Summer Destinations to Sicily, Italy for Young People

Summer Destinations to Sicily, Italy for Young People

Sicily is a region visited by hundreds of tourists every year. Tourists come from all over Italy and from all over the world. Tourist destinations on the island can offer exceptional natural beauty and nightlife. In particular, young people appreciate summer destinations in Sicily. There are some very beautiful places to see. These places are a must visit if a young person enjoys a vacation on the island. Here are 10 summer destinations in Sicily for young people.

Taormina, Messina Province Taormina

Taormina, Messina Province Taormina, is located on the Ionian coast of Sicily, on a promontory overlooking the coast, close to Catania and the Etna Natural Park. It is a particularly popular summer destination, offering many activities, entertainment, breathtaking places to visit that you never forget. Ideal holiday for the young people.

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1. Taormina, Province of Messina Taormina

There are many famous clubs and discos with a great terrace overlooking the bay. The most beautiful beaches to visit are those of Capo Sant’Andrea and Isola Bella with equipped beaches. And from the Gulf of Mazzaro you can go on a boat excursion to discover the sea caves and gorges.

In Taormina you can easily get around on foot or by cable car or by bus, which in summer are frequent and can take you to the beaches a little beyond the city. Nightlife is concentrated in the lower part of town.

2. Panarea, Province of Messina

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2. Panarea, Province of Messina

Panarea is the smallest island of the Aeolian archipelago north of Sicily, but it is also the most exclusive and popular destination for young people. But the island is also a favorite destination for VIPs and businessmen, because its waters are teeming with yachts, so it’s definitely not cheap. Sailing boats organize parties based on music and alcohol, and usually join the boats around, creating a real party at sea, where you can dance until morning. The beaches of Panarea are beautiful, it is well known. Just go around the island and get to Calcara Beach, Drautto Pebble Beach and Junco Bay. The nightlife is open discos until dawn, on sailboats.

3. Marsala, Trapani province

Marsala is located on the northwestern coast of Sicily. Prices are quite low compared to the most exclusive places and, thanks to its entertainment, it is ideal for young people who want to spend a few days at sea, have fun and relax.

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3. Marsala, Trapani province

There are many equipped beaches in the city, and outside the city there are magnificent beaches immersed in the Stagnone Nature Reserve. A stretch of lagoon coast with a very low water level . Here you can find the beach of San Teodoro and the beach of Maraus, where there are both equipped places and free solutions. The center of Marsala is the heart of nightlife: an ancient market where fish was once traded, now there are many small clubs. In town you can dance in a club located by the sea.

4. San Vito-Lo Capo, Trapani Province

San Vito Lo Capo is located on the outskirts of northwestern Sicily, between Trapani and Palermo. Nowadays, it has become a popular destination not only for its beautiful beaches but also for its entertainment.

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4. San Vito Lo Capo, Trapani province

Among the most beautiful beaches in the city, there is certainly one, the beach of San Vito-Lo Capo, wide and very white. Then there are also the beaches of Santa Margherita and Tonnara del Secco . Finally, for a little break from the crowds, the beaches of Riserva dello Zingara . There are enough places and pubs where you can lounge in the sun during the day, have an aperitif and stay up late with the DJs.

The nightlife is on the coast of San Vito, in beach bars and the historic center.

5. Favignana

Favignana is an island in the Egadi Islands which is located on the north west coast of Sicily. It has always been considered a place for a quiet, not too active vacation. But more and more young people are choosing it for their summer vacations, certainly because of the breathtaking beaches and the sense of freedom they deliver.

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5. Favignana

The town of Favignana has a concentration of several clubs , and bars on the beach where you can order an aperitif. It is possible to rent a boat at sunset with an aperitif, a very attractive solution. The most beautiful beaches are: Lido Burrone, the only beach on the island, equipped and covered with sand, Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, rocky but not to be missed, and finally Calamani beach. The nightlife is concentrated in the beach bars.

6. Cefalu, Province of Palermo

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6. Cefalu, Province of Palermo

Cefalù is located near Palermo, a tourist resort which is becoming increasingly popular with young people who find not only great beaches but also activities here. In addition to the beach of Lungomare, the only beach with fine sand, Cefalù also has a cliff overlooking the sea. Another beach to visit is Marina Beach, about 1 km walk from the historic center of the city, at Caldura and then at Mazzaforno with pebbles or cliffs. In the direction of Palermo, 4 km from Cefalù, there is the beach of Capo Playa, ideal for surfers. The area of Lungomare is dedicated to nightlife, one of the most beautiful places, with stairs leading to the beach, Sottosero. There is a water park 8 km away from the center where you can have a fun day.The nightlife is on the promenade and the disco in the port.

