Spirits of the dead live peacefully in the House with the Living in Connecticut, USA

The Snedeker family: the whole truth about ghosts in Connecticut

Ghosts in Connecticut mentions that the film is based on true events. In researching this issue, we found several sources to reveal whether or not the film actually had real events.

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s involvement with the Snedeker family

In 1986, the Snedeker family (Allen and Carmen, their three sons, a daughter, and two nieces) moved into a white split-level house in Southington, Connecticut. The house had once been a funeral home. The Snedekers found various items in the basement, including a coffin lift, a medical gurney, blood drains and tokens for the dead.

The Snedeker family home in Connecticut

The Snedekers soon began reporting visions and significant personality changes of their eldest son, who was being treated for Hodgkin’s disease (lymph node cancer).

Photo of the Snedeker family

The Snedekers approached Ed and Lorraine Warren and begged them to explore their home. The Warrens investigated the house and officially declared it “possessed,” that the house was teeming with demons and evil spirits.

This is all the information about the Warrens’ involvement with the Snedeker family that can be found on their website. However, in 2009, Lorraine Warren gave a very different version of what happened to the Snedeker family in Connecticut.

” It’s a case that was much scarier than any movie. The movie is very loosely based on a real investigation…It was back in the ’80s. We were called in, it was very late at night. The boys were the first ones to start talking about the things they had seen and experienced, saying they were scared. The parents thought it was all crazy. But the children were so frightened that they started sleeping on the living room floor . The children heard the sound of chains pulling the coffins upstairs . The only thing … there were no coffins.

That night her niece was in a small bedroom in the back of the house, and the blankets on her bed hovered around her as if a fan had fluttered them. Her mother had a rosary in her hand. They were in the kitchen talking to us, and the beads were actually bursting in her hand and falling to the floor.”

The next morning, Lorraine and Ed arrived with the family’s parish priest. During Mass, Ed, who had recently suffered a heart attack, began to have severe heart palpitations. The church sent an exorcist.

“During the exorcism session, a crazy thing happened that we still don’t understand.” ,” says Lorren Warren. “There was a huge tree growing in front of the house, and half of the tree broke off without a wind and fell to the ground.”

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This story of events, told by Lorraine Warren, can be read here.

Writer Ray Garton, author of the Connecticut novel “The Cursed Place,” on the veracity of events

The Warrens suggested that Ray Garton write a novel about the ghosts in the Snedeker house. After talking to the Snedeker family, Garton questioned their story, calling them “crazy.” Ed Warren responded that “all the people who come to us are crazy.” Warren advised Garton to use what the Snedekers told him and make up the rest.

Garton began investigating “supernatural phenomena” in the Snedeker family in 1991 several years after the events. But Garton found nothing supernatural in the family’s problems, and they did not receive any help from the Warrens. Carmen Snedeker was engaged in some illegal interstate lottery scam. Garton wasn’t supposed to find out about it. But as it happened, she asked that it not be mentioned in the book or told to anyone. Their son, the main participant in the story, was not seen by Garton. The writer managed to talk to him on the phone. But once the boy was able to say that his “visions” in the house had disappeared after taking his medication, his mother abruptly cut off the conversation.

The Warrens claimed to have a videotape of real supernatural activity filmed in the house, but they did not show it to Garton because they could not find the tape. The writer was unable to meet with the owners of the house when the funeral home was there, as they claimed there was no problem with the house. The Warrens explained that the house had been cleansed by a priest by performing an exorcism seance. However, Garton doubts this, since the Catholic Church has no official relationship with the Warrens.

In the course of writing the book, Garton was left in no doubt about the fraud of the Snedekers and the Warrens. So the Snedekers claimed that they did not know before the house was rented that the house was a former funeral home. But it wasn’t – everyone in the neighborhood knew it was a former funeral home. “Supernatural” problems in the house came about after the landlord, who had not received rent for several months, tried to evict them. Suddenly the house was filled with “demons.”

Carmen Snedeker (Reed) claimed that she had always had a “spiritual gift,” although it had not manifested itself before these events. She claimed to have learned much from the Warrens and their nephew John Zaffis. The story of Garton’s events has not changed since 1992, but the Warrens’ story has undergone all sorts of transformations. [In our article we also cited two versions of the Warrens’ story.]

