Route around Minsk in one day, Belarus

What to see in Minsk in 1 day

Modern Minsk has spacious streets, the architecture of the Stalinist Empire period and constructivism, a large number of public gardens, green alleys and parks. This is one of the old cities in Europe with a rich culture and national traditions. Being here, you should definitely plunge into its atmosphere and walk around the main sights of the city.

To get acquainted with the city you will have to spend at least 1-2 days, and that is not the limit. The main task in this case is just to plan the route in advance in order to cover a full list of interesting places.

What to see on your own in 1 day on foot

This article presents a selection of places of interest in Minsk, which you can see on foot in just one day. The main accent in such express-tour is made on the places and objects, located in the central part of the city.

“The gates of Minsk

You can start your way of a tourist walk on the sights of the city with this architectural complex. “The gates of Minsk” are included in the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus and are one of the symbols of this ancient city. The architect of the structure is B. Rubanenko.

The building is located on Privokzalna square. Two symmetrical towers, 11 stories high, are located at the corners of 5-storey houses. On one tower is a clock, on the other – the emblem of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic.

From the “Gates” you can go up to Independence Square through Mikhailovsky square. There are several sculptures in the square: “Lighter”, “Stranger”, “Girl with an Umbrella”.

What to see in Minsk in one day

Independence Square

The main square of the Republic of Belarus and a visiting card of Minsk. “Spacious and modern” – this is how it is characterized by city residents and tourists. It is also where the only underground shopping center in the city is located.

It offers a view of the historical buildings, the facades of which overlook the main square of the city. It is worth paying attention to the Government House, in front of the entrance which is a monument to Lenin, the buildings of BSU (Belarusian State University) and BGPU (Belarusian State Pedagogical University), the Red Church.

What to see in Minsk in one day

The Church of St. Simeon and St. Helen (Red Church)

The church is an object of cultural heritage of the country. The building of this Catholic temple was built in 1910 of red brick, so that’s where the second name of the building comes from – the Red Church. The church is active. It hosts services and cultural events: concerts, excursions, celebrations.

The construction of the church was financed by the local merchant Edward Voynilovich. The church was named after the saints in memory of his deceased children Helena and Simon. The architect of the building was Tomasz Poyazderski. The external appearance of the church combines neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau.

Next to the church is a monument to Archangel Michael. In 2000, another sculpture – the bell “Nagasaki” – was installed near the Catholic Church. The monument is dedicated to the victims of the atomic wars and is a duplicate of the Angel Bell sculpture. Behind the Catholic Church there is a small square which is named after Edward Voynilovich. In the square there is a museum of the history of the Belarusian cinema.

What to see in Minsk in one day

Upper Town

The next stop on the route for 1 day is the Upper Town. Going there, we advise you to adjust your itinerary so as to pass the Pischalovsky Castle. This is one of the historical buildings in the city, dating back to the XIX century. On the territory of the castle there is now an active pre-trial detention center.

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The Upper town is a historical district of Minsk. You can spend a whole day walking around the streets, looking at the sculptures, churches, and architecture of this place. This quarter is also called the High Market. The Upper town is a popular tourist destination and is a part of the obligatory express route around Minsk.

Upper town is the area of Freedom Square and the neighboring streets. The district was formed in the 16th century. There are buildings dating from the XVI-XVIII centuries. While in this quarter, it is worth paying attention to the town hall, the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, the Church of St. Joseph (former Bernardine monastery), the Church of the Holy Spirit. Next to the Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the central part of the city and the Svisloch River.

In the area of the Upper town there is a large accumulation of various museums. Some of them are: the Carriage Museum, the Money Museum, the Museum of the History of Minsk, the Theater Museum, the Vankovich House Museum.

What to see in Minsk in one day

Trinity Suburb

From the Upper town you can go to the Trinity Suburb (Troitskaya Gora) which is situated on the opposite bank of the river Svisloch. It’s also one of the historic districts of the city, and also a very picturesque place.

It is also included in the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus. The buildings in the area are eclectic in style. The construction of the Trinity Suburb began in the XVII century, and the first records of the area date back to the X-XI centuries. In the Middle Ages there was an old town with a trading square.

In 2004 the protection area of Troitskoe predmestie in the western part of this area was approved. The quarter was restored and nowadays it is a sort of open-air museum with examples of 19th century architecture.