7. Mondello, Province of Palermo

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7. Mondello, Province of Palermo

Mondello is considered a resort of Palermo, being close to the city, and now has become a favorite destination for young people from different regions. Mondello has the convenience of proximity to the city, the opportunity to enjoy one of the whitest and cleanest beaches in Sicily and the marine protected area of Capo Gallo, plus Mondello is also very lively, full of clubs . The summer season offers many opportunities for entertainment and recreation. Water parks with swimming pool and slides. The nightlife focuses on the sea, discos and parks.

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8. Achi Trezza, Province of Catania

Achi Trezza is a beautiful seaside resort near Catania, which offers beautiful beaches and entertainment, and has lower prices than the most exclusive seaside resorts. It is a good choice for a vacation dedicated to the sea and nightlife. The most famous and famous beach is the Lido dei Ciclopi, where you can take a long swim in this wonderful sea . From the promenade of Aci you can admire the Faraglioni, the sharp cliffs that overlook the water and at sunset are really impressive.

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8. Achi-Trezza, Province of Catania

An interesting activity is to visit the small island of Lahea , perhaps by renting a boat. In the evenings the port and promenade area is very lively with lots of clubs and cafes. The nightlife flock to the coastal area and the harbor.

9. Lido di San Leone, Province of Agrigento

Lido di San Leone is predominantly the beach of Agrigento. This is where the people of Agrigento come to refresh themselves on the hottest days and also to spend their summer evenings. In fact, in San Leone there are not only equipped beach areas, services and restaurants, but also clubs, places to listen to music, dance, drink something refreshing.

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9. Lido di San Leone, Province of Agrigento

The evenings here are always lively during the summer, the heart of the town is the small tourist port around which you can find all the entertainment: the disco with music and cocktails right in the harbor, a very beautiful place with chairs and tents overlooking the sea, where you can listen to music and have a drink. Not far from the marina there is a club where you can dance outdoors.

10. Sciacca, Province of Agrigento

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10. Sciacca, Agrigento Province

Sciacca, just north of Agrigento, is a very impressive seaside resort that offers young people an inexpensive vacation, but with a wide variety of activities. The clubs, especially in the San Marco area, are numerous and in high demand, almost all at sea or right on the beach. At the beach bar you can have a cocktail and listen to music.

At 45 km from Sciacca, heading north, there is a water amusement park.

Where to vacation in Sicily

Where to have a good holiday in Sicily

Learn about the best resorts in Sicily with sandy and pebbly beaches. We’ll tell you when, where and to whom it’s best to vacation in Sicily. Learn about the weather in Sicily.

Sicily is a sunny island in southern Italy. You can relax there all year round: lying on the beaches in summer, skiing in winter and basking in thermal springs.

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Where to have a nice holiday in sicily in september

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When it’s best to vacation in Sicily

High season

The tourist season begins in May and lasts until November. Nature has generously rewarded the island with a mild climate and natural attractions. It is best to go to Sicily in June, when the Mediterranean Sea is well warmed up, but some brave people open the season in May. In terms of prices best to vacation in June and September, the most expensive – in July and August.

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May in Sicily is sunny and hot. Orange blossoms and motley grasses add bright colors to the local scenery. Daytime temperatures are a bit cool for swimming: +22. +24 ° C during the day, +14 ° C at night, the water in the sea +18 ° C.

In June daytime +25 ° C, night +18 ° C. Cherries and strawberries ripen, the sea warms up to +21. +22°С. It’s not too hot during the day, and the beach holiday is well combined with excursions.

In July, the average daily air temperature rises to +29 ° C and +21 ° C at night. Everyone rushes to the sea, which is already +25 ° C. Excursions at this time are no fun – it’s too hot. The prices for vacations are high.

August is the hottest month in Sicily. The sea heats up to +26 ° C, the heat is unbelievable. Tourist season reaches its peak, hotels and beaches are crowded, and prices for services are very high. By the end of the month the grapes are ripening, and the harvest begins.

The first half of September in Sicily resembles summer and the second half is considered the velvet season. Holidays in this month on the island are great: the average temperature during the day +26 ° C, +19 ° C at night. The sea +24 ° C, sometimes raining with thunderstorms. The grape harvest continues.

October is still warm: air +22°С during daytime, +16°С at night, sea +22°С. Pomegranates, persimmons and olives are ripening, restaurants vying with one another for fresh mussels and young wine. The beaches become noticeably empty. As the wind blows towards the end of the month, the high season finishes.

Low Season.

From November to April, it’s worth going to Sicily for the cultural, educational, and recreational vacation. November can still be very comfortable by the sea: +18°C during the day and +13°C at night, but it’s increasingly raining and blowing winds.

Winter brings joy with sales, carnivals and a citrus harvest. The ski season opens in December at the foot of the volcano Etna, but does not last long – already in March the snow melts. On the coast the daytime air temperature is +13. +14 ° C during the day, +8. +10 ° C at night. In April trees and shrubs bloom, and the air warms up to +18 ° C during the day and +11 ° C at night.

