Spain – is it worth to go there in the fall?

Spain in Autumn

Autumn in Spain – what is it like? How many degrees is the air and water temperature and is it possible to swim? How to dress and what to take with you? Weather in Spain in autumn: temperature, humidity and precipitation, climate by region. Where to go and what to see? When does the fall season start and end? Is it worth to go with children and where can you rest on a budget? Photos of cities, nature and attractions, price comparison in hotels by region. Reviews of tourists about beach and outdoor activities, ski resorts, excursions, entertainment and sales, as well as personal experience not only vacations or vacations in Spain, but also life in the country in autumn.

Weather forecast in Spain based on observations and reviews

Average daily air temperature
Air temperature at night
Air temperature during day
Number of rainy days
Relative humidity
Daylight duration
Sen. Oct. Nov.
19.0 C° 14.7 C° 10.2 C°
13.6 C° 10.0 C° 6.2 C°
25.0 C° 19.9 C° 15.0 C°
48.2 mm 71.5 mm 73.5 mm
6.4 days 8.3 days 8.1 days
65.8 % 72.1 % 75.8 %
12.9 hours 11.6 hours 10.4 hours

Weather by month and resort

The map shows the average water and air temperatures for Spain’s cities and resorts for three months. To select a specific month, click on the tab above. Clicking on the area of interest will take you to a page detailing the weather in that region.

Cities/regions Air temperature Water temperature
Mallorca 14.6 C° 19.7 C°
Salou 13.0 C° 18.5 C°
Barcelona 13.3 C° 18.5 C°
Valencia 15.0 C° 19.0 C°
Alicante 15.8 C° 19.4 C°
Malaga 15.4 C° 18.4 C°
Madrid 8.3 C°
Marbella 15.2 C° 18.6 C°
Costa Brava 11.2 C° 16.9 C°
Tenerife 17.5 C° 22.3 C°

Is it cold in Spain in the fall?

In autumn, daytime temperatures in Spain are usually around 16°C, but can range from 15°C (in November) to 25°C (in September) and drop to 6°C at night. Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a hat and swimsuit would be the right thing to do.

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Can I swim in Spain in autumn?

In autumn, the temperature of the sea is usually around 18 degrees. In September the water is still warm enough, but in later months it cools down and is not so comfortable for swimming. If you are counting on a beach holiday, then Spain is better to go in September.

And you can get a tan?

In autumn in Spain, you can get a tan not everywhere. However, in Gran Canaria and Los Cristianos the daytime temperature rises above 22 degrees, and in Gran Canaria it reaches 23. In these cities you can count on a tan.

Where is it warmer in Spain in the fall?

The warmest resort in Spain in the fall is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The average daily temperature in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ranges from 20 to 23 degrees, with daytime temperatures ranging from 23 to 26 and nighttime temperatures from 17 to 21.

Rainfall in Spain in autumn

On average, Spain receives 73 mm of rainfall during autumn. The number of sunny days is 83 and the number of rainy days is 8. Based on this, we can conclude that the probability of rain in Spain in autumn is 9%.

Holidays with children

In the fall in Spain with a child is better to go only if you are focused on excursions, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

Where to go and what to see?

Autumn in Spain is not the best time for nature walks. We recommend you to visit museums, theaters and other cultural sites. Also do not forget that the cold season is a season of sales and a great time for shopping. You can also find the latest information about the best shopping centers and outlets in our catalog.

8 cities in Spain where it’s better to go in autumn than in summer

The hot summer season is over, but Spain is no less beautiful in the fall. Rambler/Travel presents a selection of cities that prove it.

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Barcelona in Autumn

Beautiful Barcelona is good at any time of the year. However, at the height of the summer season, it is capable of exhausting and exhausting any unprepared tourist. The hellish heat, melting asphalt, thousands of vacationers on the Costa Brava who want to gawk at Gaudi’s creations, make this city a place where you want to escape, preferably to the sea. Our advice – go to Barcelona in October, when you can without losing your nerve cells to climb the observation deck of the Cathedral of the Holy Family, look at the Picasso Museum with more than 3800 works and sketches of the artist, visit the largest aquarium in Europe, and slowly haggle for a ham in the oldest market in Barcelona – Boquería.

