Rest in July. Where to spend vacation

Where to go on vacation in Russia in July 2022

In July, when warm weather sets in most of Russia, the tourist season is in full swing. We share with you the best places to go in July in Russia.

Midsummer is a great time to travel across Russia! The vast expanses of the country offer a lot of interesting places for recreation: you can go to the south to the sea, enjoy the natural beauty of Karelia and Siberia, to conquer the mountains of the Caucasus and Altai, improve your health at the Mineral Waters and see the main attractions of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here are the best places to go in July in Russia.

Beach recreation

In July, when warm weather sets in most of Russia, the tourist season is already in full swing. A huge number of vacationers rushes to the resorts of the Black and Azov Seas to relax and enjoy beach vacation. The whole family travels to the south, and lodging by the sea is selling like hotcakes. Crimea, Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Yeisk, Temryuk and Taman are especially popular destinations.

In July the weather in the Crimea is very hot. The air heats up to +30 ° C and the water temperature ranges from +21 ° C to +26 ° C. The peninsula is ideal for beach holidays. Tourists will love the sandy beaches of Feodosia, the dry climate of Sudak and the warm sea of Yalta. Lazy vacation at the beach can diversify the exit excursions, hiking in the surrounding area and exploring neighboring resorts. Visit the visiting card of Crimea – Swallow’s Nest, enjoy the beauty of the imperial palaces, climb the rope road to the mountain Ai-Petri, walk around the hero city of Sevastopol. Such a variety of leisure will make your vacation unforgettable and give a lot of positive emotions.

Black Sea Resorts

Krasnodar region is one of the most popular places for recreation. In summer, tourists come here from all regions of the country to spend a long-awaited vacation. In July 2022 to travel to the south will be most convenient for personal transport. The most popular resorts are:

Big Sochi.

Resort area of Sochi is not one city, but several coastal settlements, flowing smoothly into each other. Sochi itself awaits you first-class hotels, plenty of entertainment and high prices. Those who are looking for a quieter, more secluded vacation and are not ready to spend a round sum, can choose the settlements in the neighborhood.

Anapa is well suited for family vacations. There is a shallow sea, sandy beaches and plenty of entertainment for children: water parks, dolphinarium, amusement rides.

Gelendzhik has good pebble beaches located on Tolstoy and Tonky capes. The main attraction is a beautiful promenade, on which in the shade of trees like to make promenades as visitors and residents.

In the peak tourist season, many vacationers go to Tuapse. There are good hotels, comfortable beaches, clean sea and entertainment for the whole family.


This hero-city does not officially have resort status, but a lot of tourists come here every year. Novorossiysk is a beautiful city with a developed infrastructure, which carefully preserves its historical heritage. The city has many monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, such as the memorial “Minor Land”, the complex “Death Valley” and the cruiser “Kutuzov”. There are several wineries near Novorossiysk, including the famous Abrau-Dyurso and Myskhako. Find out how wine is made, learn to understand grape varieties, master the rules of wine tasting, and discover the real sommelier!

Azov Sea Resorts

The Azov Sea is not as deep as the Black Sea and warms up faster, so the bathing season at local resorts begins earlier. In July it is dry and sunny weather, the air heats up to +30 ° C and the water up to +28 ° C. Those who like measured rest and families with small children will especially like the Azov Sea.

The most popular resort on the coast of the Azov Sea is Eisk. Here a long coastline and you can even find corners where there are no people. Children will love to spend time at water parks and a variety of attractions, the whole family can go on a horseback ride or a ride on a yacht. Fans of active recreation can kite-surfing and windsurfing, and do a parachute jump. In addition to Yeisk, you can also visit Temryuk, Taman, Golubitskaya and Dolzhanskaya villages.

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The Golden Ring of Russia

Travelling in July in Russia is not only trips to the south of the country. Among the interesting routes a special place is taken by the Golden Ring, which includes 8 ancient Russian cities: Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov the Great, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir. All cities are located fairly close to each other and between them is well established transport links, but it is most convenient to travel in your own transport.

