Singapore’s highest viewpoints


This article will talk about rooftop lookouts and observation decks in Singapore. Some of them are quite expensive, some are almost free, above or below, in the center or on the outskirts. The challenge is to tell you where to get a bird’s eye view of Singapore. Because from above, Singapore looks even more futuristic and it is one of the must-sees when visiting the city.

It is good of course if you live in a penthouse on the top floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, then you can read no further. The observation deck of the city in your room. Everyone else is recommended.

Viewpoints and observation decks on the rooftops of Singapore.

Below is a list, map and important information about each site separately with prices, operating hours, tips and tricks.

  • Marina Sands Bay Hotel rooftop + Rooftop Bar
  • Singapore’s tallest skyline bar, Rooftop Bar 1-Altitude
  • Level 33 Beer Bar (brews its own craft beers) + rooftop terrace
  • Ferris wheel
  • Rooftop of luxury residential complex The Pinnacle @Duxton – Sky Bridge
  • Ion Sky skywalk
  • Mount Faber mountain and aerial tramway

Singapore's observation decks

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lookout

Rooftop is the name given to the bars on the top floors of skyscrapers and rooftops. I am more accustomed to the name SkyBar. Know that it is one and the same.

Observation deck on the roof of the Marina Sands Bay Hotel

This is the most visited observation deck in Singapore. Not the tallest or with the most gorgeous views, but the most popular. But don’t think that the views here are not good – the views of Singapore are very very good

Marina Bay Lookout

View of the observation deck from the ground (10x zoom)

  • The observation deck is open from 9:30 am to 10:00 pm, and Friday to Sunday until 11:00 pm.
  • The ticket office is located in the third, leftmost tower, which is closer to the Ferris wheel. The ticket office is easy to find by the Sky Park signs.
  • Height – 208 meters
  • Ticket price at the ticket office is 23 SGD (and no need to stand in line, go straight to the elevator)
  • Free for hotel guests. Click here for the full review of the dream hotel.

An important point: there is no 360-degree view at this observation deck. You will get a gorgeous view of the harbor and downtown, but not of the gardens by the bay.

However, this observation deck is recommended. There is also an open bar called Céliavi (CE LA VI) on the floor above. To get into the bar you have to buy something for at least 22 SGD per person-it is also called deposit or minimum order amount.

For information: 22 SGD is one cocktail without any extravagances.

Singapore’s highest bar 1-Altitude

This is Singapore’s unique observation and viewing platform, which is often overshadowed by the previous one and greatly underestimated by tourists. But I hope, after reading this article, you will make the right choice.

So: The observation deck and part-time bar are located in Singapore’s tallest building, One Raffles Place, which is 282m tall.

Not surprisingly, it is on the top floor that the bar is located. By the way, it occupies three floors from 61 to 63: restaurant, bar and outdoor bar under the sky (during the rain it is closed).

Horezu Monastery, Romania

Singapore Observation Deck

  • 1-Altitude Singapore’s highest observation deck (almost 80 meters higher than the one at Marina Bay Sands)
  • 1-Altitude is the highest open bar in the world. Yes, there are higher bars and restaurants, for example in Dubai, but this one is open, and there are indoor bars everywhere.
  • The most important difference is the 360-degree view around it. You can see the whole of Singapore.
  • There is a dress code: in the evening may not be allowed in shorts and flip-flops, but in the daytime, when there are almost no people, the probability of getting into the bar is quite high.
  • The bar is open from 10:00 am until 5 or 6 am.
  • Up to 6pm entry is 25 SGD (ticket price includes one non-alcoholic cocktail of your choice).
  • From 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. admission is SGD 30 and includes one alcoholic drink or cocktail of your choice
  • After 9 p.m. ticket price is 35 SGD and includes a drink of your choice.
  • Recommendation: 5 of 5.
  • Allow at least 1 hour for this viewpoint.

Advice: It is better to visit this bar or in the morning after the opening, when there are almost no people and you can just relax at a table and take great pictures. Or at sunset from 18 to 19. Then there are a lot of people and few empty seats, but the views of Singapore burning its lights drive you crazy.

