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Rest on the Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan, Baku) – reviews

Review of Rest on the Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan, Baku)

Good day everyone! Because Baku is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea, the summer voyage there in the understanding of many tourists associated with recreation at the sea. In any case, I had exactly such a feeling, and.

Grey Caspian – tired and sick, but still a strong old man.

I placed my review in this thread, but there is no place to bathe in Baku, in my opinion, there are no beaches there. We were considering an exotic place called Lenkoran. Exotic because of its proximity to the Iranian border. But it seemed too long.

An unforgettable trip

A few days ago I returned from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, a beautiful city located on the shores of the Caspian Sea. This city harmoniously combines new neighborhoods with old courtyards right in the center. We walked a lot around the city, pedometer each.

“Of major only the prices.”

It’s a pity that you can write up to 15 words maximum, I can’t keep up. In two words – who at least once was in a water park in Turkey, you will be overwhelmed by this water park! Money bending crazy – and the service has not learned.

When you visit the water park were surprised to say the least. Why nowhere on the site or on the page that entrance from Russia to tourists – 65 (weekdays) and 85 (weekends) manat, instead of the specified 25 manat.

Wonderful – interesting and tasty :)

A good climate (the heat is easily endured due to the constant wind), interesting excursions, delicious vegetables, fruits, meat.

End of July – the sea 27-28, air 30-32, a little unaccustomed to a constant wind, but it also saves from overheating! Were with the husband in Shihovo, where opposite the hotel – chic bicycle park, there is very pleasant to walk because of the abundance.

Rest in Baku

We vacationed in Baku in the summer of 2017 (July-August). The weather, by the way, was by no means as hot as everyone frightened us. There were often clouds before lunch. The Caspian Sea is shallow, something like the Azov Sea: you go and go and there is no end and edge of depth.

Wonderful beaches, if you know where to go.

Good time. I want to tell you about the sea and beaches in Baku. There are no beaches in the city itself, there is only a promenade. The nearest beaches are in 7-10 km from the center. The area is called Shihov. Despite the numerous hotels, the sea.

How to dress for girls

I decided to leave a separate review, because there is not a lot of information on the Internet, and it is relevant, because the country is a Muslim country and our fellow citizens have contradictory opinions on the subject. I’ll tell you right away that I was going there.

Golden Triangle of India

Baku- the city of contrasts.

I have already written a review about my hometown Aktau in Kazakhstan. By the will of fate, I ended up on the other side of the Caspian Sea and now live in Baku. This beautiful old city as well as Aktau is washed by the waves.

I have to look for other beaches

After arriving in Baku in summer you immediately find yourself in a heat of +35, so there is an irresistible desire to dip into the water. There are fountains in the city, which give a saving freshness, but all the same you want to dip into the sea. Unfortunately.

Mixed feelings.

Hello to everyone who has already vacationed in sunny Baku Azerbaijan and who is just going to go here for a long-awaited vacation. My husband and I have been thinking for a long time and choosing a place to go on a summer vacation so that it would be interesting.

Ancient, new city on the shore of the Caspian Sea

Do you like to travel or vacation? Or combine both? Then to your attention a trip to the shore of the Caspian Sea and the capital of Azerbaijan – the city of Baku. This ancient city is considered the birthplace of fire worshippers and although in the republic.

The magical Caspian Sea.

Caspian Sea is very diverse: now stormy, now quiet, now exciting. Once, when we went in a storm, my hair stood on end))). The beach is yellow sand, which we are so used to. We loved to go to the Azerbaijani resort -.

Rest for the people.

The whole family chose where to go and chose Baku. No one was left indifferent. Let me start with the arrival. Since we got there at night, it was impossible to see the beauty of the city. But I did see it in the darkness.

I don’t recommend it.

I live in Baku myself and I can say that our sea is not clean. Oil, emissions, wastes of all kinds. On beaches in many places it is impossible to bathe from dirt, and the sand is even worse. I don’t understand how you can swim.

What a wonderful city.

I want to share my impressions about this wonderful city like Baku. The city is incredibly beautiful, the roads are great, just get up on rollers and go for a ride.

The city is impressive and myth-busting.

In 2015 I visited the beautiful city of Baku. I had a lot of impressions. It is a very civilized, developing and beautiful city. Chic big embankment, parks, the old city, which beckons with its streets, reminiscent of something.

Santorini, Greece: climate, resorts, beaches

Great summer 2018.

For the second year in a row we rented a dacha in Shuveliani. 30 km from Baku. With a pool, summer kitchen, parking and all the amenities in the world. Beacon beach near the northern power plant. Excellent recreation. The beach is sandy, there are sunbeds, umbrellas and gazebos. Lifeguards.

