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Top resorts in Turkey

Turkey is the undisputed leader in Russian outbound tourism. The flow of holidaymakers to the best Turkish resorts does not dry up. No European or Egyptian resort can compete in popularity even with Antalya alone.

The most popular resort towns and villages are located, of course, in the Mediterranean region, as well as on the Aegean coast.

The Mediterranean region is fond of millions of tourists from all over the world. Warm Mediterranean Sea, pristine beaches, lush subtropical vegetation, great hotels, imaginable and unimaginable entertainment, preserved monuments of antiquity – what else do you need for a great vacation? Unchallenged leader of the region is Antalya . Alanya, Side, Belek, Kemer are its companions.

The Aegean region is first of all Bodrum and Marmaris. It also includes Izmir, the cultural and business center of the coast. Since it is also the second largest port in Turkey, there is no place to swim in Izmir, so tourists go to neighboring Cesme, Kusadasi and Didim. A relatively young resort of Dalaman is gaining popularity. At the confluence of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas are picturesque Fethiye and Oludeniz .

For resorts on the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea is characterized by a subtropical climate. Depending on the place, the bathing season starts at the end of April or beginning of May. Among the first to open the bathing season is Antalya and Alanya, where the water gets warm faster. The Aegean Sea, according to statistics, is always cooler. The holiday season starts in May. July and August are the hottest months, but also the busiest. If the trip is planned in the peak months, book a tour very early.

In September, those who can’t stand the heat go to Turkey. The velvet season lasts from mid-September to mid-October, and in some regions – until the end of October. It is noteworthy that the entertainment facilities are not closed, as is often the case in Europe, and continue to operate, as they say, “until the last tourist.

Below is a list of the top resorts in Turkey, lists of attractions, tourist reviews, beach reviews, useful articles and materials.


Top resorts in Turkey

Antalya is a resort that is always on everyone’s lips. It is primarily associated with it the vacation on the Turkish Riviera, and it is the most popular among Russian tourists.

Beaches here are very different: sandy, sandy-pebbly, pontoon. The season starts in April, swimming begins in May, in June go mostly with children, and in July and August there is nowhere to fall.

Antalya offers tourists a gorgeous turquoise sea, all kinds of entertainment for adults and children, and a variety of historical and cultural attractions. Near Antalya you can visit waterfalls, karstic springs, and monuments from ancient times.

Antalya is located in close proximity to the airport, which also affects its popularity.


Top resorts in Turkey

Alanya is the southernmost and the warmest resort in Turkey. Due to its favorable location near the Taurus Mountains, the sea warms up earlier, and the beach season starts in May. During the vacation season, the population of this relatively small seaport triples.

The beaches of Alanya are mainly sandy, occasionally there are fine and medium pebbles.

The historical sites are concentrated in the center of the city. No tourist will not leave without a photo from the medieval fortress observation deck.

Holidays in Alanya are considered budget, but very comfortable. To choose from – a lot of good hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, tourist bureaus with a variety of excursions.

In popularity, infrastructure development and an abundance of attractions Alanya confidently competes with Antalya.


Top resorts in Turkey

One of the most expensive and most prestigious resorts. It is characterized by the highest level of service and a set of top-notch services. Accommodation – in five-star hotels, entertainment – in world-class complexes, sports – at the best golf courses, sunbathing – on landscaped modern beaches, dinner – in luxury restaurants.

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Each front line hotel is a real city with its own developed infrastructure: beaches, swimming pools, restaurants, fitness centers and beauty salons. Comfortable, status hotels attract wealthy couples and families with children, including the local Turkish elite.

Beach recreation in Belek can rightly be called exemplary.

Outstanding historical sites in the city is not, but the surrounding area is very scenic. You can rent a car or a bike and go exploring capes, canyons, waterfalls and ruins of ancient cities.


Top resorts in Turkey

The resort lies on the Aegean coast, so it’s a bit cooler than the Mediterranean Sea. The bathing season starts in June.

The beaches of Bodrum are mostly sandy. The set of depths is smooth, so among the tourists a lot of holidaymakers with children. The kids here are comfortable, pleasant, nourished and fun.

