Sights to see in Turkey.

Sights in Turkey

The list of attractions in Turkey includes the most popular tourist spots: ancient cities and architectural monuments, religious buildings, colorful bazaars and amazingly beautiful natural sites. All popular attractions are presented with photos and descriptions, map in Russian, useful information about accessibility for tourists (address, phone numbers, mode of operation, how to get).

In Turkey, it is easy to combine beaches and shopping, recreation and learning about local cultural traditions, sightseeing and a rich outdoor activities.

There are hundreds of neolithic, antique, and medieval monuments scattered across the country, witnessing the formation and establishment of ancient civilizations. The real decoration of large cities are the majestic mosques. The main treasures and artifacts of the past times are collected in the national museums and archaeological complexes.

Natural and historical national parks in different parts of Turkey have long been available for tourists – both traveling with a guide, and on their own.

There is no getting away from the oriental charm of Turkish bazaars – clothing, souvenirs, books, confectionery rows with lukum and baklava, noisy fruit markets and conventional street flea markets. The bazaars are always appropriate and even in honor of bargaining, and if you have patience, you can get a really rare thing.

Determine the route of travel or choose the most interesting attractions of a particular resort will help you reviews of tourists to rest in Turkey.

What to see in Turkey. Where to go

The Blue Mosque is one of the most famous attractions of Istanbul, located in the center.

Inside the huge Istanbul, as in the middle of a Russian nesting doll, hides its beautiful miniature – it is a full-fledged.

Topkapi Palace was the main residence of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire until the mid-19th century.

Pamukkale is a natural phenomenon and balneological resort in southwestern Turkey in the Menderes Valley.

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Göreme National Park is located in central Turkey, in the Nevşehir mudflats, which occupy a large area.

Basilica cistern is an ancient Byzantine-era underground water reservoir located in a historic site.

Galata Tower (Galata Tower) is one of the symbols of Istanbul, the main dominant feature of the city. It is located in .

Adalar or Prince’s Islands is a popular destination among Istanbul residents and those travelers who fit .

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Turkey’s main sights

The heart of Turkey is Istanbul, the largest port city, its cultural, commercial and industrial center; the ancient Byzantium and Constantinople, the former capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman empires.

The charm of Istanbul is its historical center in Sultanahmet district where the outstanding monuments of world architecture are located: the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque), Ayia Sofia Cathedral-Museum, underground water reservoir Basilica Cistern, museum treasure house – Topkapi Palace and many other grandiose sights.

A tourist walk in Istanbul is unthinkable without crossing the Galata Bridge, the view of the city from the Galata Tower, a ferry ride to the Prince’s Islands, shopping on Istiklal and Grand Bazaar, photos of seals and flowers in Gulhane Park. The list goes on and on, and a week would not be enough to see all the sights of Istanbul.

Famous natural sites of Turkey are often side by side with the monuments of culture. So, natural, but unusual in their shape stone remains – not the only “curiosity” of Cappadocia, in these places are just as amazing cave settlements and the main wealth of the National Park Goreme – churches and monasteries.

The white travertine and thermal springs of Pamukkale are adjacent to the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, and form a single unique complex.

Among the main attractions of Turkey are also ruins of ancient cities – Troy, Ephesus, Hattusa, the Lycian tombs, national museums and mosques of the capital – Ankara, the benchmark Turkish mosque – Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, the beaches of Turkish resorts of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Attractions in Turkey

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Attractions of the cities of Turkey

Popular resort towns of Turkey, where the main stream of tourists goes, are attracted by the opportunity to combine all-inclusive beach and hotel holidays with sightseeing: to see the ancient forts and ruins of ancient cities, unique natural attractions of Turkey.


In Kemer you can find not only the sea and beaches, attractive hotel holidays and entertainment. Popular places for walks outside the beach are the town square with its fountain and a monument to Kemer Ataturk, the Kemer Zoo, and the Tahtali Mountain above Kemer, which is part of the Olympos National Park. There are historical monuments at the bottom of the mountain – the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos, founded in the III century BC, and the Beldibi cave complex in the eastern part of the national park. A cableway leads to the top of the mountain – a separate attraction for holidaymakers of Kemer and nearby resorts.


Resort Alanya – a town with a rich history: it was founded over two thousand years ago, at different times belonged to the pirates, the Greeks, the Ottomans. In Alanya, the medieval fortress was preserved, which created the open-air museum, now it’s the main attraction of the resort. The Red Tower in the port and the shipyard are also ancient.

There are Ataturk’s House Museum and Archeological Museum, which collection includes rare samples of mosaics. Activity centers include an aqua park and a country marine park.

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