Taormina, Italy: see the sights of Taormina.

22 unforgettable sights in Taormina


Small settlements with an ancient history always provide an opportunity to discover in a small amount of time. A vivid day trip in Taormina is a retro car ride through the places of the Sicilian Mafia, or diving in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea. You can see Etna and the cozy, with a sense of dignity and style, town from the central square of the city, or the surrounding mountains. Taormina has it all – natural beauty, history, architecture and interesting sights.

What sights to see in a day in Taormina, Sicily

Taormina can be a town to which one will devote both a week of time and a few daytime hours.


The city is located on a hilltop on the east coast of Sicily

A budget temporary option is made up:

  1. A walk down the main street with a tour of key historic buildings, shopping;
  2. Recreation on the beaches with a sightseeing walk from the sea;
  3. A cable car descent, photo shoot and shopping.
  4. A good place to start a day trip on foot is the Messina Gate, walk Umberto Primo Avenue, and appreciate the cathedral, tower clock, odeon, and Caravaggio palazzo.

Important: It is better to plan day tours through local tourist centers: time control, access to places of worship is guaranteed. The beach holiday begins with a cable car ride down to Mazzaro Beach. A continuation can be a seaside sightseeing tour.

When the time limit is inexhaustible

A trip to Sicily is worthwhile both in quiet periods and in the midst of festivals. In the spring there is a rural festival of carts, and in the summer – theater and music festivals. It is better to explore the city by epoch, bypassing the main street. On the municipal park I advise to take a day, as well as stylized walks (retro cars, wagons). Italian towns cannot be recognized without the surrounding area. The places worth seeing are Castelmola, Giardini-Naxos, but you need to take a map.

Underwater caves.

Local excursion agencies offer perfectly designed itineraries that combine safety with educational effect

The number of marine life in these waters may not impress the experienced divers, but for beginners divers are guaranteed an unforgettable experience

The volcanic nature of the coast has led to the emergence of numerous small islands, complete with corridors of underwater caves.

Local restaurants

The historical confluence of Europe and Muslims for centuries has made the combination of spices, thermal features of food processing in Taormina unrepeatable

Distinctive features of the restaurants – focus on seafood, cooked according to family recipes, preserving the flavor of the serving

The seafood of the Ionian Sea in Taormina has a very special flavor. The reason for this is not just the environmentally friendly situation, but also the mix of Italian and Arabic cuisine. For example, you can go to a family-run restaurant called “The Qardi”. It is located on the small street Salita Guglermo Melivia, an offshoot of the central Corso Umberto.

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Isola Bella.

This is the name of an islet near Taormina that accommodates a museum and photo opportunities from the sea. The introduction to the city from here might not be a good place to start. But if it’s about getting fed up with the people and the hustle and bustle, an escape for an hour is the way to go.


You can see Taormina not only from the inside. All the natural beauties and architectural delights are clearly visible from the village of Castelmola, lying a little higher in the mountains.


The inhabitants consider Saint Lucia the patron saint of the area, whose holiday is celebrated every year on December 13th and on the second Sunday in August.

Ever been to Sicily and haven’t seen The Godfather? Make amends fast! If anything, the movie was filmed in the village of Savocca. Everything here still breathes with movie scenes and the strength of the Italian Mafia character. You will not find a better place for a photo shoot!

Thermal springs

The springs have long been converted into well-equipped baths, where you can just lie in the water, and get an additional consultation from a beautician or doctor.

Not far from Messina there is another resort town, Terme Villatore, whose distinctive feature is the ancient fountain of Venus.

One can never have too much health! Especially when you can find so many options for recovery within a radius of 30km from Taormina.


Many residents host tourists, introducing them to the national cultural and culinary traditions, helping them find the best places to rest

A combination of color, quality, proximity to all important tourist sites will be a village Lettoiani

If you want to stay in Taormina not only for the sightseeing, but also for swimming and sunbathing, it is worth looking for a place to stay beforehand.

Stockholm Beach

Here you can count on the highest level of service: restaurants, bars, cabins, showers

For a place in the sun in Stockholm to fight in advance, such as booking a deck chair, additional services through the hotel

Many seaside towns have to create their own beaches, because nature rewards the transparent water, clean sand not always. Taormina is lucky, all its recreation areas are exclusively natural. The Ionian waters are not as rich in plants and fish as the Red Sea, but for beginner divers this is a paradise. The transparent water, without any strong currents, allows diving to a depth of 50-60m.

Mazzaro beach

You can get to Mazzaro for free, using the funicular, or just by walking from the city center. Budget holiday option with all the necessary services.

