Seasons in Paris, France: What’s the best time of year to visit Paris

When is the season? When is the best time to go to France?

Having lived in France for a year, I had the pleasure of seeing all the seasons change. I lived in Paris, but occasionally traveled to the rest of France. I must say, it wasn’t always easy because of the weather. I was very cold in the winter, as the winters there are not dry and cold like in Russia, but very wet, with plenty of rain. I remember it was cold, especially in the subway in Paris. When I went down there, it was as if I was still pelted with a wave of cold.

But summer came very quickly, since March, which could not but make me happy. It was then that I fully understood why Impressionism was born in France. Roses and other flowers bloom in the gardens all around and a pleasant, spicy scent wafts through the city. In the suburbs of Paris is especially nice to walk around at this time: the trees are already green, rose bushes are hanging over the fence of the gardens, and light birds are chirping among the flowers.

Summer in France.

It is very hot. The temperature rises to +25, and in some regions up to +30. The worst time to come to Paris. Unless of course you want to get sunstroke in an endless line to the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. Even to buy an ice cream, you have to stand in line. It seems that at this time come all the tourists from all over the world here. Parisians themselves laugh that they just leave their city to rest on the Riviera or some resort, leaving Paris to the mercy of tourists.

What to do

The best place to go is the Côte d’Azur. Nice or Cannes, of course, are very expensive. Even the simplest hotel will cost at least 250-300 EUR because it is the peak tourist season. It is better to stay in some small town in the South and go to Nice and Cannes to see the city or sunbathe on the beach.

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Another option is to go to the Atlantic coast of France, such as Deauville, Biarritz or Saint-Malo. Wide sandy beaches coupled with bright sunshine will delight you. But Deauville and Biarritz are also very expensive. It is better to stay in less popular towns and go there for excursions and to sunbathe and swim. Such trips will cost you 1000 EUR without tickets, for 7-8 days.

A less expensive option is Corsica. It has a special Mediterranean charm. Curved sandy beaches, and mountainous landscapes will give you just an unforgettable vacation. You can vacation in Corsica for 700-800 EUR for 5-6 days.

If you can afford, you can go to the islands, for example, of French Polynesia. France has its former colonies of Martinique, Guadeloupe, etc.. You can choose any of them, but they are all very far from France and Russia, so direct flights will take 14 hours. And many islands, such as Tahiti, there are only flights with connections, which last almost a day. Tours for two people cost from 6,000-7,000 EUR for a week.

Autumn in France

Early autumn, September to early October, is the ideal time to visit Paris. There are already fewer tourists in the city, and the city goes into its usual, routine rhythm. Everyone returns from vacation and goes to work, school or lyceum. It’s not very cold yet – +20, +15 degrees. But it is interesting to watch the slow fading of nature. In Versailles, in the park, the trees are dropping leaves on the path, transforming it. There will be no more queues or they will not be so big.

What to do

You can also travel around France itself during this period. I, for example, went to the Champagne-Ardenne region, where I took a tour of two champagne factories. It was very interesting, considering that after each tour there was also a tasting. All together, it cost me 80 EUR. It was a bus tour.

Another option is to go to Poitou or Aquitaine and see the castles and museums there. In general, autumn is a great time to visit central France. You can come to Paris, and then buy a bus tour. They are not very expensive – from 80-100 EUR for 1 day and 200-300 for 2-3 days.

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Winter in France

In Paris, winter is very wet, with rain and winds. Umbrella should always and everywhere. The temperature drops to +10, +5. This is not the best time to come here, although the tourists are almost never met here.

What to do

But this is the best season to go to Chamonix or Three Valleys. You can rent a cabin if you can afford, and if not – just buy a ticket from the Russian tour operator. It will cost you 500-1000 EUR. But believe me, the money you have spent will be worth it! The magnificent mountain ranges of the Alps, its mesmerizing beauty, and the pleasant creaking of the skis under your feet is enough to compensate for everything. And in the evening you can go to a restaurant and taste Savoyard cuisine with excellent wine to warm you up.

For New Year I advise to go to Disneyland. There on every holiday there are amazing shows, and certainly at Christmas rolled just a delightful spectacle. It’s going to be a real fairy tale for the kids. The main thing is that you have to get there in advance so that you don’t have to wait in a queue. The ticket price is from 100-120 EUR.

Spring in France

The weather begins to clear. The rain falls less and the temperature goes up to +20. Roses are in bloom in the gardens of Parisians, which means it’s time to return to Paris.

What to do

In spring it’s nice to walk not only through the city itself, but also go to, for example, the Castle of Vincennes and the park. A visit to the castle, of course, pay (about 10 EUR), but the park is completely free. There walk peacocks and you can meet other animals. There are flora of different countries: from Japanese garden to tall maples.