In the cities of the Golden Ring, you will find many interesting attractions, such as the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad, the Rostov Kremlin ensemble, the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma and the Golden Gates of Vladimir. The trip will not pass without a trace, you will learn a lot about the history of the country and national culture.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Kavminvody is the main health resort of the country, known for its mineral waters and healing mud. Popular balneological resorts of the region are Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Essentuki, and Zheleznovodsk. People from all over Russia come here to enjoy the clean mountain air and improve their health. July is the hottest month in the region with the daytime temperature rising to +28°С. It is warm and sunny with almost no rain. Such weather is well suited for the study of local attractions: the Narzan gallery and Chaliapin manor in Kislovodsk, Pushkin and Pirogov baths in Pyatigorsk, the palace of Bukhara Izmir in Zheleznovodsk. In addition to interesting excursions here you can stroll along mountain trails and enjoy the picturesque nature of the Caucasus.

Popular cities of Russia

July with its warm weather is the best time to travel to cities in Russia. This can be a short trip for a few days or a full vacation. Very popular among tourists are the following cities

In July, the capital is especially good. Walk around Red Square, the old Arbat and the Boulevard Ring, visit the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum and the Museum of Cosmonautics, climb the Ostankino TV Tower or the observation deck at the top of one of the skyscrapers in Moscow City. You can enjoy a walk in the parks, of which there are many in Moscow. Wander through Gorky Park, the Botanical Gardens and the open-air museums Kolomenskoye and Tsaritsyno.

St. Petersburg

A visit to Russia’s second capital in July will delight you with an extensive cultural program. Palaces, parks, country estates, walks along rivers and canals – good weather conditions will allow you to spend a rich and varied time in this beautiful city. Be sure to visit the Hermitage, Kunstkammer, Russian Museum, stroll along Nevsky Prospect, Mars Field and Alexander Park, look at the city from the roof and, of course, admire the Neva River, walking along the numerous embankments.


Holidays in July can be devoted to a trip to Kaliningrad, where walks around the city are successfully combined with a beach holiday. In Kaliningrad, it is worth visiting the Cathedral on Kant Island, walk through Victory Square, look at the Amber Museum and enjoy the beauty of the Fish Village. There are several resort towns on the Baltic coast, and although the water temperature is lower than on the Black Sea, you can already swim in July. Visit Zelenogradsk, famous for its beautiful nature and incredible sunsets, the well-kept Svetlogorsk and the village of Yantarny, which has the best beach in Russia. Another attraction of the region is the Curonian Spit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Local beaches are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest, and vacationers have a choice: to swim in the salty Baltic Sea or the fresh waters of the Curonian Lagoon.

Nature reserves and national parks

In recent years, eco-tourism is gaining popularity in Russia. In national parks, wildlife preserves and reserves paved many hiking trails, walking through which you can enjoy untouched nature, and perhaps meet local wildlife.

The best nature reserves, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Russia:

  • “Shulgan-Tash” in Bashkortostan;
  • Kenozersky National Park in the Arkhangelsk region;
  • “Taganai” in the Chelyabinsk region;
  • Kronotsky Nature Reserve in Kamchatka;
  • Lena Pillars in Yakutia;
  • Prielbrusie in Kabardino-Balkaria;
  • Sochi National Park and Kavkazsky Reserve in Krasnodar Krai;
  • Baikal and the surrounding area;
  • “Paanayarvi” in Karelia;
  • Katun Nature Reserve in Altai;
  • Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve in the Moscow region;
  • “Chernye Zemli” in Kalmykia;
  • Orlovskoe Polesie in the Orel Region;
  • Alkhanai National Park in Zabaikalsky Krai.
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Travelers wondering “where to go in July to escape the summer heat?” are sure to love Karelia. The average temperature in July is +20° C. This is the land of a thousand rivers and lakes. In summer here you can go kayaking, fishing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding. On the territory of Karelia, there are several nature reserves and national parks, where you can enjoy the true view of Karelian nature. One of the most popular is Ruskeala Mountain Park, which appeared on the site of an abandoned marble deposit.


A trip to Altai in July allows you to see this region in all its glory. Majestic mountains, dense forests, green valleys and blooming alpine meadows – the nature of Altai is incredibly picturesque. Lovers of outdoor activities will find a lot of entertainment: rafting on mountain rivers, hiking and biking tours, fishing, horseback riding, hiking. The pearl of Altai is located among the mountain ranges – Lake Teletskoye, the waters of which are so transparent that you can see the bottom. There are camping sites and camping sites on the shores of the lake. Another unique place is Geyser Lake, the waters of which have a very bright blue color, and from the bottom rise thermal springs. Altai is very popular with climbers. Here you can climb to summits, the height of which is more than 4 thousand meters. It is worth bearing in mind that in July the tourist season in Altai is in full swing and accommodation should be booked in advance.


