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Sopron is a city in northwestern Hungary that borders on the Austrian border. The settlement is part of the municipality of Győr-Moszczon-Sopron and is the second largest in the country. Through its territory flows a small river Iqua, which flows into the nearby lake Ferté. Sopron strongly resembles a medieval Hungarian city, because much of its architecture has been preserved in its original form.

History of Sopron

The first mention of Sopron goes back to the Roman period when it was on the Amber Trade Route, which started in the Southern Europe and ended at the Baltic coast. Merchants stopped in Sopron to have a rest and a bite to eat. At that time the city was still called Scarbania.

With the collapse of the Roman Empire life in the settlement stopped, and it only continued when the Magyars came. The birth year of Sopron is considered to be 1153, because it was then that the first mention of the city with the current name. The development lasted until 1676, when a large fire broke out. However, the inhabitants did not leave the place, and rebuilt the city of new beauty.

With the dissolution of Austria-Hungary, Sopron was originally part of Austria, but in 1921 a referendum was held and it became a Hungarian city. During World War II, the Jewish population suffered greatly. Another historic event occurred in August 1989, when the border opened and 600 residents of the GDR left for the West through it. This day is called the “fall of the Iron Curtain”.

Sopron sights in Hungary

In the center of the city you can observe the architectural heritage of the country, because the square has been preserved in the form in which it was originally built. When it was created, the Austrian Baroque style was followed. The central square is filled with beautiful old buildings, some of which have become museums. The most memorable sights are:

  1. The Storno House in Sopron is next to the fire tower and is open to visitors as a museum. Inside there is an interesting display of furniture, household items and paintings. The building belonged to the Storno family from 1875 until 1984. Even Ferenc Storno started a rich collection, finding objects and restoring them at his own expense.
  2. The Plague Column or St. Trinity Column, according to legend, was erected in 1860 by a local man named Levenburg. He created the composition in honor of his wife Eva.
  3. Fire Tower . It was built in the 11th century, and became famous because of its height (60m) and the ‘Loyalty Gate’ erected in 1921 to commemorate the annexation of the city to Hungary. On the gate is the inscription “Most faithful citizens”. The fire tower in Sopron is the pride of the city, invariably visited by tourists. To get to the top of the building you have to walk up 200 iron spiral stairs. From here you can see the whole historical part of Sopron.
  4. The Benedictine Church, also known as the Goat Church of Sopron. The building is extremely popular with tourists, because three rulers of the country were crowned here. It got such an interesting name because of the coat of arms, on which there is a picture of a goat. The temple looks more beautiful from inside: here you can see the frescoes, on which there is a picturesque ornament, and mosaic windows.
  5. Sopron Downtown is a system of alleyways of streets and squares, where one can see the same architectural style. This object is a must in all tours.
  6. The Bakery Museum is a building with lions. It was once home to a famous baker, and now it is a museum with interesting exhibits, where you can learn the technology of making bread.
  7. Lake Ferté, which is the fourth largest lake in Central Europe. Its depth is about 1 km. The lake is included in the UNESCO list because of its unique flora and fauna. It is located in the archaeological park of Sopron, known as Ferthe-Hanság. More than 300 species of birds are nesting here, among them are migratory species. On the shore of the lake there is a study trail from which visitors to the park observe the biosphere reserve. Here are preserved and picturesque hills, on which grow rare plants.
  8. Thermal waters, which are located a few kilometers from Sopron in Hungary. They belong to the resort Balfe, known throughout the country.
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Hotels in Sopron

Travelers have no problem staying in one of the comfortable local hotels:

  1. Hotel Sopron – the hotel has a fitness center with swimming pools and saunas. Each room is equipped with a telephone, TV with satellite channels, and a bathroom with the necessary amenities.
  2. Pannonia Hotel – The hotel has a gym, a restaurant with Hungarian cuisine, meeting rooms and children’s centers.
  3. Sopron Monastery Hotel – Some rooms have a balcony with a beautiful view of the city.

Sopron Restaurants

The city offers a large choice of restaurants and small cafes. The establishments serve European, Hungarian and Italian cuisine. All of the restaurants are located near the historic center of the city. In them you can taste the delicious meat along with the local wine. Visitors to the city recommend such places as Erhardt, Papa Joe’s Saloon & Steakhouse, Vadászkürt Pension and Restaurant.

How to get there?

The nearest airport is in Budapest. When deciding how to get from Budapest to Sopron, the two most popular ways to travel are by car or train. Travel time will be an average of 2.5 hours.

What to see in Hungarian Sopron, attractions

Sopron is a historical city of Hungary, which is more than a thousand years old. During this time, it has become a cultural and entertainment center of the region. On its territory there are many interesting objects – architectural, informational, historical. Before your trip, you need to know what is famous for Sopron in Hungary – attractions, places for recreation and tourism.

Location, how to get there

The historical heritage of the city is preserved by its location. It is located on the western border of the country, in a relatively inaccessible region near the Leyte Mountains. The distance to Budapest is 220 km, and to the border with Austria only 6 km. After World War II, its infrastructure has been almost completely preserved. Therefore, it is considered equal to Budapest in beauty and architecture.

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Sopton is known for wine production, which is the main attraction of the resort town. The location on the map of Hungary Sopron has its own peculiarities – the clear river Ikva flows nearby. It flows into the lake Fertő. There are several medical centers and sanatoriums. Also known for Sopron in Hungary sights, historical figures.

