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The excellent climate, the bathing season from April to November, modern tourist infrastructure, a variety of natural and historical attractions attract tourists from around the world.

If you rent a cheap house on the coast of Cyprus, you can fully enjoy all that this unique island has to offer.

Staying in a villa brings much more experience and pleasure than a hotel holiday.

Advantages of renting a house: compare to an apartment or a hotel

Renting a house gives you more space than a hotel room or an apartment. You can accommodate the whole family, including children, babysitters, close relatives, or friends. The atmosphere will be cozier and more homey. Living in your own home, you don’t have to adjust to hotel schedules. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be at any time.

Even if you rent a house in Cyprus for a month, it will be more comfortable than an apartment or hotel. On the territory, you can have parties and enjoy more freedom of action. If the house has a pool, it will be at the disposal of your family. So you can be sure that the water is clean and your hygiene.

What are the other pluses of renting a villa:

  • There is its own territory with a garden.
  • Unlike the hotel, there is a kitchen where you can cook yourself (saving on food, choice of dishes), which is especially important for families with children
  • Many villas are located in places where there are good beaches or attractions, but no hotels;
  • More comfortable vacations, especially with young children.

What types of houses can be rented

Our database contains listings for different types of houses for rent. Villa in the modern interpretation is a comfortable house used for temporary (seasonal) residence.

It has a landscaped area, a terrace, a swimming pool and a place to relax outdoors.Villa is a more luxurious version of the house. It is literally synonymous with high comfort and privacy.

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In addition to the proposals for rental villas with a pool in Cyprus in our base we have a large selection of other types of houses:

  • Townhouse . It combines elements of an apartment and a country house with a plot of land. In fact it is a 2-storey cottage without upstairs or downstairs neighbors.
  • Maisonette. Two-storey house with adjoining walls for several tenants, each with its own parking lot and a small courtyard.
  • Bungalow . One-story house with a terrace, as open and bright as possible, with panoramic glazing.
  • Duplex . Two separate houses united by a common wall and roof. Most often have 2 floors, are in demand among large families: one house rented by parents, the other – the adult children.

In what areas of Cyprus to rent a villa

Among the popular cities of Cyprus, where most tourists are heading, are Pafos, Limassol and Larnaca. They have different infrastructure and the cost of rental housing. Larnaca is the cheapest place to rent a villa by the sea in Cyprus. It is especially convenient for families with children, as the city beach is sandy, wide and shallow near the coast.

Limassol is the most “Russian” city, so it is easiest for Russian-speaking tourists to adapt here. If you need to rent a house in Cyprus for a long term, Limassol will be a good option. Almost the whole coast – a solid beach with a good entrance to the water. It is equally important that the location of Limassol allows you to go around more interesting places of the island with the least amount of time.

Pafos is the calmest resort with a measured rhythm of life. It is ideal for families with children and those who are interested in ancient history. Paphos has the highest concentration of antique sites: royal tombs, unique mosaics, archaeological parks. In Paphos itself the beaches are stony, so for bathing it is better to choose the Coral Bay area.

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What’s important when choosing a house for rent

Considering the proposals to rent a house in Cyprus by the sea, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the housing.

For a comfortable stay is important and the quality of repair, and equipment with appliances. Some people may really need a stable Internet access, others need a recreation area with a terrace and a gazebo, and still others – an area for sports.

All these things should be taken into account when choosing a suitable housing, especially for the long term.

What does the rent price depend on?

The first factor is the time when you decide to visit the island. The cost during the holiday season is always higher than during other periods. The peak is in mid-May-late August. At this time, the highest prices for rental housing. Cheaper to rent a house in early spring and early fall, and most profitable – from November to March.

The second factor is the duration of the rent. There is a direct pattern – the longer you plan to live on the island, the lower will be the average monthly cost. Therefore, renting a house in Cyprus for a long term is much more profitable and cheaper than for a short period. The reason is that owners also need guarantees and assurance that their property will not be idle.

Other important factors affecting the price include:

  • Remoteness from the sea and the city center;
  • Type of house (villa, townhouse, maisonette, duplex);
  • Utilities (included or not in the rent price);
  • Level of housing (quality repairs, equipped with appliances).

Dom Real Estate: The best houses and villas for rent

Dom Real Estate will help you save your time when choosing the ideal option to rent a villa in Cyprus by the sea.

In a large database of ads you can easily find the one that suits you on all parameters: from location to cost. If you need something specific, you can always contact us, and we will find a few optimal options at once.

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Dom Real Estate Agency is:

  • Only actual and checked listings
  • Updating the database every 12 hours
  • Direct cooperation with landlords – no commissions
  • Exact prices without extra charges and hidden fees

We value each client, so we provide the best service to find property in Cyprus, and give detailed advice on all matters relating to the purchase or rental.

The portal presents all the available offers on the real estate market in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Famagusta.

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