St. Moritz – a varied and exciting winter holiday in Switzerland

St. Moritz – the oldest ski resort in Switzerland

St. Moritz (Switzerland) – a popular ski resort, located on the shore of the lake of the same name. This small town with the population a bit more than 5 thousand people is considered one of the oldest and most respectable resorts in the world. St. Moritz is situated in a picturesque valley surrounded by alpine mountains, which form vast areas for skiing. This resort in Switzerland enjoys a pleasant climate – the sun shines for more than 320 days a year.

St. Moritz is a ski resort in Switzerland.

St. Moritz is frequented by the world’s top celebrities in show business, politicians, and royalty. The resort has a high price level, but this does not stop lovers of luxury recreation. In St. Moritz arrives about 1.5 million tourists every year.

Winter holidays in St. Moritz

The photo of St. Moritz shows that it is conventionally divided into three sectors: Corvilla, Corvach, Diavolezza. In the vicinity of the resort there are about 350 kilometers of ski slopes of varying degrees of complexity:

  • blue – 123 km
  • red – 87 km
  • black – 140 km

Height difference: from 1800 to 3300 m.

Corvilla is a picturesque place for skiing

The area is oriented for advanced skiers. The station of the same name is located at an altitude of 2486 meters above sea level. Professionals will appreciate the virgin slopes below the stations of Suvretta and Marguns, which are directly adjacent to Corvilla. These areas are considered some of the most scenic places to ski in the world.

The long runs of the Corvatsch

Corvach is characterized by long pistes, which will be appreciated by the experienced skiers. To get to this area, you have to use the bus or your own vehicle. Slopes of Korvac mountain range from gentle beginners to very challenging slopes.

Ascent to Diavolezza

The mountain is half an hour from the resort and has very few untrained slopes, which makes it a popular destination for freeriders. The slopes of Diavolecza lie beneath the peaks of Bernina and Palu peaks, which are 4,049 and 3,905 meters respectively.

St. Moritz – a ski resort, which has extremely difficult areas that are available to master only experienced skiers. For example, the eight-kilometer piste in the area Dyavoletsi.

St. Moritz is also available for skiing:

  1. Luge track with a height of 157 meters and a length of more than a kilometer.
  2. Bobsleigh track Olimpia Bob Run length of 1.6 kilometers, which is unique in its natural glaciation. It hosts many international competitions, including the World Cup in this sport. Interestingly, the rate of descent on the track is about 150 kilometers per hour.
  3. A unique track of the downhill Free Fall. It was used at the 44th (and 5th in St. Moritz) World Alpine Skiing Championships in 2017. The start section has a slope of 100%, and it is possible to accelerate to 140 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds.

St. Moritz resort is served by 60 elevators, the altitude difference varies from 1800 to 3300 meters. The prices of ski passes depend on the ski areas, there are discounted youth and children’s rates, as well as discounts in low season. You can purchase a general pass, which allows you to ski in all areas of the resort. The price for a standard adult full-day pass for the 2021/2022 season varies by date:

For an interactive map of the slopes, visit the official website at

To find out the prices of ski passes for specific days and to buy them online, go here:

St. Moritz is a ski resort in Switzerland aimed at experienced and confident skiers, but it’s a town where you can find slopes for all levels of experience. We advise to clarify the markings of specific slopes on the spot, in addition, pay attention to the weather, which can significantly complicate the descent. The slopes of the resort are accessible for skiing in late October – early November. However, in St. Moritz tourists will find something to do in the summertime as well.

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Another popular ski resort in Switzerland is Crans-Montana. You can learn more about it on this page.

Summer vacations in St. Moritz

Golf in St. Moritz

As you can see from the photo, St. Moritz is hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, modern bicycle tracks, and four golf courses against the backdrop of the Alps. The city is also a balneal resort. It is possible to improve your health and well-being with the help of curative thermal springs. Tourists are offered all sorts of spa procedures: mud wraps, outdoor pools, mineral baths.

Gastronomic festival in St. Moritz

St. Moritz Gourmet Festival

St. Moritz constantly hosts various sport competitions, as well as social events. In early spring this Swiss ski resort hosts a gastronomic haute cuisine festival, which attracts gourmets and top chefs from all over the world. Walking through the local boutiques will appeal to fans of shopping in the main streets of the resort there are stores of famous brands: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and others.

Glacier Express

Tourists who have been to the resort recommend going on the “Glacier Express” tour. The train journey takes you at an altitude of over 2000 meters through numerous tunnels and mountain passes, meadows and streams. The scenic route through Davos, Brig and other mountain villages in Sweden takes about 8 hours.

St. Moritz sights

If you are lucky enough to get to St. Moritz, a must-see attraction is Mount Muottas Mural. There is an observation deck at the top that offers a spectacular view of the three lakes, the alpine peaks, and the entire town.

