Sunbathing in the Bahamas: popular islands for vacations

Bahamas Beaches

Beach recreation and fun on the water is the main purpose of a visit to the Bahamas. There are both civilized resort areas and secluded wild beaches ideal for seclusion. Each island in the huge archipelago is unique. All the components of a comfortable holiday are guaranteed: an international airport awaits you, fun-loving nightclubs, and coconut palms and white sand – hungry for romance. Or maybe you’re looking for a family-friendly resort? Then our beach rating of the Bahamas will come in handy.

Pink Sands.

Pink Sands Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches not only in the entire Bahamas and Caribbean, but also in the world, according to Forbes. This unique beach with its light pink sand (which gave the beach its name) is located on the eastern edge of Bahamas Harbour Island. Such an unusual coloring and picturesque views made this beach a true haven for all romantics and couples in love and made it famous as one of the most colorful coastlines on the planet.

Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay Beach is the most scenic and most visited beach on Grand Abaco Island in the Bahamas. It is located near the resort village of the same name on the northern edge of the island, near Marsh Harbor (about 45 minutes north of it). This coastline consistently ranks among the top ten beaches in the Bahamas and is an ideal day trip destination from Marsh Harbor.

Guana Cay

Guana Cay Beach is a quiet and peaceful place for a weekend beach vacation. This is the opinion that most vacationers have, but there is a certain category of tourists who visit this beach solely because of the distinctive establishment of its kind, Nipper’s Bar. Every tourist will find this beach unique, outlandish and diverse, because there really is something to see and something to come back for.

Cabbage Beach

Cabbage Beach is Paradise Island Bahamas’ premier public beach and one of Nassau’s most scenic stretches of coastline. Located on the northern edge of the island, near the Atlantis Hotel, it is one of the most easily accessible beautiful beach getaways in the Bahamas. The coastline is so beautiful that it consistently ranks among the top ten beaches in the world. This beach is also particularly popular with connoisseurs of exciting water activities.

  • 4 Atlantis Paradise Island
  • ,
  • 4 Harborside


Taino Beach is a family beach with white sand, clean and clear waters, lots of greenery. On its territory there is a water amusement park, about a dozen bars and restaurants, several comfortable hotels. It is an ideal place for a quiet and relaxing holiday with your family.

  • 4 Memories Grand Bahama -All Inclusive
  • ,
  • 3 Port Lucaya Resort And Yacht Club Freeport Bahamas

Cape Santa Maria

Cape Santa Maria Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the Bahamas and in the world. It is located on the north-western edge of the Bahamas’ Long Island, near the Cape of the same name, named after one of Columbus’ sailing ships.


Tahiti Beach is a picturesque beach located in the heart of Greater Abaco, on the southwestern edge of the small island of Elbow Key, about 15 minutes from the port and fishing town of the same name, which is famous for its most colorful coastline. A shallow lagoon with an emerald necklace of coconut palms rightly makes Tahiti Beach famous as the most beautiful beach with the most romantic atmosphere on this island.


Giancanoo Beach is a small, lively beach with a developed infrastructure, located almost in the heart of Nassau, close to the harbor. It owes its name to a dance parade held annually in the Bahamas. Among cruise ship tourists, Junkanoo Beach is also known as Western Esplanade Beach or Lighthouse Beach.

  • 4 Atlantis Paradise Island
  • ,
  • 4 British Colonial Hilton Nassau.

Shroud Cay

Shroud Cay is located in the Bahamas on the small, uninhabited Exuma Archipelago in the Caribbean. Until very recently, this place was a protected natural area, closed to visitors. This coastline can only be reached by boat with an experienced guide because the way to Shroud Cay is through mangroves and narrow river crossings.

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Deans Blue Hole.

This phenomenon, which scientists still can’t figure out, is very appealing to snorkelers. The phenomenon, called Dean’s Blue Hole, is an ocean hole 663 feet deep. Today, it is a freediver’s Mecca for training and competition. The terrestrial terrain around it deserves special attention, represented by the natural stone amphitheater that fringes it on three sides and the turquoise lagoon and white beach on the fourth side.


