Romantic weekends at the sea. How to spend a weekend at the sea

Romantic travel

Romantic travel countries are vacation destinations where newlyweds, lovers, couples who want to organize a wedding or celebrate a wedding anniversary can go.

  • 1 Romantic Trip for Two
  • 2 Romantic Weekend
  • 3 Unforgettable Wedding Celebration
  • 4 Magic Honeymoon
  • 5 Romantic Destinations for Travel
  • 6 Romantic Countries for Honeymoon
  • 7 Romantic Journeys for Two in Russia

Romantic travel – this is when romance is in the air, restaurants open their doors to invite you for a candlelight dinner, and hotels are ready to provide suites for a serene holiday – isn’t it a dream?

If that’s the way you and your sweetheart want to spend your time, why not start planning now for your upcoming vacation?

Romantic Journey for Two

Going on a romantic weekend trip or honeymoon with your loved one is the perfect gift imaginable. Such a vacation helps to strengthen the feelings, and if the pleasant feelings of living together have faded a bit – it will also bring back the reverent love for each other. Romantic vacation for two abroad – is an opportunity to:

  • spend a week alone with a loved one, without experiencing the intrusive attention of numerous relatives;
  • See unusual places full of exoticism, countries where they have not been;
  • do not limit yourself in anything – choose the best hotel, expensive restaurant, cab rides, cruises, especially if you are celebrating your honeymoon – you deserve it;
  • arrange the most romantic trip in the world that will be forever remembered;
  • visit beaches and landmarks, see the most beautiful places in the world, enjoy the grandeur of ancient sites and find other romantic travel ideas.

If you want to get out to another country with your loved one just for the weekend, a romantic weekend tour is the way to go. The time spent together will be remembered for a long time, and if you take with you and a camera – the memories will not erase from your memory. By the way, the choice of season is unlimited, you can go on a romantic trip in August by the sea or in January – to the snow-capped Alps in Lapland.

Romantic weekends

New emotions and vivid impressions will be a wonderful continuation of the relationship. Each couple can choose a place according to their liking for a romantic holiday for two. This may be a snow-white beaches or beautiful mountain landscapes, metropolis with the rapid pace of life or a cozy town with ancient narrow streets.

Romantic weekend getaway for two is an opportunity to see new countries and cities with your loved one, to get positive experiences and great memories together. A small romantic weekend adventure will contribute to diversity in the relationship and will be a great end to the working week. An unforgettable and unusual will be a wedding ceremony, organized in an exotic location by the sea, against the backdrop of the architecture of the Eternal City, a romantic trip to France.

  • A romantic trip to Paris. The air in this city is full of magic. To feel it fully, you should visit the Eiffel Tower, stroll the Champs-Elysées, admire the imposing architecture of Notre Dame.
  • Magnificent Vienna will not leave indifferent its special atmosphere of light solemnity. In this city, enjoy a coffee at Mozart Café, see the collection of museums, admire the beautiful Schoenbrunn Palace and take a ride in a carriage.
  • The sights of glittering Italy will amaze you with their harmony and splendor. Antiquities of magnificent Rome, the romantic atmosphere of Verona and the unusual beauty of the Venice canals will leave unforgettable impressions for many days after a romantic vacation.
  • Exotic Islands. During the day a tropical fruit cocktail on the beach, and in the evening a fiery fire show. A romantic trip for two will be filled with the sound of waves and beautiful peaceful scenery.
Beaches of the world, posing a threat to human life

An unforgettable wedding celebration

Arrange an original and memorable wedding is possible by using the services of tour operators and order a wedding tour with a wedding ceremony.

  • The wedding ceremony will be memorable in the frame of snow-white houses and volcanic sands of Santorini.
  • The antique halls, candles in candelabras and humming echo of the castles of Bohemia will create a feeling of participation in an ancient celebration.
  • Wedding tours for honeymooners can also be organized at the highest level in comfortable hotels in Turkey and Egypt. Here, the young couple and guests will be delighted with the original national cuisine and incomparable color.
  • Exotic celebration can be arranged in Sri Lanka, where the bride and groom are dressed in national costumes, and pinkies tie a golden thread.
  • Wedding tours to Cuba or the Dominican Republic with a symbolic wedding will make the trip fabulous. It will combine the unforgettable event of joining loving hearts with a honeymoon.

Magical Honeymoon

You can make your wedding celebration unforgettable by choosing a romantic trip to any city in Europe, to the shore of a tropical island or to a country of the mysterious East. Honeymooners have a lot of variants to choose from, which will acquaint them with the cultural heritage and sights, allow them to plunge into the atmosphere of a foreign country or simply give them a rest for your body and soul.