Rooftop Bar

The world’s tallest open bar

  • It often happens, especially in the afternoon during low activity hours, that the cash register is closed. Wait 20-30 minutes and the cashier will come back. I don’t know where he runs to, but they definitely don’t have lunch.
  • You can buy a ticket to the bar online, then you don’t have to stand in the box office or in line if there is one, but you can go straight to the elevator by the signs. The ticket is sold online only to visit the bar until 6:00 pm.
  • After 18:00, what would get into the bar you must be 21 years old (passports are checked)

Conclusion: My subjective opinion – this is the best observation deck, as the price is almost no different from touted Marina Bay Sands, but there are ten times fewer people, the height is higher, and the view is 360 degrees. Only pluses.

Level 33 Beer Bar

Liquor is in short supply in Singapore, and beer is not widely accepted as a drink. But at Level 33 Bar, which, as you have understood, is located on the 33rd floor of one of the city’s skyscrapers, they make craft beer that will be appreciated by connoisseurs. And the view of the city will only enhance the consumption of this drink.

Singapore's 33rd floor bar

The best window seats at the level33 bar.

The bar is located in the building of the financial center in the first tower, in the original language, the Financial Centre Tower 1. It is located right in the center overlooking the harbor and the viewpoints listed above. See the map above and everything will be clear there.

  • Bar hours are from 11:30am to 2:00am.
  • The bar is glassed in.
  • Admission to the bar is free, but you have to order something. You won’t be able to sit for free, in 10 seconds a waiter will be standing over you and demanding an order.
  • A glass of beer before 6 p.m. is just under 15 SGD and after 6 p.m. it is 19 SGD.
  • Beer snacks starting at 10 SGD and that’s for a small plate.

Personal opinion: the view is awesome, but not the view and the height (33rd floor) is not so much. Not a lot of people, to sit in the evening with a glass of good beer is a great pastime.

Ferris wheel

We will not stop on this observation deck in details. Read a detailed report about this top attraction in the article: Ferris wheel in Singapore.

Travel to Pag, Croatia

What you need to know if you don’t have time to read the article:

  • It’s 165 meters tall. It is the second tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The tallest in Las Vegas, it is only one and a half meters taller than the Singapore Ferris wheel.
  • In addition to the standard ticket, you can buy a ticket with a glass of champagne or a cocktail Singapore Sling
  • And for those on a budget: you can order a booth with dinner.


Views from the Ferris Wheel Booth

Read the link above for more details on prices, tips, tips and tricks, best times to visit, and more.

The Pinnacle @Duxton – Sky Bridge

There is detailed information about this residential center with a unique terrace on the 50th floor connecting all seven residential towers many places on the Internet.

I will try to give all the necessary information here, how much the entrance costs, how to find it, the pros and cons of this observation deck. But for a general understanding, a few important points below:


The entrance to the apartment complex with a terrace on the 50th floor

  • This is an apartment complex that consists of 7 towers, each with 50 floors.
  • All towers are connected by a sky bridge or terrace
  • The terraces overlook the city, there is a lot of greenery and places to relax
  • The promenade on the 50th floor is 900 meters long.
  • There is even a circular jogging path that is almost 2 kilometers long.
  • The entrance to the terrace is in the furthest tower 1G, the Sky Bridge sign

Singapore observation decks

Look for a sign like this

  • The nearest subway station is Outram Park, near Chinatown. By the way it is convenient to combine these two sights.
  • Opening time: from 9:00 to 21-45
  • Tickets cost: 6 SGD paid in cash, you also need the Ez-link card to enter the terrace itself. You can read more about it in the article about public transport in Singapore. (we didn’t need it by the way).

Singapore's rooftop vantage points

The Pinnacle @Duxton apartment complex itself

But it’s Singapore’s most unconventional viewpoint, which has cool pros, but also minuses too.

Pros of The Pinnacle.
  • It is Singapore’s cheapest observation deck at 6 SGD per person. The only thing cheaper is climbing a lamppost.
  • There are practically no tourists and no tenants either. Even at sunset you are likely to be alone.
Cons of The Pinnacle.
  • The main disadvantage is that this complex is not in the center and yes, the elevation is great, but the views are of the usual Chinatown. From this terrace you will not see the main sights of Singapore.
  • There is a turnstile on the roof at the entrance to the terrace that is programmed with an Ez-link card.
  • In theory, the scheme works like this: you pay cash to the guard, he lets you into the elevator, and the turnstile on the roof opens the Ez-Link card. In practice, there are cameras at the turnstile and the guard can open it remotely.
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A bird's eye view of Singapore

View of the residential complex from a helicopter

Ion Sky skywalk

This skyscraper is located on the main shopping street Orchard Street. It is 56 stories high and the observation deck takes up the top two floors.