As you might guess from the name, Surfer’s Beach is the hot spot for surfers in the area. It has the sharpest waves and deepest waters in the Bahamas. Experts say it is one of the best surfing beaches in the world on par with beaches in California, Hawaii, New Zealand, and in the Bahamas, by far the best.

Gold Rock

Gold Rock Beach is a place whose importance can hardly be overestimated, because in addition to its direct purpose – beach recreation – the shoreline is considered part of a nature park, the entire territory of which is protected by the National Wildlife Foundation in the Bahamas. The beach is highly regarded not only in the Bahamas, but all over the world, so it really deserves attention.

Tropic of Cancer.

In a world of high-speed Internet, fast-paced life, and the constant search for quick solutions, Tropic of Cancer beach acts as an oasis of peace and tranquility. This wide beach of soft white sand, fringed by turquoise waters, seems to have a magical origin. And otherwise it is difficult to explain why this paradise on earth continues to be an untouched part of the tropics, preserving the primordial nature. By the way, the beach does not get its name by chance: it is here, at a latitude of 23.5 degrees passes the meridian of the Tropic of Cancer.


This tranquil beach is one of the most visited, but not as much as the other popular beaches on the island. It is only a few feet away from coral reefs and rocks, so it can provide an incredible snorkeling experience. It is believed to owe its name to the radio masts that literally dot its outskirts.

Fernandez Bay

Fernandez Bay is a beautiful, secluded crescent-shaped beach located in the bay of the same name on the southeast coast of Bahamas’ Cat Island, north of New Bight Township. While there are quite a few cozy cottages and villas relatively close by, it’s still a great place for those who want to escape the bustling crowds and enjoy a relatively secluded beach vacation.

Popular Ratings

Top 50: Bahamas Best Beaches Rankings

1001beach is your ultimate beach vacation destination guide. We’ve compiled and processed information about Bahamas beaches to present you with rankings of the best of them and ease the daunting task of finding one. In our reviews you will find descriptions of natural features of Bahamas beaches, their infrastructure and popularity among tourists, as well as other parameters.

Holidays in the Bahamas

Rest in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a fabulous corner of our planet, which every tourist probably dreams to visit. The Bahamas is an archipelago in the middle of the blue Atlantic Ocean, which is the center of world tourism. Bahamas is washed by the Gulf Stream, due to which, year-round mild climate prevails here. This state consists of two and a half thousand reefs and seven hundred islands, though inhabited only thirty of them. Bahamian coast pleases sophisticated tourists with hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, crystal clear waters and picturesque Caribbean nature. We’ll tell you about the amazing recreation in the Bahamas in our article.

Price of tours and flights to the Bahamas . Holidays in the Bahamas, refers to the elite, so you need to be prepared that the trips will cost a lot. When choosing a trip online, note that many travel agencies offer tours to Bahamian resorts, without the cost of airfare. Roughly, a one-week tour to the Bahamas for two adults will cost from eight hundred euros. The price includes accommodation in a three-star hotel, with breakfast, and transfer from the airport to the hotel and back. So beloved by Russians all-inclusive meals in the Bahamas are rare. Very convenient that a visa to the Bahamas for our compatriots planning to stay there less than ninety days is not necessary. It is quite possible to buy relatively cheap air tickets to the Bahamas, but you should know that the ticket prices vary depending on the time of year, departure city, the availability at the time of the shares and discounts for the airline. The most profitable to buy a ticket to the Bahamas from Moscow or St. Petersburg, then a one-way economy ticket will cost you about fifty thousand rubles. But you can find even more profitable options, here for example, the airline “Delta” flight one way will start from twenty-three thousand rubles, and with the airline “Transaero”, with a flight from Vnukovo, you can go to the paradise islands for twenty-eight thousand rubles. But there are practically no direct flights to Freeport airport, you still have to make one or two changes. Mostly the connections take place in London or in the United States.

