Siam Park in Tenerife, Spain: the biggest water park in Europe

Water park Siam Park (Spain, Tenerife) – reviews

Beautiful, spacious, lots of water slides for all tastes and ages, safety, air conditioning, security, cleanliness and order, lots of greenery, amazing views, free bus, there are separate private areas.

Expensive for some and far away located. In high season, there can be lines for the most interesting slides. Children are only allowed on the children’s rides. No food or drinks are allowed.

Today I will tell you about one of the amazing parks in the distant Canary Islands, which we managed to visit twice. This park is called “Siam Park” and is located on the largest island of Tenerife, next to the popular beach of Las Americas. It is built.

Aqua park on the cliff

Afternoon. Spent the whole day in this Aquapark. Large beautiful area. Lush greenery mixed with the sea and the sun. This area has water slides and various attractions, quiet pools, recreation areas for the whole family.

Steep slides.

We lived near this water park, so we could not help but visit it. Located in a very favorable location: right off the main highway of the island near the residential area populated mostly by tourists. The first thing that caught my eye.

Super water park, the whole family will love it

Siam Park is located in the south of Tenerife. It is considered one of the best in the world and definitely worth seeing if you come to the island with a family with children over 5 years old. From the nearest cities is free of charge.

Ambiguous impression

As any fan of extreme I devoted a day of my stay in Tenerife water park Siam Park. After reading what’s so and what’s so, what better to take the ticket, we drove the car and happily went to the slides.

Joy for kids and adults.

In July 2019 my family and I visited the island of Tenerife. And to come to Tenerife and not visit Siam Park would be unforgivable. Arriving by car we could hardly find a parking spot, and that.

Beautiful place, had a great time

The decision to visit the water park “Siam Park” taken as soon as we saw the ad on the roadside billboard. Go to the park for more than a hundred kilometers, but it did not scare us, but only enjoyed it. After all, you can see it on the way.

Time flies very fast here, so come early in the morning.

As you know, this park is famous for the highest slide in Europe – I recommend you to go for a ride, do not be afraid :)) We liked it here, as the slides were interesting and varied for both children and adults. There is a possibility.

Spent the whole day with pleasure.

We go to Siam Park every time we come to Tenerife – the kids insist). According to observations, from year to year more and more visitors. The water park occupies a large area and offers entertainment for all tastes.

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Joy, happiness, positivity!

The whole family met the New Year 2016 in Spain on the island of Tenerife. The mood due to the long-awaited vacation and New Year’s holidays was excellent. Our guide advised to devote one day to the water park “Siam Park”, which we.

Everyone’s advice.

Located in the village of Las Amricas with a large city. At 200 meters from the park are very good shopping center. The park itself is very large and cozy. Contains 2 beaches one more quiet and the second with a bar and every 30.

Not very

Today (09.07.19) we were in Tenerife Siamese Park. Arrived early and one of the last to find a parking spot. At the entrance were just in time for the opening, i.e. 10:00. I have not even seen so many people on the Red Square.

It was amazing rest, full of impressions, this park will not leave anyone indifferent.

I’m a fan of this kind of rest, like in Siamese Park! But honestly, I did not expect that! Was in many water parks, as well as in his own city and in others, Siam Park best! There is a rest for everyone.

Amazing water park in the Asian style. Anyone can find entertainment to their liking!

The architecture of the Kingdom of Siam, beautiful grounds and a lot of greenery, great attractions, a huge swimming pool

This unique water park is considered the largest in Europe (although located not in continental Europe, but on a Canary Island). In addition to its size, it surprises with its unusual architecture and design. The creators of the park were inspired by the structures typical of Thailand, to be exact.

Very cool! This is a separate resort inside the resort :)

The day spent in the water park “Siam Park” was one of the most memorable days, not only on vacation in Tenerife, but in general. So, in the morning we went on a special free bus that runs around Playa de.

Super water park!

During our stay in the south of Tenerife with the kids, we enjoyed visiting the many theme parks, but the most memorable one in this part of the island was the new water park, Siam Park. This is probably the best water park of those.

To be in Tenerife and not go to Siam Park.

My husband and I flew to Tenerife together and went to the water park with the same group. I am a coward, but I thought that flying a plane for almost 8 long hours there, and then as much back and not to go to the park.

Useful tips for the budget tourist

We stayed in Tenerife in April. We stayed at the resort of Las Americas. Even when searching for accommodation for rent, we were guided by the proximity to Siam Park and the sea. When we arrived, we were not sure if we should go or not. Я.

Beaches of the world, posing a threat to human life

Best water park I have ever been to! But nothing to do there without a fast pass.

