Seychelles – a place of paradise

Mahe – a Seychelles island paradise with the smallest capital in the world

You can visit this beautiful island if only for that!

But in fact the island is much more interesting than it seems. Let’s walk around it, and we will take you on an interesting tour of the Seychelles.

Vacationing in the Seychelles is not about a frantic race through excursions, but about relaxation and recreation. It’s important to choose which of the islands you want to visit – here are the prices in Seychelles, the weather in Seychelles and more.


Mahe – an island where the city of Victoria. This is the only city in the Seychelles, and partly the capital of the state.


What language is spoken on Mahe?

There is a peculiar bilingualism, everyone speaks English and French. Most locals also speak German. But it is for tourists. Among each other locals use Creole – a simplified version of French.


How to get to the Seychelles?

From Russia, there are direct flights to the Seychelles. Islands, including Mahe, are very attractive to tourists! The flight from Moscow takes about 9 hours. Prices on average – 55-60 thousand rubles for a flight on the next dates (may vary depending on dates of travel).

The planes themselves from the mainland countries, including Russia, fly to Mahe – because this is where the city of Victoria is located.


Passport control on Mahe is simple. You will be given a special form, which you have to remember. The usual list of questions:

Where did you come to Mahe from?

What city was a transit city (most often UAE cities)

How long will you be here?

Address and phone number of your hotel. If you have chosen a hostel or apartment, you will need contact information of the owner.

Just in case, when you arrive to Mahe, keep the printed booking of your hotel or apartment, most likely, the passport control officials will call at the listed phone number and clarify your name.

Without a visa, you can stay on the island for up to 30 days.

Coville has made its own adjustments to tourism. You MUST have a negative PCR test for coronavirus (scan it). It must be given no more than 3 days or 72 hours before departure. Please note that children also have to take it. In addition you have to obtain a special entry permit through the website

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Already at the airport you need to properly check in for your flight.

You need that very permit and the test. Someone prints it out, but generally accept and all electronically.

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What is a must-do at the airport?

Many people immediately rush to exchange dollars for Seychelles currency. This is correct, because experienced travelers say the exchange rate at the airport is most profitable, there is no huge commission. So do not waste time! The local money in Seychelles is the Seychelles rupee.

Why cash? Alas, not every place in the Seychelles can accept your bank card. Cash will be more reliable.


There are also special terminals at the airport where you can buy a local SIM card. It comes with a package of mobile Internet, so you will always stay connected and not rely on wireless WiFi at the hotel. Be sure to tell the consultant the period of your vacation in the Seychelles and that you have chosen Mahe. Then you will pick up the right Internet package.

Transport on Mahe

How to get to your hotel and how to get around the island in general? What transport is there on Mahe? On this island, unlike the others, the transport network is better developed. There are options – a rental car, public transportation or cabs.

Car rental in the Seychelles.

At the airport in the arrivals terminal after the baggage claim, there are several points for car rentals. During the season there can be up to forty. Cars of all tastes and colors. But! It is important to know the nuances of the Seychelles traffic. There are left-hand traffic, which is unusual for the inhabitants of the CIS countries. Roads are not everywhere ideal and paved. Basically you will ride on narrow mountain roads. If you do not doubt your driving skills – take a car. A day car rental in Seychelles – about 40 euros, plus another 10 euros for insurance. These are approximate prices, they may vary depending on the car and rental company.


Cab in Seychelles.

Yes, there is a cab here, but quite expensive. There is an analogue of Uber, cabs work strictly by the meter, each cab driver has a license.


Bus in Seychelles.

There is a bus stop just five minutes from the airport. But it is not suitable for everyone. Experienced tourists choose cabs, because bus drivers often refuse to carry passengers with large luggage. Strangely enough, but that’s the way it is. As for getting around the island, there are buses.

A ticket for the city route costs 0.37 USD during the day. In the evening, the ticket price rises to 0.6 USD.


Weather on Mahe (Seychelles)

Here, too, there is a kind of seasonality.

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In general, the weather in Seychelles has no sudden changes, except for monsoon showers. In contrast to the distant southern islands, Mahe is free of cyclones, which is another reason to choose the main island of Seychelles.

