Rest on Lake Alakol.

Lake Alakol (Kazakhstan) – reviews

Review of Lake Alakol (Kazakhstan)

A wonderful place for recreation, which is still “not tried” by Russian tourists, or rather most of them, is Lake Alakol. More than one year we spend our vacations on the coast of the lake and we’re always happy. The water in the lake is salty, but.


Hi all, I want to share with you the experience of vacationing on the salt lake Alakol (Kazakhstan). Due to the fact that we have a small child at the moment, we are still as I say to everyone “not away”, and to go.

Excellent rest.

Clear water. The distance to the beach is about 250 meters. On the beach store with drinks and ice cream, sun beds, umbrellas for an extra fee, responsive

Worth the visit!

I want to say in advance that this review is not an advertisement! Well, let’s get right to the point. Since I am a citizen of my republic, I vacation in this location every summer. Alakol is a lake gifted with magic-therapeutic.

clear water.

The shore and the water are nice. For the time spent there you can enjoy life and the feeling is not inferior to other similar places.

For the health of the body and soul!

A few years ago my husband was tormented with chalazions. It is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids with the formation of rounded seals. Traditional treatment did not help much and the problem could not be solved thoroughly. Then the doctor kindly looked at my tormented face.

It was a disgusting vacation, I do not recommend to go there!

I will start with the road, starting from Taldykorgan, there is no road, if you are travelling with kids it will take you 10 hours! We stayed at Alakol resort. The hotel is good, the staff is polite, well, that’s all about the pros. Now the minuses, the food.

The lake is great, clean, good for the skin, refreshing.

I myself live near the lake Alakol. every year my family and I go there to rest. The water is very clean I guarantee it myself. the water is very therapeutic. the water is also salty and good for the skin. and near the lake.

A wonderful wellness vacation for the whole family!

August 2019. Vacationed with the whole family from 04 to 10. The weather was excellent, it is not true they say that in August there are strong storms. Stopped at the recreation center “In chocolate”. 150 meters from the coast. Great beach with.

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Forever in our heart.

On lake Alakol in Koktum rested back in 2013. Impressions are still very vivid. Began to reconsider photos and wanted to share beauties of Kazakhstan, moreover this year we plan to repeat trip in spite of difficult.

You will fall in love with this place from the first visit

Lake Alakol can be compared to Turkey in terms of salinity and shore. It is definitely not inferior to anything else. Every year the service on the coast is also improving. You can relax in a boarding house, as well as in the wilderness. You can and.

Rest bases on Alakol from the side of East Kazakhstan region in Zharbulak are terrible.

The last 10 years we went to Alakol in Akhchi and Koktuma, and every year the service and improvement is getting better. But this year my acquaintances persuaded them to go to Alakol from EKR side. On catalogs.

Unforgettable rest after quarantine.

Nice atmosphere, polite staff, beautiful views for photo shoots, you can swim in Alakol whenever you want, and very healthy salt water.

Many people need rest, especially in the summer and after CARANTINE. And I am very glad that I went with my family to Alakol (Akshi). Where we stayed, very nice people who create an unforgettable atmosphere and very friendly.

Little infrastructure.

The resort itself is not bad, but a lot of things there are not particularly developed, for example, the road is very hard if you go by bus, the lake is good water is moderate, in the evening there are gnats and mosquitoes, locals believe that.

Beautiful salt lake

Hi. We went to Alakol with my husband in summer 2019. Went by bus, which I do not advise anyone. Stuffy July evening and packed bus, all seats plus small children. At night there was nothing to breathe at all.

Delightful vacation at Alakol last summer!

Heard a lot about this lake, but decided to go in the summer of 2019. Bought train tickets to Aksha, were afraid to take the bus because the road is bad. Arrived in the morning, met the hotel car, checked into a 4-bed room for two.


Highly recommend a family vacation. Delight in the lake itself. Children can swim and you can rejuvenate with mud baths. And the husband will find something to do. A true vacation for a large family.

Good rest!

