Rest in the Crimea in May 2021. Top 7 places of the peninsula

May in the Crimea – Top 7 places where the sea and the air are warmer

May is not yet considered to be the “season” in the Crimea, even though by the temperature readings, this month is quite in line with the ideas of summer in the middle zone. A characteristic feature of the last spring month is a relatively large number of days with precipitation that must be taken into account. Consider the warmest places in the Crimea in May, where the air and sea are warmer.

№1. Novofedorovka .

As in April in May the formal “thermal leader” of the Crimea is Dzhankoy – the average daily temperature here exceeds +21 ° C. But this city is definitely not a “vacation city”, so the spring tourists are better to choose the second line in the rating and head to the west of the peninsula. For example, to Novofedorovka.

During the day in May the thermometer in this village always rises above +20.5 ° C, at night it exceeds the mark of +14 ° C. The weather here is quite dry and the temperature is constantly high. At the same time the weather here is quite dry – statistics shows that there are only two rainy days per month.

Although Novofedorovka – the village, the infrastructure of which depends on the season, it’s big enough resort that here you can find a decent hotel and catering facilities in May, and at more than attractive prices.


In Novofedorovka not too many attractions, but in May there is nothing to prevent sunbathing – the climate allows. Nearby are Saki and Evpatoria – you can take advantage of their resort and cultural potential. Spring is also a good period to see Saki Lake – the shallow water is heated enough that it could take a dip and not too hardened person.

And the sea in the area of the Western Crimea at the end of May is already reaching a temperature of +18 ° C. It is not a summer day. Of course this is not +28 ° C, but, for example, in the Middle Volga such figures are kept even in high summer, which does not prevent people from swimming in Rybinsk and Yaroslavl.

№2. Evpatoria

Temperatures in May in Simferopol and Belogorsk are higher than in Evpatoria, but there are several times more rainy days. So Evpatoria will definitely be a more pleasant place to stay.

Weather forecasters indicate for Evpatoria in May the average daytime temperature at +20.5 ° C, night – above +14 ° C. This is more than comfortable conditions. At the same time in May Evpatoria prices do not fly up to seasonal indicators – you can find a decent hotel or resort on more than favorable terms. From the point of view of treatment, spring in Evpatoria can be recognized even more favorable period than summer.


Bathing in the sea in May in Evpatoria will be still cool, but to get into the lake Moinaki safely – shallow water gets warm faster.

The cultural program in this city depends on a season a little – to find occupation is not difficult. But it is important to note that from the second half of the month the flow of tourists begins to increase rapidly – this period in the Crimea is already considered “almost a season.

№3. Bakhchisaray .

Because of the more humid and cloudy weather in the Crimea in May compared with April is slightly less favorable for mountain tourism. But there is a plus – for example, a camper is not necessary to bring a jacket, he can safely limit itself to a sweater and a windbreaker and not be afraid to freeze.

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Weather forecasters indicate for Bakhchisarai average May temperatures during the day in +20.5 ° C, but at night it is noticeably cooler – less than +13 ° C. Therefore Bakhchisarai in May remains a very popular tourist destination.


Hiking in the mountains of the Crimea in May is almost as good as in April – there are a lot of flowers and greenery, but no exhausting heat and pesky bloodsuckers. The amount of water in the rivers can admire the waterfalls and rifts in all their glory, but the danger of sudden floods gradually decreases.

Urban cultural program in May is also favorable – to visit the Khan’s Palace and the cave cities is more convenient when the head is not too hot. In general the reviews of mountain tourists praise May in vicinities of Bakhchisarai almost as well as April.

№4. Sevastopol

In Sevastopol in May a little cooler than in Evpatoria or Saki – the average daily figure only slightly exceeds +19 ° C. But in general the weather at this time in the city is pleasant and sunny enough. It is true that you can not swim – the water in the area of Sevastopol is heated rather slowly.


But here’s something to understand: in early May in the city-hero is filled with literally every cubic centimeter! It so happened that here at the same time celebrating the Victory Day and the Day of liberation of the city (the dates coincided, can not be helped!), and celebrate so great and colorful that Moscow envies. Therefore tourists in May in Sevastopol there are almost more than on the average in summer, and count on low prices and quietness is not necessary.

