Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

How much does it cost to relax in Rhodes

According to legend, Zeus created the island for the sun god Helios. And people then built variety shows, casinos and legalized soft drugs here.

Rhodes is a universal resort. It has everything for tourists: two seas, ancient ruins and museums with treasures, beaches and abandoned bays, healing springs and cities carved in the rocks, which are more than three thousand years old.

In the summer of 2019, my wife and I drove 600 kilometers around Rhodes by car. I will tell you how to organize a trip around the island, what to see and what to save on.

This view of the sea opens from the mountain Tsambika – free viewing platform. It is 300 or 326 meters off the ground – the guides write differently . It’s about the height of an 80-story building.

Why to fly to Rhodes

Rhodes is the fourth largest island in Greece and the sunniest – good weather here about three hundred days a year.

The island is washed by two seas: the Aegean Sea in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the east. In the Aegean, because of the rough waves there are a lot of surfers from all over Europe. A Mediterranean valued by fans of beach holidays because of the purity and shallow entrance to the water.

You can swim in both seas at the same time on the Prasonisi Peninsula – the southernmost piece of land, separated from Rhodes by a sand spit. The Greeks call this place “The Kiss of the Two Seas”. There are a lot of surfers here, too, so you have to be careful when swimming. When I was in the water, several people tried to go around me and fell off the board.

When the water level rises, Prasonisi turns into an island and the seas “marry,” the Greeks joke. In this “family portrait,” the two seas merge into one. The Aegean Sea on the left and the Mediterranean Sea on the right.

On Prasonisi, they teach windsurfing and many teachers speak Russian. Two hours of group lessons cost 75 € on average.

Get rid of the seven deadly sins in a place called Epta Piges. There are seven springs gushing from the ground that merge into a stream flowing through the dark tunnel length of almost 200 meters. The locals say that if you walk barefoot through this tunnel, you will receive a lifetime indulgence.

Dive into history. In 1309, Rhodes was occupied by the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and set up for themselves. Time passed, the knights disappeared, but their legacy remained. The impregnable walls, majestic castles and palaces are what set Rodos apart from the other islands of Greece.

When to fly

July, August and September are perfect for a vacation. The average temperature during these months is +28°C.

We went in the second half of July: it wasn’t hot and it rained just once. It’s nice to swim and travel around the island in this weather. One disadvantage is the accumulation of tourists on the beaches and at the main attractions, but this is a permanent side effect of the peak season at any resort.

If you prefer a more secluded holiday, October is the best time. According to the Greeks, at this time there are fewer foreigners, and the water is still warm – about +24 ° C. And you will not have to share a beach chair with anyone.

In winter there are almost no tourists in Rhodes, many cafes and hotels are closed. But it’s still warm here – the temperature does not fall to minus degrees, and instead of snow it rains.

To travel to Rhodes, you need a Schengen visa. You can get it at the consulate if you live in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg or Moscow.

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To apply for a visa, fill out the visa application form, get travel insurance and collect the documents listed on the consulate’s website.

Sample completed visa application formPDF, 29.6 KB

It is best to apply for a visa 15 days before the trip so that it has time to be considered. You have two options: to visit the consulate or apply online.

If you live far from Moscow and the consulate is not an option, apply to the visa center. We live in Yoshkar-Ola, it’s a 12-hour train ride from Moscow, so we applied to the Kazan visa center. It is the nearest to us.

I heard that the Greeks are not stingy with issuing a Schengen visa. My friends got a visa for a year. We were not so lucky – they just opened a visa for 3 months. What was the reason, I never understood. We have a good reputation: we had holidays in Spain, Italy and France without emergencies. Apparently, the Greek hospitality does not apply to everyone.

The trip to Moscow

For the tickets to Moscow we spent 5,200 rubles one way. And for this two round trip tickets we paid 10 400 R.

We arrived in Moscow early in the morning. That same day we went to the airport.

The flight .

We booked our tickets 3 months before our trip with Royal Flight. One way ticket cost 15 760 R for two people. On average the price for a ticket ranges from 4 to 10 thousand one way.

The easiest and fastest way to get to Rhodes from Russia is by direct flights on Royal Flight, Aegean Airlines, Ellinair or S7. The flight time is four hours.

There are buses and cabs to the hotels from Diagoras airport. The bus stop is 200 meters from the arrival terminal. From here, transport goes only to the western part of the island. The final stop is the Rhodes Bus Station.

If your hotel is in the east, you have to go to Rhodes and change at Rimini Square. From here you can get to most of the resorts on the east coast. Among them are the villages of Faliraki and Afantou, as well as the town of Lindos.


