed infrastructure, the presence of white sandy beaches, clean and warm sea water, picturesque lagoons, waterfalls and coral reefs – beautiful place on the east coast of the country, close to where are crocodile farms, elephant villages, a zoo and tropical garden, as well as a number of religious sites such as the Temple of Truth and the Big Buddha Hill;
  • The resort areas of Cha-Am and Hua-Hin where Klai Palace is the summer residence of the royal family;
  • Chiang Mai is the second most populous city in the country, often referred to as the northern capital. It will surprise guests with its unusual cuisine, views of the majestic mountain ranges and many temples and monasteries;
  • Chang Island, which is a huge nature reserve, which is decorated with pristine mountains and jungle. Here you can enjoy unforgettable views, as well as meet the rarest representatives of flora and fauna;
  • Samet Island – a real oasis on the east coast of the country, which is ready to shelter everyone who wants a break from the bustle of the city in the peace and quiet of the true Buddhists – the capital and the largest city in the country, which will delight travelers with nightclubs, luxury hotels and restaurants, skyscrapers and modern shopping centers, which are adjacent to ancient palaces, temples and huge parks.
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And this is just a small part of the interesting resorts and islands of Thailand, which attract tourists from all over the world. As a rule, to visit at least a tenth of the local attractions do not succeed even the most active travelers. That is why once visited these wonderful places, tourists come back here again and again.

Climate and weather in Thailand

Thailand weather

The climate varies according to the region of the country from humid tropical in the north to subequatorial in the central part, and even equatorial near the Malaysian border. The variety of weather conditions also depends on the proximity to the coast, from which the monsoons regularly bring rainfall.

The central part of the state is best visited during cool (lasts from mid-November to late February) or hot (from early March to late May) seasons. They are replaced by the rainy season, which lasts from early summer to mid-autumn. But it is advisable to go to the south of the country in February or March, when it is warm and not very humid.

In general, the weather in Thailand is very variable. There is not even a single rainy season in the country. If in Phuket it may start in August, on Samui comes only in late autumn. So before booking a tour is desirable to clarify the weather conditions with agency representatives.

The national cuisine of Thailand

National cuisine of Thailand

At different times, the Thai cuisine was influenced by Chinese, Indian and European culinary preferences. Nowadays, the ration of local residents is based on products from rice, noodles, seafood, meat, greens, and vegetables. Fresh fruits of Thailand are also in particular demand among travelers, and they are often served for breakfast. Every guest of local restaurants should definitely try the local spicy soups and second courses melted with Chinese ginger, basil, galangi root, chili peppers, and other spices.

Population and Culture

Most of the country’s inhabitants are ethnic Thais and Laotians. They add up to about eighty percent of the population. Another almost ten percent are ethnic Chinese. The Khmer, Malay, Vietnamese, and Hmong also live in some regions. Nearly ninety-five percent of the residents of Thailand are Buddhists. Another about five percent are Muslim. Most Muslims live in the southern regions, closer to the border with Malaysia.

Useful Information

Russian citizens do not need visa to visit Thailand for less than thirty days. You can extend your stay for a week without leaving the country. If desired, a tourist may leave the territory of Thailand and cross the border again to stay at the local resorts for another month. The main thing is to have on hand an insurance policy, which in most cases is needed to receive skilled medical care and in case of force majeure.

Also, all travelers may find the following information useful:

Russian embassy website: (temporarily inactive)

Address of the Russian Embassy: 78 Sap Rd, Khwaeng Si Phraya, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500.

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