Welcome to Azerbaijan.

Hello my readers! You will never make a mistake when you come to Azerbaijan. Very hospitable people, especially men. They are very fond of guests, prices here are low. The Caspian Sea is wonderful. There are tourist recreation areas.

Nice beach which is at European level.

We were there many times and always satisfied. Our favorite place is the beach Mardakiane (no, this is not the Armenian name, I thought so too) and there is a very expensive and very clean beach with a water park in the village.

Tips for recreation in Baku.

Leisure reviews in Baku

Read reviews about rest in Baku, the hospitable capital of Azerbaijan. Learn firsthand about the weather, hotels, beaches on the Caspian Sea, excursions and sights. Pros and cons of vacationing in Baku in 2022.


Reviews of the weather in Baku

The city is located on the Apsheron Peninsula, where a mild continental and semi-desert climate prevails. Tourists come to Baku all year round, and for a beach holiday on the Caspian Sea – from late May to September.

According to tourist reviews, summers in Baku are hot and sunny. The precipitation is rare. In June the temperature is +25 … +30 ° C, and in July it is +28 . +33°С. Water in the sea is heated to a comfortable +24 … +26 ° C. The hottest month of the year is August. The thermometer does not fall below +33 … +35 ° C.

Dry and warm weather lasts till mid-October. The daytime temperature in mid-autumn is +19 … +20 °С. It’s already cool to swim – the sea temperature is +19 ° C. But it’s a real pleasure to walk around the city!

Olya Lapaeva: “In early spring daytime temperature +9…+11°C, and nighttime temperature +3…+5°C. In the Caspian Sea in the spring months only a few people swim, the water temperature does not exceed +10 °С. It did not rain, sun shone, but in the evenings it was windy. We were impressed by the cherry and cherry plum blossoms.

Andrey Maiboroda: “In April Baku was greeted by a strong wind. Otherwise, the weather was favorable: the daytime temperature was +15 ° C. There were no rains and the sun was shining brightly.

Batumi, Georgia: what to see

Svetlana: “In August the weather was very hot – +37 … +40 °С. Despite the fact that Baku is a “city of winds” we never had precipitation or wind for those days”.

Leisure reviews in Baku

View of the Old City and the Flame Towers

Hotel reviews for Baku hotels

Look for hotels with discounts on Here are the main rules for searching hotels.

In the Azerbaijani capital you can stay in hotels, apartments, apartments or country houses. There are 4-5* hotels of famous international brands and small family hotels. Most of them are located in the center of Baku. Prices for a double room in a 3* hotel are $40-70. Rent a studio apartment costs from $ 40.

To make your vacation in Baku in 2022 a success, study the reviews of tourists about the hotels. They will help you make the right choice.

Elizaveta : “Four Seasons Hotel Baku 5* is a wonderful hotel. The location is perfect. Rare ability to use the fitness center 24 hours a day. Pool was excellent. Responsive staff.”

Listopad : “Everything is wonderful! I would give the Winter Park Hotel Baku 4* five stars without thinking. I will visit Baku only here if ever again.

Alexey : “Qafqaz Baku City Hotel and Residences 4* is a high class hotel. The pluses are the comfortable rooms, fast internet, wonderful breakfast.


Bessein at Four Seasons Hotel Baku (Photo: / Four Seasons Hotel Baku)

Tourist reviews of the beaches and sea in Baku

There is a large port in the city, so the sea is not very clean. For beach recreation, tourists and locals go to the nearest suburbs of Baku: Sumgait, Novkhana, Shikhovo, Mardakian, Zagulba, or Bilgiu, where there are good sandy beaches. According to tourist reviews for 2021, the water in the sea near Baku is clean and clear.

On the Apsheron Peninsula all the equipped coastal areas are paid. They do not take money only from those who rest in a sanatorium. On such beaches there are cabins for changing, toilets, shadow awnings, cafe and parking. For a fee of $3 or more you will be allowed to swim and given a lounge chair. If you pay $6, you get a table and chairs. Tea and sweets are $4-$6 and ice cream is $1-$4.

katkiss: “We really liked the sea – warm, beautiful, sandy. There are not many people on Pirshagi beach. You can put a barbecue and sit.

Elena K: “The beach in Shikhovo is paid. But don’t expect for money the service and cleanliness – it’s very dirty and not well-groomed. Wild beaches are cleaner”.

The city on the water - Venice, Italy

AleksejsGrjaznihs: “Amburan Beach Club is probably the best beach in Baku. Half an hour drive from the city.”