I promised you a review about Siam Park – here you go! I used to be pretty indifferent to water parks because of bad experiences in my town, but decided to indulge my inner child and go to Siam. Pro.

Cooler and more modern water park I have not visited!

Vacationed in Tenerife, Spain in January 2014. Even when I was going on a trip thought about where to go and what to visit. And the obligatory place of my trip had to be the water park Siam Park, already so much about it.

Water park “Siam Park” Tenerife (Siam Park).

Waterpark Siam Park Tenerife

Adults (from 11 years old) 40€, children (from 3 to 11 years old) 28€, children 0-2 years old free. Ticket + lunch: adult – 54€, children – 36€. Premium (lunch included, storage locker): 59 € for adults, 41 € for kids. All inclusive: adult and child – 149€.

“Siam Park” is a huge and ultramodern water park in the south of Tenerife (near the popular resort of Las Americas), opened in 2008. It was built by the same family, whose head – Wolfgang Kiessling – more than 40 years ago created the famous “Loro-Park”.

The theme of the water park is Thailand and all the features of a friendly Asian country. Exoticism is felt everywhere: in the giant statues and towers that crown the rides, in the paths immersed in tropical greenery and artificial rivers. The creators of the park sought to recreate a tropical atmosphere of rest and relaxation, without forgetting about some of the hallmarks of Thailand: for example, one of the central place on the territory of the complex is a large floating market, created on the type of local Asian, but here they sell souvenirs and leisure attributes (suntanning products, drinks, etc.). This combination of modern and dizzying rides with a southern nature and relaxing atmosphere makes Siam Park one of the most visited parks in the world.

The water park offers over 20 water rides – from the extreme and mind blowing to the relaxing and enjoyable. Here every visitor will find the optimal variant of leisure and entertainment. Amusement rides are created with a large scale: giant dragons, funnels and entire palaces, and for children there is a real “Lost City” with lots of slides, stairs and bridges, where young adventurers will feel the real drive and excitement. For couples or groups there are private bungalows, which have everything for a quiet and private rest.

Waterpark Siam Park Tenerife

One of the hallmarks of the park is a separate pool with sea lions, which have become its symbols.

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The food court of the water park is represented by five restaurants and bars:

  • Tea House . It offers a huge variety of the best teas, coffee and pancakes.
  • Sweet Siam , where you can try sweets and pastries, as well as enjoy an ice cream.
  • Thai Bar – a themed place with cozy couches and tables offering delicious drinks and original snacks, and the view will please fans of romance.
  • Beach Club, located on the beach with typical Thai architecture. Here you can taste both local and international cuisine.
  • Beach Bar will offer delicious cocktails and snacks.

The abundance of attractions and the size of the complex allows for an all-day stay and makes it one of the most popular places on the island.

Waterpark Siam Park Tenerife

Slides and Entertainment

The water park “Siam Park” offers visitors a lot of entertainment for all ages and tastes.

For fans of extreme sports here – a real paradise, each attraction is an unforgettable adventure. One of the most exciting is Kinnaree, a 213-meter long giant slide with a wave or stingray fin. The high-speed glide is provided by inflatable rafts that accommodate up to four visitors at a time. There is a height restriction of at least 1.25m. Kinnaree will charge you with positive emotions and excitement, urging you to go for a ride again. It is not inferior to the extreme level and Mekong Rapids – wide and winding slide imitating the mountain river. Mekong Rapids is also four-passenger raft ride, so you can share the adventure with friends or children who are over 1.10m tall. The Dragon attraction, a 10-meter steep wall and funnel, along which the raft (accommodating up to 4 people) slides at high speed, will cause a real storm of emotions. A huge sculpture of a dragon, looking straight at the visitors during the descent, will add to the adrenaline. The height limit on this slide is at least 1.25 m.

The Volcano attraction of the same name will help you feel yourself in the mouth of an awakening volcano – an enclosed giant tube with a raft sliding along its curves at high speed, while a laser effect is projected on the tube walls, which allows you to feel yourself inside the crater. Completing the descent is a powerful ejection to the outside, to the open part of the track and landing in the pool. Height limit is also 1.25m.