April 9th Square

The square is the heart of the city, the calling card of its most elegant neighborhood, buried in the rocky cliffs

Keszthely, Hungary. Museum, architecture and Lake Balaton

The square, named after a historical event that never happened, it is a sightseeing place. In good weather it is possible to admire the beauties of nature, the ancient theater and a number of famous structures. The relative disadvantage of the square can be considered the number of tourists. You can get around the problem in several ways: get up early and meet the sunrise without fuss, but with excellent seascapes; come to town in the fall.

City attractions

The popularity of Messina rather than Catania is due to the number of transport interchanges: the train station, the cable car

The urban expanse offers tourists several must-see stations. You can get to the historic part of the city through the Messina Gate.

Tower Clock

The Tower Clock of Taormina both shows the exact time and separates the two historical zones of the city: the Medieval and the Victorian.

Roman Empire

In Taormina there are also some houses whose architecture has preserved the traditions of Rome. To find them, one must turn into the smaller streets, rather than sticking to the central artery of the city

It is assumed that the Odeon was a venue for city events for a small circle of residents, perhaps music concerts.

The culture of the Roman Empire deserves its own attention. Odeon. Excavated in the middle of 19th century the theater was much smaller than the Greek one. It is impossible to imagine Rome without gladiators. In Taormina there was a special arena resembling a swimming pool: water fights of gladiators were considered especially colorful. The Naumachia, 5m deep and over 120m square, allowed for fights of high complexity.

San Stefano Palace

Today it houses a permanent exhibition of works by the sculptor G. Masullo, as well as cultural events that regularly take place in the town.

The stones of rare volcanic rocks are used in the decoration, due to which the walls are two-tone at the base of the roof

A list of experiences would not be complete without the exclusive architectural and cultural gem, the palace built by the Duke of Santo Stefano.

Palazzo Ciampoli

In the pursuit of profit, when Taormina gained fame as a hospitable resort, the building was turned into a hotel

The oldest of the city’s castles was expanded and rebuilt several times. The palazzo was transformed from an estate of wealthy townsfolk into a municipality.

Palazzo Bedia Vecchio

In 1667 the tower clock by the Augsburg master G. Lederle was installed, which is still running today

The 600-year-old building has changed its functional nature several times. Abbey, municipality, and today is a museum. The exhibits are finds from private collections.

Church of Our Lady

The fact is that when climbing to the top, pilgrims can see sculptures depicting the way of Christ on the cross

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A path leads to the church, along which there are sculptures of the Way of the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The peak of Mt. Tauro has been a Christian pilgrimage center since 1648. A special feature of the Church of Our Lady is the interior decoration of the temple, its rocky unfinished ceiling, and the path leading to the temple. You can also see beautiful churches in Catania Sicily.

Villa Communale

A beautiful park of the first half of the 20th century belonging to the former English aristocrat Florence Trevigliani.

Several hectares of botanical garden and a whimsical combination of Oriental + European architecture are the result of Florence Trevillian’s imagination. Taormina has been a magnet for nobility since the Victorian era. It was not enough to just come here for a holiday, you wanted to enter the history of the city. This is how the pagodas or the semi-hanging gardens came to be. Photography professionals should also visit Taormina for the famous photographer Wilhelm von Golden, whose birthplace it is. Only a few works survived the Mussolini directive, but they are enough to understand the level of craftsmanship. Beautiful parks can be seen in the city of Palermo.

Palazzo Corvaggio

The building belonged to a distinguished Italian family, the castle was built in different eras, so it intricately combines European and Moorish motifs. Only the 11th century tower was built in pure style.

The fountain near the cathedral

On each of the four sides of the fountain you can see small columns supporting bowls; above them rise mythical ponies, and the water pouring from their mouths fills the fountain

The sculptural composition near the entrance to the city’s central cathedral makes art lovers wonder. The combination of mythological characters, delicate stone finishes and clear water is perfectly refreshing on a hot day. And you can’t miss the figurine of a creature considered a symbol of the entire city.


The cathedral has the traditional Latin cross in plan – a central nave and two side aisles with six small altars

One of the cathedral’s main attractions is the so-called Byzantine Madonna, also known as the “uncreated

From a modest church dedicated to St. Nicholas, the cultural history of the city began. Over time, the quickly erected structure fell into disrepair, and was replaced by a new one, made of stone. In the great cities of Europe it is customary for cathedrals to be the tallest buildings. This was not the case in Taormina, as all the buildings (palazzo, and temples, and private houses) are of the same height because of the mountainous landscape. Too tall a structure would not look against the natural surroundings.