On the first floors of the skyscraper is a large shopping mall. To get to the observation deck you need to make purchases in the mall of at least 20 SGD and at the info center exchange the receipts for a ticket to the observation deck.

Sessions at the observation deck last 45 minutes and the exact schedule can be found directly at the mall.

The viewpoint has only one disadvantage: the view is not worth a million dollars because it is not in the center of town.

In conclusion: rooftop viewpoints and observation decks in Singapore are a must, at least any two of your choice. In the author’s subjective opinion, they are 1-altitude and level33. But it is of course up to you to decide.

Clear skies to you!

If you find any inaccuracies – write in the comments!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Below are resources to help you save money when organizing your own trip to Singapore:

Singapore Viewpoints.

In this article, I talk about all the observation decks, Rooftop bars, and other places I know of where to view the city from above.

Marina Bay Sands Lookout

Singapore’s most popular observation deck is on the roof of the five-star Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is located on the 56th floor on the improvised deck of a huge ship.

Cost to visit the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands:

  • SGD 26 for adults.
  • SGD 22 for children (ages 2-12)
  • Free for those staying at this hotel

Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

How to get there: The nearest Bayfront Metro Station, then follow signs to “Hotel” and “Sand Skypark”.

Marina Bay Sands Lookout

Marina Bay Sands Viewpoint

Rooftop Bar CE LA VI

Rooftop Bar or Rooftop Bar CE LA VI is located above the Marina Bay Sands observation deck. If you take a good table from the very edge (the perimeter of the bar), you can admire the views of Singapore as good as from the Marina Bay observation deck and still have a cocktail or a beer But the prices in the bar, of course, are high… About the prices in Singapore here.


To get into the bar CE LA VI previously had to pay a deposit of 22 SGD per person, this deposit is used to pay for the order. Now the deposit has been canceled and entry is free.

Opening hours: The CE LA VI sky bar is open from 12:00 to late at night and you can eat dinner until 23:00.

Dress code: smart casual Monday through Saturday and casual on Sundays. No flip-flops allowed!

sky bar Singapore Marina Bay Sands

Drinking expensive and not-so-tasty cocktails at the CE LA VI bar.

The bar at the top of the Supertree. Temporarily closed!

The bar is on the crown of one of the Spur Trees in the gardens by the bay. Not very high up, but worth the climb to admire the surroundings and/or watch the evening light and music show “Garden Rhapsody”


  • 20 SGD for adults including a glass of wine/beer
  • 12 SGD for children including one non-alcoholic beverage.
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Opening times: 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Getting there: nearest Bayfront tube station, then follow signs to Gardens by the Bay.

Marina Bay Sands Lookout

The Bar at the Top of the Supertree.

LeVeL Bar 33 with outdoor terrace

The bar is a brewery on the 33rd floor with an outdoor terrace. If you come in the afternoon, you can take a seat at the high tables and enjoy the view of Marina Bay.


Entrance to bar LevVeL 33 is free, 0.5 beer costs SGD 14.90 before 8pm and SGD 17.90 after 8pm, beer snacks from SGD 9 to SGD 20. Plus tax!

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

I really wanted to go to this bar one evening and drink some craft beer (oh, how I love good beer ), but we were so tired after walking around Singapore and sightseeing that we just had no energy to go out in the evening. I just wanted to get to our hotel and go to bed .


This is the view from the promenade below LeVeL 33 pub, and from the outdoor terrace on the 33rd floor would be even better

How to get there: the nearest subway station is Downtown, then follow the signs to MBFC Tower 1.

The Pinnacle Duxton Lookout.

Singapore’s cheapest observation deck is the rooftop of The Pinnacle Duxton skyscraper. The Pinnacle Duxton is a residential building with a rooftop observation deck on the 50th floor. Anyone can get here for a small fee and at a certain time.


