Small towns in the state of New Hampshire, USA.

All about vacations in the state of New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a small state located in the northeastern part of the United States, its unofficial name is “The Granite State”. It is one of the first colonies of England. Variants of the name: New Hampshire, New Hampshire, New Hampshire. The province was incorporated into the United States in 1788 and became the ninth state. Consider how to vacation in New Hampshire in 2022, prices and attractions worth visiting first.

History, Geography, Climate

The state is located in the northeast of the country. The topography and climate are influenced by the Atlantic Ocean that washes it, with which the state is bordered to the east. It has a varied topography, made up of mountains and hills, forests, lowlands and bodies of water.

The climate is continental. This means that winters are harsh and snowy (up to minus 20 degrees Celsius) and summers are warm, but short (daytime temperatures up to 28 degrees Celsius). Thunderstorms, tornadoes, storms and hurricanes are observed.

It has a rich history, so there are many different historical sites in the state.

New Hampshire on a map:

The city of Concord is considered the capital, but Manchester is the most populated and major business center.

The state is close to major metropolitan areas and thus attracts many tourists. Mountaineers and skiers dream about the peaks of the White Mountains, sailors dream about the many lakes, and hikers dream about the Appalachian Trail.

How to get there

Getting to New Hampshire is possible by plane. Air service is available from Portsmouth International Airport and Manchester Boston Regional Airport. Flying time is about 9 hours at an average speed of 800 kilometers per hour. The distance between Moscow and New Hampshire is 7171 km.

To save when booking a flight from Moscow and other major cities in Russia, consider that the cheapest tickets can usually be found in advance a few weeks before departure. The seats situated near the emergency exits have a different tilt angle, so if you are sitting in a lounge and have direct access to a seat, you will probably prefer to sit in the lounge and enjoy the view of the sky.

The cheapest tickets for a connecting flight in 2022 start at 26,000 rubles per one way of travel.


In the U.S. the bus is the most common and affordable means of transportation. Passenger transportation in the state is serviced by such companies as:

  • “Greyhound;
  • “MegaBus;
  • “Peter Pan;
  • “Chinatown Bus;
  • “Boltbus.

Ticket prices are the most democratic. For example, in 2022, with various promotions, you can buy a ticket for just under $1. Tickets are sold for a week and a month. Travel in the U.S. is available in rental cars. There are rental companies all over the country, including New Hampshire, which allow travelers to get a car in one city and rent it out in another. The history of rental cars goes back more than 100 years. Virtually every airport and train station has a rental unit. The largest rental companies are:

  • “Enterpris”;
  • “Hertz;
  • “Rent-a-car.
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There are no restrictions for the tourist who has reached the age of 25 years to choose a rental car. It is enough to have a driver’s license and a credit card to “freeze” the deposit on it. After completing some formalities in the form of signing a contract and paying the insurance, the car is at your disposal. Cabs are also very popular. They are ready to come to you at the first signal, you only need to raise your hand.

Where to Stay

New Hampshire offers a wide range of accommodations for visitors of all financial means. Stay at traditional hotels, hostels, apartments, villas, bungalows, and even yachts.

If you consider hotels in Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, for a stopover – in 2022 the price level starts from 5 thousand for 2 vacationers for 4 nights in a 2* hotel (for example, Days Inn Concord New Hampshire).

One of the most visited cities in the world is Manchester, New Hampshire.

It is ideal for a varied holiday: for sightseeing, for those who like relaxing, for tourists with children. The hotel business here is on a high level. The prices in the hotels depend on several parameters:

  1. Accommodation conditions. You can stay both in a presidential suite and in a multi-bed hostel room.
  2. Location. The closer the hotel is to the city center, the higher prices for accommodation.
  3. Time of year. Summer is the tourist season, so free rooms run out very quickly.

The best option not to overpay and get a cozy accommodation – a hotel in 15-20 minutes drive from the center.


For true foodies in New Hampshire, we recommend traditional New England cuisine. It includes game and seafood dishes as well as baked goods and sweets. Visit restaurants in Portsmouth and treat yourself to delicious lobster bakes.

There are even guided tours, wine, cheese and chocolate trails.

In Canterbury, visit Brookford Farm. Sample cheddar, Camembert, Brie and Quark. After wine and cheese, check out the sweets made at Stella’s Factory in Bedford. A hit at this production is sea salt toffee with almond butter. Since 1935, Manchester has been famous for Van Otis Chocolate.