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There are also excursions to Giverny. It was there that Monet painted his famous water lilies. It’s an amazingly beautiful place. I remember that bus tours there were only 35 EUR.

Or I recommend going to Fontainebleau – it’s far from Paris, almost an hour. But it’s just a stunningly beautiful park, and the castle itself is worth a visit – all the rooms and halls there are perfectly preserved.

The Loire Valley is also nice to visit. Wei near the castles, influential nobles and kings usually arranged parks and gardens, amazing in their taste.


So depending on the season, go to the appropriate regions of France. In any case, France will not disappoint you. It is beautiful at any time of year and will give you the most pleasant upbringing. I liked most of all the spring in France. At this time really all the streets are just fragrant with the smell of flowers. My girlfriends and I used to go to the parks in the spring and have mini picnics. It’s nice to sit there on the grass, in the shade of the trees, watching the passages around.

Seasons in Paris, France: What’s the best time of year to visit Paris

Paris is one of the most interesting places in the world . The French capital is the perfect combination of traditional charm and modern wonders with a thriving cultural life.

What is the best time of year to visit Paris? What is the best month to visit ? Paris is always a good idea, and there is never a bad time to visit, as the city has a mild climate and extreme weather conditions are rare. But each season has its pros and cons, and your visit will differ depending on the time of year.

From January to December, all seasons in Paris are beautiful . It’s a year-round destination, each season brings its own benefits to visitors.

Seasons in Paris, France: what's the best time of year to visit Paris - Photo 2

Seasons in Paris, France: What’s the best time of year to visit Paris

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Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris is a delight , one of the best times. Temperatures are usually mild and there aren’t many tourists, so it’s good to explore Paris on foot or by bike.

After the cold winter, Paris slowly comes alive in spring . The days get longer, Parisian gardens are filled with magnolias and cherry blossoms, and the city’s many terraced cafes are filled with locals and tourists alike.

The banks of the Seine, forgotten in winter, awaken as people stroll, cycle or skate.

In spring there are many national holidays in France. In May there are Easter vacations, school vacations and many long weekends (May 1, May 8 and Pentecost Monday). During these weekends the flow of tourists increases and prices become high.

The weather in March is not easy and you can get grey rainy days. In fact, spring is one of the two rainiest seasons in Paris, with about a 14% chance of rainy weather.

March begins cool with daytime highs around 13C. By May the weather warms up to a nice 19C , but the nights remain quite cold throughout the season.

Seasons in Paris, France: Which is the best time of year to visit Paris - Photo 3

Spring in Paris

Summer in Paris

Summer in Paris is not only the best weather, but also the season with the busiest social calendar . Music festivals, al fresco dining, shady terrace cafes or rooftop bars under the stars, and outdoor cultural events make the city attractive to travelers of all ages.

June and July are the most dynamic months in terms of cultural events and offerings, with something always happening. In August, many Parisians go on vacation.

Summer weather consists of daytime highs of at least 26C and cool nights of about 13C. Although the temperature may not seem very high to some people, keep in mind that Paris is very humid.

In July there are always 2 or 3 days of extreme heat, which can make it almost hard to breathe. These unusual days with high temperatures are called in French canicule (heat wave).

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Summer in Paris

Paris in autumn

Autumn in Paris is one of the best seasons to visit . After the busy summer months, the crowds of tourists have thinned and the city is finally back to the locals.

The days are getting shorter, but the flowers are still blooming, and the parks and avenues with their fall colors and fallen leaves are an inspiring sight.

September is back to school and the office, but it’s also a time of major trade fairs, exhibition updates and fun treasure hunts around town.

Festival season is in full swing . There are plenty of food and wine harvest festivals to attend as well as interesting cultural events.

Until mid-October (the so-called Indian summer) there can be quite warm days, so autumn is still a good season in Paris to spend time outdoors. After mid-October be prepared for the occasional torrential rain and a little wind.

Seasons in Paris, France: What time of year is better to visit Paris - Photo 5

Paris in autumn

Winter in Paris

Winter in Paris is cold . The days are usually short and gray, with frequent rain and fog. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to choose winter to go to Paris because it is the best season to visit Paris to avoid the crowds.

December is Christmas month and the city takes it very seriously with beautiful Christmas markets, lights and decorations. It is also the perfect time for hot chocolate, wine in Parisian cafes, concerts and gastronomic events. After a few days break, the city gets festive again with New Year’s celebrations.

January and February may not be the best months to walk around the city or explore the area, but there are so many events indoors that it’s hard to get bored in Paris. Festivals like Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year or Carnival definitely add color to this season in Paris.

Expect daytime highs of 8C and nighttime temperatures near zero. Snow sometimes covers the rooftops of Paris, but not for long. You’re more likely to see rain: Winter is linked to spring, and these are the rainiest seasons in Paris.

Seasons in Paris, France: What time of year is better to visit Paris - Photo 6

Winter in Paris

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