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Holidays in Jerusalem 2022 – what to see, where to stay

All about Jerusalem 2022: how to get there, where to stay and what to see. Where to eat in Jerusalem – popular cafes and restaurants in the city.


Jerusalem is a city to which hundreds of thousands of believers and pilgrims from all over the world come every year. And all because there is a lot of shrines and historical sites, the touch of which gives people faith, hope and peace. Seeing all the points of interest in the city is quite a challenge. If you do manage to visit Jerusalem, take a tour of its main holy sites.

When is the best time to go to Jerusalem?

You can go to Jerusalem at any time of year except in the hottest months of summer. In general, they are not suitable for a holiday in Israel. It is hot and stuffy and thirsty all the time. It begins to seem that drinking water or costs fabulous money, or with her in the country tazhenka, and this is not true.

May-April and September-October – the ideal time for excursions.

There is an opinion that the best time to go to Jerusalem is Easter. It’s a really magical time to visit – you can join the eternal and even take home a piece of the Holy Fire. In souvenir stores in Jerusalem sell a kind of torch of 33 candles. If you buy a few, in the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre you light each of them from the fire that has already come down, then put them out. And in this form you bring them home.

If you decide to go to Jerusalem for the Passover, be prepared for the fact that at each of the holy places have to stand in line. This is a single, but very important minus.

What to see in Jerusalem

Among the most important and ancient sights to see in Jerusalem, we will highlight the following:

What to see in Jerusalem - Way of Mourning (Via Dolorosa)

What to see in Jerusalem – Road of Sorrow (Via Dolorosa)

The Way of Sorrow. One of the main holies of the city. According to tradition, this is the alley where Jesus Christ walked to Golgotha and was executed. There are nine places here that are associated with one or another event that happened to the Son of God on the way to his death. But it is not easy to find these places on your own. Therefore, it is best to walk the Way of Sorrow with an experienced and knowledgeable guide or with a guidebook. There are also many temples, small churches, and other shrines located here. And on the street there are a lot of souvenir stores that you can’t miss.

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On Fridays at 15:00 along the Via Dolorosa (the second name of the Road of Mourning) there are parades of believers who still remember and mourn that tragic day.

The Golden Gate. This is one of the most mystical and mysterious sights in Jerusalem. The gate is located in the Old City. Previously it was the main entrance to Jerusalem. Now, however, the gate is filled with stone. One can see exactly where the entrance was located only by the outlines of the remaining arches. The gate consisted of two openings, each of which had a poetic name. The first aperture was called the “Gate of Repentance” and the second the “Gate of Mercy”. The natives of the city believe that it was through the Golden Gate that Jesus came to Jerusalem on the eve of Holy Week.

All the Jews are convinced that it is through this gate that the long-awaited Messiah will enter their city, and that the stones with which the entrance was laid will collapse before their eyes.

The Wailing Wall (Jerusalem, Israel)

The men’s and the most spacious part of the Wailing Wall (Jerusalem, Israel)

The Wailing Wall. It is the first and most important thing that one strives to see not only in Jerusalem but also in Israel. This sacred place has a special atmosphere of unity and peace, as well as its own rules and laws.

First, the wall is divided into two parts. Men pray near one part and women pray near the other part. Second, men are required to wear a special headdress called a kippah upon entry. Without it, it is forbidden for males to approach the Wailing Wall. But the main advantage is that the kippahs are issued at the entrance absolutely free of charge. What’s more, you can keep them as a keepsake. Everyone can slip a note into the Wailing Wall with their innermost requests and entreaties to God.

Leaving a petition between the stones is not so easy. There are already billions of such notes stored there, so it is difficult to find a free space.

Mount Zion. Many people call this place in the vastness of Jerusalem “the Promised Land”. For centuries Mount Zion has been the pilgrimage site for many believers from around the world. There are several ancient and beautiful churches as well as museums on the mountain. But its pride is the mountain of the Last Supper. It is said to be the place where Jesus had his last supper with his apostles. Walking on Mount Zion is not easy, especially in the summer. But it is worth it. Just because from the top there is a spectacular view of Jerusalem.