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Garton was surprised that the Snedekers were not entirely sure what kind of cancer their son had. But there were still vague mentions of drug problems the boy had had. But the Snedekers seemed reluctant to discuss this in any detail. Garton talked to people who knew the Snedekers when they lived in the house, and no one in the neighborhood seemed to know that the boy had cancer. Garton was told that he had drug and mental health problems, but not health problems.

When Garton set out to write the book, he thought the Snedekers sincerely believed they had encountered something supernatural. But in the processes of the work, he realized that all the events were fabricated by the Snedekers and the Warrens. As for Ghosts in Connecticut, Garton was not interested in watching the film because he was too “satiated with this fraud.”


The story is about a family who had to move closer to the clinic where their son was being treated. They get lucky and buy a big cheap house, which in turn used to be a funeral home. Pretty quickly they begin to encounter unexplained phenomena, especially the main character Matt, who unfortunately has cancer. As the film progresses, it becomes clear that the guy is susceptible to all kinds of horror because he’s close to death. At the end, after solving the mysteries, the boy is magically cured.

What really happened.

Indeed, the movie is much like the real story of the Reed family.

In 1987, the town of Southington, Connecticut, experienced a ghost attack on a family who had just moved into a long vacant house on Meriden Avenue.

After the family moved into their new home, a small cemetery was discovered in the backyard, and an embalming room in the basement of the house and boxes full of creepy pictures of corpses: it turned out that their house had been the home of a funeral home in the 1920s.

And immediately the family was confronted with a whole series of paranormal occurrences: strange sounds were heard in the house, there were sharp fluctuations in temperature, mysterious figures appeared. All of this happened so often, and was so scary that it turned the family’s life into a real nightmare. And yet, the family members were unaware that what was happening to them was one of the most significant and most convincing cases of supernatural activity ever described.

Production of Ghosts in Connecticut began in 2003, after producer Daniel Farrands watched a documentary on television about the unimaginable horror Carmen Reed and her family faced. Farrands was so captivated by the film that he and producer Andy Trapani then tracked Carmen down and she repeated the story to them live. Farrance, Trapani and producer Paul Brooks were stunned when they heard her story firsthand because it was so incredible and incomprehensible that they should have told everyone else. “The fact that all these paranormal phenomena have been going on for months and all the members of this family have been involved seems completely unbelievable,” Brooks says.

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Ghosts in Connecticut, The Real Story

The Real Snedeker House.

“I don’t believe in ghosts. I believed in spirits, but I don’t believe they can interact with our world.”

So said Carmen Snedeker (on Ghosts in Connecticut the character of Sarah, Matt’s mother) In real life, Philip Snedeker (Matt Campbell), did have immune system cancer – Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Ghosts in Connecticut is a true story; it shows the real-life Snedeker family life.

They moved June 30, 1986, from upstate New York to the house at No. 208 Maryden Avenue in Southington, Connecticut, to be near the UConn hospital where their son was being treated. Darrell Kern, the former owner of the Southington home, confirmed that before buying the property in the 1980s, the home served as the Hallahan Funeral Home for several decades. Ms. Carmen Snedeker (the real Mrs. Sarah Campbell) claims that she was never informed that the house was used as a funeral home. Carmen says she was not in the basement, due to stairway renovations, and only later, they found the embalming equipment after they finally moved there. Nevertheless, the former owner of their house, claims that the family was fully informed of the situation before they rented it.

One day Carmen Snedeker was mopping the floors of the house and something terrible happened. Afterward, she recounted that:

“The water on the mop was blood red. I mean deep, dark red. I had goosebumps running down my skin. I started getting nervous that I was going to ruin the floor, I couldn’t think about anything else. It’s probably ridiculous, but I think I was just trying with all my might not to believe what I was seeing.

The situation with the moving plates in the kitchen was present, but it is different from what we saw in the movie. While the movie depicts this phenomenon happening to the eldest son, it actually happened to the mother:

“I thought I was going crazy, I know I was setting the table, but the plates weren’t there.”

