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Endless Sands: 20 Desert Survival Movies

There are no shortage of places on Earth that were never meant for human beings. Sizzling heat and lack of water, baleful dunes and sandstorms – to survive such conditions, you have to be either a mature survivalist or a true Bedouin. The heroes of desert movies, some by choice and some by fate, find themselves in this dangerous trap of nature. The reasons and consequences are different for everyone, but no one is left without life-threatening and truly hot adventures.

The Desert (2019).

The Desert, the film

A couple in love embarks on a trip to Australia, expecting to admire kangaroos, koalas and other exotics. Along the way, the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship takes a sharp turn for the worse, and a malfunctioning navigator leads the travelers into desert territory. The romantic trip loses its entertaining spirit – now the lovers are faced with the task of at least simply surviving.

Original title : Outback Genre : Thriller Actors : Lauren Lofberg, Taylor Wiese, Brendan Donoghue… Country : Australia Rating : Kinopoisk – 5.1, IMDb – 5.0 Age Limit : 18+

4 Canisters (2019).

4 Cans, the film

Foreign drama film about adventures in the desert under the scorching sun of Africa. Three drivers made a living driving expensive cars across the Sahara. Years later, the men quit the risky business. When one of the trio, who lives in Timbuktu, is diagnosed by doctors with a terminal illness, the buddies search for his adult daughter. Together with the girl, the friends take a 1982 Renault racing car on a long journey along an old African route.

Original title : 4 latas Genre : Drama, comedy Actors : Jean Renault, Hovik Keuchkerian, Susanna Gomez … Country : Spain Rating : Kinopoisk – 5.5, IMDb – 5.9

Survivor (2017)


A vacation in a cozy cabin in the middle of the desert with a married lover and his buddies turned into a gang rape for a young girl. The men thought the victim was dead and hid the body, but the girl survived. Pain and despair gave way to a sizzling thirst for revenge. The crime thriller came out so bloody that the film crew kept running out of artificial blood.

Lithuania: an independent state with a long coastline

Original title : Revenge Genre : Action, thriller, crime Actors : Mathilde Anne Ingrid Loots, Kevin Janssens, Vincent Columbus… Country : France, Belgium Rating : Kinopoisk – 5.7, IMDb – 6.4 Age Limit : 18+

Mina (2016)

Mina, the movie

A feature film in the thriller genre about the survival of an American soldier in the desert. A sniper, returning from a failed mission, steps on an anti-personnel mine in the African desert. Any movement leads to imminent death, and he would have to wait for help for over two days. A soldier who has arrived from overseas is threatened not only by his own fears and nearby predators, but also by terrorists who are on their way.

Original title : Mine Genre : Thriller, drama Actors : Armie Hammer, Annabelle Wallace, Tom Cullen… Country : USA, Spain, Italy Rating : Kinopoisk – 6.3, IMDb – 5.9 Age Limit : 16+

The Desert (2015)

Desert, 2015, movie

A tense film about human survival in the desert confronts the characters not only with the ravages of nature, but also with human hatred. A group of Mexicans plans to sneak into the United States illegally. A truck breaks down on the way and the migrants have to walk through deserted terrain on foot. The illegal immigrants are set on fire by a brutal punisher, who does not want to see strangers in his country.

Original title : Desierto Genre : Thriller, drama Actors : Gael Garcia Bernal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Alondra Hidalgo… Country : Mexico, France Rating : Kinopoisk – 5.9, IMDb – 6.0 Age Limit : 18+

Pride (2014)

Pride, movie

During World War I, a British officer and an Arab interpreter must reach a secret destination, but the roads are controlled by bandits. A newly orphaned boy from a Bedouin tribe volunteers to lead the military along secret paths through the heated sands of the desert region. The young guide is followed by his younger, unsophisticated brother.

