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The city of Surat Thani, or as it is often called Surat Thani, is located off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand in the southern part of Thailand. This is in fact one of the largest settlements in this country, as the number of its residents is approximately 125000 people.

In translation, the name of this city sounds like “the city of good people,” and it should be said about it that it is quite young. The thing is that back in 1915, King Rama VI of Siam decided to rename the existing town in Surat Thani.

To date, this city is quite an important point of fisheries and timber trade, as well as another and the center of mining. For tourists Surat Thani town is essentially a gateway through which you can get to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, that is Ko Samui, Ko Tao and Ko Phangan.

Occasionally travelers also use it to reach Krabi, Phuket, Pi Pi Pi and Ko Lanta. With Samui, this town is connected via ferry. Well, the transit point, so to speak, on the way to the islands is the airport, which is located 30 kilometers from Surat Thani.

Also, the railway station of the city is part of the southern branch of the whole railway network of the country. It generally connects the capital of Thailand with its southern regions, and then continues to Malaysia and Singapore.

The city of Surat Thani in general is not a tourist Mecca. It is impossible here… read completely.

Where to stay in Surat Thani?


It should be noted that the main part of hotels for budget travelers in Surat Thani in general is very expensive, and in addition still ugly and noisy. Because of this, many tourists decide for themselves right away on the night boat to go to the planned and chosen by them island.

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Well, if you do decide to stay in town for a while, then you are best placed in the newly renovated hotel “Ban Don”, the first floor of which is a restaurant. The rooms there are very clean with private baths and fans, or with air conditioning.

Most of the rooms are generally removed from the noise of the main road. And on the first floor of this hotel is a restaurant that offers large portions of delicious and inexpensive popular Chinese as well as Thai dishes.

You can also stay at the Wang Tai Hotel, which is located on the west side of town near the TAT office. For a long time it was the only luxury establishment in Surat Thani.

It still offers very nice and refined rooms around the swimming pool. There is also a very good buffet.

You can also stay in the city center at Baan Tai Rom Yen Resort which is a good starting point to explore Surat Thani. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

This will be room service around the clock, free parking and shuttle service. All rooms here. read completely

How to get there?


The nearest airport to Surat Thani is Phunphin, about 20 kilometers west of the city. There are daily flights from Don Muang International Airport and Bangkok Airport.

The airport itself is connected to the city by buses and cars, which you can easily rent by arranging the necessary documents directly at the airport. From the airport you can easily get to Surat Thani by bus, paying for a one-way ticket for 100 baht.

In Surat Thani there is a railway station, but despite its name, it is still located in the Phuongphin district, that is, about 12 kilometers west of the city center. The most convenient here is the night express from Bangkok, which arrives at the station in the early morning.

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Getting to Surat Thani from the train station in Phunphin district is not much of a problem. You can take the city bus, which leaves every 30 minutes from the station building, and the ticket will only cost 20 baht. But a cab from Phuongphin to Surat Thani will cost you about 150 to 200 baht.

Recently in Surat Thani was built a new bus terminal, which is located at some distance from the city. But if you want to go straight into town, you can ask the driver to drop you off at the penultimate stop.

There is also an old bus terminal in the city, but it is only used by some… read more

What to see in Surat Thani?

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Surat Thani is the capital of the province of the same name, which is located in the south of the country. The name of the city, translates as “City of good people”. Such an interesting and somewhat childishly naive name, gave the city King Rama the Sixth. In fact, the name of the city is quite suitable, since people here are really kind and sympathetic. This town is relatively small, but it has a lot of interesting places, which must see.

Khao Sok National Park . His scale, the park is truly impressive, because its area is 739 square kilometers. In order to see the most interesting places of the park, you will need at least two days. For the convenience of tourists, there are several routes to choose from.

Cheo Lan Lake . This artificially created, twenty years ago, the lake captivates tourists with its beauty. It was formed as a result of the construction of the dam. On the lake are committed walks on boats, what would be possible to view the beauty of the lake incredible in its beauty, opening scenery.

The complex on Matilda Hill became a part of UNESCO World Heritage List

Weather in Surat Thani by Month:

Surat Thani – City of Good People.

Surat Thani struck my imagination with the huge number of national parks, not only on land but also on water. There are 6 of them in total, I advise you to visit at least a few. There are also a lot of wildlife sanctuaries. Also advise to visit the Nai Bang, there is a concentration of nightlife Surat Thani, a lot of Chinese and Thai temples. Be sure to follow the local rules when visiting the temples, most often there need to take off shoes. However, when we forgot to do so, we were immediately approached by a Thai woman and politely reminded us of it. You can move around Surat Thani either by tuk-tuk or local transport – small bicycles with a stroller. Never take a cab or tell the tuk-tuk drivers where you are going. It is much more expensive, you have to catch a tuk-tuk on the street and get out where you need to go. The nature here is very beautiful, there are many waterfalls, caves, cliffs. To enjoy all the splendor of Surat Thani, we went to the Raiaprabha Dam, where there is a wonderful observation deck from which the whole city is like a palm. The cuisine is mostly traditional Thai, fresh seafood, rice noodles, spicy dishes, the famous Tom Young soup. All incredibly tasty and cheap. Of the local delicacies, try the salted eggs. Duck eggs are covered with earth mixed with salt water. This famous delicacy is sold in all the stores. Also in Surat Thani there are many festivals and holidays, very bright and colorful. The locals are very friendly and helpful, not for nothing Surat Thani is translated as the City of Good.

The Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park

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Today we will talk about the province of Surat Thani and one of the most famous attractions of Thailand – Khao Sok National Park. More specifically about the trip to the lake Cheow Lan. If you are going to go there, the first and foremost recommendation – plan a trip for two or three days. In one day you can not grasp the immensity, honestly, it is worth it!

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The history of the lake dates back to the period of the Kingdom’s recent history. The King decided to build a dam, flooded a huge area and created a strategic freshwater reserve of Thailand.

In the photo the dam is visible on the right, the speed of the watercraft is such that it was not possible to catch it in the frame larger. A little later I managed to catch it again, it’s a pity that the photo doesn’t convey the grand scale of the construction:

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