Leisure at the Caspian Sea in Baku

Beach in Baku at sunset. Photo: alexma /

Tourist reviews of excursions in Baku

According to the reviews of tourists, on vacation in Baku in 2022 you can find many excursions in Russian. Holidaymakers like sightseeing tours, walking and bus tours of the Old City of Icheri-Sheher, trips to the pink lake Masazir and to the Gobustan Reserve, which is under UNESCO protection.

We advise you to book tours on the service Tripster. There a huge selection of interesting programs, including copyright, and choose a good tour to help real reviews of tourists. Make no mistake! We often use this site when we travel.

Carefully choose excursions only with good ratings and reviews.

Denis about “All of Baku in 5 hours”: “This tour is just a miracle! Sabina showed us Baku as only a local can see it: she walked us through the most beautiful streets lost in the depths of the old city, told us stories about Baku and the Baku people, introduced us to the real Azerbaijani craftsmen.

Alexander about the “6 unique wonders of Azerbaijan”: “We are completely delighted. Leah is a professional, she is the one to go to for the best impressions and positive emotions. Of course we can’t see all of Azerbaijan in one day, but we saw a lot. Leah showed the real wonders of Azerbaijan, competently composed and worked out to the smallest detail of the tour. “.

Oksana about “Tastes and flavors of Azerbaijani cuisine”: “Excursion energizes the desire to continue a pleasant acquaintance with the gastronomic culture and sights of the country.

Tourist reviews of Baku sights

If you want to see the wonders of architecture and models of historical sites, visit the Heydar Aliyev Center. There are unique exhibits that tell about the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. Ticket price 15 AZN.

Baku has many beautiful parks. Take a walk along the Seaside Boulevard, Izmir Park, Khagani Garden, Fountain Square and the Central Botanical Gardens.

According to tourist reviews, one of the iconic landmarks of Baku are the three tallest buildings in Azerbaijan. The towers have from 34 to 39 floors and look like tongues of flame.

Baku has a lot of interesting things to do for children. See the streets and buildings from the Ferris wheel, go to the Aquapark and the Baku Zoo.

Max-metrologist: “You can take a funicular up to Nagorny Park for 1 AZN or you can walk. The view is amazing, it’s very beautiful”.

Suriname is a small country and a forge of hidden soccer talent

argo60: “The original Flame Towers tower over the city center and decorate it day and night. The neighborhood surrounding them is interesting. It’s hard to climb on foot. If the funicular doesn’t work, it’s better to take a cab.”

Baku Photos & Reviews

Baku Ferris wheel (Photo: Alaakam /

Pluses and minuses of a vacation in Baku

A trip to Baku was enjoyed by many tourists. According to reviews, the capital of Azerbaijan is a beautiful, colorful city, where one wants to return.

For what to go on vacation in Baku in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • There is a facilitated visa regime between Russia and Azerbaijan.
  • Interesting cultural traditions.
  • Many attractions in and near Baku.
  • On Apsheron Peninsula there are good sandy beaches.
  • Tasty Azerbaijani cuisine. Read about the prices of food in Baku.
  • The streets are nice and tidy.

DenisVasilev: “The city is clean, all the garbage is only in garbage cans.

Minuses :

  • Vacation is not too cheap.
  • The climate is hot.
  • Because of the traffic, the air in Baku is smoky and the streets are often jammed.
  • There are very few crosswalks.
  • Problems of understanding with the locals.

ochkariks: “The number of Russian speakers has decreased, and only a small part of the local population speaks English. The language barrier will not be felt in the capital, but there will be difficulties outside the capital.

Leisure reviews of Baku

Funicular cars at the crossing (Photo: / AlixSaz)

The nuances of holidays in Baku and travel tips

Azerbaijan is a Muslim country. Respect its customs and traditions! The sun is especially intense in summer, when the sun is shining in the city.

The sun is especially active in Baku in summer. Be sure to take a light hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Prices for hotels in the center of Baku are higher than on the outskirts. But it is not worth saving money! It is more convenient to live in the central part of the city. Because of traffic jams the road to the hotel in the suburbs can take a long time.

In Baku restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and markets people pay in local currency – manats. In some stores accept dollars, but not old and dilapidated bills.

If you are going to the market, take small denomination money. Be sure to haggle! Good bargaining can help significantly reduce the price.

The currency in Baku can be exchanged in banks and special exchange offices. We advise not to use the services of private money-changers.

Lana Blond: “You can exchange your money at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, where almost all the planes arrive. The exchange rate does not differ much from others in the city.

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