View of the Bernina massif

Guests of the resort should also get to the mountain Diavolezza, which offers an amazing panoramic view of the Bernina massif. Tourists are attracted not only by the impressive snow scenery, but also the longest glacial descent in Switzerland, which starts from a height of 3000 meters above sea level.

You can get to the top by cable car from the Bernina Diavolezza station. At the top there is a restaurant where you can have a coffee or a meal with a beautiful view.

On top of Pitz-Nair

We also recommend getting to the top of Piz Nair, which is more than 3,000 meters high. For this purpose, it is necessary to use the two funiculars that take tourists to Corvilla, and then continue on a small elevator. The journey will not leave even the most experienced hiker indifferent – from the top there is a dizzying view. From the slopes of Piz Nair you can hike down through the Suvretta Valley along a scenic route.

Nietzsche Museum

Connoisseurs of Nietzsche’s work can visit the suburban area of Sils Maria, where the German philosopher’s summer house is located. It was here that the great thinker wrote his book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Nietzsche’s personal belongings and manuscripts are on display in the museum. An extensive number of exhibits document the life and work of the philosopher. The house is also a guest house, an educational and research center, which keeps museum dust from settling on it.

The nearly 200-year-old house in the heart of Sils Maria, where Friedrich Nietzsche spent seven summers (1881 and 1883-1888), belonged to the Durisch family and remained private for many years after Nietzsche’s visits. On August 25, 1960, the 60th anniversary of Nietzsche’s death, it opened its doors to the public for the first time.

  • Address: Via da Marias 67, 7514 Sils im Engadin/Segl, Switzerland.
  • Ticket price: 10 CHF.
  • Open: Fri-Sun from 15:00 to 18:00.

Falling tower in St. Moritz

Another of the attractions of this ski resort – 33-meter drop tower. It surprises with its slope, which actually exceeds the slope of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The building, built in the 16th century, is one of the oldest buildings in the region and a true symbol of the city.

  • Address: Via Maistra 29, 7500 St Moritz, Switzerland.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00 all days except Monday.
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Giovanni Segantini Museum

If you do not know what to see in St. Moritz, we recommend a visit to the museum of the 19th century artist Giovanni Segantini. The Italian depicted on his canvases the mountain landscapes of Switzerland. Cozy museum is located in the building of a medieval tower, many tourists take photos against its walls.

Bobsleigh Track, St. Moritz

A must-see is the Olympic bobsled run, which is open from late December to early March. It is an unforgettable pleasure to drive at a dizzying speed of 130 kilometers per hour on the only natural ice track in the world. An important prerequisite for the ride is that the boba passenger has no heart disease or back or neck problems.

Safely positioned between the pilot and the brake, you will experience a fantastic, adrenaline-pumping ride on a 1722-meter long natural ice track, which is at the same time the longest ice sculpture in the world. You’ll reach the finish line in 75 seconds on a 4-person boba. Not only will you feel the centrifugal force along the way, but as you ride the straight, curved and high walls, you’ll also discover the Olympic spirit.

Hotels in the resort

Hotel Europa St. Moritz Room

Hotel Europa St. Moritz

St. Moritz is home to some of Switzerland’s best and most expensive hotels. However, you can find more affordable accommodation in the city. For example, a special offer from the Hotel Europa St. Moritz in the high season is 160 CHF per room. The average cost of living in a three-star hotel is about 300 CHF per night.

In the resort of St. Moritz in Switzerland there are also many five-star hotels. The most fashionable of them is considered Badrutt’s Palace, which often accommodates the world’s top stars. In the lower level hotels also offer excellent service and often have their own beauty salons, spas and restaurants.

Tourists for note! To find yourself in a luxurious wellness center of one of the 5* hotels, you do not need to book a room, you can just buy a single membership. Many hotels in St. Moritz offer discounted ski passes for staying in their rooms for more than 2 days.

How to get to the city

St. Moritz has its own tiny airport Engadin, which takes only a couple of flights from small neighboring settlements of Germany and Switzerland. The nearest major airport to St. Moritz is in Bergamo, near Milan in Italy, a distance of 153 km. Most often, visitors of the resort prefer to get from Swiss Zurich, which is located at a distance of 220 kilometers.

Train to St. Moritz

The quickest way to the destination is to take a high-speed train from Zurich to Chur and then change to a train to St. Moritz. In terms of time the entire journey with changes will take about 3.5 hours. The cost of travel in the 2nd class coach – 64 CHF. Trains leave from the train station Zurich every 15-60 minutes from 6:30 am to 8:38 pm. To see train timetables and buy a ticket, visit

If you decide to stay longer in Zurich, find out here what’s worth seeing in the city in a day.

