Ski Resort Beautiful France

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Of course, it will never be possible to reach complete unanimity on the question of the best ski resort in France, because they are all so different! And at the same time, any of them will provide you with excellent conditions for skiing, give incredibly beautiful scenery and the atmosphere of a real holiday. Some resorts are built according to a special theme, their style is thought out in detail, others retain the natural charm of the French Alps, some are particularly famous for their après-ski. Each of them boasts an extraordinary ski area, where you will have a great time. In addition, all resorts have individual programs of activities that will not let you and your family members get bored, regardless of age and hobbies. But we offer a brief overview of the five most popular and luxurious French ski resorts, going to which you are sure not to be disappointed.


Chamonix holds the charm of Alpine culture and is one of the oldest ski resorts in France, where the 1924 Olympic Games were held. The stunning, majestic Mont Blanc provides magnificent scenery, making it a true ski and spectator’s paradise. Chamonix is a luxurious, cozy resort that offers great opportunities for skiers of all levels, has great après-skiing and offers countless other activities. It has 145 pistes with a total length of more than 140 km, which are located in 8 different areas of the Chamonix Valley. Extreme lovers will find for themselves very steep and high-speed slopes. The transport system is also excellent: special buses will take you to any of the resorts. Stay for the vacations can be in a first-class chalets, and in rented apartments or hotels.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Climbing up the cable car from the valley to the peaks, travelers can enjoy amazing views of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

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Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Well, gourmets should try fondue cheese, a dish for which the area is famous.


Courchevel is part of a joint ski area “Three Valleys”.

and a very serious contender in the ranking of the most glamorous places in the world. The length of its tracks is 150 km, and the resort is so huge and diverse that it will satisfy the athlete of any level of training.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Courchevel 1850 is an exclusive, popular and amazingly thought out resort. Here you will find palaces and 5-star luxury chalets, which make this place especially popular with Parisians and Russians.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Besides skiing you can enjoy excellent cuisine in the local restaurants, great shopping and unforgettable relaxing treatments.


Meribel, part of the “Three Valleys”, has an après-ski reputation and is considered the best place for true hedonists. By the way, this place is also great for advanced skiers, as well as for those who are just beginning to learn. First-rate instructors will do everything necessary for your confident mastery of the slopes.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

In addition to skiing, Meribel offers balloon rides, many heavenly spa treatments, glacier walks and excellent food. Fondue and raclette are again on the list of dishes to try while in these parts.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Val d’Isere

One of the most popular ski resorts in France, which is especially appreciated by young skiers and snowboarders who want to get excellent exercise and a lot of vivid impressions.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

This great resort was the site of many Olympic events in 1992.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

The ski area is quite extensive, so it is able to meet the demands of any athlete and the average skiing enthusiast. The place is also famous for extremely active après-skiing. There is no shortage of bars and other entertainment venues.

Val Thorens.

This is the highest ski resort in Europe and the largest ski area. Val Thorens is part of the Three Valleys, and its treeless and high location makes it one of the most attractive for true ski fans.

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Top 5 best ski resorts in France

Val Thorens is one of the most stunning and impressive ski resorts, whose feature, in addition to the altitude, can be considered an extraordinary environment. Its wide slopes are suitable for skiers of all skill levels, and the delightful atmosphere will make the vacation unforgettable. This resort, with its beautiful après-ski and the possibility of dog-sledding, is quite popular among tourists coming to France.

Top 5 best ski resorts in France

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The 10 best ski resorts in the French Alps: a map

French Alps. La Clusaz

The French Alps are known for their ski slopes, chalets and hot welcome. Courchevel, Annecy, Grenoble – these names are known not only to avid skiers or snowboarders, but also to people far from sports. In this article we will tell you about the best resorts in France, where it is nice not only to relax in winter, but also to ride in the wind.

In the season 2020-2021 because of the pandemic all ski elevators are prohibited. Back in early 2020, several outbreaks were associated with visits to ski resorts. Alas, everything is closed until the next season.

Chamonix with a view of Mont Blanc


The town of Chamonix is situated in a beautiful place with a view on the highest peak in Western Europe – Mont Blanc. Its height above sea level is 1035 meters. Chamonix is a Mecca for alpinists in summer and for skiers in winter.

