Switzerland is an almost perfect country

Switzerland is almost perfect.

Switzerland = almost perfect country.

I have never really paid much attention to it before. For me, Sweden and Switzerland were the same. But then I saw this beautiful country the other day and realised: it’s a beautiful country! It is a country made for peace!

To begin with, it is one of the countries where the last war was over 200 years ago. It is a peaceful country, where everything should be calm and peaceful.

Everything in Switzerland is beautiful: nature, landscapes, bridges, tunnels, roads, animals, and so much more.

Now I want to highlight some features that make Switzerland very different from any other country.

1. Switzerland has the largest number of banks.

All the accounts of celebrities are kept in them. There are more banks in Switzerland than dental clinics. So, with the economy in the country, everything is of the highest class!

2. In this country, a lot of stars spent their lives and even finished. Their list includes: Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel, Carl Gustav Jung, Audrey Hepburn, Mary Shelley, Vladimir Nabokov and others.

3. Switzerland is a country of order.

If you have rules, you have to obey them! – So to go to the bathroom in Switzerland, specifically at home, you can only go sitting down. No matter what you want to do there, you can only do it sitting down. Such a law has to do with hygiene.

2. Another law that keeps bugging me is that dogs should NOT be able to bark! If dogs bark, it violates other people’s privacy. Consequently, if this is a country of silence – dogs should not bark. Furthermore, if dogs are not taught to be quiet from childhood, they get their tonsils trimmed to avoid the noise of barking.

3. There must be more than one animal in the family. If there is only one animal in the family – it is considered as a violation. So to say every beast for every beast.

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4. If you get neighbors in Switzerland, be very careful. I know a story when 15 year old kids were just playing a guitar, for which the neighbors called the police and accused them of being too loud.

5. There are 5 languages spoken in Switzerland: English, German, French, Italian and sometimes retoromanian.

6. Switzerland has one of the longest tunnels, 17 km long. And the railway tunnel length of about 50 km. just imagine.

7. 7. The flag in Switzerland is unusual because its shape is square.

8. This country is considered one of the countries where longevity reigns. That is why there are many pensioners in this country. And all of them are happy.

9. Hunting in Switzerland is forbidden until you have been trained and receive a card certifying that you have been successfully trained and can fish.

10. Citizenship in Switzerland can only be obtained after 10 years of residence in the country and only after 3 years in one place. During your citizenship you pass something like an exam. The system is strange, but that’s the only way(

11. The cow is a very revered animal in this country, so here you can find a lot of souvenir products with its image: figurines of wood and porcelain, plush toys, dishes, and more.

Although the main feature is probably the nature. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. You guys, it’s just unbelievably gorgeous. This grass, it’s bright green, it’s like someone’s always tinting it, but no. That freedom. That air with unbelievably pure oxygen. It’s just an indescribable feeling, a sense of freedom and tranquility. If you’re looking for peace and freedom, go to Switzerland. Here you will find a place of peace, harmony with yourself and nature.

Fabulous snowy Alps, blue mirrors of lakes, ancient cities, delicious cheese, famous chocolate, and the best, as experts say, wine – this is what is associated with the word Switzerland.

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The famous mountain, which is shaped like an incomparable “pyramid”, is practically inaccessible for climbing and is also considered the most photographed peak in the world. Tourists can take the elevator up here from Zermatt – the cable car station is 3,820 meters above sea level and is the highest in the Alps.

They are located along the shore of Lake Geneva. Framed by medieval stone walls, they run for 30 km and are the most famous wine region in Switzerland. The stunning vistas of the Lavaux Vineyards on the horizon have inspired not only winemakers to produce great white wines, but also many artists and painters. Lavaux Vineyards, cultivated since the era of the ancient Romans, are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is especially beautiful here in the fall, in late September – early October, when the local vineyards are colored in gold. It’s the season for fresh wine!

Rhaetian Railway:

The Albula and Bernina Railroad runs through spectacular scenery, through dozens of tunnels, galleries and bridges. Looking at this road from afar, and capturing the moment of a passing red train, I immediately think of Harry Potter. So fabulous is it, as if all the scenery was drawn from a variety of fairy tales!