But the holiday spectacles are worth the expense, and Sevastopol museums are good at any time of year. Local infrastructure is not tied to the seasons, and it is better to walk around the city in the spring, until it gets too hot.

№5. Feodosiya

Feodosia in May is a special place. In a city at this time it is rather warm, even warmer, than in Sevastopol, though a little. But here the sun happens rather a little – the May Feodosiya is overcast, though not too rainy. There is also a noticeable wind.

Nevertheless, quiet rest with the rich cultural program and easy repair of health in May in Feodosiya can be rather successful. To visit museums in moderately warm weather is more convenient, than in summer heat. There will still be a few vacationers and you can count on a solid discount in the hotel.


However you will have no problem finding a place to stay because Feodosia is a big city and a lot of hotels work all year round. For this reason in May it is unequivocally necessary to prefer Feodosiya to resort settlement Ordzhonikidze where weather conditions are rather similar – out of season it is better to choose the big cities for the sake of more reliable placing.

Because of overcast weather in Feodosiya in May not too good possibilities for solar baths, and to bathe and at all it is risky – the water temperature hardly reaches +16 °C that chilly. But the benefit of sea air does not cancel it.

№6. Sudak .

Temperature readings in Sudak in May similar to Feodosia (a difference of tenths of a degree is difficult to see). But this city is traditionally sunnier, so there is more warm subjective sensations.

Season in Sudak in May is not usually begin, there are few people, the rates are modest. This is a good argument for tourists who do not want to spend your vacation on the beach. Speaking of the beach – sunbathing in May in Sudak more than real, although to bathe will still be cool.

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You can treat yourself to strawberries, take a walk through the picturesque surroundings, visit museums. In May in Sudak, roses are often blooming, and in general there is a lot of greenery – because the summer heat has not dried out yet.

At the end of spring in Sudak you can find good deals in terms of improving your health – expensive boarding houses with treatment, such as SOK “Sudak” or “Horizon” in this period is quite affordable. Although much of the local infrastructure depends on the season (for example, the question – will the amusement park), with accommodation and food there will be no problems.

№7. Shchelkino .

The Azov Sea coast of the Crimea is different from others in May. The air temperature is not too high (for example, in Shchyolkino the average daily figure is about +19 ° C).

But the water temperature in the Azov Sea is only a couple of degrees below this level – the shallow sea warms up faster than the Black Sea. In mid-May there almost officially begins the bathing season.


Shelkino in May should be preferred to other Azov resorts because of its size – small towns do not expect to take guests out of season, unless a personal arrangement with the landlord. In a relatively large town will be easier to find a decent cafe and at least some entertainment – small resorts out of season die out.

Rich social life and the Crimean Azov Sea in the summer is not different. But for a quiet vacation in a pleasant climate in May is a suitable place. You can come here with small children – near the end of the month, even they will have a chance to swim.

Note that the South Coast in May and is not a leader in the Crimea on the temperature readings. The warmest place in Alushta – in the end of the month there actually starts the tourist season. In Yalta, on the other hand, it is quite cool, but you should come here for the Carnival of Irises in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

The Crimea in May: where to go in the spring

The last month of spring is the beginning of the tourist season on the peninsula. The weather in the Crimea in May can be called warm, but not hot. During the day the air is heated to an average of +17 … +21 °C. Night temperature varies between +10 … +17 °C. And if you’re in doubt about how to dress, it is better to take insulated clothing: early in the morning and late at night will come in handy.

In May in the Crimea the warmest in the west coast: in Evpatoria, Saki and Sevastopol. It is also warm in Dzhankoy and Bakhchisaray. Sometimes it rains, but it doesn’t last long and doesn’t spoil your rest. The most rainy places at this time are Alushta, Gurzuf, Partenit and Simferopol. In general the temperature in the Crimea is gradually getting warmer. And if at the beginning of May and in the middle of the month is still cool, then at the end of May it’s actually summer.

Sea water in May also warms up by the end of the month. In April and the first half of May the water temperature does not exceed +17 ° C, and by the end of spring is stable +20 ° C. The sea in the Crimea in May allows swimming in the second half of the month. In this case the swimming season starts earlier on the coast of the Azov Sea: it is shallower than the Black Sea, so it absorbs heat faster. Sunbathing on the beaches is possible almost the whole month of May.

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Is it worth to come for May holidays?