The Adygeya Republic is a popular destination for speleotourism. The region abounds in caves, the most famous of which is Bolshaya Azishskaya. This is a huge three-level cave with halls, galleries, stalactites and stalagmites of bizarre forms. In addition to exploring the caves in Adygea you can visit the panoramic points of the Lago-Naki plateau, climb Mount Fisht, Oshten and Pshekho-Su, and trek to the Rufabgo waterfalls. Currently, mass tourism in Adygea is not very common, but it is undoubtedly a promising destination for recreation in nature.

Kola Peninsula

Located in the north-west of the European part of Russia, the Kola Peninsula is an unusual place to travel. However, if you want to experience all the beauty of the northern summer, you cannot bypass this region. The nature of the peninsula is incredibly beautiful: moss-covered slopes of Khibiny mountains, picturesque White Sea coast, centuries-old taiga, plenty of rivers and lakes. In summer you can take part in numerous outdoor activities such as kayaking, diving, fishing, jeep tours, and quad biking. In Murmansk you can see the nuclear-powered icebreaker, and in Teriberka you can visit the cemetery of ships and admire the sea from the “edge of the earth” – Nemetsky Cape. During the trip you will have a chance to see reindeer, moose, martens and polar owls.

Khakassia .

Another destination for a vacation in July is Khakassia, located in southeastern Siberia. The local landscape is very diverse: the steppes, taiga, mountains, salt and fresh water lakes, mud, healing, everyone can find a vacation to his liking. Republic has a huge historical heritage, there are more than 30 thousand archeological objects on its territory: mounds, petroglyphs, menhirs, remnants of ancient settlements and fortresses. During the trip you can not only enjoy the magnificent nature and spend time, but also get acquainted with the culture and life of the Khakasses.

Where to go to rest in July in Russia

Having seen the beauty of foreign beauty, Russians are increasingly preferring to rest in Russia. Our country is so interesting and picturesque places that you can see them for the rest of his life. Summer holidays, when everything around is in bloom and green, is especially pleasant. Where to go in July in Russia with its vast expanses?

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How do we go on vacation?

The advantage of a large area is that everyone can choose a vacation to their liking. July is a beautiful month to relax your body and soul, making your most cherished dreams come true:

  1. Avid fishermen gather fishing rods to fish on the Volga.
  2. Fans of city tours can visit Kazan, Moscow or St. Petersburg.
  3. Young people prefer active rest on Seliger.
  4. The best health resorts of the country will help pensioners to improve their health.
  5. All over the country there are festivals – dance, music, folk art.

Every second vacationer is interested in beach vacation. Thousands of tourists traveling to resorts in the Crimea and the Caucasus. Rest in the Krasnodar region in July is especially popular. Competes with him nearby Abkhazia, where you can rest inexpensively, even at the height of the tourist season.


sea children beach sand

© mintchipdesigns / / CC BY 2.0

July vacation in Anapa is a win-win option for families with children:

  • 26-28° in the air during the day;
  • 20-23° at night;
  • Sea temperature 23 °, in shallow water 27 °.

The soft steppe climate, sandy beach is ideal even for kids. But there is one big disadvantage – the sea in Anapa in July is covered with green mud. You can tell if the sea is blooming by the smell even on the approach to the beach. Tourist reviews advise to go to Anapa in June or early July, when the beaches are clean, and not ashamed to send photos to friends.

Holiday homes offer prices, all inclusive – from 4200 rubles / day for a room for two.

Where to go? Take your child to a water ski park, dolphinarium. Adults should take a trip to the Lotus Valley and walk along the sand dunes of Bugazskaya Spit. Popular holiday destination – the village of Vityazevo, where you can inexpensively rent a place to stay in the private sector. Sea in Vityazevo is very shallow and warm, and the coastline stretches for 15 km.

Rest in Sochi in July will be held against a background of bright tropical nature under the hot southern sun. There are heavy showers and thunderstorms, hence the high humidity with a daytime temperature of 28-30 °. In the water up to 27°. The prices for tours in July traditionally spike. All inclusive package tours to a hotel with swimming pool cost up to 42 500 roubles.