6 SGD , bring your EZ-link card because it opens the door to the roof

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 21:00.

How to get there: the nearest subway station is Outram Park.

Singapore's observation deck

Rooftop observation deck at The Pinnacle Duxton skyscraper

ION Sky Lookout

An indoor observation deck on the 56th floor of the ION skyscraper on Orchard Road.


To get to the ION Sky Lookout you must spend at least SGD 50 per person at the ION Orchard Shopping Center and then exchange the receipt for tickets to enter the Lookout. This can also be done online at the official website.

Opening hours: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. W-Thursday and 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Fri-Sat.

Getting there: Nearest subway station is Orchard.

Singapore’s Ferris Wheel

The Singapore Ferris Wheel is certainly not an observation deck, but the view is great The Singapore Ferris Wheel was, until recently, one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world. Its height is 165 m.

Cost to visit:

  • 33 SGD for adults.
  • 21 SGD for children 3 to 12 years old

Opening times : 15:00 – 21:30h except Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Getting there: The closest subway station is Promenade Station.

Singapore's Ferris wheel

Singapore’s Ferris Wheel

Mount Faber

The mountain and park of the same name with its observation deck overlooking the city and Sentosa Island.

Cost of visit

Free. You can have lunch at a restaurant on the mountain. You can buy dinner at the restaurant at a good discount at this link.

How to get there: walk or take the cable car that goes to Sentosa.

Mount Faber Line cable car

It’s hard to call the cable car a “lookout,” but it has wonderful views of the surroundings, so I’m adding it to this article The cable car goes from the mainland to Sentosa Island. I already wrote about it in this article.

Fort Boyard - a landmark known from the TV show


  • 33 SGD adult ticket.
  • SGD 22 kids ticket

Running time: 8:45 am to 8:30 pm (last boarding at 8 pm).

Sentosa how to get there

In the background is the cable car to Sentosa.

Also, conventionally, the roof of the Esplanade Theater and the roof of the Marina Bay Mall can be included in the viewpoints of Singapore.


The view from the rooftop of the shopping mall is not very good: ropes are in the way.

Sentosa Viewpoints

Sentosa Merlion – dismantled in October 2019

Sentosa Merlion

Merlion on Sentosa Island. An observation deck was set up on its head.

In the article I listed all the observation decks I know of in Singapore , if you know any other places where you can admire the city from above, please share in the comments!

Viewpoints in Singapore on a map

Singapore Hotels

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4 Comments: Viewpoints in Singapore

Olga thank you for such detailed articles. Your site is just a handbook for independent travelers. It is amazing when you read it and it turns out that we lived in the same hotels and in different countries. Then I realized that I have the same methodology when choosing lodging. We went to Singapore this year, but are only planning to visit Hong Kong. These two megacities are always compared to each other. I would be very interested to hear your opinion. What and where we liked it best.

Love, hello! Thank you for the review on my website If we compare Hong Kong and Singapore, it’s even difficult to say which city we liked more In Hong Kong we were quite a long time ago, then we were not so spoiled by modern Asian cities with skyscrapers, so Hong Kong impressed and amazed us. In Hong Kong, we liked the cable car to the Big Buddha Mountain with the glass-bottomed cabins, the double-decker streetcars, the Ocean Park amusement park. And Singapore liked the variety of attractions and interesting places. However, 4 days in Singapore was not enough for me, while 3 or 4 days in Hong Kong is more than enough. And Hong Kong was much cheaper than Singapore (except for hotels).

Olga, thank you so much for such informative articles, it is rare to find on the Internet really useful materials for travel planning I would like to clarify, the most budget observation point – how does it feel at rush hour, there are a lot of people, or not so much (judging by photos)? If we’re budget tourists and don’t really like crowds, is this the best option or is it better to pay extra for a more hyped one? Thanks in advance for the recommendation!

Stanislava, good day, thanks for the review:) The most budget observation deck – the roof of The Pinnacle Duxton skyscraper – is always crowded, not a very popular place with tourists. In my opinion, the views from it can’t be called gorgeous, there are a lot of skyscrapers around, but you can’t see the symbols of Singapore – the bay, the gardens by the bay, etc. If you can, it is better to visit the observation deck on the roof of Marina Bay Hotel.

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