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When and where is the best time to vacation in the Bahamas?There are two main seasons for the Bahamas: summer, when the air temperature warms up to thirty-three degrees, and the water to twenty-eight degrees, and winter, when the temperature outside is twenty-five degrees, and the water – twenty-three degrees. Prices for tours of the Bahamas, in winter, are always higher, the more they rise on holidays, but also during the summer vacations, the cost of the tour, too, will rise. Although, at this time, you can find a lot of last minute trips to the Bahamas at significant discounts. When choosing a place to stay, you should know that the northwestern islands of the archipelago are cooler. The hottest islands of the Bahamas are the southern ones: Big and Small Inagua, Mayaguana. In winter it rains here, but very rarely, and the winds, high waves and hurricanes on these islands are also a rarity. This is why winter is preferable for a holiday in the Bahamas. However, from May to October it begins the rainy, typhoon and storm season. In all hotels at the front desk displays warnings of all weather disasters forecasted for the day. Summer vacations in the Bahamas are quite romantic, because this is the period when the islands begin to bloom with bright tropical flowers and blossoming bushes, everything around is green, fluttering with exotic birds and insects.

Resorts of the Bahamas. It is clear that all islands of this archipelago are divided into resort areas, and each of them is attractive in its own way, everywhere tourists are offered a lot of interesting excursions and a variety of entertainment. Each resort has several restaurants, bars, cabarets, casinos and stores.

Rest in the Bahamas

Resorts and beaches of New Providence Island – this is the most populous island of Bahamas, where the capital – the beautiful city of Nassau, which combines the best of local nature. Tranquil – by day, and capable at night, turn any, even the most passive tourist, into an unleashed reveler. In the city you can trace a bright mix of styles: colonial and modern – and this can be explained by the fact that the harbor has always been an area of interest and each occupant of the people made its contribution to the city’s architectural component.

The people who like white sandy beaches and a clear ocean, who are not ready to leave civilization and be alone with nature, prefer to vacation in Nassau. It is worth noting that all along the coast of the resort of Nassau are hotel complexes, shopping centers and parks, making the vacation of tourists more rich and interesting. Nassau is also a shopper’s paradise. Here are the most luxurious boutiques, numerous duty free stores. The city of Nassau – one of the world’s largest offshore centers, where there are four hundred banks and trust funds, not for nothing it is called the “Zurich of the tropics. The nearby islets of New Providence are the location of fashionable hotels, designed for a luxury holiday in the Bahamas, there are a lot of high-class restaurants and the Crystal Palace casino. The most popular beaches on New Providence Island are: Cable Beach – Cable Beach is the best beach in the Caribbean, as well as the opposite resort islands, with Long Cay Beach and North Cay Beach.

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Rest in the Bahamas

Grand Bahama resorts and beaches is the largest island with an international airport, which receives flights from America and Europe. Rest on this Bahamian island come connoisseurs of noise and fun, because there is always music, there are a lot of entertainment centers, discos, nightclubs, and in every mall there is a point of “duty-free”. The island has a great infrastructure. The main natural advantages of the island – long white-white beaches and a huge pine forest. The most popular resort in Grand Bahama is Freeport or Lucaya – a modern city with a free spirit. And the best beach is Gold Rock, with romantic palm trees sloping into the water, grape bushes all around and beautiful lush orchids. Lovers of tickling the nerves, we advise to get to Tiger Beach – the habitat of tiger sharks, and then, you have enough experience for a lifetime. A very popular vacation spot in Grand Bahamas is Paradise Cove Beach, which is photographed in many booklets advertising an exclusive vacation in the Bahamas.

Rest in the Bahamas

Andros Island resorts and beaches – this is the most uninhabited Bahamian island, with centuries-old pine groves, fragrant pine, beautiful mangroves and palm trees, located along the white sandy beaches, gently sloping into the turquoise sea surface. Here come to rest supporters of relaxed beach holidays in the lap of nature, with pleasure, strolling along the turquoise ocean, with the melodious accompaniment of birds chirping: ibises, flamingos, spoonbills, hummingbirds, Bahamian parrots. Weddings and honeymoons are often held here. But the island is no less popular with eco-tourists, amateur kayakers, ornithologists, snorkelers, divers, and just people who like to fish. The three main resorts on Andros Island are Nicholls Town, Andros Town, and Congo Town. But because of the small population of the island, there is little developed infrastructure and public transportation, and to get around by cab, will cost you a pretty penny. The most popular beach in Andros is Somerset Beach. By the way, many local hotels, knowing that newlyweds are trying to come to rest on this Bahamian island, offer a “wedding package”.

