Shanghai Tower – China’s tallest tower

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is one of the most striking landmarks of the city, a landmark that strikes with grandeur and grace. It is a symbol of the new century and China’s technological power, wealth and prosperity of the nation. Shanghai Tower rises up to 632 m into the sky, being the first in the country and the third tallest structure in the world. The famous skyscraper is situated in the no less famous district Pudong – the center of finance and trade, the cradle of super-tall buildings. Together with the Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m) and Jin Mao (421 m) the tower is the culmination of the city’s triad of tallest buildings. The unique postmodern architecture is breathtaking in its rapidity, structure and scale. Shanghai Tower looks as if it has just come out of a fantasy city of the future!

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Shanghai Tower Construction

The construction plan for the Shanghai Tower and all related documents were approved back in late 1993, but the bidding did not take place until September 2006. In April 2008 the final design of the building, developed by the American architectural agency Gensler’s design, was approved. In November of the same year preparation of the ground for the foundation began.

Some 450 concrete mixers and four pumping stations were used simultaneously to ensure that 60,000 cubic meters of concrete were poured in 63 hours. This time is a world record for the speed of preparing a foundation of this scale.

The further pace of construction of the skyscraper is also impressive – it grew literally every day and was fully commissioned in 2015, with a grand opening ceremony on May 17. Today, the Shanghai Tower is the city’s largest business center as well as a shopping and entertainment complex open to tourists.

Excavation excavation (June 2009) Construction of the underground floors (April 2010) Construction of the first floors (January 2011) March 13, 2012 October 11, 2012 August 3, 2013

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All stages of construction and fragments of the construction meet the standards of green building, the main task of which is the most economical and environmentally sound erection and operation of buildings. For example, the unique spiral shape of the tower not only gives it an unusually elegant appearance, but is also a guarantee of increased wind resistance, which helped to significantly save construction materials.

The gardens inside the tower The spiral shape of the tower

For the purpose of energy autonomy, 270 wind turbines and Asia’s most powerful diesel generator are installed on the upper floors, and the rainwater collected is used for heating.

The Shanghai Tower has a high level of landscaping – 33%. On the joints of the fragments of the inner cylindrical frame, which visually divide the structure into 9 zones, luxurious gardens were laid out all around the perimeter.

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The creators of the unique landmark call their creation a full-fledged city. The tower is provided with everything necessary for autonomous existence: energy independence, own transport hub, branched infrastructure.

The Shanghai skyscraper consists of 125 floors, which is almost 570,000 m², realized as:

  • offices of all sorts of Chinese firms and international corporations (220,000 m²);
  • retail stores and boutiques, where every tourist can find goods to his or her liking (50,000 m²),
  • banquet halls and exhibition centers that regularly delight visitors with new exhibitions (10,000 m²);
  • a luxurious five-star hotel that can satisfy even the whims of royalty (80,000 m²);
  • a panoramic tourist platform offering a breathtaking view of all of Shanghai (4,000 m²) and much more.

Three sightseeing elevators, currently the fastest in the world, allow guests and staff to quickly and comfortably move around the ultra-high building at speeds of nearly 18 m/s, which means that it takes less than a minute to reach the top.

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China’s tallest skyscraper should definitely be on the schedule of a tourist planning a trip to Shanghai. Walking around the tower, you can not only admire the high-tech creation of human hands, but also:

  • Sample gourmet Chinese cuisine while enjoying a beautiful view of the city at the panoramic restaurant located on the 120th floor (about 557 m above the ground);
  • Take a dip in the azure waters of the swimming pool at almost 400 m;
  • feel the thrill of strolling across a glass floor at 470 meters above the ground;
  • Visit the museum on the 37th floor, where you can get acquainted with antique ceramics, wax sculptures, precious relics and other works of art;
  • See all kinds of exhibitions, take guided tours and browse the stores.

How to get there

It’s easy to get to the colorful landmark: you just need to take the 2nd subway line (green line) to the Lujiazui station, which is located directly below the Shanghai Tower.

Shanghai Tower

shanghai tower

Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in Asia and one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The height of the building reaches 632 meters (128 floors) . The Shanghai Tower, whose observation deck immediately became one of the main attractions of Shanghai, is located in the financial and commercial development zone Lujiazui.