In addition to those that we all know May 1 and May 9, in the Crimea also celebrate the day of liberation from the Nazis – May 12. During the holidays there is a parade on May 9 in Sevastopol, with the participation of ships of the Navy.

Spending the main weekend of spring on the peninsula is not a bad idea. Swimming is not yet allowed, but you’ll see the blooming Crimea with comfortable mild weather and excursions to its most interesting sites, while without the scorching sun. And you will also catch pleasant and salubrious air – for this thanks to a blossoming of coniferous plants. That still blooms in May are tulips, peonies, lilacs, acacia and poppies – thanks to them, holidays in the Crimea 2022 is filled with new colors.

At what resort to relax.

As we have already said, spring in the Crimea begins with the west coast, so it is better to go there. The most preferred options are:

1. Evpatoria. One of the most popular resorts in the whole Crimea. Reviews of tourists show that here you can spend the best vacation with children. From the second half of May in Evpatoria you can safely swim in the sea without fear of catching a cold. Evpatoria delight sandy beaches and quality infrastructure: cafes, bars, restaurants, water parks, dolphinaria, theaters, parks and squares.

2. Villages near Evpatoria. For example: Zaozerne or Molochnoe. Here you can save money on lodging, food and other services. Also you can go to Popovka, Mirnoye and Shtormovoye. There you can find wide beaches, nice fine sand, clear sea water and shallow depth. Between Shtormov and Popovka is lake Oyburskoe: in May and June the temperature of water in it is already +20 °C. There you can take a free mud bath and rejuvenate your skin with blue clay. There are also conditions for windsurfing and water skiing in Shtormovoye.

3. Saki, Novofedorovka and Pribrezhnoye. In terms of climate this is the same Evpatoria, and the beaches here are no worse, the water warms up quickly, and there are not so many vacationers – in general, a great option for the May trip.

4. The coast of the Azov Sea. Here, in shallow water, there are many cozy villages for a quiet vacation: Shelkino, Mysovoye, Semenovka, Novootradnoe, Pesochnoye. They can boast excellent sandy beaches, and the sand there is fine and even curative, due to the high content of feldspar. Also in these parts you can visit unusual places. For example, near Arabatskaya arrow is Arabatskaya Fortress, built by the Ottoman Turks in 1705. Not far away is Kerch, where you can see the popular tourist attractions of the Crimea, including many ancient structures.

5. Alushta. Another good option for a trip to the Crimea in May 2022. The main advantages of this resort are variety of beaches (sandy and pebbly), mild climate, pleasant mountain air and fantastic landscapes with rich vegetation. Among the places of interest we should mention the Valley of Ghosts and the medieval fortress of Funou.

6. Yalta. You can swim here from about the last week of May, the rest of the month you can devote to other activities, which in Yalta abound: admire the lush greenery, walk along the waterfront, relax in restaurants and nightclubs, look at the palaces with a rich history.

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What to see in May

If you are considering where to go, or you have a dilemma – Sochi or the Crimea – you should pay attention not only to the weather and the quality of beaches, but also to the attractions. They are almost all resorts in the Crimea – and the most important thing is that to explore them is much more pleasant in May, when there is still no heat. Tours in May – it’s not just swimming in the sea, it is also a hike with a tent, enjoy fresh fruit and explore the unique beauty of the Crimea. So, what can be done in the Crimea in May:

1. to plunge into a flower paradise . In the last spring month Crimea is almost everywhere: tulips, lilacs and other plants bloom. We advise to go to the palaces of the south coast: they are beautiful at any time, and in May their beauty is perfectly combined with budding greenery and blue skies.

2. See the mountain waterfalls. In summer they often dry up, but in May they are still full of water. Dzhurla natural boundary and Angarsk pass are famous for their waterfalls. Also, it is impossible not to mention the Uchan-Su waterfall about 100 meters high. Its name means “Flying Water”. This waterfall is located on Mount Ai-Petri. Maybe it will inspire you to do something brave – to walk on the rope suspended bridges, anchored above the abyss 50 meters above the ground.

3. Go to the mountains. Tours can be booked directly at the resort. Somewhere you will even be offered a horseback ride. We recommend plateau Chater-Dag (between Alushta and Simferopol), where there are unique caves: Cold stretches for 200 meters and is crossed rock paintings, and Marble and is generally one of the most beautiful on the planet. On your way you will meet streams with clean water, but only in the first half of May, after that they dry up.

