Seychelles: Praslin Island

Hotels in Praslin Island

I couldn’t recommend our hotel in Praslin. Booked a shuttle from the port to the hotel, there was correspondence with a copy of three or four people from the hotel, in the end they did not come. We did not get the shuttle to the Anse Jazette beach. If it’s raining outside, the bar with food by the beach doesn’t work, and the hoon bar has nothing to eat, not even snacks, let alone sandwiches.

When you enter the hotel you are greeted with the words “Welcome to paradise!” And that’s the truth. We chose this hotel because of the beach. It is considered the best on the entire island. And the access to this beach is only through this hotel. The beach is perfect! ️ Really heavenly. The hotel has a huge area. It is very far and hard to walk. That’s why there is an option to book a golf cart. The whole area is mainly taken up by the golf courses.

The hotel is very well located, the beach is amazing, but the staff was very slow, they killed the fifth ⭐ star such things should not spoil the mood of holidaymakers. for example we waited an hour for the iron, we ended up ironing white things with a “stale” iron, the loss of precious time is not acceptable for an establishment of this category.

The hotel with two beautiful beaches Ans Kerlan and Ans Georgette ( a favorite), with restaurants, where for the time of rest is ready to forget about proper nutrition ( desserts in Diva mind-boggling, fish in Nest the highest, the days of the kitchens of the world in Legend corrupt))). There is a kids club, dive center, spa and a great golf course. Conclusion: you can come again.

The hotel is not worthy of 5 stars. Very slow staff. Small beach, a lot of seaweed that is not cleaned. The food is a 4-. Breakfast is poor. The service is poor. We liked the villa on the whole. The coffee machine had dirty water, weren’t going to change it. Would not recommend this hotel.

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I would have loved to have stayed at this hotel since 17th century.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Every day is like a blank page of our life. Every person we meet, every event we participate in is a living essay. The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes their way.

If anyone is looking for great deals on hotels, go to HotelRaven. com Booked a room there and they had the best rates around. If staying at this resort fits into your budget, don’t think twice. This is probably the best resort I have ever stayed at, in almost every aspect. The details the staff pays attention to are delightful, the food is delicious in every restaurant.

It’s a beautiful resort. Incredible food. Wonderful staff and comfortable smart rooms. The resort manager visits the dining room daily, talks to the resort residents and hosts cocktail parties. Great job Tsogo Sun South Africa with this gem, Paradise Sun Hotel in Praslin, Seychelles.

Wow wow wow wow! Best week of my life. A HUGE thank you to Ross and his wonderful staff, and a special thanks to the amazing Darryl. The most attentive, dedicated, hardworking, pleasant staff I have ever met. Be proud of paradise. Proud! Put it on your wish list. Everyone should go to heaven at least once in their life!

My husband surprised me with a trip to the Seychelles for a honeymoon in March 2017. We had a wonderful time. The staff was always very friendly and accommodating. The view and the beach were an absolute paradise. the room was just perfect. The food was delicious, especially since we were vegetarians, the food they cooked for us was delicious. really miss the Seychelles, not.

The rooms are clean, spacious, with an espresso coffee stand and a standard coffee stand, mini bar, very spacious shower room, large balcony overlooking the gardens. The gardens are exceptionally well-maintained, there are no moments when the staff doesn’t go to clean and tidy it up. And by the way, the staff . The staff is very friendly, always welcoming and asks what you can do to help. The location is great.

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I liked everything about the hotel! But I was more impressed with the room: bright, spacious, with a large balcony and cocoon for relaxation. There is a developed infrastructure behind the territory, a beach, an incredible platform near the restaurant, where you can do yoga in the morning and drink a couple of cocktails in the evening. The hotel operates on an a la carte diet of breakfast and dinner. They offer fresh orange juice for breakfast, which is included in the price.

I stayed in this hotel and it was really nice.

+ Breakfast coffee: choice of americano, cappuccino, expresso, latte, etc. 2. Juices orange self squeeze if you can without the instructions to cope with the juicer. Also a couple of juices on tap. 3. Eggs as you want scrambled or fried like everywhere else. 4. Waffles, pancakes flapjacks to choose from and not a lot of people. The room is not quite as chic as you’d expect.

I had a great meal and nice, spacious rooms! Only minus was a fruit bat in a cage in the back garden, it was cruel :'(

Very comfortable hotel with very friendly staff! Probably on the second best beach in Praslin. Also a great dining option.

After my visit to the Seychelles where I found 3 different hotels, I can say and confirm that Hotel Acajou is without a doubt the best hotel I have stayed in. Everything is perfect, unparalleled welcome, room and great sea views, attentive staff and catering worthy of a semi-gastro (which is rare enough to highlight it). I recommend this hotel 1,000 times and I want to make a special mention.

If you like beautiful scenery, beautiful beach, good traditional food and wonderful staff, come to Acajou Beach Resort.

It is a very cozy hotel located on one of the best beaches in Praslin. There is even a pet turtle in the garden that you can pet. The quality of the food and service is decent. My only concern is that the wifi is not free, you have to pay extra to access it. I would understand if it was a budget hotel, but I find the lack of free wifi in a hotel where you pay almost.

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The location was good, however, there weren’t many other guests – so there were few drawbacks compared to the events at the hotel

A truly welcoming resort in full respect of the atmosphere of the Seychelles. A beautiful structure with isolated rooms on the beautiful beach of the Côte d’Or. Friendly staff, trained and always available for every request. A wide range of free daily excursions offered by the resort team. A large selection of dishes to eat and prepared optimally to suit all tastes. Strategic.

One of the most famous beaches in Praline. Seychelles has many hotels and the only place we saw the deck. It’s a little distilled for my taste because we saw it even better on the islands. It is convenient because of the large selection of cafes. The water is clear and shallow, and not exactly fabulous for swimming because you have to go a long way to deep water.

Lovely rooms and great staff. The hotel is located at the end of a long private road, so it is very quiet. The beach is beautiful and there is a great dive store at the end of the beach next to the hotel. The views from the balconies at sunset are fantastic. Great place to relax with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

We spent a week here and really enjoyed it. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We needed some things taken care of while we were there and I always got a quick response. The location was perfect for us, but keep in mind that you may want to consider a car if you want to explore the island. Beautiful grounds of the hotel on the private beach.

Great hotel. Loved absolutely everything about it. Very friendly staff. Extended our stay by 3 hours due to a boat delay to Mahe. Clean, well maintained area. We took a standard room but it was very spacious. New clean linens. Stylish decor. Pool with clear water. The breakfast buffet was great. Fresh juices from local fruits. The local food is very interesting.

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Beautiful place. Actually the best beach we have been to in the Seychelles . And we went to a lot of beaches. Clean, quiet beach. The hotel is just beautiful. The cook is very good. Even gave us his recipe for his amazing chicken curry. Only one of the new waiters got it wrong, but we got it right. I highly recommend this hotel.

Wonderful. especially the cuisine . The beach is inferior to some famous hotels, but the service and staff are much more attentive to visitors than in a famous( one of) the hotel. It was very well located, very welcoming, very nice.

We had a wonderful stay at this hotel from 5/11/17-18/17 for two weeks. Most people came and went every few days. We had a few rains while we were here, but it didn’t put us off. From the front desk to the maids, everyone provided exceptional service throughout our stay. by bus. Went from the hotel by boat to see the turtles, beautiful.

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