The main cultural program – ancient sights, the heritage of the ancient city of Halicarnassus.

Bodrum is considered a cosmopolitan resort, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Most of them are European youths, who are thirsty for nightlife. As in nearby Marmaris, there are a lot of clubs, bars and discos.


Top resorts in Turkey

Along with Bodrum, it is the most party resort in Turkey. He leads a very busy nightlife, which at first glance can repel the family tourists. However, for them and there are quiet, peaceful hotels and neighborhoods.

Marmaris is nestled at the confluence of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by verdant hills. The place is very good: there are no strong waves, the beaches are clean, the sea is warm, and the humidity is low. The bathing season starts in June.

The beaches in Marmaris are sandy and pebbly, but there are also sandy ones. Along the coastline stretches a lively promenade – the main promenade, the center of catering and entertainment.

The main attraction, which is invariably included in all must see lists of Marmaris, is a medieval castle.


Top resorts in Turkey

Kemer is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea near Antalya. Once a small village, today is a burgeoning Turkish resort with a wide range of entertainment.

The beaches here are mostly pebble, many of them flying the “Blue Flag” – a symbol of high standards of purity. The beaches of the five-star hotels bring sand. Bathing season lasts from May to October, but the first tourists can be seen in late April.

The main attraction is considered to be the waterfront and the central promenade with a fountain. Historical monuments can be found in the vicinity of the resort.

Young people, who have little interest in the rich past and cultural heritage, flock to the bars and nightclubs.

In Kemer will please fans of diving. Near the resort there are several interesting sites, including the remains of wrecks.

Top resorts in Turkey

Side manages to combine several roles at once: it is a typical Turkish resort, a city with a very interesting historical locations, and a major commercial port.

Side is often called the “open air museum”. It is considered one of the most interesting archeological sites in the country. Tourist, distracted from waltzing on the beach, will find in the city and its surroundings a lot of monuments of antiquity.

Side by side of the promontory on which the ancient city stands, are the resort areas. The west coast of Side is longer than the east, and there are more first class hotels. But the beaches of the eastern part of immersed in greenery, and the entrance to the water is gentle and long.


Top resorts in Turkey

One of the most beautiful resorts in Turkey is Fethiye. It lies in a small bay surrounded by pine and cedar forests. The beach line is very short, the ground is mainly pebble-sand.

The advantages of Fethiye yet to be assessed: the resort is not yet very popular. However, the infrastructure for such a scale is developed decently.

Those who used to combine beach holidays with active excursions, will appreciate the number of ancient monuments in the vicinity of the resort, which can be reached by public transport, cab or rented car.

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Top resorts in Turkey

Next door to Fethiye is the even tinier Oludeniz. It is said to have the cleanest sea in Turkey and the most picturesque views on the coast. The main one is the view of the Blue Lagoon, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Aegean Sea.

The beaches in Oludeniz are idyllic: with soft white sand and the clearest sea. Tourist season lasts from May to October.

There are few sights on the resort, but a lot of interesting, picturesque places. Just look at the natural park Kidrak and the ghost village Kayakoy. The Lycian Trail, the longest trail on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean Sea, begins in Oludeniz.


Top resorts in Turkey

Kusadasi, nestled on the shores of the Aegean Sea in western Turkey, is a small resort town. It is a major port, which receives many cruise ships.

The beaches of the resort are sandy and equipped with everything necessary for recreation: from deck chairs to showers. Entertainments will be found for both young and old. Thus, 8 km from the center is the Aquapark Adaland – one of the largest water amusement centers in Turkey. If you want, you can ride around the area by joining a tour group or by renting a car from one of the rental agencies.

Fans of scuba diving will also find something to do. They organized diving tours, during which you can see the rare species of fish and other marine life.


Top resorts in Turkey

Dalaman is a young Turkish resort located between Marmaris and Fethiye. Its popularity is growing every year. Places are very picturesque and secluded and will appeal to those who prefer a quiet, relaxed holiday.