It is a popular tourist spot in Minsk. There are interesting sculptures and monuments here (“To Belorussians abroad”, J. Drozdovich, “Girl with an owl” and others). Among the buildings worth mentioning are the house of Vigdorchik, Pinsuhovich, and the factory of Zitver. Of museums – the living room of V. Golubka, the museum of Belarusian literature, the museum of M. Bogdanovich, the museum of nature and ecology. There are also a lot of restaurants, cozy cafes and souvenir stores.

What to see in Minsk in one day

Great Theater

From Troitskiy Suburb you should turn in the direction of Paris Commune Square. Here is the Grand Theatre of Opera and Ballet. This is the only and largest opera theater in the Republic of Belarus. The opening of the theater took place in 1933.

The Bolshoi Theater was awarded the status of a national architectural monument, so it is definitely worth seeing. The monumental building was made in the style of pre-war constructivism by architect I. Langbard.

What to see in Minsk in one day

The Isle of Courage and Grief (“The Isle of Tears”)

From Troitsky Prospect across the Humped Bridge, connecting the mainland and the island, you can get to the territory of the open-air memorial complex. “Tear Island” was created in memory of the internationalist soldiers who fell in Afghanistan. Construction of the bridge took place from 1988 to 1996.

The complex stands on an artificial island in the middle of the river Svisloch. There is a small chapel on the island, the walls of which are carved the names of all fallen soldiers of Belarus. Inside the chapel there are bells with strings stretched to the ground. With the ringing of the bells the sounds of the strings are also heard.

In addition to the chapel on the island there is a monument “Weeping Angel”. At the entrance to the island there is an icon of the Mother of God, cut into a stone.

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What to see in Minsk in one day

National Library in Minsk

If you still have energy left after a walk in the historic center of Minsk, you can finish your sightseeing tour by going to the Park of Writers, where the National Library of the Republic of Belarus is . It is the main scientific library of the republic and the largest depository of books in the country. You can get to the park from the center by subway. Get off at the Vostok station. Also, you can walk to the Park of Writers, walking along the longest street of the country – Independence Avenue.

The building itself is an architectural pride. It is made in the form of a diamond (rhombo-cube octahedron). The building is as tall as a 23-storey house. The construction of the new complex took place from 2002 to 2006. At sunset the building switches on LED lighting, patterns and designs are constantly changing.

The building has two observation decks. One is an enclosed gallery on the 22nd floor and the other is open on the 23rd floor. Tickets for the observation deck can be purchased in advance on the official library website. Before visiting it is best to check the opening hours on the website.

On the platform of the library there is a museum of the book. This location occupies a space of 300 square meters. The museum was opened in 2006.

You can also find more useful information in the “Guide to Minsk”.

What to see in Minsk in one day

Minsk museums in 1 day

The museum program in Minsk can be so rich and varied that it is impossible to do it all in one day. As always it is better to be guided by your own preferences and interests when choosing a museum.

If you only have a day for the museum program, it is better to choose several options that are in close proximity to each other. Tickets to the museum you can buy on the official website of the chosen institution. Nowadays almost every museum has its own website.

Be sure to visit the Belarusian Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, which is located on Victory Avenue. This is the world’s first museum of the history of the Great Patriotic War. Within the walls of the building is a huge collection of artifacts and exhibits from the war. The museum was opened in 1944.

Historical Museum of the Republic has more than 500,000 exhibits relating to the history, politics and culture of the country. There are expositions about the formation of the history of the region – from the settlements of the first people to the present day. Also in the exhibition halls can be found collections of coins, uniforms, weapons, antique musical instruments and many other interesting exhibits. The Historical Museum has several branches, including the Museum of Belarusian Cinema, the House-Museum of the 1st Congress of the RSDLP, and the Museum of Theater.

National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus is one of the most visited museums in Minsk. Within the walls of the museum there is a large collection of paintings and sculptures. The museum was opened in 1939. Today one of the branches of the Art Museum is the Vankovich House Museum. In the building of the former noblemen’s estate there is a museum dedicated to the works of Valentius Vankovich.