In Greece, the euro is paid in euros. Cafes, restaurants and large chain stores accept cards. For small purchases, it is better to prepare cash. For example, cash is useful if you want to rent a chair on the beach or pay for a cab.

There are no problems with currency exchange. In the center, train stations and tourist streets there are many banks, exchange offices and post offices. On average, the commission is 2%.

In order not to lose money on the exchange in Greece, we converted 30,000 R in euros at home. We put one part of it on cards, and took the other part in cash. So we saved about 8 €. For this money we could buy a bottle of grape brandy or have a snack in a simple cafe.


In Rhodes, it’s not a problem to find accommodations to your liking and the right price. Hotel rooms, apartments, seaside villas and even cabins on a moored ship are rented here.

In the second half of July 2019, a studio apartment averaged 3000-3500 P per night. For that price offered apartments with a pool and free wi-fi. But a villa for the same period would have cost more – 5,000-10,000 P per night.

We chose an apartment three months before our trip. To save money we compared prices on Booking.com and Airbnb.com, and also read reviews on Tripadvisor.ru.

Tourist forums advise staying in Rhodes. It’s packed with the island’s main historical landmarks, sandy beaches, two seas to choose from, cafes and a vibrant nightlife. And from the bus station of Rhodes you can get to any part of the island. It’s a good option if you don’t have a car.

We took a car on the island, so we chose a hotel 20 kilometers away from the capital, Theologos village. We saved 6 thousand.

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Our hotel room. Modest, but has everything you need. Mini fridge is included. Air conditioning is 5 € per day.

The price for a room with a sea view on the ship V-Go starts at 12 000 P in the peak season. Wi-Fi and air conditioning are included. The ship is moored in the port of Rhodes. Source: Booking

3,640 P per night is the standard price for a hotel room in downtown Rhodes in September 2019. But this is the price without the Airbnb commission


Of public transport in Rhodes – only buses. You can take them to any major city on the coast. But you have to drive or walk into the interior of the island.

There are two companies for the intercity and urban routes. On the eastern side of Rhodes, yellow and white cars with the inscription KTEL run. They take to the resorts of Califea and the sandy beaches of Afandou, as well as the town of Lindos, built at the foot of a huge rock.

White and blue RODA buses run along the west side. They take you to the ancient city of Kamiros, the resort of Ixia and the island’s capital.

At each stop hangs a schedule of routes, but not everywhere it is up to date. Once because of this, we waited 50 minutes under the scorching sun and almost missed the tour.

To properly plan the trip and not to mix up the bus, on tourist forums are advised to install the app Rhodes Public Transport. It can help calculate travel time and show you by what’s convenient to get to the desired location.

Bus Schedule App for iOS and Android

The app works without internet access in two languages: Greek and English.

To order a cab, you will have to call a dispatcher or look for a driver in the parking lot. There are no services like “Uber” or “Yandex-taxi” on the island.

We took a cab once – from the airport to the hotel. The driver was polite: he helped with luggage and wished us a nice day in English. He paid the fare strictly according to the price list.

Cab drivers usually drive according to the price list. But just in case you should check the prices on the special stand near the taxi stands.

Rent a Car or Scooter

The island is a lot of serpentines and steep rocky climbs, so the rental company is advised to take an “automatic” so as not to get stuck in the mountains.

The car is given with a full tank of gasoline. You will have to return the car with a full tank of gasoline.

There are two ways to save money on renting a car.

Costs of renting a car for four days

Find hitchhikers. My wife and I do not have a driver’s license. So we tailed Diane and Gleb. In gratitude, we paid for the gasoline.

Scooters on the island are more common than cars. It seemed to me that this is the main means of transportation for the locals, despite the heat.

Food and wine.

I love food and good wine. In this sense, Rhodes is a dream island.

For the second course tourists are often offered pajidakia which is lamb ribs on coals, kleftiko which is lamb stew with peas and onions, lukanika horiatika which is beef sausages with olives and oranges.

As an appetizer, I recommend saganaki – fried cheese. Feta or halloumi is rolled in flour and fried in olive oil until crispy. Sometimes shrimp and mussels are added. The best way to wash down the saganaki is with white wine, retsina.

Greeks don’t skimp on food. Take one dish for two and you won’t go hungry. I once ordered a portion of fried shrimp and I couldn’t eat it all, even with my wife. The rest was given to the cat who lives in the cafe.

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Alcohol. Of strong drinks locals often advised rakija – forty-degree grape brandy. You can drink it dry, you can put ice or dilute it with water.