A few kilometers from the city, closer to the shore is an international airport, which makes access to the shore a bit difficult. There are no beaches in Dalaman itself – you will have to go to the sea on purpose. The beaches in the vicinity are sandy (there are also pebbles), the entrance to the water is gentle. The water is warm and will certainly appeal to children.

At the resort there are thermal springs, enriched with sulfur. Some hotels have their own thermal and mud pools.

The best resorts in Turkey on the map

The map shows the location of the best resorts in Turkey, as well as international airports that serve the Mediterranean and Aegean regions: Antalya Airport, Milas-Bodrum Airport, Dalaman Airport, Alanya Airport.

The best resorts in Turkey – our choice and tips

Where to have the best vacation in Turkey

Choosing the best resort in Turkey – an impossible task, because each in its own way good! We personally visited all popular resorts in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas to compare them. In this article I will share my impression of each city and tell you where to go to vacation in Turkey. Find out which resort is right for you!

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Who and where it’s better to go

Where it’s not expensive. The most budget resort is considered Alanya, but we believe that at any resort in Turkey you can rest inexpensively – you just need to know how. The only resort where it is unlikely to save money is Belek, because there are a lot of elite hotels. Learn how to rest inexpensively in Turkey.

Where is the prestige? In the resorts of Belek, Fethiye, Didim, Kusadasi and Bodrum are mostly expensive hotels 4-5* with a large area, spa, golf clubs and other elements of luxury recreation. Find out about the best hotels in Turkey with pool access and heated pool.

Where to go with children. Alanya, Marmaris, Antalya, Side, Belek, Fethiye and Dalaman are suitable for holidays with children – there are comfortable beaches and entertainment. Read more about holidays with children in Turkey.

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Resorts for young people. Kemer, Marmaris, Antalya, Alanya, Side, Bodrum and Dalaman are famous for nightlife, entertainment and active sports.

Resorts for the elderly. Choose a resort with flat terrain: Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, Alanya. It is important to choose a hotel close to the sea and to rest during the velvet season.


Of all the southern resorts of Turkey, Icmeler fell more in love with me – tiny, floral, fragrant, quiet and clean. Time here is drawn, like the local pine honey, which is worth a try. In general, the best resort in Turkey for a relaxed beach holiday! There are few entertainments: to walk along the promenade, breathe the pine air, go boating, but you can get to Marmaris by dolmusha or boat. Most of the hotels in Ichmelere are four. We stayed in a quiet city hotel Club Arya 3* with a swimming pool.


The main street of Icmeler leading to the sea. So many oleanders!


The Marmaris marina, bars and cafes, green mountains that close in a ring – Marmaris is a place for romantics. And photogenic Old Town a la Greece or Spain completely won me over. A completely different Turkey! All beaches are pebble and sandy-pebbly, with a smooth entrance, so you can go with children. The best beach is in Ichmelere.

We went up to the fortress, walked the streets of the Old Town and the waterfront, gazed at the luxury yachts, sailed on an excursion to Dalyan. Swim to Rhodes and Cleopatra Island, go to Icmeler and Turunç.


Boat in Marmaris.


Bodrum is also our favorite, one of the best resorts in Turkey. Once you see this photogenic town in the Greek style with neat white houses, you will not forget it. The resort is bohemian: artistic young people from Istanbul and Ankara sing guitar songs, write graffiti on walls, hang out in bars, and are simply inspired by the beautiful scenery.

In Bodrum we visited the fortress of St. Peter, went up to the old windmills, admired the views and went to the stunning beauty of wild beaches in Bitez. We stayed at the city’s Costa Sariyaz Hotel 3*, but for a comfortable stay by the sea it is better to choose a country beach hotel.

Type Price in summer Example
Hotel 3* with a pool (all inclusive) from 65$ Bitez Garden Life Hotel 3*
5* hotel with pool from 120$ Bodrium Hotel & You SPA 5*.

Houses in Bodrum

White Houses in Bodrum.