The city combines several resorts:

  1. Lazarevskoye – recreation, prices are designed for people with modest means. The beaches are pebbly, the sea temperature is 23-24 °, in the air 27 °. In Lazarevskoye inexpensive rent accommodation – from 300 rubles / day per person. Hotel prices, all inclusive – from 3 000 rub.
  2. An alternative to Sochi – recreation in Adler, prices are designed for every budget. Lodging for the rest of private individuals costs from 600 rubles / day. You can go to the Olympic Park, get treatment in Matsesta and swim in plenty. The temperature of the sea in Adler ranges from 24° to 27°.
  3. Rest in Tuapse in July can be marred by thunderstorm rains. Reviews vacationers warn about the intense heat and stuffiness. During the day the air heats up to 32 °, it’s better to swim until 11 or after 16 hours. In the sea up to 28 °. Private sector offers prices from 600 to 1500 rubles per day. Nebug township is famous for its excellent beaches, where you can have a budget rest for 250 rubles/day.
  4. In Lermontovo you can settle cheaply in a guest house for 500 rubles/day. The weather is sunny, precipitation is rare. The water temperature is 26°C, the air temperature is 28-29°C.

Inexpensive vacation is possible in Arkhipovo-Osipovka. A resort village 56 km from Gelendzhik, mountain valleys, quiet beaches, peace and serenity – all this is Arkhipovo-Osipovka, guest houses cost from 400 to 700 rubles/day.

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Crimea sea bay beach coast

© rawenergy / / CC BY 2.0

Holidays in the Crimea in July is especially popular. Midsummer spoils with the warm sea and sunny weather:

  • daytime -27-30°, on the southern coast up to 35°;
  • At night it is fresh – 18 °;
  • The temperature of the sea is 24-26°.

With the opening of the Kerch Bridge you can travel to the Crimea by car. After you cross the peninsula from east to west you will learn the best places for rest, and at the same time you will admire Crimean landscapes to your heart’s content.

The warmest sea with the golden sandy beaches you can find in Feodosia. Already in early July the water is heated to 26-27 °, and in peak heat reaches 29 °. Holidays are inexpensive – from 400 rubles on the outskirts of the city to 1200 rubles and above on the first line.

The dry climate in Sudak is softened by the pleasant sea breeze, but you’d better hide in the shade at midday. The air heats up to 32 °. Of attractions – an ancient fortress, mountain path Golitsina, cave monastery. Working clubs diving and windsurfing. Private sector offers accommodation for 500 rubles / day.

In Alushta during clear hot weather there are strong storms, the water can go in only in the early morning, when the sea is still calm. Excellent reviews leave tourists living in hotels with a pool. All-inclusive tour costs at least 20,700 rubles per person.

In Gurzuf, visitors are conquered by the fantastic nature. How much the holiday costs depends on the location. The higher to the mountains, the lower the prices. Sold beach tours for 3 days with meals for 1700 rubles and above. Tourist reviews describe Gurzuf pebble beaches as the cleanest on the southern shore.

The sun in Yalta is much lighter, and from the rain clouds shelter Crimean mountains. The sea in Yalta is clean in July, no jellyfish. The cost of a week tour starts from 11 000 rubles per person. Tourists choose half board to have time for excursions to Ai-Petri, the Swallow’s Nest, palaces and parks.

In sanatoria Evpatoria rest families with children. Here the shallow warm sea, sandy shore, gentle, curative climate. Comfortable vacation for two in a sanatorium with meals and treatments is at least 3800 rubles / day.

Sea of Azov

azov sea beach sand

© LM07 / / CC BY 2.0

Recreation on the Azov Sea is chosen by families with small children. Shallow water, pleasant sand underfoot, dry steppe climate and a lot of children’s entertainment.

In addition to amusement parks along the beach in Yeisk there are trampolines, water slides, playgrounds. Who was here even once, is unlikely to forget Yeisk, the sea, the reviews are replete with descriptions of greenish water, blooming roses and shady parks.

The weather is dry and sunny:

  • up to 30° during the day;
  • 23° at night;
  • 26-28° in the water.

Lovers of quiet rustic rest will like the beaches and delicious wine in Golubitskaya, prices in the village near Temryuk start from 200 rubles / day.