In addition, nearby is a natural reserve Mer de Glace (Ice Sea) – one of the most visited in the world.

Near Chamonix you will find a lot not only ski activities. You can go to the town of Annecy, climb Mont Blanc by train, take walks in caves and a lot more.

The resort’s official website is:

The Three Valleys (Les Trois Vallées) is a major ski resort

Three Valleys

The Three Valleys (or Les Trois Vallées) is a huge resort that combines several bases in the Vanoise Mountains at once. These include:

    (Courchevel – hotels at this link),
  • Meribel (Méribel – hotels),
  • Les Ménuires (hotels),
  • Val Thorens (hotels here),
  • La Tania (hotels),
  • Brides (hotels)
  • and Orelle (Orelle – hotel offers).
Thermoli, Italy: travel information for tourists

Thus, the Three Valleys is the largest Alpine resort, where it is hard to get bored. Stations for all tastes, from the Savoyard charm of Meribel to the chic Courchevel. Especially pleasing is the fact that you can ski here without tiring and almost never hit the same track!

Le Trois Valle offers 600 km of slopes, fully connected with the elevators.

Avoriaz – tranquility


Situated at 1800 m above sea level Avoriaz is a modern resort in the heart of Porte du Soleil. Between the forest and the mountains, the village, completely closed to cars, fits perfectly into the alpine nature. Once you have enjoyed the ski slopes of Port-du-Soleil (total length 650 km), you can visit Aquariaz, the center of hot springs, with a temperature of 29 ° C.

Although you won’t see a single car in Avoriaz, there are other forms of transport. The resort’s proximity to nature is its main advantage.

The official website of the resort of Avoriaz:

Les 2 Alpes – the biggest snow park

Le Des Alpes.

In the Oisean Mountains, on the border between the Southern and Northern Alps, is the dynamic resort of Les 2 Alpes. It is the largest chain of ski runs in Europe. The resort is located at 3600 m above sea level. So there is snow here almost all year round, so skiers can be found here in both winter and summer.

The station also continues to develop its snowpark: a large playground, a snow tube, a wall, a slide area for beginners and large cushions (a huge 15m mattress) are installed at the bottom of the slopes.

The official website of Les 2 Alpes:

Chamrousse – a real Olympic village


On the southern edge of the Belledonne mountain range is the resort of Chamrousse, built in a forest. It offers exceptional views of the Grenoble Valley. The station was used during the 1968 Winter Olympics. Many future Olympic champions competed or trained here.

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The official website of the Charmus Resort:

Saint-Dalmas le Selvage – cross-country skiing

Cross-Country Skiing

Saint-Dalmas le Selvage is the highest village in the Maritime Alps (1347-2916 m). The place is an ideal resort for fans of cross-country skiing. In the heart of nature with pristine landscapes such as the Isthmus Braïssa (2599 m), Mount Aunos (2514 m), Cross Charles (2529 m), Isthmus Moutière (2454 m), the ice waterfall Gialorgues, you must find your happiness.

A great place also for snowboarding.

The official website of the resort of Saint-Dalma-les-Selvage:

Le Sauze – a family resort

Le Soze

A ski resort located in the Ubaye Valley. Sauze is renowned as a family resort. In addition to the joy of skiing, don’t miss a tour of the village of Igloo Inuksuk, a real village with six igloos and Inuit traditions!

The official website of the resort of Les Soze:

Megève – the most exclusive resort


Megève has retained its charm of an authentic mountain village. Surrounded by three mountain ranges with gentle slopes and green forests, it is a medieval village of the fourteenth century with luxurious stores, cobbled streets, unique atmosphere and of course wonderful pistes.

It is a fashionable resort where chalets, hotels and restaurants fight tirelessly for their prestige.

Megeve official website

Serre-Chevalier, the sunniest resort


It is one of the largest ski resorts in the Alps with 250 km of ski slopes. It is located at an altitude of 1200 to 2800 m above sea level. At the foot of the highest peaks is the sun-drenched Ecrins National Park.

Serre-Chevalier is one of the sunniest places in the Alps, the sun shines here 300 days a year!

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