In summer we went to have a vacation at Lake Alakol. We went there by train. The way lasted a day. Your vacation depends on the choice of recreation centers, as there are both good and bad recreation centers. For example, two years.

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Mostly more positive emotions and impressions!

I’ve been to Alakol more than once, it’s a great vacation, if you are ready for some minor difficulties, it’s the best place! All problems are covered by clean air, sunshine, clear water, and if it is possible to go farther away as savages.

Good .

Recreation center “Aigerim” on Lake Alakol is located on the very shore. Beautiful, clean lake, the shore is constantly kept clean, workers clean the shore. There are always catamarans, boats, bananas, and much, much more. Rest houses in which.

Rest in Alakol: how to get there, where to relax, how much it costs



How the Kazakh resort develops, and who can afford to rest on the lake.

The purest mountainous lake Alakol, located between Abay and Zhetysu regions, not far from the famous Dzungarian Gate, is by right one of the three most popular resting places of Kazakhstan people. Beautiful areas, hotels and comfortable pensions are spread along the coast. Just 10-15 years ago it was almost unreal to have a rest in Alakol, but today over 300 boarding houses, hotels and recreation areas offer their services. Still accept more modest and simple (but budget) guest houses in resort villages.

The visiting card of the lake – a black pebble, which, according to some versions, has a volcanic origin, and of course, the water. About the benefits of bathing in the salty waters of Alakol not told only lazy. It is known that one of the routes of the Great Silk Road passed along the coastline of Alakol. Even caravan drivers noticed how quickly after bathing the small wounds healed, the pains in the lower back passed, came calmness and liveliness of spirit. It is said that Genghis Khan himself, along with his warriors, stopped here to quickly restore the strength of the wounded. Centuries have passed, but the lake still attracts a lot of tourists.

How to get there

Oksana Ryumina, a representative of the Fresh Tour tour agency in Almaty, told that you can get to Alakol from Almaty by train, bus or car.

A commercial train runs three times a week from mid-June until the end of August. It leaves from “Almaty-2” station to “Dostyk” station, from which the rest areas in the village of Akshi are just a short walk away. By the way, the large resorts arrange transfers for vacationers, sending small buses to the station.

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A one way trip for an adult (over 15 years old) from Almaty costs 13,500 tenge, round trip expenses are 21,000 tenge. For children from 5 to 15 years old, inclusive, a one-way ticket will cost 13,000 tenge, round trip – 19,000 tenge.

“Until August 25, comfortable tourist buses with seating and sleeping berths will depart daily from Almaty,” said a representative of the travel agency. – A round-trip ticket for an adult on the sleeper bus costs 19,000 tenge, for a child under the age of 12 – 17,000 tenge”.

Not only the hospitable areas of Akshi, but also Kabanbai, a village on the east coast of the Alakol (this shore is often called the “Semipalatinsk side”), are welcoming southerners. The fare on a bus with seats for an adult is 16,200 tenge, for a child under 12 or a pensioner 14,200 tenge.

However, experienced travelers can also get to the lake by car. The distance from Almaty to Alakol is 630 kilometers. But it’s necessary to take into account that about 60-70 kilometers will have to be overcome by a “washboard”. The most problematic part, which repair of local authorities didn’t manage to do, is after Sarkand. Not all motorists are ready to repair their cars after a trip to Alakol and are still patiently waiting for the local authorities to keep their promises and repair the whole highway to the resorts of Alakol.


Finally, another of the fastest ways to get to the healing waters of Alakol is by plane from Almaty to Usharal.

However, this year the planes still do not fly to the resort. The Akim (governor) of the new region, Zhetysu, promised to repair the Usharal airport and start flights from 10 July. But the tickets are still not on sale. According to the latest data, the daily flights Almaty – Usharal – Almaty will most likely appear only at the end of July. The cost of a one-way ticket is tentatively named: 16,500 tenge (adult) and 9,000 tenge (child).

By the way, tourists go to Alakol from the Kazakh capital (usually by train or plane), and from Semey and Ust-Kamenogorsk, and, of course, from Taldykorgan. During the summer period, the authorities are trying to open the maximum number of routes – road and rail.