Niece Tammy (in the movie Wendy) was actually present at all of these events. According to the middle son, Bradley Snedeker (Billy Campbell):

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“. the lights were on regardless of on and off, although there were no lights . “

The photo of the house shows the morgue doors on the left. Behind the family are Ed and Lorraine Warrner.

There was speculation that Phillip’s (Matt) hallucinations were the result of chemotherapy. But the oncologist said there was no chance of his hallucinations or delusions after treatment. Philip Snedeker slept in the basement with his brother, Bradley. Since the upper rooms were smaller, the basement was the only room that could accommodate teenagers. The brothers slept in a room that was adjacent to the embalming room.

They did find a couple of old photos of dead people in the house: “There were a few pictures taken at home, but there were a lot of pictures of feet and heads. There were other personal belongings of the deceased.” Philip had never seen dead people with writing carved on them, unlike his character in the movie, Matt. First he saw a thin man with high cheekbones and long black hair, and later another with white hair who wore a pinstripe tuxedo. The incident in the bathroom, with the curtain and the niece, actually happened to the mother of the family:

“Yes, the curtain wrapped around my face so I couldn’t breathe. My niece saved me.”

According to the Snedeker relatives, the exorcism was performed at home on September 6, 1988, which led to the disappearance of the spirits. As for Philip and his cancer, during his treatment at Southington, Philip’s cancer went into remission and has not appeared since. He is now in his thirties, works as a truck driver, and has four children.

It is known that the family contacted paranormal experts Lorraine and Ed Warren, who mentioned in interviews that paranormal phenomena have occurred, but the film made is a very poor reflection of the reality of what was going on in the house. One is left to speculate as to what the Reed family actually experienced.

Ghosts in Connecticut 2


The Wyrick family moves into a large house that many years ago was the site of a secret underground station whose chief was helping fugitive Negroes. All the women in the Wyrick family have the unique gift of seeing the dead. The youngest in the family, Heidi, soon “meets” the ghost of the former owner of the house, Mr. Gordy, who warns her that these places hold a terrible secret.

What really happened

Let me tell you right away that there are a lot more real events on which this movie is based than there were in the first part. This time, the screenwriters didn’t even change the names of the characters whose story “Ghosts in Connecticut 2” was based on. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the underground station.

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And here’s the actual story:

Heidi Wyrick is a gifted psychic with the ability to see and communicate with the spirits of the dead. She began seeing ghosts when she was 8 years old.

Heidi as a child with a picture of Mr. Gordy

It began in February 1989, when her parents, Andrew and Lisa Wyrick, moved to Ellerslie, Georgia. That’s when Heidi first encountered the friendly ghost of an older man named Gordie, whom she loved to play with. Lisa thought it was the invisible friend that children with overactive imaginations usually make. But then Heidi encountered another spirit named “Con,” who appeared at the front door wearing a T-shirt with blood on it throughout her stay in the house. When she told her mother, the woman thought someone was trying to kidnap her daughter. Andrew, the father of the family, searched the entire neighborhood, but found none who fit the description. Eventually, Lisa happened to mention Cohn and Gordy when talking to her sister, who had just bought a house in the neighborhood. As it turned out, a man named James S. Gordy was the former owner of the house where they lived.

Mr. James died in 1974. He owned a real estate company in Columbus and for many years had been head of Sunday School at Allison Methodist Church. Lisa decided to find at least one picture and in searching came across Lon “Con” Batchelor. He died in 1957 of cancer.

Heidi continued to encounter the benevolent spirits of two men, James Gordy and Lon Butchelor, long dead. In 1993, Lisa became pregnant, and then they were visited by something darker and not benevolent. “Heidi was never afraid of anything,” Lisa recalls. “She was never afraid of Cohn. She was never afraid of Gordy, but when she saw a dark figure in our hallway, she was hysterical.” Her younger sister, Jordan, was born Feb. 3, 1994. Two weeks later, Lisa noticed deep wounds on Heidi’s face. Andrew assumed she had inadvertently scratched herself while she slept, but two nights later he too awoke to the searing pain of three claws that had embedded themselves in his arm. They thought it was caused by a dark entity Heidi had seen.

Heidi has grown up and no longer lives in the family’s old house. She reports that she has not seen Mr. Gordy for many years. Nevertheless, she continues to see a mysterious dark figure, as well as many other spirits.

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