  • Rating: #3 on TripAdvisor from a list of over 1,000 Shanghai attractions
  • Height: 632 meters
  • Floors: 128 floors above ground and five below ground
  • Completion: 2014, opened to public in 2016
  • Construction costs: $2.4 billion
  • Name in Chinese: 上海中中心大厦, Shànghăi Zhōngxīn Dàshà

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Shanghai Tower: Facts of interest

  • The Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the second tallest in the world.
  • On the 118th floor of the skyscraper, at 546 meters is the highest observation deck in the world.
  • The elevators in the Shanghai Tower are the second fastest in the world, they reach a maximum speed of 20.5 meters per second (74 km/h).
  • On the 37th floor is the tallest Chinese-style indoor garden, the Half Garden.
  • Here, on floors 84-110 is the second tallest hotel in the world – J Hotel.
  • The Shanghai Tower was conceived to be a special landmark and financial symbol of Shanghai . It is also one of the famous three super-tall buildings in Shanghai.
  • The spiral shape gives the Tower an ultra-modern look.
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Shanghai Tower: The Construction

shanghai tower design

What to do in the Tower

Inside the Shanghai Tower are observatories, conference rooms, a hotel, meeting rooms, a museum, stores, restaurants, gardens, and a shopping mall. To find out how best to plan your time in Shanghai, see the Shanghai Tours page.

118th Floor Lookout

Shanghai Tower Lookout

The Shanghai Tower Viewpoint is the highest observation deck in the world and also the highest point in Shanghai. Visitors take the high-speed elevator to the 118th floor in only 55 seconds.

At the observation deck, visitors to Shanghai can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view from the best vantage point. You will have a great view of the Huangpu River and other skyscrapers such as the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center. The cityscape from the top of the Shanghai Tower is especially impressive in the evening when the lights of Shanghai at night come on.

Inside the Shanghai Tower there is a post office and a “wishing tree”. Here you can drop a postcard into the highest mailbox in the world or leave your good wishes to the world on the wish tree.

J Hotel: The World’s Second Tallest Hotel

You might like the idea of staying in a luxury hotel located on the 84th to 110th floors of the Shanghai Tower. The hotel is currently under construction.

The second fastest elevators in the world

There are 106 elevators in the Shanghai Tower. Among them are 3 ultra high-speed elevators. The fastest elevator moves at 18 meters per second.

Other attractions inside the Tower

On the 37th floor of the Shanghai Tower is the Shanghai Guanfu Museum . It features goldware, porcelain, Buddhist statues and ceramics, telling visitors about the long history of Chinese civilization. Find out what else there is to do in Shanghai.

Shanghai Tower: Construction

Shanghai tower construction

The building was built according to the latest advances in high-rise construction technology. Instead of frame technology, steel structures and a solid concrete foundation were used to build the Shanghai Tower.

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The construction in Shanghai is made difficult by the soft soil (clay, earth, sand), the river delta, the region is subject to typhoons and earthquakes. The tower is built on 70 meters high concrete piles.

To make the structure stable in strong winds, an innovative spiral cylindrical shape was created. In addition, the spiral shaped aerodynamic structure looks great.

The Shanghai Tower is a perfect example of 21st century building technology. To save energy and provide additional safety, the tower is built according to the thermos principle : with an outer shell consisting of two-layered glass facades.

The Tower building is covered with two layers of glass for insulation, some water is recycled and reused, some rainwater is collected and reused, and wind turbines and solar panels help generate energy.

Shanghai Tower and Feng Shui

Feng shui in China plays an important role in construction, especially when it comes to landmark projects. The Shanghai Tower, designed as the tallest building in China, was also built keeping in mind the laws of Chinese feng shui practices.

Before the Shanghai Tower, two skyscrapers had already been built, the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center. Jin Mao Tower was built in 1994. Its appearance resembles a multi-level pagoda, creating a rhythmic pattern as it rises. When the sun’s rays play on the building, Jin Mao Tower looks like a shining pagoda.

Construction of the Shanghai World Financial Center began in 1997. To surpass the impressive Jin Mao Tower, the new skyscraper was designed taller, and the building’s appearance is striking, as if composed of two sharp, towering blades.

Rather than openly surpassing the two existing skyscrapers, the design of the Shanghai Tower was based on the Chinese concept of “soft overcoming hard” . The tower is reminiscent of a dragon rising upward in a building spiral. The rising spiral also points to Shanghai’s growing economy.

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Best places to take pictures

Shanghai Tower photo

  • From the 118th floor of the Shanghai Tower: You have a great view of the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower.
  • In front of the Jin Mao Tower gate (opposite the Shanghai Tower): You can photograph all three skyscrapers from a good bottom-up angle.
  • Zhapulu Bridge: You will capture a panoramic view of the buildings in the Lujiazui district.

Shanghai Tower : Useful Information

  • Address : Financial Trading District, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai.
  • How to get there by subway : Line 2 to Lujiazui Station. Take Exit 4, then about 500 meters to Shanghai Tower.
  • Observation Area : Entrance ticket is 180 yuan; opening hours are from 8:30 to 22:00.
  • Panoramic View : The lights of Shanghai at night and the amazing sunset are best viewed from the upper floors, visibility is worse in rainy and foggy weather.

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