Interesting facts about the city:

  • The population is 65 thousand people, during the tourist season it increases by 40-60%.
  • It belongs to the Dier Mauchon-Sopron municipality.
  • In its region it is the second largest in size and population after Dyer.
  • In 1921 the city could join Austria, but the citizens voted against it.
  • In 1989, the border between Hungary and Austria was opened for three hours. Thanks to this, more than 700 citizens of the GDR left the country.

Now the city is a tourist and historical attraction of Hungary. This status was formed due to the location, monuments and convenient transportation. You can get to Sopron by bus, train or car rental. The nearest airport is in Budapest, and trains to the resort leave from the Eastern Station.

Fire Tower

One of the oldest buildings in the city. Originally it was a fortification built in the times of the Roman Empire. After its destruction it was rebuilt in the 13th century, but it served as a defense tower. Today it is called Tűztorony and is on the must-see list of places to see in Sopron, Hungary.

Fire Tower

The height of the structure is 58 m and the style of architecture is classic European. At the top there is a clock, under them is a small observation deck. Decorations are two-headed eagle. To the observation deck a spiral staircase leads. Elevators are not provided to climb the stairs. Therefore, tourists have to climb the 200 stairs.

In honor of the referendum of 1921 at the bottom of the fire tower was made “Loyalty Gate”. It symbolizes the unity of the city and the rest of Hungary. Cultural involvement with the country is displayed in the architecture, the mentality of the local residents.

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Plague Column

The history of the city is associated with its noble citizens. Everyone tried to preserve the memory of themselves in the form of monuments, architectural forms. An example is the Plague Column, which stands on the central square. It is a famous landmark of Sopron has become a meeting place for lovers, the main tourist route.

Plague Column

Facts about the Plague Column of Sopron:

  • The name is Szentháromság-szobor.
  • It was erected in 1680.
  • It was initiated by local nobleman Janos Jakob Levenburg.
  • It was erected to honor the deceased wife Eva. She was a victim of the plague.

Now around the Plague Column there are local restaurants and cafes. In photos of Sopron tourists it appears often. The reason – a beautiful background for photos of tourists and independent travelers.

Goat Church

Just behind the Plague Column is another landmark of Sopron – the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Locals call it the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary; it belongs to the Dominican order. The date of construction of the temple is 1280. During its existence, it has been changed several times, there were partial demolitions. But by the efforts of the municipality it was restored.

Goat church

Its appearance is unremarkable. But the impressions of the visit will be pleasant, the interior of the Goat Church meets the standards of the classic Baroque. The walls are decorated with frescoes, paintings and ornaments on biblical themes. The windows are vaulted and decorated with glass mosaics of different colors. Inside there is a classical Christian pulpit and comfortable benches for parishioners. It is a functioning landmark of Sopron in Hungary, services are periodically held here.

An interesting fact – at different times three rulers of Hungary were crowned in the temple. The cathedral was chosen because of its status, popularity in the country and Europe. Now tourists and independent travelers can examine this place, the entrance fee is not charged.

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Storno House

The house of Storno can be considered the first museum of the city. Its owner since 1417 began to collect cultural treasures Sopron, Hungary – attractions, their location, collections of paintings, other works of art. The mansion is built in the Baroque style, the color of the facade is yellow. It has a picturesque bay window created by the leading architect of the time.

Storno House

The name of the mansion in Hungarian is Storno-ház. Interesting facts about it:

  • The collections included art, porcelain and glassware.
  • Well-preserved furniture from the Renaissance.
  • The house has unique stained glass windows.
  • Most of the collection is in the Museum of Ferenc Storno.

Now the building is the central museum of the city. It contains collections of Storno and other patrons of Hungary. It is popular with tourists and independent travelers.

Gambrinus House

Another attraction of the city is the House of Gambrinus. This is a small mansion located in the center of the resort. The peculiarity of the building is a combination of several architectural styles. Here you can see elements of Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo and Gothic. But that is not the main thing about the mansion, it was one of the first municipal institutions of Sopron.

Gambrinus House

The building is called Gambrinus-ház in Hungarian, and was built in 1422. That is why the house is famous. Tours to its territory are not available, but tourists and vacationers can enjoy its facade. Nearby there are cafes and restaurants, the view of the house gives the street appeal of European style.

Another feature of the house is a picturesque main door. It is made in an arch, the contour of which is decorated with a volumetric ornament. The balcony is wide and is decorated only with a railing made of forged metal.

The General’s house

The Museum of Modern Sculpture is situated in an old mansion. The building was commissioned by the local doctor K. Lackneru in the 16th century. It is a large, rectangular building with many rooms and large offices. Experiments were conducted here, and for a time there was a hospital. O in Sopron, Hungary, the mansion became a landmark after being donated to the general.

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The General House

Useful facts about the General’s House:

  • The name varied depending on the owner. During the doctor’s time it was called Lackner-ház, but when the owner was a general it was Generális-ház.
  • The Museum of Modern Sculpture was established here because of the large size of the rooms and the height of the ceilings.
  • There is a nice cafe on the ground floor and on the basement.

The cost of visiting the Sculpture Museum is affordable for every tourist or independent traveler. Even during the season, there are few visitors, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy examples of works by famous sculptors.

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