You can also pay attention to the unusual museum of the cat or visit the museum of carriages. In the museum “Mini Country” you can see the iconic sights of the republic in miniature format. Children and adults alike will enjoy the Quantum Science Museum.

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You don’t have to make a quick run through the museums of the capital, but go beyond it and plunge into the culture and national life at the ethnographic museum in Ozertsy . You can see the main attractions of this complex in 1 day. Other interesting museums in the vicinity of the capital: museum complex Dudutki , Dukorsky Maentak , Museum of Boulders .

Read more in the article “Museums of Minsk”.

What to see in Minsk in one day

Stories, routes and tourist tips with photos

For making “maximum program” of one day in Minsk you can find ideas in the articles of Ru. In such reports, in addition to interesting routes, there is a lot of useful information, tips and recommendations. In addition, such reviews are always filled with bright and “live” photos.

Three reviews from Albert on a walking tour of the capital of the Republic of Belarus:

An article about a day in Minsk by Sergei Arkhipkin:

An article by Svetlana Appolonova about hiking in the city:

Also, if you still have questions after reading all sorts of materials and browsing the Internet, we suggest you use the “Questions and Answers” section . Here you can get useful and informative answers to your questions from the experts.

What to see in Minsk in one day

Where to stay in Minsk

In Minsk, as a large metropolitan city, tourists have a choice of hotels, apartments and hostels. Hotels without a category and up to 5 stars are located mainly in the center and at the exit of the major highways. The range of room prices is significant, from below average to high by Russian standards, which is quite logical for the Marriott and DoubleTree by Hilton chains. A greater assortment both in variety and prices is always in the apartment offerings. They, too, vary in comfort, size and price, from very small to the level of local 5-star hotels.

A way to save on your trip is to book accommodation at with a cacheback offer at Tourister. Ru

What to see in Minsk in one day

Sightseeing tours

Minsk is a city where all the main attractions are located in its central part. It is impossible to get lost in it. There are many locals who know Russian well and you can always ask them for directions. In addition, most signs and signs here are also in Russian. However, there is another option – to choose a themed tour, where the route is already planned, and an experienced guide will tell interesting facts about the history of a particular site.

Standard sightseeing tours of the city can be filled with non-trivial places with an interesting history. Minsk can appear to the tourist not only in daylight, but also in the evening lights. Guides also offer to see how the era in the capital of the republic changes from the medieval to the Soviet era, and from it to the modern era.

Excursions from Minsk for 1 day

You can go for a whole day from Minsk to visit the historical and memorable places of the region. One of the options is to visit the national park “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”.

As a city to travel for 1 day you can visit Grodno . It’s an old city with a rich culture. You can visit it on your own or with a tour with a guide.

In one day you can see the monuments of architecture, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List – Mir and Nesvizh castles. If possible it’s worth going to Brest to visit Brest Fortress and to see other sights of the city.

A day in the city: a walking route around Minsk

They say that August is like a Sunday evening – still free and easy, but already with a prepared sense of nostalgia for the passing of the best time of the year. We choose not to be discouraged, and walk more to accumulate pleasant memories for the long winter evenings. Therefore, we’ve prepared for you an excellent route through the center of Minsk together with Domino’s pizzeria chain that will help you look at the familiar places from a new angle. Parks, museums, and even an observation deck – it’s interesting, how many thousands of steps can you walk?

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Walk around the park and you’ll see Minsk as if in the palm of your hand

Our suggestion is to start this leisurely weekend in one of the largest and most beautiful green spaces in Minsk – Victory Park. Its area is 200 hectares! But it is impossible to walk around all the 200 hectares at once, so we recommend you to focus on the most interesting activities. You can just stroll along the embankment admiring the fountain on the water, or go for a ride by bicycle – there is a special path stretched for many kilometers. There are usually enough bikes for everyone, so you do not need to bring your own. Another option for entertainment is a ship or a boat. This way you can see the nature of the area from the water. The waterways usually start from the pier of Komsomolsky lake, which is located near the fountain. By the way, there is an equipped beach at Komsomolskoye lake (if you want to sunbathe).

Our favorite place in the Victory Park is a mysterious Bird Island, where about 30 species of birds (many of them are listed in the Red Book) chirp in different voices. The island is arranged very ecologically and stylishly: with wooden paths, decking, stairs, birdhouses and benches. It’s amazing that such a secluded place is in the middle of a noisy city.