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If you decide by all means to visit the Promised Land, wear comfortable and sturdy shoes and take a few bottles of drinking water. Believe me, you will need it.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem, Israel)

Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem, Israel)

Holy Sepulcher Temple. There is a special mystical atmosphere. At the entrance to the temple is a plate on which, according to legends, was anointed the Son of God after his execution. The building is very old and inside is decorated with ancient icons and frescoes. But the main pride is the tomb of Jesus Christ. To get inside the tomb, you have to stand a very long line. You can also go up to Golgotha – a small elevation, which is located in the temple. Here, under special glass, is the sacred stone.

In this place it is strictly forbidden to take videos and photos. If you break the ban, you can break the technique, so during the visit to the shrine, it is better to adhere to the established rules.

How to dress for a tour to Jerusalem

No matter whether you’re going on a day trip to Jerusalem or you’ve come for a few days, you have to follow some rules in terms of dress. Mostly they apply to women’s closet. As always, in spite of the fact that the country is a matriarchy.

So, ladies, do not forget to put a dress or pants that cover the knees. And better yet, take only those, because in Israel the “rules of decency” will follow you around every holy place. The shoulders must be covered as well. Necklines and exposed bellies are excluded. A headscarf, as is customary in Orthodoxy, is not required in Jerusalem. You can take it and even wear it if it suits you. The atmosphere in Jerusalem is such that sometimes you want to do it without any requirements. A headscarf can be thrown over your shoulders if it is hot in a long-sleeved garment.

As for men, there are milder requirements for appearance. However, this does not mean that you can go on a tour in short shorts and shirts. The rule of “shoulders to knees” applies to the stronger sex.

Cafes and Restaurants in Jerusalem

Jewish cuisine is one of the most original and unusual cuisines in the world. After all, Israel’s national dishes do not resemble any of the many culinary masterpieces of other countries:

What to try in Jerusalem - hummus and challah

Hummus is one of the first appetizers worth ordering in Jerusalem. It also often becomes the main dish because it is hearty. Halah is served as a set.

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Shakshuka (eggs stewed in tomato with vegetables and spices), forshmak (herring appetizer), matzo (the famous Passover bread), khalah (fragrant flatbread), hummus (chickpea dish with spices), lamb with prunes – just thinking about it makes your mouth water, tzimes (potatoes with chicken and prunes), stuffed chicken necks.

You can try all this gastronomic variety in the national cafes and restaurants of Jerusalem. The most famous restaurants of the city are considered “Mona”, “Touro” and “Gabriel”. Here is perfect everything – the atmosphere in the room, the cuisine, service and wine. But the prices are reasonable too. A two-course dinner with a bottle of good wine will cost you starting at $100.

Among the budget cafes of Jerusalem are “Modus Cafe”, “Morduch” and “Rachmo”. They are relatively small places with a homely and relaxed atmosphere. The food here is excellent and the prices are reasonable. For about $20 at these places you can eat your heart out.

Where to Stay in Jerusalem 2022

Jerusalem on the map of Israel

Jerusalem is located 70 km from Tel Aviv, 96 km from Netanya, and 320 km from Eilat.

Jerusalem (Israel) – reviews

Fragment about Jerusalem city (Israel)

Jerusalem is an extraordinary city. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of it: the Mount of Eleonora with the Garden of Gethsemane and the Old City are striking, but otherwise – well, just an ordinary Eastern modern city, white stone, sprawling.

The most sacred Earth on the planet.

Hello all. Everyone knows that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem. Every tourist must visit the capital. The city is not washed by the sea, but it has a lot of hotels, they are designed for tourists who want to visit the city. The city.

The Eternal City

City of Jerusalem. A visit to Jerusalem is part of a bus tour from Egypt to Israel. After swimming in the Dead Sea, people loaded onto the bus and drove deep into the land of Israel. The place is low, the altitude drops.

Lots of sights.

We went to Jerusalem with an excursion from Netanya. We visited many interesting places. The excursion was very rich, took a whole day. On the way there were some technical stops at cafes, where it was possible to eat something. The weather was mostly overcast, 14 degrees (in the middle.

Really enjoyed it!

What do we know about Jerusalem? That it’s Israel, it’s hot in the summer, the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount, etc. It was a big surprise to me that it’s not hot in Jerusalem in July. I mean, yes, out in the open.