Permed by instagram bloggers Kash is really good. It is a piece of Europe in Turkey: the same white houses, decorated with flowers, picturesquely descend from the hill to the sea. Lots of trendy cafes, beautiful hotels with views, and an ancient Lycian tomb stands proudly in the center of the resort. One drawback – to some hotels in the heat to climb oh how not easy. Many people go to Kas for the best beach in Turkey – Kaputas. The beach is really good! Near Kas there is such a lovely resort Kalkan.

In Kas we stayed at the Ates guesthouse, which attracted us with amazing breakfasts and a great view from the terrace. It is suitable for young undemanding tourists, for the rest I advise to choose a more comfortable hotel.


The main tourist street in Kasha.


Azure clear water, pebble and sandy-pebbly beaches, pine scent and green mountains coming right up – this is how we remembered Kemer. The resort is generally quiet, but there are discos and nightclubs. In Kemer we rented a bike and went to the ruins of Fazelis and Olympos, swam at the picturesque turtle beach Cirali, looked at the mysterious lights of Chimaera, went to Chalish Mountain and swam to Antalya. Take the cable car up to Tahtali, see the Beldibi caves, and drive to Geynük Canyon. Learn more about what to see in Kemer.

If you want a quiet holiday, choose small hotels away from the center of the resort. Very quiet in the neighboring villages Chiraly, Olimpos, Tekirova, Kirish, Chamyuva – they belong to Kemer. We stayed at the Orange Garden aparthotel in Kemer and Queen’s Park Le Jardin 5* in Kirish.

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Best hotels in Kemer Price level
Garden Resort Bergamot 4* $
Kemer Barut Collection 5* $$
Rixos Premium Tekirova 5* $$$

Moonlight Park Beach in Kemer

The sandy beach Moonlight Park in Kemer is very popular with families with children. Loungers are occupied from early morning!


Where better to vacation with children in Turkey than in Alanya? This is a family resort – shallow water and sandy-pebbly beaches with a comfortable entrance are good for small children. Alanya is loved by tourists for its affordable prices and good beaches. We too liked the resort: it is quiet, cozy, green, with a beautiful Cleopatra beach and spectacular caves Damlatas and Dim. We also went to the canyons of Sapadere and Green, checked out the chamber archaeological museum and saw the fortress.

Alanya is the most inexpensive resort in Turkey. We stayed at Kleopatra Atlas 4* and Sunprime C-Lounge 5* for very pleasant prices. And hotel Sunprime of all the hotels in Turkey liked the most – it is very cool and intelligent!

Best Hotels in Alanya Price level
Kleopatra Atlas 4* $
Sunprime C-Lounge 5* $$
Delphin Deluxe Resort 5* $$$

Beach Holiday in Turkey

Damlatas Beach is a section of Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, under the rock. The transparency of the water is amazing!


I am sure most tourists think that the best holiday in Turkey is in Antalya. I completely agree – Antalya is really extremely convenient for recreation. Judge for yourself: there are sandy and pebbly beaches, a wagon and a small cart of cafes and restaurants, a cozy old town, a lot of interesting places in the neighborhood and an endless line of hotels for every taste. A big plus of the resort is its proximity to the airport.

Antalya is a convenient point for sightseeing in the surrounding area. We were at the resort three times, so we saw everything, it seems: the old town with mosques, mansions and the Hadrian’s Gate, different beaches, the fortress and port, the archaeological museum, the bazaar and the Düden waterfalls. We drove to the antique towns of Perge, Aspendos, Termessos, and Kibiru. For rest we advise beloved Aska Lara Resort & Spa 5* – an excellent hotel with a large water park. By the way, the most expensive to rest on the beach Lara, and the most budget rest is in Konyaalti.

Type Price in summer Example
Hotel 3* from 38$ Gurtas Hotel
5* hotel with pool from 95$ Crowne Plaza Antalya


Cinematic platform beach in the center of Antalya with clear water.


Belek is the only resort we deliberately did not visit. Despite the fact that many consider it the best resort in Turkey for recreation, we found it boring and flat. Only luxury hotels and golf courses, not even anything to admire!