Where to relax

The local tourist infrastructure is actively developing in several places at the same time. From the side of Almaty in the newly formed Zhetysu region (this is the southern bank of the Alakol) recreation areas and resorts are being built in two settlements – Akshi and Koktum.

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Rain on Alakol / Photo

But also no less than two dozen Alakol recreation areas receive guests from Semey. They are located in the village of Zharbulak (it used to be called Kabanbai). The road from Almaty to Zharbulak is 150 kilometers longer, the rest zones here are simpler, but the water on this coast is considered more mineralized and therefore curative. The famous therapeutic muds of Alakol, by the way, are located on this coast. The concentration of minerals has a beneficial effect on the skin, joints and the human nervous system., an online directory of hotels, restaurants, cabs, and recreation areas in Kazakhstan, has ranked the ten best places to stay based on the frequency of searches in Google and Yandex. Let’s say at once that most of the hotels and resorts in the ranking are located around the village of Akshi. The top three are the Aquamarine Resort hotel complex, the Pelican Park Hotel and the Alakol Resort hotel. Included in the rating and areas from the east coast – hotel “Inzhu” and family vacation home “Arasan Alakol” (fifth and eighth places).

“Recreation prices are designed for guests with different incomes. For example, in the Aquamarine complex the price for double rooms starts from 16,500 tenge, and in the Pelikan Hotel from 13,500 tenge,” Oksana Ryumina said. – The East Coast has its own prices. The Inzhu Hotel is considered elite, it has its own beach, and room rates start at 25,000 tenge”, she said.

Swimming pools (including heated water), animators, cozy cottages – the resort infrastructure of Alakol pleases vacationers. In some places, tourists will enjoy saunas, billiard rooms, children’s and sports grounds, open-air cinemas and even an observatory with a telescope.


By the way, in popular hotels discount stays are bought in winter months. You can also buy cheap tickets for the end of the season – after August 20, but you can not always be lucky with the weather. At this time the winds and rains begin, the temperature of the water in the mountain lake gradually falls below a comfortable level.

One of features of rest on Alakol: food everywhere and everywhere is paid for separately. Hungry tourists certainly will not be lost, but the prices, frankly speaking, at the level of catering in Almaty and Nur-Sultan and even slightly higher. In each area there are canteens, cafes, some bars, coffee shops, pancake houses for tourists. All this is nice, but not free. So if you are going to spend a few days on the lake with children or friends, then allocate a certain budget for food. Well, and take a stock of provisions with you. It will come in handy, because your appetite on vacation can really come into play.

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Of course there are some stores in Akshi, Koktum and Djarbulak, but they are not always located close to the tourists’ places of rest, and the prices there are 20-30 per cent higher than in ordinary city stores.

What to try

First of all to Alakol go swimming and sunbathing. Invigorating and at the same time soft water Alakol equally good for children and adults, and for the elderly. Locals advise not to rush into the shower after water procedures on the lake. The skin does not shrink, as it usually happens during vacations at the seas – on the contrary, it gets an additional tone. Perhaps what you need to protect your skin from is the scorching rays of the mountain sun. Therefore, the sunscreen and after-sunscreen will definitely come in handy.


Beach recreation in Alakol can be varied by fishing. The connoisseurs claim that there is enough fish in Alakol. Available places for fishing are located near the resort villages. There are pikeperch and bream in Alakol. But the dream of any angler who came here is to catch white perch. Catch perch is usually in spring or fall, because on hot summer days, when the water gets warm, cold-loving fish goes to the depths. Traditionally the most successful times for fishing are morning and evening dawn.

You may take advantage of it for a day to salt lake Zhalanashkol, which is 50-60 kilometers from Koktuma and Aksha. This salt lake is popular with the ladies, because its waters and mud can cure women of infertility, relieve stress, restore mental strength, making the skin soft and supple. Incidentally, Lake Zhalanashkol is included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO, its salty waters and mud are often and not without reason compared to the famous Dead Sea of Israel.

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