  • The most romantic destinations for honeymoon are the Seychelles and the Maldives with its picturesque lagoons and tropical landscapes.
  • A trip to Europe is a classic option. It is visiting museums, going on excursions or just walking through picturesque streets and parks.
  • A visit to Japan or India will fill the trip with exotic flavor and unforgettable impressions for years to come.

Romantic places to travel

Beautiful resorts where newlyweds and couples in love can spend time, there are in every country, so even if you go on a family trip, sightseeing tour or beach vacation, choose at least a day to spend time together with your spouse.

Takayama. Journey to Little Kyoto

You just need to find the best places for a romantic vacation and enjoy each other’s company. Where do experienced tourists recommend to go all lovers?

  • Romantic trip to Karelia – within our country you can get out even for a weekend. It is more convenient to go by bus or private transport from St. Petersburg. In the list of obligatory places to visit include the route Underground Ruskeala – these are caves with illumination, waterfalls Ahvenkoski, the reserve with a waterfall Kivach. For evening romance it is worth going to Onega embankment in Petrozavodsk;
  • Romantic travel in Europe – the choice for the demanding traveler is huge. In addition to lauded France, you can consider Italy with the famous Venice, Greece, famous for its islands, Finland, where you can go on a winter tour for the Northern Lights;
  • Traveling the romantic road of Germany by car – for this popular tour you will need your own or a rental car. The trip takes you from the picturesque shores of the Main to the alpine peaks of Bavaria, starting point Würzburg. On the route you will find beautiful landscapes, unusual sunsets, palaces, castles and fortresses. Travel only during the day, staying overnight in hotels – otherwise you risk missing another beauty;
  • Romantic travel to Abkhazia – this country is suitable even for a budget holiday, it borders on Russia and Georgia, so it is convenient to get here. Among the recommended places – the famous Gagra with Lake Ritsa, Cave Raven, the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg. Also pay attention to the resort of Gudauta with karst caves, sulfide springs, and a fortress Abakhvatsa. Also visit New Athos, a city with a historical past and an abundance of churches and monasteries;
  • A romantic trip to Ukraine – a trip to this country can be combined with a visit to relatives, if any.
Provence - the romantic south of France

Where else to go on a romantic trip? Exotic Islands, Cherry Sprigs Park in Pennsylvania, Seaside Beach in Florida or Four Eyes House in California – the choice is yours. The truth is that all of these places are luxury vacations that won’t be cheap.

Romantic countries for your wedding trip

Wedding troubles are the most pleasant in the life of future newlyweds, they do not tolerate haste, they require careful preparation and planning. Of course you can spend all the money on a magnificent celebration for the benefit of distant relatives and friends, but it is better to go on a wedding tour and spend time with your beloved, because this holiday is only for you. Romantic places for a wedding trip are numerous, and the most popular and interesting countries to visit were:

  1. Mauritius – a tiny state, as if designed for a honeymoon. Romantic tours here – it is impeccable service, amazing beaches, calm ocean and privacy from prying eyes. Hotels on the island offer honeymooners substantial discounts – up to 50% and a lot of gifts, here you are guaranteed a good mood and boundless care for guests;
  2. Fabulous Seychelles – the high cost is the only minus. Otherwise, the Seychelles is unmatched, a romantic trip for honeymooners will be remembered for a lifetime. At least a day should be spent on the beach Sours de Harjean, taking pictures of water-grinded rocks against the background of the sea and snow-white sand. Of course, it can be boring if you like fun, but there are no crowds of tourists who disturb the rest;
  3. Greece – romantic sailing in Greece in the resort of Santorini in the 1st place in popularity among honeymooners. You should plan the wedding at least 4 months in advance – the queues here are huge, the excitement is great, but at the end of the ceremony you will receive a certificate from the hands of a representative of the mayor’s office – it is a tradition;
  4. Bali is not cheap here too, but the price is compensated by perfect service and the name of the resort. Hardcore romantics do not mind a wedding in Bali. Here you can go on a romantic yacht trip to Bali, see the waterfalls of Git-Git, visit a bamboo chocolate factory and the beach Eco Beach. Among the interesting places are Agung Volcano, Gili Islands, Lovina resort area, where you can swim with dolphins;
  5. Turkey – to go on a romantic sailing trip in Turkey can be at a reasonable cost. Tours for honeymooners include a mandatory visit to the caves of Alanya, Cleopatra Beach, the Valley of Butterflies in Fechtia and the city of Istanbul, which is famous for its romantic atmosphere hanging in the air. If the bride is a fan of Oriental soap operas and tales of the beautiful life, she will definitely love it here;
  6. Italy – if you go on a romantic sailing trip in Italy, you will see countless beautiful places. Venice alone is worth a close look – walks along the bridges, gondola rides through the canals, a visit to Juliet’s house… Here you can see the city of a hundred towers Lucca, the Ligurian coast, Sicily, the Baths of Saturnia. True, in most of these places there are so many tourists that you can forget about the solitude for a long time;
  7. France – this country is beyond competition. Romantic wedding voyage is better to begin with Paris, visit the town of Rocamadour, the Alpine Venice, the rough sea of Etreta, the village on the hill Gordes. Wine lovers will appreciate the city of Riquewihr, history buffs – the brilliant city of Beaune, and all who melt with pirate romance – Saint-Malo in Brittany.
Fabulous holiday in fairytale Bulgaria