The newest water park attraction is Singha – a 240-meter long winding track with six funnels on the way. It descends from a height of 18 metres twisting in the turns. The visitor gets not just a high-speed descent, but the whole extreme adventure: an open tube is repeatedly replaced by a funnel, which throws back into the tube, and so on six times in a row. Together with high speed and steep turns it is a real test for the nerves, available to visitors over 1.25 m tall. The slide is pulled into a separate pond surrounded by tropical vegetation which adds to the feeling of weightlessness after the ride. However, the Tower of Power slide is the water park’s main attraction and simultaneously the most thrilling one. It is an ordeal for the most adventurous extreme riders: 28 meters high and almost vertical open track, which gives the full sense of the free fall effect. The landing takes place in a transparent tube with stingrays and sharks swimming around it. After flying through the tube, the visitor ends up in the pool. This attraction implies the descent only by oneself, without any aids and strictly for persons from 14 years old and 1.4 m taller. Adrenaline surge when coming down a powerful and memorable for a lifetime. In addition, from the starting pad of the slide opens a panoramic view of the entire water park.

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Waterpark Siam Park Tenerife

For family entertainment suit slide Naga Racer – six-lane slide with cascades, allowing for team competition on special mats. They increase the speed of sliding and help you experience even more excitement. There is also a mini-copy of the famous “Tornado” – Sawasdee . This is a twisted funnel on which the raft circles a few turns and falls into a reservoir of water. Usually it is not available for children because of the high level of extreme, but in this water park this attraction is also adapted for children due to its smaller size. Another attraction, but with two funnels – slide The Giant – a giant tower in the shape of the head of a Thai deity, from which go two closed pipes, passing into a large funnel. The effects are much more striking because of the dark tubes and huge funnels, through which visitors make several dizzying spins, getting into the pool. It is possible to take part in an extreme marathon for two, the height limit is from 1.25 m.

Jungle Snake slide is a winding track in the shape of a giant anaconda, which has a mixed structure: most of the track is open, you can see the scenery from above, but there are also closed sections, which, combined with high speed will add excitement. Descent is carried out on 2-person inflatable rafts, which also means riding with children or friends. Height limit – from 1.10 m.

For children in the water park is created a large-scale water-playing complex “The Lost City” (Lost City). This is an oasis of adventure and fun: suspension bridges, rope ladders, various water slides and descents, overturning water barrels and much more. It will be interesting and fun for all children without exception.

Waterpark Siam Park Tenerife

The water part of the water park is no less huge: several pools, a separate reservoir with seals, which has become the hallmark of the complex. But the main pride of the creators is a huge wave pool, which is considered to have the highest artificial waves in the world – up to 3 meters. It is not just a pool: there is an artificial beach with sea sand, islands with tropical vegetation and a recreation area with umbrellas and sun loungers. Gradual descent into the water allows visitors of all ages to be in the water, and the reservoir itself can accommodate up to 1200 people. In addition, by prior arrangement, you can go surfing here. The water temperature here is very comfortable – 24 degrees, which even in hot weather allows you to feel awake.

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Waterpark Siam Park Tenerife

No less fun water attraction in the park – Mai Thai River – an artificial river, 1 km long, where you can slowly swim and relax from a busy pastime. The river flows through thickets of tropical plants, giving the feeling of being in a tropical paradise.

Siam Park 2022 Waterpark Ticket Prices

The cost of the ticket to the water park depends on the age of the visitor, the ticket is valid all day (from 10.00 to 17.00-18.00).

Children under the age of 0-2 years – free of charge.

From 2 to 11 years old – standard ticket: 28 €, with lunch included – 36 €, premium ticket (lunch and safe deposit box included) – 41 €.

From 11 years old – adult ticket: standard – 40 €, with lunch included – 54 €, premium – 59 €.

There is also an All inclusive ticket: children and adults (right to enter the slides without queuing, unlimited drinks and food in restaurants and cafes in the area, locker and towel) – 149€.

Detailed information about rates and current offers, we recommend to clarify on the official site of the water park in Tenerife. There you can also buy tickets online.

Waterpark Siam Park Tenerife

How to get to the water park “Siam Park” in Tenerife

Water park is located in the central part of the resort of Costa Adeje. From most hotels to it can be reached on foot . For those staying at another resort, there are free buses with the park logo. Their stops are at all the popular resorts on the island:

  • Los Cristianos. Bus stop: C. C. Pasarela – shopping center and the hotel Sol Arona Tenerife.
  • Las Américas. Bus stop: C. C. Presidente – shopping center, Best Tenerife and Llanos de Troya.
  • Costa Adeje. Bus stop: C. C. El Duque, Fañabé Plaza and Ocean Park.

You can also get around the city by bus, number 424 and 467. The stops are a two-minute walk from the entrance to the water park.

In addition, you can take a cab through a mobile application: Official Taxi Tenerife, but you should be prepared that the trip will not be cheap. If you have a driver’s license, it makes sense to rent a car: the complex has parking. You can also travel around the island by car.

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