Original Title : Theeb Genre : Thriller, Drama, Adventure Actors : Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat, Hassan Mutlag Al-Maraiyeh, Hussein Salameh Al-Sweilhiyeen… Country : UAE, Qatar, Jordan, UK Rating : Kinopoints – 6.7, IMDb – 7.2

Vienna, the capital of Austria - one of the most important cities in Europe

Survival Game (2014)

Survival Game

A spectacular desert movie packed with horror and extreme adventure. A billionaire sets out to hunt rare animals in a place of fifty-degree heat. After killing a man by mistake, the rich man decides to get rid of the witness in order to avoid problems with the law and leaves his guide without water, equipment and clothes. However, the young pathfinder, unlike the oligarch, knows how to survive in extreme conditions.

Original title : Beyond the Reach Genre : Thriller Actors : Michael Douglas, Jeremy Irwin, Hannah Mangan Lawrence … Country : USA Rating : Kinopoisk – 5.7, IMDb – 5.6 Age Limit : 18+

Queen of the Desert (2014)

Queen of the desert, the movie

The historical film about the desert is based on real events – facts from the biography of the British traveler, writer and spy Gertrude Bell. The young Oxford graduate does not want to lead a proper aristocratic secular lifestyle. The girl is sent to her diplomat uncle in Tehran and begins to study the local tribes. The adventurer encounters various dangers and true love.

Original title : Queen of the Desert Genre : Drama, Melodrama, Adventure, Biography, Story Actors : Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson… Country : USA, Morocco Rating : Kinopoisk – 5.8, IMDb – 5.7 Age Limit : 16+

The Picturesque Route (2013).

The scenic route, the movie

Two misfit buddies embark on a journey, not even realizing that the fateful trip will be a test of friendship. In a desolate land with no people or communications, a car breaks down. The chances of getting help from anywhere are minimal. A real fight for life awaits the friends, but instead of unity, the ordeal brings constant quarrels that gradually grow into an increasingly bitter conflict.

Original title : Scenic Route Genre : Thriller, drama Actors : Josh Duhamel, Dan Fogler, Peter Michael Getz… Country : USA Rating : Kinopoisk – 6.6, IMDb – 6.5 Age Limit : 18+

Trails (2013)

Trails, movie

The list of the best desert movies continues with the real story of a determined traveler. The girl, to test her strength, decides to cross Australia alone, taking only a dog and camels. The adventurer’s path lies across thousands of kilometers away from civilization. A travel magazine, in exchange for financial support, gets permission for its photographer to take pictures and pass notes from the adventurer as she progresses.

Langkawi Island, Malaysia: information for tourists

Original Title : Tracks Genre : Drama, Biography Actors : Mia Wasikowska, Adam Driver, Rollie Mintuma… Country : Australia Rating : Kinopoisk – 7.0, IMDb – 7.2 Age Limit : 16+

Marines (2005)

Marines, the movie

A war feature film set in the desert, reflecting the pointless routine of inarticulate warfare in a foreign country. A young infantryman undergoes training at a boot camp and is sent with other soldiers to Iraq. The enemy is treacherous and virtually invisible. The terrible heat wears out the soul and body. The goals of the protracted military conflict in the Middle East remain unclear to ordinary soldiers.

Original title : Jarhead Genre : Action, Drama, War, Biography Actors : Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Jamie Foxx Country : USA, UK, Germany Rating : Kinopoisk – 7.0, IMDb – 7.0 Age Limit : 16+

Sahara (2005)

Sahara, the movie

A marine engineer and former Special Forces officer searches for a sunken American battleship with Confederate gold on board in West Africa. The hero saves the life of a female doctor sent by the World Health Organization to fight a rampant epidemic in the area. The local authorities, complicit in the creation of the virus, intend to eliminate the dangerous specialist.

Original title : Sahara Genre : Action, thriller, comedy, adventure Actors : Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, Steve Zahn… Country : UK, Spain, Germany, USA Rating : Kinopoisk – 6.7, IMDb – 6.0 Age Limit : 12+

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