Moscow and St. Petersburg

The capital in July looks festive and smart. Weather is clear and warm, with a thermometer at 25-26 °. It may rain a little, but it will not prevent you to have a nice and interesting rest. Where to go in Moscow in July? You can visit Red Square, take a refreshing stroll along the Moskva River, have a walk along Old Arbat, visit Mosfilm and relax on the Chistye Prudy. In the heat, people flock to green recreation areas such as Severny Bor, Alyoshkinsky Forest or Meshcherskoye Lake.

Save money on accommodations by renting apartments from locals with Airbnb. Get 2,100 rubles as a gift on your first booking.

Holidays in St. Petersburg in July – there are palaces and parks, walks along the Neva River, white nights and drawbridges. The weather changes more than once during the day. Be sure to have an umbrella and a warm sweater, especially if you plan to go on a boat trip.

Where to go in St. Petersburg? Try to visit the Hermitage, Peterhof, walk around the Summer Garden and Nevsky Prospekt. If you prefer an organized trip to St. Petersburg, the tickets will cost at least 16,500 rubles.

    – Unusual excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.
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In the Leningrad region a lot of boarding houses and rest homes. Prices start from 2000 rubles/day.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Kavminvody in July will allow to combine treatment with excursions and mountain walks.

The region has more than 50 sources of mineral water. Each resort in its own way good:

  1. Rest in Pyatigorsk will make you forget about the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and go for a walk in Lermontov’s places. You can rent an apartment in Pyatigorsk for a few days without intermediaries from 1000 rubles per day. The region is characterized by temperature variations from 25-27° during the day to 16° at night. Sometimes it rains.
  2. Essentuki is used for treatment of digestive organs. The daytime temperature is 29°, sometimes up to 35°, at night 23°. Rains with thunderstorms are possible. The city is interesting with its architecture, colonnades, grottos and pavilions. The rest and the weather will put you on your feet and give you energy for the whole year. Here go to drink narsan, to walk through the Spa Park, to admire the Valley of Roses.

The cost of treatment in a sanatorium will make on the average 50 000 roubles for 12 days.


kaliningrad architecture embankment river

© Georg11 / / CC BY 2.0

Rest, July, Kaliningrad – mild European climate, beautiful architecture, sanatorium treatment have turned the city into a popular resort. The Baltic Sea in Kaliningrad is not as warm as in the south, but you can swim. The temperature of the sea in July 19-20 °, the air temperature is 22 ° during the day and 15-16 ° at night.

Tourists walk around the city, leaving excellent reviews about the Amber Museum, the old fortress, the Cathedral. Sanatoria practise treatment with amber, prices start from 1700 rub/day.


karelia river taiga north forest clouds

© Morket / / CC BY 2.0

Rest in Karelia in July will suit active travelers. Short summer pleases with dry, warm weather, the daytime temperature reaches 22-26 degrees. But the weather is unstable, on some days the temperature drops to 10-13 °.

The water in the Karelian lakes and rivers is well heated, and in July you can even swim and fish. Tourists are offered tours on quad bikes, trips to get cloudberries and ceps. All this on the background of white nights, for which Karelia is famous, prices for 3 day tours start from 3200 rubles.

Mountain Altai

Altai, vacation in July you can see this wonderful region in all its glory – unique mountain lakes, valleys, surrounded by mountain peaks, waterfalls and caves. Excursions designed for physically fit people practicing outdoor activities. In July in Altai is warm as in summer – 26-28 ° in the afternoon and 14-15 ° at night.

The Pearl of Altai is a mountain lake Teletskoe, camping sites, where you can stay from 16 000 roubles per week.


lake baikal shore rock island olkhon

© vendis_an / / CC BY 2.0

Rest in Baikal Baikal in July is a dream of mountain climbers, who specially come to conquer the local rocks. They are joined by divers. Lovers of quiet recreation admire the blue lake from the shore or float on a boat.

If you’re looking for the best place to relax on the water, choose the Little Sea. At the end of July the water gets up to 18-19°, sometimes up to 22°.

A weeklong holiday at Baikal costs from 17,900 rub. You can pay for your flight separately.


Khabarovsk region remains a mysterious and unexplored land for Europeans. The region is interesting at any time of the year. But experienced tourists advise to visit Vladivostok in July, rest on the beaches is perfectly combined with excellent fishing, and hiking in the picturesque countryside.

The average air temperature is 23° during the day and 18-19° at night. Water gets warm up to 19-21° in the second half of July.

Travel agencies offer prices from 300 rubles to 4500 rubles per day.

Travel to Russia and show your children how great and beautiful our country is.

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