Bus to St. Moritz

You can get to the resort from the airport by regular buses, and not only from the largest Swiss city, but also from Milan, Munich or Basel.

The most advantageous route to St. Moritz from any point in Switzerland can be constructed through the service of Swiss Travel System –

If you get to town late at night or at night, you can get to the hotel only by cab. So plan ahead how to get to St. Moritz so you don’t have to overpay for an individual transfer. From the station to the numerous hotels of the resort take special buses. St. Moritz is located on the side of the first platform. On the other side is a lake, to which it is easy to go by underground passage.

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St. Moritz (Switzerland) is a unique place with comfortable conditions for skiers and fans of active recreation. At the same time the resort with its picturesque mountain peaks and clear lakes is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Video review of St. Moritz: the situation with the slopes, infrastructure and prices.

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Saint Moritz travel guide

Ella Sheikhova

St. Moritz is located in the canton of Graubünden, at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters. This resort is considered the most expensive ski and balneological resort in the country.

In addition, being located on the massif of Bernina, St. Moritz is considered one of the most picturesque and majestic places on the planet.

Not without reason, famous personalities such as Nietzsche, Giovanni Segantini, Peter Robert Berry, Mili Weber and others have lived and worked here. They dedicated their paintings and creations to this amazingly beautiful place.

Today, the richest people in the world, from politicians to the world’s top film and pop stars, vacation here.

But do not be alarmed, despite the fact that the resort is really striking in its price level, thanks to its division into two parts, St. Moritz-Bad and St. Moritz-Dorf, there are some places where there are not so expensive hotels for accommodation, where you can stay for a fairly reasonable price.

Where to stay in St. Moritz?

Ella Sheikhova

Located on the shores of the high mountain lake Ley de Saint-Maurrets, the magnificent resort of St. Moritz welcomes its guests. In addition to a large number of ski slopes of different levels of difficulty, areas for snowboarding and freeride zones, the resort has a luxurious Spa St. Moritz-Bad, which offers its guests and visitors a huge number of services and procedures.

Personally, I love the nature and the unique mountain scenery of St. Moritz the most.

Despite the fact that the resort is considered the most expensive in Switzerland, there are still places for more or less reasonable prices, including restaurants and hotels in the resort.

The most expensive and fashionable hotels are located in the St. Moritz-Dorf part. But in the part of St. Moritz-Bad, right under the wall of Rogach Peak, there are residential complexes and all kinds of sports facilities, among which is a large number of hotels with a fairly reasonable price.

For example, a cozy modern hostel Youth Hostel St. Moritz .

From the windows of the rooms offers a picturesque panoramic view of the city. Rooms are decorated with modern furniture in light colors. There is a games room in the building, including a pool table. There are cross-country skiing, hiking and biking trails near the hostel.

Just a few hundred meters from the lake St. Moritz is quite a cozy and not expensive guest house Casa Franco.

We are going on vacation with children

Ella Sheikhova

Holidays in St. Moritz is truly unique. In terms of natural beauty and in terms of development of the resort with a variety of buildings and places of entertainment and recreation. The city looks very luxurious and attractive to tourists.

The sun shines here almost all year round, and the cleanest mountain air allows you to enjoy your holidays in winter and summer.

Thanks to the fact that the town is also located near a high mountain lake, it makes recreation even better, because in the summer you can enjoy swimming and various water activities, although the water is quite cool because of underwater springs.

Although the resort of Sackt Moritz is a very expensive holiday destination, it is a great place for children and families, because the resort is fully equipped for children as well.

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Useful information

Ella Sheikhova

St. Moritz is considered just a paradise for all fans of skiing and snowboarding. Many people love this resort precisely because of its amazing beauty, which creates the impression of fairy tale. After all, located in the valley Engadin, as well as near a very beautiful and quite picturesque lake, sometimes it is hard to understand that you are in the real life of the present time. This is a very popular place and due to the fact that it has more than once held the Olympic Games, because the skiing areas here are truly magnificent.

In addition to skiing and active winter sports, St. Moritz has a very developed cultural life and a place of constant competitions and a variety of festivals.

It is worth noting that the resort is considered very fashionable, so the rates here are high for almost everything, including accommodation and food. But this does not mean that people with less fat wallets can not visit this wonderful place. Just coming here should know a few features of the resort, which will be useful to absolutely all tourists, including people who want to save money on vacation in St. Moritz.

1. To begin with, the skiing season here begins in late November and some of the tracks are well maintained until early May. It is at this time here practically the most expensive prices on everything, and hotel rooms should be booked in advance. Vacationers can easily get to the slopes with.

How to get there?

Ella Sheikhova

Getting to the world famous resort of St. Moritz is quite easy.