Just a stone’s throw from Touzis, this six-kilometer-long gorge stretches 500 meters deep between completely vertical cliffs overlooking the Hinterrain. The gorge widens and narrows in turn, reaching less than 1 m wide in some places, creating a dramatic rediscovery effect. You can descend the 321 steps down to the bottom of the gorge, passing an old bridge. The marked educational route through this grand natural monument can be started from the towns of Tusis or Zillis. Just remember that Via Mala translates as the Devil’s Road…

The clear water of the lake is very cold. It warms up only in July. However, on the shores of the lake are equipped with many beaches. Tourists can rent boats and yachts. Most people come here to admire the wonderful views of the snow-capped Alps, dense vegetation, vineyards, and love to breathe the clean mountain air. Deservedly, the resorts built on the shores of the lake are popular.

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The lake is located in central Switzerland, near the alpine mountains of Rigi and Pilat. Its second name is “Four Forest Canton Lake.” The lake was formed by glaciers and consists of four parts. They are connected by small straits. Among tourists popular water walks on the lake, they allow you to fully appreciate the beauty of the shores – the emerald-colored forest, snow-white mountain slopes and clear clear water.

It is located on the rocks of the lake. A bridge leads to the shore from the castle. Visitors note the luxury of this castle. The ceilings of the halls are decorated with paintings, and the ceiling of the Celebration Hall is made in the form of an underwater part of a ship. The columns are made of oak, and many of the rooms are decorated with the coats of arms of Bernese officials. One of the halls now houses an arms museum. The castle has collections of pewterware and fine antique furniture. And look at this castle from the outside. It’s magical, just like a fairy tale.

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Switzerland. Almost perfect country. The Big Issue. Denis Chernyshev: Anton, I want to thank you for your quality work. You showed Switzerland in a very good quality, and so good that at times I thought I was watching a Natgeowild TV episode. I really wish you wouldn’t give up, even if there’s too much hate. You’re a cool person and you know how to present material tastefully. Good luck to you, friend. Date: 2019-10-15

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1 Man, how cool is it out there. I’m 36 and I’d love to live there. No one stomping around like an elephant at 10 p.m. or doing laundry at 11 p.m. No screaming songs under the windows at night. No barking mongrels in the morning for no reason. Fines for speeding are high. Bmws don’t wind up on poles. There’s minimal murder. That’s cool. You live and you don’t worry that your family will be run over by a junkie or a drunk in the legislature who will be spared. They hold referendums where your vote means something.

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Natalia Polyanina you are truly a wonderful person with a magical, pure and very kind outlook on the world. Thank you so much for what you do, for these beautiful videos, music, for your opinion, stories and comments. I wish you all the earthly and non-earthly blessings, a lot of luck, happiness and magical inspiration and new discoveries. And also very rich and generous sponsors; )

Makosha Makosha Thank you Honestly, I cried. I imagined myself in Switzerland and experienced these emotions. Your channel is something incredible, so inspiring. Thank you very much for this memoirs and your videos I want to see everything with my own eyes and then all the material things lose their meaning, I do not want to buy anything for myself anymore, I want to save up for the trip.

Netali Net I had a really good morning, delicious coffee, croissant and videos from Anton with such beauty, and delightful scenery Thank you for the beautiful work. P. S there is a suggestion, would you like to raffle off postcards from the places you visit. I wish you a good road in your next journey

Viktor Ostrovsky If Switzerland is (was) not a member of any bloc, it does not mean that it does not take part in global wars and conflicts. The stronger parties in the confrontation use this country at their own discretion, so it is not about neutrality and autonomy, but about both ours and yours.

Artem Fedorov Anton, when I watched your video I thought I was there with you. And I too lacked words to describe the beauty. At one point I just wanted to scream from happiness and the beauty of the places. Thank you for bringing unforgettable emotions. You are always in my heart.

Maksim Sotnikov Russia says: I’m the best country in the world, America shouts back: no, I’m the best country in the world, I have a bigger dick, Russia shows its dick in response and Switzerland looks down on me like fools swear over nothing. I will not even say a word about the UAE.

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Alexey Voloshin Uuuu goosebumps, the Swiss Confederation is my love, been to Lugano, Geneva, Montreux, Au De Caux, Lautenbruemen, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken Grindenwald, in short Switzerland is my love, it is as cool as expensive)

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