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Inexpensive ski resorts in Europe in 2022

Inexpensive ski resorts in Europe


Many people seek to rest and ski in Europe. And no wonder: is it bad to combine an active holiday with a pleasant walks through the unique European villages and famous cultural sites. And, as it turns out, it is not necessary to visit expensive ski resorts. After all, countries such as Serbia and Bulgaria can also boast alpine peaks. Thus rest in them at a cheaper cost than the most economical ski resorts in Austria and Germany. In addition, you can go skiing and snowboarding on budget in Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Ski resorts in Bulgaria: prices

For most tourists Bulgaria is associated with beach holidays. But nature has awarded it not only the seashores, but also the mountainous terrain, stretching its network of massifs and ridges on almost half of the country. The Balkans with the altitude, not exceeding 3 thousand meters, created excellent conditions for the development of ski tourism in the southwest Bulgaria.

Especially popular are such ski resorts in Bulgaria as Borovets and Bansko. The latter is the most prestigious and oldest Bulgarian ski resort.

Bansko Borovets
Location At the foot of the Pirin Mountains, 12 km from Bansko Northern slopes of the Rila Mountains, at the foot of Musala, 72 km from the capital
Ski pass, adults/children 3 days – 95/55 Euros 6 days – 160/94 Euros 3 days – 100/75 Euros 6 days – 160/94 Euros
skiing season December – May November-March
Number and length of runs 16 trails, over 70 km 24 trails, 58 km
Difficulty of trails 4 green, 3 blue, 7 red, 2 black 3 black, 18 red, 3 blue
Difference of heights 1810 м 1323-2540 м
Number of elevators 24 14
Services ski schools, kindergarten, parking, skating rink, spa More than 200 instructors, the best schools, skating rink, cross-country skiing, snowmobiles, sledging, helicopter rides,
Accommodation, average price for a single room Close to the slopes – 70 euros, in the city center – 20-25 euros 30-50 euros
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Useful tips

  1. If you like active recreation in nature, but can not without the big cities, then for you the best option would be the ski resort of Vitosha. It is a little bit smaller than Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo, but is situated only 10 km from the capital Sofia and is the pride of Sofia.
  2. For those who like very mild winters the best option is Pamporovo ski resort. Here the average winter temperature is -3 degrees.
  3. For a trip to all Bulgarian resorts is better to choose February or March, as at other times there are still problems with snow.

See photos and diagrams of the slopes of budget ski resorts in Europe:

Ski resorts in Romania: prices

Romania is an unspoiled European country, known throughout the world as the birthplace of the father of all vampires, Count Dracula. Despite such a prehistory, this is a very friendly country with a beautiful nature, which allowed to organize several ski resorts. A third of Romania’s territory is occupied by the Carpathian Mountains. In total there are almost 20 ski resorts in the country. Some of the most popular ski resorts in Romania are Poyana Brasov, Predeal.

Poyana Brasov Predeal
Location The foothills of Mount Postevaru, 13 km from Brashtov, 167 km from Bucharest Prahova Valley, 147 km from Bucharest
Ski pass, adults/children for 6 days – 68/39 euros The passes are issued for the number of climbs: 30 climbs -17/10 euros
skiing season December-middle of March December-March
Number and length of runs 12 trails, 14 km 10 trails, 8,5 km
Difficulty of trails 5 blue, 3 red, 4 black 1 green, 3 blue, 4 red, 2 black
Difference of heights 1020-1800 м 1060-1500 м
Number of elevators 10 10
Services Mineral water, therapeutic procedures, artificial skating rinks, riding centers, ski school and kindergarten, 2 ski jumps Horseback riding centers and artificial skating rink, snow cannons
Accommodation, average price for a single room 25-45 euros 30-50 euros
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Useful information

  1. The special conditions of Predeal Resort allow you to go skiing even during the summer.
  2. From Pojan Bráštov you can go on an excursion to the Castle of Count Dracula (Bran Castle).
  3. The attractive feature of the whole network of ski resorts in Romania is their location on the same line, which makes it easy to move from one resort to another.
  4. Also all resorts have direct automobile and railway connection to Bucharest.

Ski resorts in Czech Republic: prices

In addition to sightseeing and recreational tours hospitable Czech Republic offers tourists the opportunity of active winter holidays at reasonable prices. Gentle slopes and rather stable weather makes sure that all kind of skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding will be a pleasant pastime for those who like active family holidays.

The major ski resorts of the Czech Republic include Harrachov and Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Rokytnice nad Jizerou Harrachov
Location The Beskydy Valley, at the foot of Łysa Góra The valley of the Mumlawa River, on the border with Poland
Ski pass, adults 1 day – 19 euros 7 days – 110 euros 1 day – 15 Euros 6 days – 82 Euros
skiing season December – end of February December-April
Number and length of runs 18 tracks, 18 km 8 trails, 9 km
Difficulty of trails 9 blue, 7 red, 1 black 5 blue, 2 red, 1 black
Difference of heights 540-1600 650-1020
Number of elevators 28 15
Services Ski lighting, ski instructors, children’s slopes, cross-country skiing, snow guns Ski jumps, special ski simulators for beginners, ski school, evening lighting
Accommodation, average price for a single room 18-20 Euros for hotels, from 20 Euros for appartments. 20-50 euro for a hotel room

Useful information

  1. Next to the famous Karlovy Vary is a ski resort called Ore Mountains.
  2. Most resorts, including the above mentioned ones, are located in the Krkonoše National Park, which means that tourists can spend their time in this ecologically clean area not only with pleasure, but also with health benefits.
  3. In Harrachov you can ski all year round.
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Slovenia’s ski resorts: prices

Located in the Julian Alps, Slovenia has become one of the great options for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts who want to save money but enjoy the skiing and service. Ski resorts in this country not so long ago began to be in demand among Russian citizens. Among the leaders in popularity are such ski resorts in Slovenia as Kranjska Gora and Maribor Pohorje.

Kranjska Gora Mariborske Pohorje
Location Valley on the border with Italy and Austria, 65 km from Ljubljana airport. 6 km from Maribor, 147 km from Ljubljana airport
Ski pass, adults/children 1 day – 28/18 euros 6 days – 147/94 euros 6 days – €158/72
skiing season December-mid March December-March
Number and length of runs 21 tracks, 31 km 23 tracks, 64 km
Difficulty of trails 13 blue, 6 red, 2 black 20 blue, 35 red, 5 black
Difference of heights 785-1623 м 336-1347 м
Number of elevators 23 20
Services lighted slopes, tobogganing, ski schools, snow guns, skating rink, mountaineering, horseback riding thermal center, tobogganing, artificial snow, kindergarten and ski school, 5 km of lighted slopes
Accommodation, average price for a single room 35-55 euros 50-130 euros

Useful information

  1. In Kranjska Gorka the ski pass for low and high season does not differ.
  2. Mariborgs Pogorje is the largest resort, and is also perfect for those who do not like to leave the big cities for a long time.
  3. The resort Krvavec is the closest to the airport. It is only 10 km from Ljubljana.
  4. The most mountainous resort is Bovec with the famous Kanin Peak of 2548 m. It is situated on the territory of the resort.

The most popular ski resorts in Serbia.

Learn more about all the ski resorts in Slovenia.

Zakopane Ski Resort, Poland:

Ski resorts in Serbia: prices

This small European country attracts tourists with its history and excursion program. And occupied by mountain ranges the southern part allows combining the cultural program with active winter holidays in the ski resorts of Serbia.

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The most popular ski resort in Serbia is Kopaonik.

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