Schloss Eltz in Germany

Schloss Elz

Castle Elz (Germany) – the most detailed information with photos. The main sights of Elz with descriptions and location of the castle on the map.

Castle Elz (Germany).

Elz Castle is a picturesque medieval castle located in Germany in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is considered one of the most beautiful German castles and one of the visiting cards of the country. Built over eight centuries ago, Eltz has never been invaded or destroyed, maintaining its unique architecture and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages to this day.

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Geography and climate

Elz is located in western Germany around 40 km from Koblenz. The castle was built on a 70 m high cliff in the picturesque Elzbach valley and is surrounded by dense forests.



Tourist information

  1. The foundation of the castle – the 12th century.
  2. Architecture – Gothic, Romanesque style
  3. Opening hours – daily from 9 30 till 17 30
  4. Official site –
  5. Cost of the ticket: adults – 11 euros, children, students, pensioners – 7 euros.


The first mention of Elz dates back to 1157. The castle was built by Rudolf von Elz in the lower course of the river Elzbach, which is a tributary of the Moselle River. In 1268, the Eltz family split into three separate branches. The castle was then divided into three parts and each branch built its own houses and towers over the next four centuries.



Between 1331 and 1336 Elz was besieged for the first time by the army of the Archbishop of Trier. The owners had to surrender the castle and accept the vassalage. The castle survived the Thirty Years War, the War of the Palatinate and the Napoleonic Wars.

Interestingly enough, the castle has belonged to the Eltz family for eight centuries.

How to get there

You can get to Elz by train, which go to Koblenz and Trier. Get off at the station Moselkern, from which begins a five-kilometer hiking trail to the castle. You can also easily get to Elz by car.

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Entrance to the castle

Entrance to the castle

The biggest attraction of Elz Castle is its architecture. This building is considered a prime example of the romantic chivalric style, combining features of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Throughout its history, the castle was owned by one family, which was divided into three branches. Each branch owned a part of the castle and built it up differently.


The courtyard

The castle consists of eight residential towers, on which the half-timbered structures were built. The chateau courtyard tells the colorful and often complicated story of the three branches of the Eltz dynasty for 500 years.

The castle’s armory and treasury is one of its main attractions. Precious objects made of gold and silver, porcelain, jewelry, glass, ivory, coins and weapons belonging to the Eltz family for eight centuries are on display here.



The Knights’ Hall is another important room in the castle. This is where the Eltz family gathered for important meetings. The room is distinguished by a massive ceiling, original coat of arms and knight’s armor.

The Rodendorf Kitchen is another interesting part of the castle. It dates back to the 15th century and has not changed much since then.

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