The nearest town Engadin has a small airport, where there are flights from the major Swiss airports: Geneva, Zurich, Munich and Basel. There are regular flights from Milan, it is the closest to St. Moritz, just 175 kilometers away.

Zurich is 200 kilometers from the resort, so the road is not too long.

If you plan to get by train, there are trains from almost all cities in the country.

For example, from Zurich to St. Moritz you can get by train Rhaetian Railway, passing through the town Kur. In this case, the road will take about three hours of travel, which is also not much.

You can come to St. Moritz and from the side of the tunnel Ferain.

There are also bus services to the resort from Zurich, Basel, Munich and Milan. If you prefer to go by bus, the road will take 3-4 hours.

You can easily get here by car as well.

Take the A3W from Zurich to Kur and San Bernardino. Then take the AZ, and then towards the Koor, along the A13/E43. After the Kur, follow the signs for Davos and St. Moritz and turn left. Then follow the signs straight ahead to St. Moritz.

From Milan, take the A52 towards Tangenziale Nord and Lecco. At the town of Monza there is an exit for the SS36, then follow the SP5. After passing Monza on the SS36, take the Swiss border and go straight on….

Food and drinks

Ella Sheikhova

St. Moritz is quite an expensive resort, even by the standards of Switzerland. But when you come here you realize that you pay money for a unique experience and sophistication in absolutely everything. A series of fabulous beauty lakes filled with deep blue, even closer to emerald colors. No wonder that for more than a century and a half the town has been considered a symbol of luxury and fine recreation, as well as sports.

The luxury inherent in the resort is also felt in the interior of restaurants and cafes, food and its decoration, service and attitude to guests. After all, in St. Moritz you can taste all the dishes of the world, including traditional Swiss, French, Italian, Thai, Indian and others.

Glacier Glacier in the United States

A wonderful place is Kempinski Bar and Lobby, where the dishes are Swiss and the atmosphere is romantic.

The setting and service are top notch, the music and the wine list is excellent. Besides, very tasty aromatic coffee and wonderful desserts are served here.

In the pompous French restaurant Grand Restaurant there is an atmosphere of a feast and the tables must be reserved in advance. Here guests come only in tuxedos and evening dresses, so in casual clothes you will not be admitted.

Hauser is a small but very hospitable restaurant of international cuisine. We have tried here dishes of Swiss cuisine, and we would like to emphasize the wonderfully cooked poultry, which is baked on coals. If weather permits, it is possible to take a place on a sunny terrace.

What to see in St. Moritz?

Ella Sheikhova

In the canton of Graubünden is one of the most luxurious and expensive resorts in Switzerland and the whole Europe – the town of St. Moritz.

It is located at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level and is deservedly called the peak of Europe. This is just a paradise for fans of skiing on snow-covered peaks, snowboarding, skating and other activities. In addition, the resort has five areas of excellent skiing of any complexity.

St. Moritz is one of the oldest resorts in the world, located in the Engadin Valley.

The Olympic Games were held here twice; it is a city of balneotherapeutic resorts, which delights all tourists and residents. It is one of the most beautiful places on the globe and is situated in the Bernina Massif.

The resort is also situated on the shores of the high mountain lake Ley da São Muretzão, which allows you to relax and enjoy the water fun in the summer, or simply admire its snowy beauties in the winter.

The resort itself is divided into two parts, two villages. On the north bank is St. Moritz-Dorf, famous for its luxurious hotels and expensive boutiques. On the south bank is St. Moritz-Bad, where sports facilities and residential buildings and neighborhoods are located.

As such, the resort is famous for its long pistes for skiing and active winter and summer vacations. There are many luxury hotels and expensive restaurants, balneological springs and chic spas.

How to have fun?

Ella Sheikhova

St. Moritz is an expensive resort with a lot of entertainment.

What could be better than a vacation with a combination of the beauty of mountain peaks and landscapes, as well as the water surface of the high mountain lakes, sun and snow. The resort is not called the peak of the world for nothing, because here the sun shines around 322 days a year.

There is just a huge number of luxury stores of famous international brands where you can shop, luxurious restaurants and bars, as well as nightclubs and a variety of discos. Therefore, the holiday at the famous resort is suitable for absolutely everyone, without any exceptions.

Ski Jumping takes place from November to February, this is an annual competition that takes place in St. Moritz.

From December to early March there are curling competitions.

At the same time competitions are held on the Olympic luge .

In early March – Cricket on the snow . And, originally, it was a British summer sport, which in St. Moritz was turned into a winter sport.

Amazing opportunities for bobsleigh, because the resort is the only track with natural ice in the world.

In December and late February, the famous and unique Cresta Run takes place.

Here are constantly held races with obstacles, but on snow. In the races involving more than a hundred riders.

In the valley Engadin held a ski marathon, as well as winter golf . When using the red golf balls, which look very interesting on a white background.

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