Another classic Greek drink is ouzo aniseed vodka. But Greeks don’t drink it by the shot, they mix it with Sprite and ice. You can’t taste the alcohol in the cocktail.

As for wines, the cafe serves Recina, a white, dry wine with a subtle touch of pine tar and lemon. It’s a nice accompaniment to classic Greek dishes. Of sweet wines I would advise to try Mavrodaphne and Pamidi. Among the sparkling wines is Karanika Brut.


To taste Greek cuisine, we went to tavernas. They are distinguished from the restaurant by their modest atmosphere and national flavor. There is no dress code, no fancy dishes, no starched tablecloths. But the prices are half as much, traditional music is played, and the food is served by the owner of the place. We felt at home in such places.

The average dinner for two in a tavern

The tip is 10% of the bill. But the rule applies if you are satisfied with the service and food. That’s why Greeks are genuinely happy to tip. Sometimes they even bring a dessert on the house as a thank you.


There are “Spar”, “Lidl”, “Carrefour” and small shops. It is more profitable to buy in the supermarkets – more choice, and the prices are one and a half times lower than in the tourist stores. Here a piece of olive soap cost 1 €. In the shop you would have had to pay 60 cents more.

On average, food prices in Rhodes seemed to us one and a half times higher than in Russia. But fruit and wine cost less.

Average prices in supermarkets in Rhodes:

  • octopus, 1 kg – 7,49 € ( 524
  • Р );
  • feta cheese, 1 kg – 7 € (490 €)
  • Р );
  • Olive oil, 0,5l – 6 € ( 420 )
  • Р );
  • wine 0,5 l – 4 € ( 280 )
  • Р );
  • prawns, 500 g – 3,95 € ( 276 €
  • Р );
  • beer, 0,5 l – 3 € ( 210 )
  • Р );
  • shampoo 3 € ( 210 )
  • Р );
  • sun cream – 2,9 € ( 210
  • Р );
  • toothpaste – 0,99 € ( 69
  • Р );
  • peaches, 1 kg – 0,99 € ( 69
  • Р );
  • grapes, 1 kg – 0,98 € ( 69
  • Р );
  • water, 1 l – 0,48 € ( 34 )
  • Р ).

What else to see in Rhodes

My wife and I spent five days at the main locations. I will tell you where you should see.

The Rhodes Fortress is the main pilgrimage place for tourists. It is worth a visit even if you don’t like ruins. The medieval knights didn’t suffer from historical prejudices and therefore laid the fortress right on the site of the ancient acropolis.

The houses with the coats of arms of long-gone families and cobblestone streets are surrounded by a stone wall with the length of 15 meters – the longest in Europe. The entire ancient town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Valley of Butterflies at first glance looks like a normal park with wooden bridges and small waterfalls. Except that there are a lot of butterflies. This place is on the list of national nature reserves in Greece. And the butterflies of the Bear Hera family are listed in the Red Book.

worth the entrance to the valley.

We got to the park by ten in the morning and saw several flocks of fluttering insects. Tourists who arrived later were upset and pounded the trees with their palms to rouse the sleepy bears. But it was forbidden to do that.

The beach “Oasis” is nestled in a small cove surrounded by porous rocks. Therefore, there is no wind here at all. And the Mediterranean sea is warm, calm and clear, like water in a bathtub.

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In the early morning the beach is deserted. Tourists arrive in the afternoon. We usually arrived by eight in the morning – the “Oasis” was at our disposal.

To get away from the sun, people hide in the rocks or rent a deck chair for 5€. I did neither – just swam. And got burned on the first day.

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

If you think that Rhodes is too touristy and offers only beach, sea and nightlife, you are wrong. In fact, it is an island with a very rich history that has left many testimonies. Thus, Rhodes can also be visited as a cultural trip. Famous for its famous Colossus, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, it is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the easternmost of the main islands of the Aegean Sea. The island is just a couple of hours flight from Italy and you may really enjoy its diversity! So how to plan a trip to Rhodes ?

1. travel information: useful information

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

1. travel information: useful information

Population: 163 476 people Capital: Rhodes. Languages: Modern Greek Local currency: Euro Climate: Mediterranean, with mild rainy winters and hot sunny summers. The average temperature is 12° in January and February and 27° in August. Time Zone: GMT + 2 Entry requirements: valid identity card for leaving the country or valid passport. Distance from Italy: 1484,06 km (3 hours flight)

2. Where is it located

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

2. Where is it

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the easternmost of the large Aegean islands. It is located about 17.7 km from the Turkish coast, and its southeastern side is washed by the Levantine Sea.

3. How to get there and how to travel

By plane: There is an international airport on the island with an easy access to the main cities and cheap flights of about 3 hours.