However, you can really have a great time and enjoy all the charms of Turkish service. Great food, well trained staff, perfect golf courses, fishing, spa and massage, water parks and beaches, plenty of excursions – relax and do not think about anything! True, and the prices are high. By the way, another plus Belek – all the beaches are sandy, wide and very clean, surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees.

Type Price in summer Example
Hotel 3* with a pool from $55 Ceres Hotel
5* all inclusive hotel from $165 Altis Resort Hotel & Spa


The pool at Club Asteria Belek Hotel on the beach in Belek. Photo: PercyGermany / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Side is a cozy resort town with sandy beaches, very compact and simple. Remarkable for the ancient ruins in the center: the amphitheater, the temple of Apollo, the Agora, you can see them in a couple or three hours. From Side we went to Manavgat waterfall and the epic Green Canyon. The beaches are sandy and good. Hotels are concentrated on both sides of ancient Side, we stayed at the stylish Bosphorus Sorgun 5* hotel.

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Type Price in summer Example
Hotel 3* with a pool from $40 Victoria Princess Apart Hotel
5* hotel with pool from 120$ Side Kum Hotel

Nympheum Ruins in Side

Nymphaeum ruins in Side.


They call it Maldives in Turkey! Here and Oludeniz was awarded this title, although it does not look like an exotic island. A wide and long sandy beach, high mountains, coniferous air, blue water – actually a typical landscape for this part of Turkey, and we saw a wild beaches of Bodrum and the water was a bit bluer.

The place is good: peaceful, beautiful and interesting. We came here for a day from Fethiye by car to swim in the famous Blue Lagoon, look at the Valley of Butterflies from above and have a short walk along the Lycian Trail. The village itself is unremarkable – hotels of different levels, cafes, stores. It is divided into upper and lower levels. I think it’s nicer to live at the bottom, by the beach.




When they say “Fethiye”, they often mean Oludeniz and its excellent beaches. But Fethiye is a separate resort with its own beach, and it is not impressive: gray sand, stones and corals, muddy water. I would not swim, it is better to go to other beaches, which are plenty. However, the resort is nice, quiet and pleasant for a rest. There is a center with a bazaar, cafes and a beautiful marina, Lycian tombs in the rock, the ruins of a fortress, a museum and a long promenade!

In Fethiye it is convenient to live not in a hotel, but to rent a house – we did so. From the resort we drove by car to Oludeniz and the Valley of Butterflies, the ghost town Kayaköy, the ancient cities of Xanf and Tlos, in the gorge Saklikent.


A sunset stroll around Fethiye Marina is a special treat!


This resort surprised me with its gigantic size – I thought it was small and chambery, like Icmeler or Kas. It left a pleasant impression: a good promenade, a fortress on the island, a caravanserai, lots of cafes, a bunch of hotels of different levels, entertainment, a cool national park Dilek with wild boars, Zeus Cave, but most importantly – a convenient location. There are antique cities Ephesus, Selcuk, Miletus, Didim and Izmir nearby.

You can swim better in Dilek or Ladies Beach. We stayed at Demir Suit Hotel 3*, but it is high up. As the relief of the resort is hilly, I advise to live below, because it is hard to go up on foot.


The view over Kusadasi from the balcony of our hotel is gorgeous.

When is the best time to go

The high season in Turkey lasts from May to October, but the beach holiday is ideal in June and September: daytime +30 ° C, night +20 ° C, water +26 ° C. We do not advise to go on holiday in August, especially with children: the daytime temperature is about +40 ° C, and you’ll spend half a day in the room under air conditioning. If you do decide to go in the summer, you should choose Bodrum. There are fresh breezes, so the 35-degree heat is surprisingly easy to endure.

We were in late June – early July in Kemer and Antalya: during the day is such a heat that even the shade is not saving. But the water is refreshing! Come to the beach before 11:00 and after 16:00, otherwise you will burn. And during the daytime it’s better to stay in the hotel room. See what the weather in Turkey in each of the months.

Come to Turkey in winter or in November to rest inexpensively in excellent hotels with a spa – in the low season prices are acceptable!

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