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Kyrgyz Seaside Sanatorium (Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul) – reviews

Today my review will be devoted to the sanatorium, which is located on the northern coast, the pearl of Kyrgyzstan, Lake Issyk-Kul. The sanatorium “Kyrgyz Vzmore” is located in the village of Bosteri. I have always liked this name, it has a European feel to it. The village itself is not.

I had a wonderful vacation during the Indian summer season!

This year my husband and I found this place in September, vacations so coincided. Very beautiful, well-groomed resort. Drowned in the green, roses all around, different varieties of trees of enormous size. Weather favored, had a rest on all 100%. Nadu.

One of the best sanatorium

The sanatorium corresponds to the price, a site convenient, a food very good – delicious, nourishing, fresh. Not once was during a business trip, sent parents to rest. I very much like territory, gardening. the beach pure, water transparent, a bottom sandy. Treatment effective, there are medics who.

The second Switzerland.

Hello dear friends, I want to tell you how we had a rest in the Kyrgyz seaside. I always had a great time, no matter what time of year it was. Attentive staff, always meet with a smile, help.

See and do not come back!

Absolutely no hospitality. The staff do not say hello, all without exception try to pretend – did not notice. God forbid to get there in season! We travel without luxury, this year we decided to see Lake Issykul, we stayed in a sanatorium.

A hard feeling from staying at the resort Kirghiz Vzmore

The staff at the sanatorium lives for themselves and not for the guests. The owner of the sanatorium is eating up the Soviet heritage.

I vacationed in the sanatorium with my family (2 adults and 2 children) from July 22 to 28, 2018. Lived in a 3-bed room of superior comfort in the building Altyn, on the second floor. No enhanced comfort did not feel. At.

Öland. Swedish paradise in the Baltic Sea

Price and quality do not match.

Stopped several times in this resort, mostly out of season when most resorts are closed. Rooms are modest, cramped, some even sucked. The last time we were in October 2017, stopped for a few days, we wanted to therapeutic at the same time.

The best treatment.

Recently overpowered by age-related soreness. It is an acquired fact. So we decided with my wife to have a rest with health benefits. We chose Kyrgyzstan for this purpose. Specifically, the famous Issyk-Kul Lake. There used to be a base for recovery of cosmonauts.

Restore physical and mental condition for not much money.

Acquaintance with this sanatorium began for us in 2011, when during a regular visit to the doctor diagnosis “Asthma” sounded like a verdict. We had to not only change our usual way of life, but also to add to our usual hotels.

Very bad

“Vacationed” in early August 2017. Rooms are old, even the “suite” in which we lived, with an old couch and chairs, in places torn. Cleaning in the rooms with a change of linen is indicated once every 2 days, in fact a week.

A healthy and rewarding vacation!

Since I live in the republic of “Kyrgyzstan” (Kirigiz Republic). I can’t help noting, perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of our country is the “Pearl of Kyrgyzstan” lake “Issyk-Kul”. Anyone who lives in our country should come here.

We had a great vacation and treatment.

Hello dear authors and readers! This year we decided to go to Issyk-Kul to rest and heal. We booked rooms in a resort Kyrgyz Seaside for five days with treatment. Upon arrival we booked a room for two per day.

The worst boarding house of the 6 I was in.

Terrible standard rooms. Dirty, old, shabby room. The only thing that was comforting was the lake. Rest was with my family. Would not recommend. Though I’m not picky, but this sanatorium is not a pleasant experience.

Wooden Churches of Maramures, Romania

Good sanatorium.

I vacation in this sanatorium every year. Given the specifics of work, I usually go there at the end of August for 2 weeks. Cheap (standard) rooms until August 20, most often there is no, sometimes even junior suites are busy. But we always find a compromise.

Kyrgyz Vzmore Sanatorium


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Hotel description

Sanatorium “Kyrgyz Vzmore” is located in the village of Bosteri, on the shore of the famous Issyk Kul Lake.

Year of construction: 1965.

The area of the territory: 45 hectares.

Period of work: all year round.

Accommodation: Main building. Number of floors: 4.

  • 2-bed standard rooms. The number of basic seats: 2. The number of additional seats: 1. In the room: shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, two twin beds, balcony.
  • 3-bed standard room. The number of basic seats: 3. The number of extra beds: 1. In this room: shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, 3 twin beds, balcony.
  • 2-bed room enhanced comfort. The number of basic seats: 2. The number of extra beds: 1. In this room: shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, chair, two twin beds, balcony. Rooms after repair.
  • 1-bed 2-room suite. The number of basic seats: 1. The number of extra seats: no. In this issue: shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, chair, double bed, balcony. Rooms after repair.
  • 2-bed suite. The number of basic seats: 2. The number of extra seats: 1. In this issue: shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, chair, two twin beds, balcony. Rooms after repairs.

Meals: canteen, cafe, phyto-bar.

The food system: 3 times complex.

Children: taken from any age.

Documents: permit, passport, for children – birth certificate with a stamp of citizenship, medical policy.

Check-in: Check-in from 14:00, check-out before 12:00 (or arrival at 08:00, check-out before 20:00).

How to rest in the Czech Republic: information for tourists

The price includes: accommodation, 3 meals a day, basic treatment.

Services and facilities

To services of holidaymakers: sauna, billiards, night club, parking.

Sports: indoor pool, gym, tennis court, volleyball court, athletic fields.

Children: children’s room.

Water: Lake Issyk-Kul.

Beach: sandy, own, 150 – 500 meters from the buildings. There are 2 bars, deck chairs, mattresses, umbrellas, mini-football, volleyball court, catamarans, scooters, boats, bananas, parachute.


Treatment profile: diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, ENT-organs, cardiovascular system, gynecology.

Children are accepted for treatment from 5 years old.

Therapeutic base: water-mineral bath with pearl massage, Sharko shower, circular shower, mud applications (small or medium) of therapeutic mud, inhalation, speleotherapy, physiotherapy procedures (magnetic therapy, UHF, ultrasound therapy, ionophoresis, electric pulse therapy).


  • Children under 5 years old are placed free of charge with the payment of food in the sanatorium.
  • On arrival at the resort for children under 5 years old pay for food – 800 rubles/person/day.
  • Cost can be changed due to currency change.

How to get there

Address: Kyrgyz Republic, Issyk-Kul region, village of Bosteri, “Kyrgyz Seaside” sanatorium.

Directions: By plane to Bishkek, then by public transport or by cab to the sanatorium.

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42°38′33″N Longitude: 77°13′23.88″E, for navigator: 42.6425, 77.2233

For mobile Yandex Navigator app: coordinates: 42.6425, 77.2233 (open coordinates in Yandex Navigator app and lay out your route)

For mobile Yandex Maps app: coordinates: 42.6425, 77.2233 ( get coordinates in Yandex Maps app )

For Google Maps mobile application Googdiele Maps: coordinates: 42.6425, 77.2233 ( open coordinates in Google.Maps application and lay the route )

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