By sea: Direct ferries leave from Athens port of Piraeus and the journey takes about 13 hours. In summer you can also get there from Mykonos, Crete and other Dodecanese islands.

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

3. How to get there and how to travel

How to get around: you can rent a car, quad bike or scooter. However, there are also buses that also go to neighboring towns, and a comfortable train goes to the center.

4. When to go? Information about the climate and the best time

Climate: Mediterranean, with mild rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. Peaks of 35 ° in summer are recorded.

The best time: For beach life the best time is from June to mid-September; for visiting the ruins of Ancient Greece the best time is spring ( April and May ).

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

4. When to go? Information about climate and best times

Period to avoid: winter and fall are not particularly cold, but it rains often. Tip: In early June the evenings can still be a little chilly, it is better to have a sweatshirt or sweater with you. In May, the sea is cold for swimming, and some days the air is too cool for sunbathing. For beach life, July and August can be very busy.

5. 10 things to see: beaches and attractions

Old Town: a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest and best preserved fortified city in all of Europe. Its history is intertwined with the Order of the Knights of St. John. For a first approach, a tour of the city by tourist bus is recommended.

Lindo: a typical Greek village that was once home to fishermen and sailors. Lindo’s alleys, which are pleasant to wander through, are dotted with beautiful white houses. Take a day trip by boat from Rhodes.

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

5. 10 things to see: beaches and sights

Anthony Quinn Bay : the most famous beach in Rhodes, the name of which comes from the famous actor in the movie “Guns of Navarone” filmed here.

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Faliraki beach : A popular tourist resort on the west coast of the island. It is an equipped beach with all services, ideal for families looking for comfort as well as for young people who practice different water sports. The area is also known for its lively nightlife.

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

5. 10 things to see: beaches and sights

Prassonissi : called the “beach of two seas”, it is a strip of sand that divides the Aegean Sea in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, forming two separate bays. In summer, the strong breeze of Meltemi attracts many surfers.

Kamiros: An important archaeological site, its remains tell of a prosperous city dedicated to agriculture and trade. Like Pompeii and Herculaneum, Camiros was destroyed in 226 B.C. by a huge earthquake.

Butterfly Valley: one of the best habitats of the Callimorpha Quadripunctaria butterflies in Europe . It is located in the north of the island, 26 km from Rhodes. From June to September here you can see hundreds of butterflies covering all the trees.

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

5. 10 things to see: beaches and sights

Tzambika Monastery: a small Byzantine church on top of a mountain (300 steps to get there), from where you can admire a magnificent view of Tzambika beach and most of Rhodes. Nea Agora: a new town characterized by buildings overlooking the sea. The beating heart of Nea Agora is the new market. Among the most representative buildings are the Town Hall, Palazzo delle Poste and the Cathedral of the Annunciation.

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

5. 10 things to see: beaches and sights

Mandraki harbour: a very impressive area where the typical fishing boats stand side by side with the most luxurious ones. Three windmills decorate the dock.

6. What to see in Rhodes in a day: Recommended itinerary

Rhodes, of course, is not a small island and in one day you will not have the opportunity to visit it all, it is better to concentrate on the medieval center. In the afternoon you can relax on the beach or take a boat ride. First time in Rhodes? To optimize your time and get to town for the first time, book a segway tour of the old town with a local guide or a panoramic open-top bus tour . 9:00 tour of the medieval town: Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Street of the Knights and the fortress walls.

Rhodes, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

6. What to see in Rhodes in one day: Recommended route

11:30 – The modern city of Mandraki. 13:30 – Acropolis of Rhodes and Monte Smith. 15:00 – Elli Beach, Colossus of Rhodes beach. 18:30 – Sunset cruise with champagne. 9:00 p.m. – Dinner and evening at Bar Street.

7. Things to do in Rhodes: Excursions and Tours

How much does a vacation in Rhodes cost? Prices, offers and tips

If you like to travel at low prices, Rhodes is the island for you. It is not at all expensive and, indeed, you can spend less than elsewhere. You can find very good deals in low season, and for accommodation the most comfortable and economical solution is an apartment. There are a lot of them rented and in terms of size they are for all tastes. To eat inexpensively, just do not go to tourist restaurants

Renting a vehicle is the best way to get around ; As for prices, keep in mind that in mid-August a car costs on average about 35 euros. If you choose an ATV or moped, you will certainly save money, but at this time of scorching heat. But one of the best ways to enjoy the island is definitely the sea! So don’t miss your chance to enjoy at least one catamaran cruise or visit the village of Lindos on a day trip by boat from Rhodes town!

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