Summer holidays in Finland

Summer holidays in Finland

Summer holidays in Finland

In this northern region with its majestic nature, rich past, conditions for tourists can spend a great time on vacation. If you choose to vacation in Finland in summer, you can even get a clean, comfortable beach and swim in the lake. And the sun is not as aggressive as in the south.

Advantages of .

This is a country of thousands of lakes with the clearest water, many islands, emerald green in the warm season. Healthy environment, beautiful scenery, interesting architecture of the cities, established tourist services, a lot of entertainment will allow to have a great vacation.

In the northern part of the country in summer at night, and in winter the sun is not visible for several months. It is the birthplace of Santa Claus, associated with Christmas holidays, winter entertainment. But even in summer, there are ideal conditions for a variety of leisure activities, including families with children.

Summer holidays in Finland, the benefits

Why tourists choose summer holidays in Finland.

  1. Ecologically healthy conditions for relaxation, pristine nature.
  2. Close location. From Moscow and St. Petersburg can be reached quickly, by plane.
  3. A wide choice of leisure activities.
  4. A reliable level of safety, tourist services at a high level.
  5. Silence and tranquility in nature. But for fans of noisy entertainment at urban resorts, where in season is crowded, too, the choice of how to have fun.
  6. During the summer there are many national holidays and festivals.

The warm season is short, but there are enough days in the summer months to bask in the sun. The warmest month is July. The temperature in some areas reaches +27C, during this time there is less rain.

But during the rest of the time it often rains, so you should anticipate this and take an umbrella on your trip. In the middle of the summer month in the northern part of Suomi is bright all day, and in the south at night, only twilight. So you can walk around at any time.

In July and August, the days are warm. The mercury rises to +23C, but in the evenings it’s cool and you’ll need warm clothes.

All to the beach

Summer holidays in Finland, beach holidays

In this region of Scandinavia, a lot of beaches, among them about 300 equipped according to European standards. Most of them are suitable for leisure activities with children. Many of the beaches have a gentle entrance to the lake, smooth bottom.

Travelling around Finland: City of Mikkeli

All municipal beaches are free. In this area are monitored for order – to set up tents, littering, having picnics, drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

You can find beaches on the coasts of the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia. In the coastal areas you can find both white sand and pebble areas, stony shores.

The water even in warm season reaches +19C. When the weather is good, summer holidays on the seashore is as comfortable as in the south. You can sunbathe without fear of overheating in the sun.

Most often mentioned in the tours are such well-known beaches in Finland.

  1. Lakes in Tampere. There are about 200 of them, all have a shallow entrance, shallow waters near the shore. Therefore suitable for leisure time with small children.
  2. Hietaniemi. Located in the center of Helsinki. This is a top spot, thanks to the many cultural entertainment programs. The disadvantage is that it is overcrowded, and it is impossible to relax in peace and quiet.
  3. Beaches on the Aland Islands with rocky shores (Sandviken, Degersand, Karingsand).
  4. In the area of Hanko – the coast is 130 km of sand dunes.
  5. Cape Jüuteri (near the town of Pori) – smooth smooth bottom, warm water.

Cape Jyuteri

The coastal waters of the Gulf of Finland attract diving enthusiasts. At the bottom of the shipwrecks (found more than 5000) you can find treasures. From the bottom get ancient coins, ancient objects.

Forests and lakes

Holidays in Finland in the summer can be spent with the installation of tents and picnics. For this there are separate areas – campsites.

Almost 60% of the country’s territory is forest, mostly coniferous, 10% is occupied by water. The map of Suomi consists of bizarre patterns of numerous rivers and lakes.

There are about 180,000 of them. The largest is Saima.

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The water bodies are abundant in fish:

For fishermen, Finland’s summer vacation on the lakes is a moderately dynamic and venturesome pastime.

Summer holidays in Finland: fishing

National parks and resorts in Finland in summer offer their guests to stay in comfortable cottages. Vacationers are offered hiking trails, ecological competitions in photo hunting, collecting forest products.

With a license and proper equipment in some regions of the country you can take part in hunting.

History Immersion

Cultural, natural, historical sights in Suomi is a lot. Rest in Finland in the summer will not be complete without visiting interesting places.

    . There are many exhibits that speak of the events and history of the country from antiquity to the present day.
  1. Old Finnish villages and manor houses. Guides definitely recommend visiting these sites. This will introduce the visitor to the historical traditions and life of the local population.
  2. Lutheran Cathedral in Kotka, where you can see the shrine “Adoration of the Magi”, listen to organ and classical music.
  3. Fort Catherine, a historical landmark. It was an important defensive center. It is now open Catherine’s Marine Park. – An ancient naval fortress. Now it is a museum, on the territory of which there are dozens of Russian cannons and other military exhibits . Here are the old buildings in the Empire style, a monument to the Russian Emperor Alexander II, the Cathedral.
  4. Learn more about the history and peculiarities of Finnish forests in the museum LUSTO.

What to see in Helsinki

This is just a few of the many historical sites. Across the country there is a huge number of them, from national ethnic to ancient architectural structures.

Visiting a fairy tale

It is not a problem how to vacation in Finland with children. Finns are great imaginative and reverent to children. So that entertainment for children a fabulous variety.

    – Based on the famous computer game;
  • Power Park;
  • playgrounds made in an attractive design; .
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The most interesting and attractive are the famous village of Santa Claus in Lapland and the Park Mumi-Trolls.

It is considered one of the best children’s theme parks in the world. It is located on an island near Turku, in the place Naantali. Here, young fans of the Moomin-troll family can see and interact with the living heroes of fairy tales.

Active Recreation

Summer Holidays in Finland Active Leisure

Suomi gave the world many famous athletes of various extreme and winter sports. The very atmosphere here is conducive to such sports hobbies.

Tourists visiting Finnish resorts in the summer can engage in summertime:

  • canoeing or kayaking;
  • cycling;
  • test your courage on the attractions of rope parks (at a height of 1.5 to 22 m);
  • in Imatra to fly upside down over rocks and waterfalls.

Risk-free activities, such as geocaching, are popular.


The country is famous for its numerous festivals, which attract viewers, experts and participants.

As part of the annual Helsinki Festival, a Night of the Arts is held in August, when parades of different genres of art are held. Colorful performances continue throughout the night.

Opera festival in Savonlinna. It takes place in the old castle Olavinlinna, surrounded on all sides by water. Opera performances set against a backdrop of medieval scenery and beautiful natural scenery are awe-inspiring.

Finland Summer Holidays Festivals

Luosto Classic Festival of Classical Music. Held in the north of the country, the concert venue is open-air, on the hillside. These peculiar conditions give the event a unique flavor.

Pori Jazz Festival. The most famous and oldest festival of this genre in Scandinavia. Held on the west coast of Suomi.

Festival of folk music in Kaustinen, where you can see the performance of Finnish folk dances and music performed by professionals and amateurs.

Immersion in a bright and cheerful world of Finnish entertainment will not leave anyone indifferent. After such a free time will be a pleasant memory for a long time to come.

Exciting tours in Finland in the summer offer a great variety. You can spend your vacations in this wonderful country with beautiful nature, colorful folklore, a wide variety of entertainment and cultural programs, high tourist services.

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