Rest in the Bahamas

The resorts and beaches of Eluthera Island are the fourth largest island in the Bahamas, and a place of elite recreation, with the most expensive and luxurious hotels and restaurants. It is only two kilometers wide, but stretches one hundred and eighty kilometers in length. The locals live off the generous gifts of the sea and rich pineapple plantations, and of course, tourism.

Eluthera Island is a quiet but beautifully developed resort, with a picturesque nature: high cliffs, reaching into the bright blue sea, numerous mysterious caves and grottoes, beautiful coral reefs, wide beaches with pink sand. The water here is very clean and clear, and the entrance – sloping. The main beaches: French Leave Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Surfers Beach, Winding Bay Beach are very popular among tourists vacationing on this Bahamian island. Eluthera Island is loved by divers, who have long appreciated its beautiful underwater world.

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Rest in the Bahamas

The resorts and beaches of Grande Abaco are the second largest island in the Bahamas and a favorite vacation spot for sailing enthusiasts. Yachtsmen all over the world meet here during the “sailing season,” which begins in the spring and lasts almost until the end of the fall. Vacationers here will certainly be delighted by the local coast with its cozy bays and beautiful reefs, clear turquoise colored sea water, by the way, the local waters are quiet and fairly shallow, with a shallow entrance. The most popular sandy beaches are Ocean Beach, Tahiti Beach, Guana Cay Beach, Abaco Beach Resort, Sandy Point Beach. In Abaco, you can do great fishing, because the local coastal waters are just teeming with fish. For lovers of eco-tours, we recommend visiting the picturesque Abaco National Park.

Rest in the Bahamas

Long Island Resorts and Beaches – the most picturesque island of the Bahamas, where very few tourists, but many natural places, completely untouched by civilization. The island stretches as a long, narrow strip along the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is divided in two by an ancient reef ridge, so Long Island is completely different shores, on the one hand dominated by high cliffs and deep caves, washed by raging ocean waves, and on the other – the perfect white-sand beaches with a gentle entrance to the calm and quiet waters. It is this contrast that makes vacationing on this Bahamian island more interesting and exciting. The main resort town here is Stella Maris, which is where all the water excursions and other tours of the island begin. At the northern tip of the island, is located the most beautiful cape in the Western Hemisphere, Santa Maria.

Rest in the Bahamas

Resorts and beaches of Exuma Island is an archipelago of three hundred and sixty-five coral reefs and small islets, the largest of them are – Great Exuma and Little Exuma, they are washed by the sapphire waters of the Atlantic Ocean. On the island of Greater Exuma offers tourists a lot of opportunities for interesting recreation, as there are excellent resorts, with hotels, offering a high-class service, but you can rent a modest fishing boat, and thus save money on accommodation. Local cozy bays, quiet bays and harbors, attract many boaters and fans of sport fishing. Here, since 1957, was created the world’s most famous marine park – Exuma Keys Land and Sea Park. The most popular beaches of Exuma Island among tourists are Tropic of Cancer Beach, Three Sisters Beach, Jolly Hall Beach, Coco Plum Beach, Hamburger Beach. Equally beautiful beaches are Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Staniel Cay, Saddle Cay, Stocking Island – all sandy with a gentle entrance to the clear sea water.