Monthly weather in sicily

(Photo: OrcaTec /

Where to vacation in Sicily


The capital of the island and a popular Sicilian resort. Palermo has everything for the curious and active tourist: ancient castles, palaces, clubs and restaurants. The city is often criticized for being dirty and a bit chaotic, but it is convenient in terms of transportation and full of attractions.

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There’s a sandy, flat-bottomed beach called Mondello about 20 minutes from the city. It is the most popular beach in Palermo. There are many small guest houses and apartments, so this Sicilian resort is loved by young people and families with children. In summer, the beach is always noisy and fun.

From Palermo is convenient to visit other attractions of the island – Trapani, Erice and the city of Corleone with its famous Mafia Museum.

Alexey Sinitsyn (chief editor of the site): I spent three weeks in Sicily, two of which I spent in Palermo. This is a colorful city with character – not everyone will like it. It is worth visiting only for those who are interested in architecture and love to wander the labyrinths of slums, who don’t mind bad smells, garbage and lots of black immigrants. Palermo is more Africa than Europe. Not a bad beach vacation can be found in the suburbs, in Mondello. For a medieval atmosphere and coolness come to the town of Erice, one of the most beautiful and authentic places in Sicily.

Sicily resorts

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An ancient port city, its main attraction is the volcano Etna . The town has its own sandy beach with a well-developed infrastructure: there are many hotels, restaurants around, discos buzz at weekends. On the opposite side of town is a small wild beach with black sand, the entrance to the water is not the most comfortable, but the water is clean.

At this resort of Sicily is better to rest young and middle-aged people who like nightlife and entertainment. Families with children resort is not suitable – it’s noisy.

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sicily where to have a rest

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It is an ancient city with many architectural sights of different eras. You can reach it by bus or by car from Palermo and Catania. The city is so quiet and peaceful that you can walk around at night without fear of criminals. In the town itself, the shores are rocky and precipitous, and the sea is full of stones. All the decent beaches are located outside the city.

The nearest sandy beach is located in Fontana Bianca and can be reached by train or car. It’s the best beach of the island, with light sand, flat bottom and a sea that stays warm until November. The coves below Syracuse are rich in underwater caves, making them interesting for diving. The resort is also suitable for those who are interested in culture and architecture.

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Best resorts in Sicily

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Where is the best place to stay in Sicily with children? 70 km from Palermo is a small town on the rocks, Cefalù. The resort is convenient for tourists without a car – you can easily reach it by public transport, for example from Palermo, or by overnight train from Rome or Milan.

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Along the walls of the old town stretches a large sandy beach. You can find entertainment there and rent a house nearby. During the peak season, the beach is always crowded, and this popularity is partly due to the availability of free plots. Another popular beach close to Cefalù is Mazzaforno where you can find one section with pebbles and sand and another section with soft and fine sand.

When to go to Sicily

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You can get here by bus (2 hours) or train (45 minutes) from Catania. The town is beautiful, with beautiful views of the volcano. Creative people often come here for inspiration. Minus – almost all the coastline is pebbly or rocky. Often there are large stones, and the beaches themselves are small.

One of them, Isola Bella, a pebbly beach, is well protected by mountains and well equipped, but the entrance to the sea is uncomfortable because of the rocks. From Taormina you can get here by cable car. Another popular beach is the pebbly beach of Mazzaro and you can get there by bus.

If you are visiting Sicily for a beach vacation, the best place to go is Giardini-Naxos with its nice sandy beaches. You can get here by train or bus, and from mainland Italy – by train.

Sicilian resorts

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Another cozy town with beautiful beaches and ancient architecture. Gorgeous gardens, ancient palaces, a small volcanic island with caves and beaches nearby. Beaches in the city are public, so always crowded.

The best beach in Sicily is San Vito le Capo, a 1.5 hours drive from the town. The town itself is not particularly interesting, but the beach here is gorgeous – wide, long, with floury sand and water of turquoise color. It is framed on one side by Mount Monaco. On the waterfront there are stores and cafes, the hotel base is mainly represented by budget “threesomes” and “foursomes”. Very beautiful, but crowded, especially in August.

Alexey Sinitsyn (chief editor of the site): Trapani itself is of little interest for a beach holiday – the beaches here, though spacious, are unassuming. But there is a real treasure nearby – the stunning beaches of the island of Favignana. In what countries have not been, but I’ve never seen such beauty! You have to go to the island and visit these fabulous beaches – the entrance is free and the boat ride to the island costs about 20 euros round trip.

Beach holidays in Favignana

(Photo: Jos Dielis / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Conclusion: where to vacation in Sicily

If you are interested in an educational vacation, you should stay near major cities, where there are many attractions and good transport links. For young people will be more suitable Palermo and Catania, for couples with children – the sandy coast of Trapani and Cefalù. Fans of diving will love the neighborhoods of Taormina and Syracuse.

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