Eating in the U.S. can be varied, but you need to remember a few rules that will help you avoid unpleasant situations:

  • For example, the menus of restaurants often do not specify an additional 18% tax, do not forget about tips.
  • Frugal tourists who prefer to cook their own food are advised to buy products in supermarkets.You can also consider these food options with prices for 2022:
  • Fast food. Here you can snack on hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, etc. for only $5-7 dollars;
  • chain restaurants. Here you can have a hearty meal for $10-$15;
  • cafes. An average breakfast with a side dish and a drink will cost you $30-40.
  • steakhouse. A meat steak and a glass of wine will cost you 50-55 dollars;
  • Japanese and Chinese restaurants will help the thrifty tourists. The average check will be $10, with the option to eat anything and as much as you like.
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In New Hampshire, there’s no VAT on merchandise. You’ll get the opportunity to shop for bargains at the state’s outlet stores. The best known are:

  • Settler’s Green in the town of North Conway;
  • Tanger Outlets in the town of Tilton.

Important: You cannot take any undeclared fruit or vegetables out of the U.S.

It is better to bring from your trip not just tourist stuff, but useful goods that are sold here cheaper than in Europe: clothes, children’s toys, vitamins, perfumes, jewelry.

There is an abundance of I love NY t-shirts and hoodies at all the stalls of local merchants. In 2022, a T-shirt like this will cost you $5 and a hoodie only $15. Of course, take the traditional souvenirs – badges, magnets and bells with the image of the main symbols of the United States as a gift for friends and colleagues. Parents of young children will appreciate a set of washable paints and felt-tip pens. Now the walls in the apartment will be safe.

Sightseeing and Entertainment

Since the late twentieth century, New Hampshire has actively developed a tourist destination, primarily excursions to the most beautiful natural places. However, the state capital also has a large number of attractions that have great historical value and are of interest to tourists. The most famous and popular is the building of the House of Representatives of New Hampshire. It was designed and built in the early 19th century and is one of the oldest buildings of its kind.

First of all New Hampshire is famous for its magnificent natural scenery and great views.

Medisson Ridge.

The White Mountains, located in New Hampshire’s Coos County, have become well known for the mountain range, which is called the Presidential Range. All of its largest peaks are named after America’s presidents and prominent figures. The northernmost peak is named James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. This peak, open to all winds, is very popular with tourists, and at its foot you can stay for a while in a small lodge. The average cost of lodging in 2022 is from $60 a night.

White Mountains National Wildlife Refuge

This is one of the most popular natural attractions in this part of the United States. Beautiful views, clean air, and relative proximity to major cities make for a great vacation for the whole family. The highest point of the White Mountains is Mount Washington which is 1917 meters high. Hurricane winds often blow here.

It was here in 1934 where the wind speed of 372 kilometers per hour, one of the strongest in the history of the Earth, was recorded.

The famous Appalachian Trail is located here. It is the dream of all inveterate extreme climbers of the world. Fans of studying the starry sky can visit the local observatory.

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Lake District

Just south of the White Mountains is the “Lake District” and there are several large lakes. New Hampshire’s largest lake is Winnipesaukee at 184 square kilometers and reaches 65 meters in depth.

New Hampshire is rich in lakes. Winnisquam, Squam, Newfound, and Winnipesaukee are an incomplete list of the state’s major bodies of water.

Near almost every lake you can settle and have a good rest while enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature. Lodging prices vary and depend on the level of the hotel. The average cost in 2022 is about $ 60-70 dollars per day. Water recreation and boating are very popular.

Hampton Beach

Although the coastline of the state is not long (only 29 kilometers) and the coastline is mostly rocky, New Hampshire has a few sandy beaches. The most famous is the seaside resort of Hampton Beach. It is very popular and here you can have a great vacation with the whole family.

Ski Resorts

The mountains of New Hampshire offer great opportunities for recreation and winter sports. There are five areas for skiing. They are united by a common infrastructure. The state of New Hampshire is considered one of the best North American ski destinations for European tourists. It is well located and has good transport connections. The prices at the local ski resorts are very attractive.

  • Loon Mountain;
  • Cannon Mountain;
  • Waterville Valley;
  • Cranmore Mountain;
  • Wildcat Mountain.

International travelers are offered a unique opportunity to use a single ticket to all five resorts (ski pass).

What else to do

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the White Mountains of New Hampshire also offers:

  • snowmobile tours;
  • expanses for cross-country skiing;
  • tubing;
  • sledding and traditional sleigh rides;
  • ice skating.

Interesting Facts.

New Hampshire has several ridiculous laws governing the lives of local residents. For example:

  • drivers are not allowed to wear seat belts;
  • you can’t pay with your clothes to pay off a card debt;
  • when staying in New Hampshire hotels, you can’t use someone else’s name;
  • You may not pick seaweed on the beach and take it with you.

New Hampshire was known to be the site of the American film Jumanji.

New Hampshire is the only U.S. state without a zoo.

