Serene sailing in the Seychelles

Serene sailing in the Seychelles

The granite archipelago of the Seychelles, northeast of Madagascar and studded with World Heritage sites, encompasses some 115 inner and outer islands . While the more remote outer islands can be reached with a local guide or a specially trained captain on board, the inner islands, including the well-known Praslin, La Digue and Mahe, are the most visited. A popular destination for yacht charters, most are less than 30 nautical miles apart. This provides short sailing times for a convenient trip around the islands. Yachting here offers swaths of palm-fringed white beaches washed by crystal clear water, with opportunities to explore secluded lagoons, colorful reefs and coral atolls. The city is filled with culture, unique flora and fauna, and countless attractions.

An ideal starting point for a yacht charter, Mahe is home to 90% of the Seychelles population and is home to the capital of the Republic and Victoria’s only port. Mahe’s lively market allows you to experience the real Seychelles way of life with fantastic fresh produce and spices . One of the largest seagrass areas is St. Anne’s Park. Hawksbill and green turtles are often seen here, as well as aphalins. Perfect for snorkeling among coral reefs teeming with marine life. There are also opportunities to enjoy glass-bottom boat rides.

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Serene sailing in the Seychelles

Treasure is said to be buried on the private island of Moyenne, where among the tropical gardens are the remains of the homes of early settlers and the graves of pirates as giant turtles roam free. Follow the half-hour hiking trail around the island for panoramic views , and discover one of the world’s most photographed and photographed beaches, where pink granite cliffs and white sand create a sublime vision of beauty. Neighboring Round Island boasts a popular Creole restaurant, Long Island is a favorite spot for a relaxing vacation, and the uninhabited Ile Cachet Island boasts a nature preserve with a perfect spot for diving enthusiasts.

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Numerous adjacent satellite islands are also perfect for exploring by boat, offering private berths as well as plenty of snorkeling and diving opportunities. To the north is Coconut Island, a marine park centered around three small islets with shallow turquoise water. The water here, surrounded by extensive coral reefs, offers a spectacular snorkeling experience. Nearby are the picturesque Sister Islands, namely Grand Sur and Petit Sur, which are popular for hiking and picnicking due to their spectacular ocean panoramas, and offer plenty of underwater marine life to discover.

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Serene sailing in the Seychelles

Reach Anse Lazio, northwest of Praslin Island, perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in the Seychelles and the most famous beach on the island. It’s a great place to enjoy the sensational views as the azure waves lapping on the white sandy shores and the ideal cove to enjoy all the water sports available on board. You can also go snorkeling among the corals, watching the turtles. If you want to go ashore, visit Le Chevalier restaurant, a popular lunch spot in the shade of palm trees. There are lovely footpaths through the lush greenery of the peninsula leading to more secluded coves and expansive sandy beaches. The Valle de May on Praslin is so remarkable that it was once considered the original site of the Garden of Eden. It is home to six endemic species of palm trees, as well as other native trees, it is also the last noted habitat of the endangered black parrot.

From emerald jungle to secret anchorages, idyllic beaches and spectacular boulders. Clearly, the Seychelles is a charming vacation destination.

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Serene sailing in the Seychelles

What to do on the island of Mahe Seychelles

Tours in Seychelles

The island of Mahe in Seychelles is the most popular vacation spot for visitors and natives.

The Mahe resort is the largest (the length of the Mahe Island is 27 km and an area of 150 square kilometers) and the first to visit.

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It is home to the capital of the archipelago, Victoria and the Seychelles international airport, which annually receives about 1 million travelers.

The population of the mountainous and green atoll is 72 thousand people, most of whom are employed in the tourism industry.

Like everywhere else in Seychelles, the island of Mahe is characterized by a subequatorial maritime climate, without drastic temperature fluctuations, with moderate humidity and light refreshing breezes.

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What to do on the island of Mahe

In the Seychelles, Mahe is, above all, 68 beautiful beaches, famous for their cleanliness, exotic vegetation and the possibility of a variety of recreational activities from doing nothing on the sunbed, to active water sports, diving and windsurfing.

The most famous beach is Bo Valon, sprawling in the north of Mahe, the most exotic, preserving the original beauty of Anse Intendance, lovers of solitude will enjoy Anse Forbans and Anse Royal, and for athletes will be ideal Grand Anse.

The sea on the island of Mahe is crystal clear, transparent, almost always serene, and diving near the shore with a snorkel and flippers can discover the stunning corals and shells, around which swim more than 150 species of fish.

Tours in Seychelles

Attractions on the island of Mahe are museums and galleries, mosques, churches, numerous restaurants of the national cuisine.

It is impossible to take your eyes away from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built at the beginning of the last century, the symbol of the state Clock Tower built in 1903, so called Big Ben in miniature, stands in the center of Victoria.

What else to visit on the island of Mahe, you can excursions to the famous Museum of Natural History, exhibits ancient objects and ancient documents of the country.

The Craftsmen’s Village is an interesting stroll,

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The 115-year-old Mont Fleury Botanical Gardens,

Cinnamon and coconut plantations , woods endemic to the Seychelles jellyfish tree and carnivorous pitcher .

Mahe Island Entertainment

One of the joys for foreigners visiting the colorful markets of Mahe, such as Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, Portside Bazar, Victoria Bazar where you can buy fruits, fresh fish, seafood, coconuts, souvenirs, handicrafts, paintings, clothes.

The bazaars are open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, and from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday.

Cruises around Mahe on luxury yachts, accompanied by professional skippers and crew of sailors, are in demand.

Local snacks and drinks are offered on board. You can also go swimming in the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean and see the giant turtles.

Seychelles Golf Club invites you to play golf, billiards, sit in the restaurant and enjoy the elite alcohol.

Seychelles Golf Club is close to the rainforest and the bird sanctuary.

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