The city of three religions, the heart of Israel.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. If you come to this country-whether it’s Netanya or the resorts of Eilat or the spas of the Dead Sea, you simply must visit Jerusalem, this holy city.

Scotland is one of the countries of the United Kingdom, located in the northern part of the

The unbreakable city of Yershalaim, Via Dolorosa.

Epochs pass in a sequence, sunsets change from dawns, and in the midst of gardens stands the city of Yershalaim, or Jerusalem, as we are accustomed to hear. This ancient city holds in itself a long history of love and hate, sacrifice and betrayal, the change of religions and conquests.

Mixed impression

The city is certainly beautiful and definitely worth visiting, but there are nuances. I have been visiting Jerusalem every month for a year and a half now. I go for medical treatment. That’s why I have a strong opinion of this place. The place itself is cool and beautiful.

Cheap to get to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and immerse yourself in the atmosphere

It is necessary to ask about the situation in the city, even in quiet times, a lot of army around the Temple Mount, during the skirmishes, it is better not to go.

Jerusalem, the city is really very old, stone, but it looks much better than the new “card” Tel Aviv. It is much cleaner, there are almost no migrants, a lot of greenery, palm trees. All the canons of Islam and Judaism are followed, in terms of clothing. Even the little girls.

It’s an amazingly beautiful city.

I went to visit friends in Israel. I went to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, both cities in their own way, but Tel Aviv was more for partying and Jerusalem was just for “strolling”. It’s a beautiful architecture and historic places, I liked it very much at the Wailing Wall.

It’s amazing, one of the oldest cities in the world!

Went to Jerusalem on a one day tour from Sharm el Sheikh in April 2019. It cost me 90 bucks. The trip started from the hotel, on to the border, the city of Taba. Passed 7 checkpoints, many tourists were brought back, just.

The holy land of Jerusalem, here in a different way you feel the world.

The city is very dirty in some streets. The food is disgusting, which, by the way, is included in the price of the tour.

The tour to Jerusalem, we bought in Israel on the beach at the Russian guides Anya and Vladimir (very nice people). Hike cost $ 100 per person at the end of the tour, we have never regretted the money spent. The road.

The most unusual and interesting city of all I have ever visited!

As they say in Israel, Tel Aviv is the heart of Israel, and the soul of the country is Jerusalem. I also heard an equally interesting saying: Tel Aviv walks, Jerusalem prays and Haifa works. But already from these two sayings it is clear that.

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Jerusalem through my eyes.

It seems to me that there are cities whose visits leave an indelible imprint on your life. One such city is Jerusalem. I was fortunate enough to be there several times, and I want to share my impressions of the city in this one.

Beautiful memories.

In 2015, we took my sister and her youngest son to Tel Aviv for a checkup. On the 5th day of our stay, the guide from the medical center, who accompanied us, suggested we spend the day off in a good way and go to Jerusalem.

Israel is a country where they harvest potatoes 4 times a year! Isn’t that a miracle!

Not everyone can get into the Holy Sepulchre on Holy Saturday, this is certainly a big minus. Temple does not accommodate all comers.

Whoever has never been to Israel has not seen God, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not in vain that there is a saying that Israel is the second Gospel. It is exactly so. Israel, and especially the Old City of Jerusalem is.

If you have not been there, it is worth flying down and take a look.

The country is small, the cities are crowded, and you want to go there again and again:). The climate is velvet, the sea of impressions.

Good day. I was in Jerusalem. The city is incredible. The first time I came here I loved the city and the country, and I was glad to go again. It is the only country that has its own customs office at the airport.


Went on a tour to Jerusalem with my family in my car. Went to the old city in the evening and there was a light show. Got a lot of impressions from the show, the night city. Incredible emotions when you walk through the narrow streets and the night of the city.

City of Peace

It is a historic place, a place of worldwide pilgrimage. There are many souvenirs and religious items for sale in the streets of the city.

I have been to Jerusalem twice, the first time with my wife in April 2014. It was a tour from Egypt, from the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Jerusalem – the old city.

Jerusalem is the most mysterious place on earth. Tourists of all countries probably gather here. This is a must-see city for everyone, to feel how here disappears the sense of real time, this place is really for the soul. There is no active fun.

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