Connectivity and Safety

If you are in the U.S. and would like to call Russia, dial the international access code 011, then the country code and then the phone number. To call within the country, dial 1 (long distance), then the city ID and the telephone number. How to call New Hampshire from a cell phone will be explained by the representative of the cellular operator whose services you use. U.S. News published a ranking of the safest states in the United States. The basis for this list served the criterion of “public safety”, which includes the level of violent and property crimes. New Hampshire was among the 10 safest states in the United States.

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A short video sketch of Manchester:

Despite its small size, New Hampshire is able to satisfy even the most discerning tourist.

Small towns in the state of New Hampshire, USA.

New Hampshire is a wonderful place for adventure in small towns! Towns in New Hampshire enchant tourists with their rich history, grand old buildings, beautiful places to walk and rural scenery. Visit small towns, farms and forests in New Hampshire to enjoy the historic and modern life of a part of the New England region. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of places and activities in this humble corner of the U.S., charming people with its British charm.

Every city on our list has something to see. Traveling, through these cities will give you a new perspective on American history.

Sugar Hill

Small Towns of New Hampshire, USA - Photo 2

Sugar Hill

Choose one of the many hiking trails through beautiful Sugar Hill! The beautiful Riverwalk flows through the nearby town of Sugar Hill, over which there is an ancient covered bridge. You can also hike Mt. Lafayette or head to the pool at Franconia Notch Park. When you want to relax, you can ride the Cannon Mountain cable car or spend a weekend on the shores of Echo Lake.


Small Towns of New Hampshire, USA - Photo 3


Culture and art are the main attractions of little Peterborough. One of the city’s most interesting places is the Miller Peterborough Players race park, which will keep you entertained all evening. During the day, you can visit the Mariposa Museum of World Cultures or head to the Monadnock Center for History and Culture. After checking out all the historic buildings in town, you can head to the beautiful Sheiling Forest for a fresh experience to see the wildlife around town and the beautiful fauna.


Small Towns in New Hampshire, USA - Photo 4


If you are visiting New Hampshire be sure not to miss the glorious town of Meredith. The beautiful wooded area around town is best viewed by rail, so be sure to take the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad scenic drive. Enjoy the city’s countryside by visiting, Moulton Farm or go to Hermit Woods Winery. In town, you can visit the American Motorcycle Museum, see a show at the Interlakes Summer Theater, or head to the stores and spas. You’re sure to find a vacation to your liking here!

Miyajima Island


Small Towns in New Hampshire, USA - Photo 5


Hiking enthusiasts will have an unforgettable weekend in Harrisville. You won’t even need a car during your visit. There are many historic sites in town that you can see as you take a leisurely stroll through the center of town. For walking, it’s best to choose Riverwalk, and enjoy Harmony Park and the covered bridge. The town is known as the home of Eleanor Porter, author of “Pollyanna.” Come to a festival celebrating the writer’s work or visit the statue of Pollyanna.


Small Towns in New Hampshire, USA - Photo 6


Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the small but cozy Jackson. Take hikes in Glen Ellis Falls, Jackson Falls, and Wilkcat Mountain to see the beautiful urban surroundings. A visit to the local golf club or a shopping spree will be a pleasant pastime when you get tired of the hiking trails. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because you will definitely want to take pictures of this beautiful little town.


Small Towns in New Hampshire, USA - Photo 7


As you might have guessed, this town is named after the famous John Hancock, one of the town’s first landowners. Hancock is full of beautiful old buildings. Almost all of Main Street is on the National Register of Historic Places. Be sure to visit the historic sites, including the meetinghouse with its bell tower. You can buy fresh organic produce and old-fashioned goods at the city’s many stores. One of the best is Main Street Chase. When you’re done shopping, head to the public park for a picnic or a Frisbee.


Small Towns in New Hampshire, USA - Photo 8


The coastal city is full of old houses and museums. Tours of historic sites are a must for visiting the city. The most interesting place to visit is the USS Albacore, a Navy submarine that has been turned into a museum since retirement. Also visit the Moffatt Ladd House and its 18th-century gardens, as well as the home of John Paul Jones, home of the revolutionary hero. While you’re in town, you can take a cruise on the Atlantic to watch whales.


Small Towns in New Hampshire, USA - Photo 9


The city is great for family vacations. The best times for excursions are summer, fall and winter. In warm weather, you can kayak or canoe down the river, visit the Vines Nature Center to see wildlife, or hike the Appalachian Trail. In winter, you can visit the Hood Museum and Darmouth College or go skiing.


Small Towns in New Hampshire, USA - Photo 10


This beautiful old town is equally appealing for its historical value and natural surroundings. Located in the Great Bay estuary, Exeter has beautiful natural scenery. Be sure to check out Crowley Falls and the Henderson-Swazy Forest. Within the city, you can visit the Museum of American Independence, Statham Hill Park, and the historic Stone School. When you visit Exeter, you’re sure to experience colonial life!

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