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Málaga is beautiful in the Velvet season

By the beginning of October of the beaches and streets of one of the most popular and sunniest cities of the Costa del Sol thousands of Europeans (among which, incidentally, prevail the British) will descend, and at the same time there will be a drop in the heat. So to walk along the winding streets and twisting staircases with an abundance of greenery and flowers will be even more pleasant, and to combine sunbathing with a successful shopping – even easier. Be sure to see Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces in the museum named after him, take a walk through the romantic Alcazaba fortress and get some cute shots in Chinitas Alley, a corner of typical Andalusian Spain.

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An Autumn Evening in Cordoba

The entire historic center of Cordoba, which has been declared by UNESCO a world heritage of humanity, is a giant puzzle for experts in history and architecture. The Roman bridge here neighbors the famous Cathedral Mosque, turned into a Catholic cathedral, and the Bishop’s Palace, a synagogue and a huge Jewish quarter. Don’t miss the Alcázar, where Isabella of Castile met with Christopher Columbus to hear and approve his plan to find a new way to India. Also, stop by one of the local restaurants and taste the Andalusian cuisine: jamons from Los Pedroches, olive oils from Baena and wines from Montilla are particularly famous.

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Fewer tourists in Madrid in autumn

This is the most Spanish city, everyone likes it, but not immediately. At first glance, there is nothing great or recognizable here. No Salvador Dali museum, no Sagrada Familia cathedral. Beautiful stone houses in the classical style, cobblestone in the alleys, monotonous squares, fountains, monuments … Nothing is expected of Madrid, so the city never disappoints. Especially in the fall, when you can spend half a day in the Prado Museum, among the masterpieces of El Greco, Velazquez, Goya and other painters, not afraid of being overwhelmed by a crowd of Chinese tourists, quietly drink coffee in the most famous square of Madrid – Plaza Mayor, and stroll down the Gran Vía with lots of bars and stores.

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The golden beaches of the Costa Dorada

The former capital of the Spanish territory of the great Roman Empire is interesting as the old medieval center led by the Cathedral, and the remains of the Roman walls, which protected the city from enemies, and the two main streets, which are divided into Old and New Ramblas like the Arbat in Moscow, and the nearby golden beaches of the Costa Dorada. It’s pleasant to wander through the quiet streets, sangria in small restaurants and stare at the vine-covered walls of houses. But Tarragona’s most picturesque feature is undoubtedly the high promenade above the Mediterranean Sea, referred to by locals as the “Mediterranean Balcony”. From this natural “terrace” you can literally see the bay, the cityscape and the huge ancient Roman open-air theater.

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Toledo is one of Spain's symbols

33 minutes from Madrid’s Atocha station, 10 euros, and you’re in a fairy tale. The former capital and one of the symbols of Spain, Toledo is visible already from the train station and resembles a huge, walled castle, frozen on top of a cliff. These places have never been empty: the nature is too good, and the position is strategically advantageous. The Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Moors and, finally, Spaniards all owned the city and had a great influence on its development, some destructive, some constructive. Anyway, we left a lot of memorable and interesting for our descendants, take for example the beautiful in its gothic interior of the Cathedral, decorated by priceless paintings of Rafael, Goya, Velazquez and Rubens, or the triangular Socodover square, where once lived the “father” of famous Don Quixote Miguel Cervantes.

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Granada in October

Almost everyone associates Granada with the majestic Alhambra, one of the main local brands. However, the ancient fortress is only the tip of the Granada “iceberg”. Walking through the labyrinthine Moorish quarter of the Albaycin, exploring the many viewpoints and hills, a wild flamenco evening in a gypsy cave and, for those who crave more, dancing to the songs of the musicians, should at least be on your list of tourist must-dos. What you definitely shouldn’t do in Granada is rush. Here, it is better to acquire a little Spanish laziness and succumb to the leisurely flow of time, spending a siesta on cafe terraces and courtyards with orange trees. In the evening, cheer up by taking the tapas y copas route, moving from bar to bar and sampling a variety of tapas with wine and sangria.

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Autumn Girona

It is worth coming here for the wonderful atmosphere of the old European countryside. You can feel it when you walk through the ancient quarters, separated from the modern center by the Onyar river. Colorful, ramshackle houses here literally overhang the pedestrians, and the staircase streets of the old Jewish quarter, which exists here since the IX century, are so narrow that there is a risk of not getting separated from another gaper. More comfortable for those who climbed the ancient fortress wall, which was erected by the Romans and took the town in a ring. From here one can see not only the labyrinths of Girona, but also a grandiose cathedral of the XVII century with almost a hundred steps, a cozy monastery of St. Peter Galligans and Muslim baths of the XII century.

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