Celebrating a wedding abroad can also be done in a shorter period of time – a romantic trip of 3 days is sure to please you. But this time is hardly enough to enjoy each other – it is better to go on a tour for a week, to see the most beautiful places, to be alone, away from tourists. Secluded corners for seclusion can be found even in very popular resorts.

Romantic travels for two in Russia.

It’s not only in foreign resorts that you can spend your honeymoon and enjoy the beauty of romantic cities. Russia with its expanses is also suitable for a trip with your other half. Where to go on a romantic trip? If you want to spend time with benefit, enjoying the company of each other, choose the following destinations:

  • A romantic trip to Moscow – In the capital, besides traffic jams and skyscrapers, there are beautiful places where you can get some privacy. The leaders among couples are Sokolniki Park, Patriarchal Ponds, Neskuchny Garden, Vorobyovy Gory, Kuskovo Estate. You can visit the Hermitage Garden, Poklonnaya Hill, Kadyshevskaya Embankment, and Tsaritsyno;
  • Romantic trip to St. Petersburg is affordable and enjoyable. Here you can take pictures of the local Eiffel Tower, see the ensemble of seven bridges in person, stroll through the orangery of the Tavrichesky garden. A romantic trip to St. Petersburg can’t be imagined without a tour by ship, when you can see the familiar streets from a new perspective. Favorite places for romantics are Angel’s Courtyard, Heart Alley, Kissing Bridge, St. Petersburg Planetarium;
  • A trip to Altai with a visit to Lake Baikal – here it is better to travel by car to see more beautiful places. You will visit Mount Belukha, Karatyurek Pass, Katun Ridge, Talda Caves, Ukok Plateau, and the Valley of Seven Lakes. The Altai Territory is a territory with many romantic natural sites;
  • Tour of the Golden Ring of Russia – suitable for a couple who loves history, not afraid of tedious travel. You will see the beauty of Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, Vladimir, Rostov the Great. You will have to spend the whole weekend, but the trip is worth it;
  • Caucasian Mineral Waters – a trip here can be given to parents in old age, who want to remember their youth and at the same time to improve their health by undergoing treatment. KVM is an abundance of sanatoriums, untouched wildlife, life-giving springs. There are few sights, reasonable prices, a little entertainment too, but guaranteed a calm and measured environment – no one will disturb;
  • A romantic trip for two inexpensive is a trip to the Crimea or the Krasnodar region. There is the sea, beaches and beautiful landscapes. Be sure to visit the castle Swallow’s Nest, visit the Gazebo of the Winds, look at night at the rotunda “Starfall of Memories”. Among the interesting places are the Dragon’s Bridge of Kisses, the Lovers’ Bench, and the Koktebel Valley. In Krasnodar, be sure to visit Krasnaya Street, the City Garden, Chistyakovskaya Grove.
10 things to do in Cambridge in a day, UK

Among the best places for a romantic trip – a trip to Karelia, Kursk region, a visit to Tyumen. Honeymooners will also enjoy a tour to the Far East. The main thing – choose a luxury hotel, book a comfortable room, do not skimp on excursions and entertainment, then the holiday will be divine.

Interesting places to visit can be found abroad and in Russia – amazing resorts, impeccable nature, fashionable restaurants and breathtaking attractions will not go unnoticed. Romanticists will love Spain, France, Germany, exotic islands, the vastness of the immense motherland. You can get away for a honeymoon, for a weekend, leaving the children to relatives, for the celebration of the marriage and just a vacation when you want to.

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