Antique Theater of Taormina

I advise you to start your journey with the most ancient structure, the ancient theater. Its distinctive feature can be safely called the uniqueness of the landscape. The theatrical performances in it do not go often, but here is a chance to get to a concert of classical music, and the trip to the annual festival held here is worth specially planning. It’s unlikely that all of the 10,000 seats on the limestone staircase seats will be occupied, but you can still experience the Hellenistic era. Just like the weather, you should know about the shows beforehand.

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Attractions in Taormina

Greek Theater Maffei`s Restaurant in Taormina

This site contains Taormina attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers to questions: what to see in Taormina, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places in Taormina.

Greek Theatre

Greek Theater (photo)

The theater in Taormina is an ancient structure, built in the 3rd century B.C. The stage with good acoustics and the grandstands, which can seat 10,000 spectators, are still intact and are still used for different events.

The building has been excellently preserved, despite the fact that no restoration work was carried out after the Romans had converted it for gladiatorial fights in the first century AD and until the 19th century. Today the building is in excellent condition and is used for various film festivals, concerts and other events.

Coordinates: 37.85238600,15.29223300

The Baroque Fountain of the Ponies in Taormina

The Baroque Fountain of the Ponies is located in Taormina, in the square in front of the Saint Nicholas cathedral, on three concentric segments built in 1635 in local marble and on each of its four sides there are small pillars supporting bowls dominated by mythical ponies whose mouths contain water that fountains. The composition of the fountain is a basket of fruits, on which the centaur, the coat of arms of Taormina, is high, but in this case, the centaur is a woman, she holds a scepter in one hand and a power in the other.

And what sights of Taormina did you like? Next to the photo there are icons, by clicking on which you can rate this or that place.

Maffei`s Restaurant in Taormina

Maffei`s Restaurant in Taormina (photo)

Maffei’s is known in Taormina as the best fish restaurant and the only regrettable thing is that the number of seats is very limited. A dozen tables can hardly accommodate everyone who wants to dine in this famous place, so it is best to book a table in advance.The signature dish of the restaurant is the fillet of swordfish in tomato sauce. The Maffei’s location is close to the San Domenico Palace Hotel, the setting for the movie “The Adventure” by the legendary Antonioni.

In photo mode you can view Taormina sights by photo only.

Piazza IX Aprile

Piazza IX Aprile, is a square that evokes delight, so picturesque is the landscape, evokes feelings that are impossible to convey. Here are the most beautiful churches of Sant’Agostino, San Giuseppe, the best Sicilian resort of Taormina and the most delightful cafes. The Odeon, the Polazzo Corvaja (the first Parliament of the island), the Clock Tower and other sights are at hand and the viewpoint with its view over the Giardinni Naxos is a short distance away.

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Clock Tower of Taormina

In April 9 square in Taormina, the city of Sicily, the Clock Tower is a unique monument with a gate in the center of Porta di Mezzo that leads to a quarter of medieval buildings, an architectural and landscape phenomenon of great interest.

Taormina Market

Taormina market is small but pleasant. To find it, duck into the arch just after the grocery store in viale San Pancrazio (it’s in the square you reach from via Pirandello, which leads from the funicular and bus station). It’s open, like all markets, until 12-13pm. There are two fish stalls, but it’s a very good choice. Two stalls with meat and poultry. Many fruits and vegetables. A lot of flowers. Convenient for those who live in or near Taormina.

Church of San Pancrazio

The amazingly beautiful church of San Pancrazio is on the ruins of a Greek temple. The church was erected in the mid-16th century, the building was built in honor of the patron saint of Taormina, St. Pancrazio. The church symbolizes the original Italian culture. The interior decoration of the church is striking in its diversity and elegance. Among the unique elements of the decor, some of the main ones are the preserved marble and stone masonry on the floor and walls, as well as amazingly beautiful frescoes that depict a martyr. The church is striking in its sophistication, richness, beauty and grandeur.

Viewpoint in Taormina

An observation platform overlooking Giardini Naxos, in Taormina, one of the most beautiful resorts in Sicily.

The viewpoint overlooks the sandy beach of Giardini Naxos, overlooking the picturesque promontory and the admirable Ionian Sea.

Giardini Naxos is a small resort town located on the slope of Mount Tauro, on the east coast of Sicily, one of the most refined resorts of the Ionian coast.

The most popular attractions in Taormina with descriptions and photos for every taste. Choose the best places to visit Taormina’s famous places on our website.

More Taormina attractions.

Naumahia Ruins

Naumagia Ruins, Taormina, Italy

Going on vacation in Taormina

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