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The climate is tropical – warm and humid. The temperature outside is rarely below +24 Celsius. But at the same time does not rise above +32. The dry season is almost non-existent here, keep in mind the humidity.

If you still do not like it, then choose as a holiday period in the Seychelles from May to October. Then the south-easterly winds blow and the season is the driest. Relatively, of course. After October, it is the monsoon.

The rainy season in Seychelles lasts from November to March. Then there are stormy, but short-lived showers. The high humidity is especially felt in January and December. The sun is very hot, with an average temperature of +29 degrees.


April in Seychelles is considered the hottest month, but at the same time the quietest. The temperature is already +32, the monsoons and winds calm down.

Excursions on Mahe

Start your holiday with a sightseeing tour. You are guaranteed to delight, because they spend such excursions from the sky!

This is essentially sightseeing flights over the island and the Seychelles. For reservations, you can go to the company’s terminal on arrival, it is located near the airport. Depending on the route and time is formed and the price of this pleasure – but in general from $ 300.


But just imagine – the Seychelles in the palm of your hand, Mahe from a bird’s eye view. Such a spectacle will warm your memories for a long time to come.

Climbing Mount Morne Blanc is a must for you. This is the highest point on the island of Mahe – 907 meters above sea level. The main reason to come up here is absolutely fantastic view of the island and the ocean in general.


Fans of “House-2” will appreciate it – from here you can see the beautiful island of Theresa, where they filmed the TV show. The mountain is part of the national reserve, here you can see rare plants, birds and animals. You won’t find such diversity anywhere else in the world, because some of the local flora and fauna are endemics.


Wander a bit more at the top. There are ruins of the first schools once built by the British for the children of slaves. So, in fact, it’s also a free outdoor museum. These ruins are listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

If you go a little lower, on the slope of the mountain you can find an unusual thing – it is a tea plantation and a tea factory . Be sure to check it out. The air here is saturated with sweet vanilla, because here they pack the famous tea from the Seychelles, flavored with it. Here you can buy a great gift for your loved ones. These teas are aromatic and very inexpensive. If you don’t have time to buy it, then look for it in local stores. It’s cheap there too.

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On the island of Mahe is another great place – the Creole perfume laboratory.

There is also a boutique where you can buy local perfume. All this stands in front of the house, where the world-famous perfumer Dagmar Ehlert resides.


Perfumes here are special – they are made from essences of local plants. Imagine that you can take home the tropical flavors of the Seychelles in a beautiful bubble: ylang-ylang, patchouli, frangipane, passion fruit, jasmine … The laboratory is located on the road, where you can get directions of any local. The lab and boutique are open Monday through Saturday. If you don’t manage to get there in time, you can buy this perfume in duty free Mahe.

The rum factory is another local attraction. In general, rum is the drink of the Seychelles, so to speak! Take it as a souvenir home. The rum distillery is located in the southeast of Mahe. On the territory stands the distillery itself, and next to it you can find a restaurant and a bar. Here they mix great cocktails. Then you can walk around the territory – there are colonial houses with a very authentic design. By the way, there used to be a plantation where slaves worked…

Excursions with tasting rum on Mahe are held on weekdays from 11:30. The price is relatively pleasant – 1250 rubles.


The Beaches of Mahe Island in the Seychelles

Oh, a heavenly delight. Here all the beaches on Mahe are different. They are different: the different color and texture of sand, different sand grains, different water temperature. On one beach, the sea is gentle, and on another rough. Even the shells here you will find completely different. And the best part is that there are no private beaches. They are simply forbidden to privatize.


Visit the most famous beaches on Mahe! The whole west coast is a chain of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe.

Bo Valon is the biggest beach on Mahe.

It’s also the most popular beach on the island, so you’ll find a lot of people here. When do I come here? At any time of the year. People like to rest on Bo Valon during the rainy season, they say it becomes more beautiful. The beach is covered with fine sand, it is very pleasant to walk here without shoes.

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The beach has a good infrastructure. Nearby there are many hotels, hostels, a cafe, a lifeguard service and nearby there is a parking for cars. The beach line is large – about 2 kilometers.