4. You can visit Opuksky reserve (in the east of the Crimea, near the Koyash lake). In May the local steppe is covered with tulips and is a bright scarlet carpet. Here you can also visit the ruins and catacombs of the ancient city of Kimmerik. Lake Koyash is also surprising: in May it turns pink because of microscopic algae and crustaceans. It is during this time that the lake acquires its unusual color. In other months the lake is gray, and by July it dries up.

5. To see the sights of the city. They are very rich on the southern coast of Crimea, and Yalta in particular, which is famous for its palaces and parks. We recommend Nikitsky Botanical Garden, where in May, an exhibition of thousands of living tulips and daffodils. Also here you can walk through the greenhouse cacti and look at the green maze. In Alupka, in the park at the Vorontsov Palace, you can also admire plants from all over the world. This park resembles an amphitheater, smoothly descends to the sea and blended into the landscape so organically that it looks like a natural part of it.

Where to have a rest in the Crimea with children

What to consider if you go to the Crimea with a child

Much depends on the age of the child and what you prefer to do on vacation: relax on the beach, go on excursions, walk in nature, or restore health in a sanatorium. Also consider the presence of a car: if you are traveling without your car, then move around the Crimea with a child will be problematic.

If your children are under 5 years old, the May vacations in the Crimea are unlikely to suit them: they can go to the beach with them only at the end of the month when it gets warm enough. Excursions are also not too suitable for kids, because they strongly fatigue them.

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With children 5-7 years you can walk along the waterfront, go to Nikita Botanical Garden, visit a children’s park in Bakhchisarai or choose a famous Crimean landmark and go to her not too long tour.

The easiest thing is with teenagers. Their energy is enough for everything, whether it’s a hike in the mountains or, for example, fishing on Lake Oybura.

If you want to go as a family on a beach holiday, it is better to choose not May, but another seasonal month when holiday conditions are suitable for all. If you are not too fixated on the beaches and swimming, but just want to walk along the sea without the noisy tourist crowds, then May is the most appropriate time for you.

Where to vacation with children

1. Evpatoria. This is the best place to go with a child. Here the sandy beaches, gentle entrance to the sea and a lot of children’s activities: water rides, water parks and dolphin. The main city park has a roller coaster and a children’s railroad, and the show “White Crocodile” will allow you to watch the alligators, boa constrictors, caimans, anacondas and other cute little creatures of the fauna world.

2. Yalta. Children will enjoy the dolphinarium and the park “Crimea in Miniature,” where there are scaled-down copies of the main attractions of the Crimea. We also recommend Yalta Zoo and Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Alushta. The largest aquarium of the Crimea is situated here: there are about 250 species of fish, crocodiles and turtles.

Alupka. Here, too, the entrance to the water is gentle, almost like in Evpatoria. More children will be interested in the aquarium, the zoo and the “Glade of fairy tales”, where cartoon and fairy tale characters “live”.

5. Sudak. The most famous places are “Nemo” dolphinarium, water park “Water World”, amusement park and kartodrom.

6. On the coast of the Azov Sea. Shallow water and quiet not crowded resorts – excellent conditions for recreation with children.

How to get to Crimea

1. By plane . The most convenient way. There are flights from most major cities in Russia. The flight is made to the airport of Simferopol – from there you can get to the desired resort by bus.

2. By train. The first option is to buy a single train and bus ticket: so you will get by train to Krasnodar or Anapa, and you will get to the Crimea by bus. The second option is a direct train to the Crimea: “Moscow – Simferopol” or “St. Petersburg – Sevastopol.

By car. With the opening of the Crimean bridge it has become much easier to get there. Read more about how to organize a trip to the Crimea by car.

4. By ferry or by catamaran. This way is not the most popular, but it helps out sometimes. You can get from “Kavkaz” port to “Krym” port by a ferry, and from Anapa to Feodosia and Yalta by a catamaran.

Where to Stay

You can rent a private accommodation at any resort in the Crimea. The price is a more favorable option than hotels, and a full range of amenities, there is also an advantage in the form of their own kitchen.

Accommodation options abound: individual apartments and rooms, rooms in guest houses and mini-hotels, beds in hostels. Click on the button below, choose the suitable accommodation and book online through our website.

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