Rest in the Bahamas

Bimini Island Resorts and Beaches is a picturesque archipelago of several islands, the largest of which are North Bimini and South Bimini. This picturesque archipelago is located on the edge of a powerful steep underwater cliff, plunged into the sea abyss for thousands of meters. The Bimini Islands – a very attractive place for people interested in the unusual and unknown, because there are several unique places of the planet and natural monuments, the properties of which have not yet been solved and explained by scientists. The most controversial place is the “Bimini Road” – “Bimini Road”, about which, even in the forties of the twentieth century, was the famous soothsayer Edgar Cayce, who said that in 1968 there will be found the ruins of one of the lost cities of sunken Atlantis. And so it happened: in September 1968, near the shores of Paradise Point, in North Bimini, neatly laid out a huge limestone blocks, a length of seven hundred meters, which called the “Road Bimini. Long underwater archaeological expeditions and research began, after which it was concluded that these megaliths had indeed been laid by humans – representatives of a long-gone advanced civilization, but there were other opponents who argued that they were just marine sediments – coastal rock.

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Another very controversial place in Bimini is the “Fountain of Youth,” a rejuvenating spring sought by Juan Ponce de León, who heard a story about it from the Arawaki people, a relative of the Taíno Indians. Many of the island’s natives say that their ancestors passed on the legend that this miraculous fountain is located in the shallow waters of South Bimini. Another mysterious place on the island is the “Healing Grotto” located in the shallow waters of the mangrove forest covering North Bimini, which is the end of a mysterious labyrinth of underground tunnels through which, at low tide, cool fresh water, rich in mineral salts, lithium and sulfur, flows into this pool with a powerful healing effect. After an ablution here, people experience physical rejuvenation and phenomenal mental clarity.

The main resort of the Bimini Islands is Alice Town, with the best restaurants, stores, hotels. Fans of fishing often come here, as well as fans of eco-tourism, which is a pleasure to get acquainted with the natural beauty of the islands, watching the many representatives of sea and air fauna, which live here. Flocks of dolphins and giant turtles swim right up to the shores of the island. The most popular beaches of Bimini, with clear sea water, white-sand beach and gentle entrance: Radio Beach, Blister Beach, Spook Hill Beach, Tiki Hut Beach.

Rest in the Bahamas

Resorts and Beaches of Greater Inagua is the southernmost island of the Bahamas, the third largest, with several lakes and a large bird sanctuary, home to eighty thousand species of birds. The island’s main resort is Matthew Town, and Inagua’s most popular beach is Iron Badge Beach. On the island will love the rest of eco-tourists, divers and just supporters of a quiet contemplative vacation. Here you can watch life in the natural environment of pink flamingos, swim with dolphins.

Rest in the Bahamas

Harbor Island Resorts and Beaches is a small island, five kilometers long and a kilometer wide, with a single resort town, Dunmore Town. Here is the famous pink sand beach – “Pink Sands Beach”, which thanks to the coastal reefs protects vacationers from the huge waves. Harbor Island is considered the best Caribbean island and the most exclusive vacation spot in the Bahamas for the richest people in the world. Holidays are quiet because Harbor is not noisy entertainment centers, here will please fans of silence and solitude in the bosom of picturesque nature. Here are the most fashionable villas and luxury holiday homes in the Bahamas.

Rest in the Bahamas

Berry Islands Resorts and Beaches – the most economical vacation in the Bahamas awaits you here. This cluster of thirty small reef islands is located southeast of Bimini. They are covered with greenery, and there are many beautiful sandy, flour-white beaches. The gentle inlet makes these beaches ideal for families with children on vacation in the Bahamas. So, seven miles of the best sandy beaches await you: Dannenberg Beach, Queen’s Beach, Sand Dollar Hil, Shark Creek, Shelling Beach, Sugar Beach, and The Ship Yard Beach. There are some uninhabited islets with pristine nature and beautiful sea depths that are beloved by divers and snorkelers. Berry hosts sport fishing championships.

Rest in the Bahamas

Paradise Island Resort is located northeast of New Providence and is connected to this island by a bridge. Paradise has a huge hotel complex “Atlantis” with amazing white sand beaches and palm trees on the shore, great golf courses, a huge water amusement park, casino, and numerous stores. Here you’ll find heartwarming relaxation and entertainment to suit all tastes.

The Bahamas, in fact, is one big resort and luxury beach vacation destination. Most resorts have well-developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment for vacationers, you can go scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, yachting, visit interesting sights.

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