The beach is surrounded by large and bright tropical bushes, in the shade of which you can relax from the scorching sun. You can get to the beach on the island or you can take a boat from anywhere on Mahe. The trouble is that jellyfish sometimes come ashore


Anse Intendance Beach

This beach is probably the most beautiful beach in Seychelles, according to tourists.


It is located in a cozy cove on the southwestern coast of Mahe.

The airport is close by and you can walk to the beach along a winding road through a tropical forest. The beach line is about 20 meters wide, then comes the forest.

The beach length is 700 meters. On the beach is a hotel Banyan Tree Seychelles 5 *, but everyone has access to its beach.


The beach has a shower with fresh water, and there is a bar where you can have a drink. This is where the infrastructure ends. The beach is covered with fine white sand. The bottom is sandy and rocky. This beach is loved by surfers – there are always great waves.

Petit Anse Beach

Another beautiful beach on the west coast of Mahé.

It’s small: only 200 meters long and 20 meters wide.


But the water here is crystal clear, blue, the sand is soft and fine. On the shore you can sunbathe, and the water is not only swimming, but scuba diving, surfing and windsurfing. In general, the current here is pretty strong, so be careful.

On the perimeter of Petit Anse are rocks, from where a picturesque view and a beautiful panorama of the island of Mahe.


Infrastructure is poor, but there are umbrellas and sun loungers. Drinks and food are available at the local hotel, restaurant and bar. Near the entrance to the beach, locals sell coconuts and fresh juices.

Anse Major Beach

A wild secluded beach between granite cliffs on the northwest coast. It is also small – 200 meters long, but very hidden.


The bottom is flat and the beach is divided into two parts. The rocks and the forest cover the beach from the wind and the waves. Here you can swim and sunbathe, go snorkeling. There is a toilet and equipped with a canopy. The only problem – it is difficult to get here. But a cab will take you there.

Be Lazar Beach

Mahe’s most tranquil beach. Be Lazare beach is narrow but long. A lot of things you can do on the beach: kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and island excursions.

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There are restaurants with different cuisines, there are sunbeds and umbrellas, there are several hotels along the beach. Of the minuses – from October to June, you can not swim here, because the current is strong.

On this beach is one of the best hotels in Seychelles: Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare 5*.

Top 6 Hotels on the Island of Mahé in the Seychelles

The island is very popular with tourists and we present to you the top 6 hotels on Mahe.

Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas (ex. Maia Luxury Resort & Spa) 5*

A hotel for those who love luxury. It is rightfully considered one of the most luxurious hotels on Mahe, it’s perfect if you are a sophisticated and demanding tourist. Because of the covid here are introduced measures: there is a diagnostic procedure for guests, all staff wear masks. This applies to guests, including children.


But next to the hotel – Petit Anse, a bay and a beautiful beach. On the territory has its own pool. Accommodation options are many – there are suites and villas. The latter are carefully hidden from prying eyes in the tropical forest.


The area of such a villa is 186 square meters. There is a separate terrace and a deep-water pool.

AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa 4*

The hotel stands, as the name suggests, on the beach Barbarons. This is a large complex about 13 kilometers from Victoria. To the water here is literally 150-200 meters, the first beach line. In 2015, the hotel was reinvented, so now it is as good as new.


The hotel offers 124 rooms of different categories.

Banyan Tree Seychelles 5*.

Another hotel on the first beach line of the island.


It is a complex of 37 luxury villas. Each has a private swimming pool. Their interiors are very interesting – ethno motifs are intertwined with colonial style. There are three restaurants.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles 5*

The hotel is located in Lazare Bay. The hotel itself is like a chic island on the water’s edge.


Rooms here are in the form of villas, and luxuriously decorated suites awaiting tourists. The hotel is built in Creole ethnic style. Honeymooners love the hotel; beautiful weddings are held here.

Savoy Resort & Spa Seychelles 5*

A chain hotel which also stands right on the beach of Beau Vallon. It has its own spa complex, Russian bath and sauna, several pools.


Panoramic views, cozy suites – in a word a comfortable and carefree vacation.

DoubleTree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa 4*

The hotel stands right on the beach at Anse Forbans. There is a landscaped pool that overlooks the ocean. Some rooms have a hot tub.

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