Tennessee, USA – an amazing place of beautiful lakes and mountains

Ten Most Beautiful Towns in Tennessee

Ten most beautiful cities in Tennessee

Ten Most Beautiful Towns in Tennessee

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Tennessee has many beautiful cities, charming small towns and breathtaking scenery. With the Appalachian Mountains to the east and the Mississippi River to the west, the state is fraught with fascinating images and places to visit. Read our guide below to discover 10 such places in the “Volunteer State,” Tennessee.


Nashville, the “Music City of Tennessee,” is the state’s capital and its second largest city. The city, founded in 1779, is named for Francis Nash, a brigadier general during the American War of Independence. Nashville sits on the Cumberland River, mined from the Appalachian Mountains. It is also home to the bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park and the beautiful state capitol building perched on a steep, magnificent hill. With so many fantastic restaurants, live music, tours, museums and beautiful countryside outside of downtown, Nashville truly offers something for everyone.



Located just over 20 miles south of Nashville, it is a fast-growing Tennessee town in Williamson County. Franklin was founded in 1799 by Abram Morey Jr. who named the town after his father Benjamin Franklin. The town is well known for the Battle of Franklin, which took place in the town on November 30, 1864, during the American Civil War. Many visitors flock to the Carnton and Carter homes, two historic homes involved in the battle that still exist today and are open for tours. Franklin is also home to many annual festivals, including the Main Street Festival, Main Street Wine Down Festival, Pumpkinfest and Dickens of the Christmas (which attracts about 50,000 visitors annually).



“On the Quiet Side of the Smokies” is a very small town located in eastern Tennessee. A quiet, picturesque village, Townsend is adjacent to the Little River section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cades Cove. Despite its charming natural scenery and quaint small-town feel, Townsend also boasts plenty of outdoor activities, local stores, festivals and entertainment. Townsend is a fantastic place for natural observations, from the beautiful flowers and trees blooming in spring and the appearance of perennial woodland wildlife and birds in summer, to the beautiful hiking trails in the colder months.

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Lynchburg is a beautiful town located in south-central Tennessee and is home to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The source of the town’s name is much debated, theories ranging from a yearning for Lynchburg, Virginia, to Tom Lynch (an early settler) or the vigilance of “Judge Lynch.” Nestled in the scenic hills of Moore County, Lynchburg’s gorgeous scenery perfectly complements its small-town, charming downtown with fine restaurants, local stores and great out-of-town trips.



“Picturesque City” is the fourth largest city in the state of Tennessee and resides in the southeastern part of the state on portions of the Tennessee River, Lake Nijhjak and Lake Chickamauga. Much of Chattanooga’s natural beauty comes from its position between the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau. As if the breathtaking atmosphere of Chattanooga wasn’t enough, the city is also home to many other tourist attractions, including the International Towing and Restoration Hall of Fame and Museum, the National Medal of Honor Museum, and the Tennessee Aquarium.


Tellico Plains

Located in southeast Tennessee, this is the “gateway to the Cherokee National Forest.” A charming, outdated mountain town in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Tellico Plains’ beautiful mountain scenery, country village, quaint farmland and scenic trails make it an ideal destination for those seeking a simpler lifestyle and breathtaking. Tellico Plains offers many outdoor activities within the nearly 700,000-acre Cherokee National Forest, including biking, boating, fishing, swimming, camping, hiking and kayaking. Like Townsend, Tellico Plains is a fantastic place to see nature. The town is also home to Bald Falls, a magnificent waterfall flowing over 100 feet.



Gatlinburg is a mountain resort town in eastern Tennessee. The town has grown exponentially recently as the place has become a major tourist destination. Gatlinburg got its name from the post office installed in the town’s Radford Gatlin store in 1856. Nicknamed “the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains,” Gatlinburg borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park ends along the famous Gatlinburg Trail. In addition to the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg is surrounded by scattered ranges, including Mt. Cove, Great Bear Ridge, Mt. Sugarland and Mt.

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Named for President Washington’s Secretary of War and known as “Marble City,” “Heart of the Valley,” and “Queen City of the Mountains,” Knoxville was the original capital of Tennessee and is home to the University of Tennessee. It is located in the middle of the Great Valley of East Tennessee and sits at the convergence of three rivers. In the midst of this beautiful natural setting is the modern, hip city of Knoxville, with incredible restaurants, unique galleries, festivals, concerts and museums.


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Jonesborough is located at the easternmost point of Tennessee and is considered the oldest city in the state. Indeed, the city was founded nearly 20 years ago when Tennessee became a state in the Union. Jonesborough’s name was derived from North Carolina legislator Willie Jones. Jonesborough proves to be a popular tourist destination because of its quaint small-town atmosphere and its historic ranking and buildings. In addition, because it is located in the southern Appalachian Mountains, Jonesborough also offers recreational activities such as biking, fishing, rafting, caving, hiking, golf and kayaking.



The city of Memphis, also called “Blues City” and the “Birthplace of Rock and Roll,” is located in the southwest corner of the state and is the largest city in the state. Memphis is also the largest city on the Mississippi River, offering beautiful views of the city skyline and incredible sunsets over the Mississippi Bridge. The Memphis waterfront creates a riverwalk and park systems that connect downtown Memphis to Greenbelt Park on the Mississippi River. From the vibrant nightlife and music venues on Beale Street to the countless museums (including Elvis’ home, Graceland) and magnificent views of the Mississippi River, Memphis proves an impressive place to visit when in the state.

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