After a hefty helping of fresh air in the park, we hurry to climb up to see the city as the birds see it. You are going to the hotel “Belarus” (15, Storozhevskaya Str.), where you can fly up to 73 meters above the ground in a transparent elevator and fall in love with the picturesque panorama of Minsk. You can appreciate the scale of the park, you’ve just been walking in, and see the sights of the city as if on the palm: the Trinity Suburb, the Cathedral, City Hall, the Church of St. Mary and many other iconic buildings of the center. Climb to the site every day from 10:00 to 22:30 (every half hour). The cost is 3.5 BYN per person. Learn all the nuances of the visit here.

The next point of the route is a tourist classic worthy of a fresh look – the Trinity Suburb. It is a small piece of “old Minsk”, which is usually perceived by residents of the city as the very place that is depicted on most souvenirs from the Belarusian capital. How about a literary walk around Troitsky? We guarantee that you’ll learn and see something new.

It is in the cozy Trinity Suburb where Maxim Bogdanovich, the most romantic classic of Belarusian literature, was born. However, he had to move very soon, but it does not detract from the importance of the location. Maksim returned to Minsk as an adult, but unfortunately he did not live here very long because of his illness. The house, where the poet was born, hasn’t reached our days (there’s a memorial sign in its place now). But Maxim Bogdanovich Literary Museum (Bogdanovicha Street, 7a) was opened nearby, on the street which now bears the name of the poet. And this walk is a great chance to finally visit it, if until now there were a thousand excuses. You will see here and unique copies of the collection “Vyanok” with signatures of Bogdanovich, and original manuscripts of the classic. And, of course, you will learn more about the different periods of the poet’s biography and the tragedy of the last months of his life.

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Nearby, in the 13th house on Bogdanovicha Street, is the Museum of the History of Belarusian Literature. Here you can find handwritten archives of Vincennet Dunin-Martinkevich, Kondrat Krapiva, Vasil Bykov, Gennady Buravkin, and many other Belarusian writers and poets. You can also look at antique books, illustrations and personal belongings of the writers. And even a collection of books from the personal library of Vladimir Korotkevich. A visit to this museum is a real pleasure for connoisseurs of Belarusian literature.

But that’s not all in the literary biography of the Trinity Suburb! Another interesting place to visit is the building at Trinity Embankment, 6b. In this very house lived Yanke Kupala’s father. And the future classicist went to first grade at that time. Can you imagine, who used to walk along these beautiful streets!

Well, you can finish this literary march-throw in the legendary bookstore “Vyanok” (Trinity embankment, 4). Wonderful name, isn’t it?

After such an intensive program it is high time to have a snack. We suggest that you avoid the banal dinners in a cafe and, since we’re going for a walk, have an outdoor picnic. Then we cross the river and go to Domino’s pizza (1, Pobediteley Ave) to get a takeaway pizza – great choice for lunch or dinner outdoors.

After that there are a few variants of events, and they depend on how bored you are with your previous walks. If you don’t have the energy to go to a new location, you can find a place near the Svisloch right here on Nemiga. For example, you can go back to the Belarus Hotel, where there is an excellent place for a secluded picnic (as far as seclusion is possible in the center of the city).

The second way is to go to the picturesque riverside at Victory Square, but you need to walk there. However, it will be a nice walk: through the Upper Town, along the meandering riverbed you will reach the shady Yanka Kupala Park. It has been recently reconstructed and even the legendary vases have been painted white again (until a few years ago they sported bright yellow flanks, which provoked controversial reactions from locals). This park offers the best view of Kommunisticheskaya Ulitsa, which is crowned by the house under the steeple (Kommunisticheskaya 14) – the tallest building in the city after the war. The panorama is simply wonderful – this is the soul of Minsk, which is so loved by the citizens.

Another bonus is a huge fountain on the Svisloch, which was installed after the reconstruction of the park – just a year ago. So, choose a cozier spot in the park and have a picnic with a view of our favorite city. Have fun!

We were inspired to make this picnic route by two new products from Domino’s: pizzas “Beef BBQ” and “Sausages and Mushrooms”. Two summer mixes are perfect for a picnic with friends, for a snack during a trip to Belarus, and even for home gatherings.

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