Relaxing holiday in the midst of crowded area

Quiet places in Moscow

Moscow is a huge megalopolis filled with people, cars and constant noise. However, even here you can find quiet places where it is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle, be alone with yourself or a loved one, enjoy the peace and relaxation and escape from worries. You don’t have to leave the city in search of silence, you can find it very realistically in Zlatoglavaya, if you know where to find its most quiet places.

Quiet places in Moscow

Krutitsky Patriarchal Metochion

Krutitsy Metochion is an island of ancient Moscow, where a special atmosphere and picturesque beauty of nature have been preserved. In the XIII century this area was given to Sarsk bishops, here was also founded a monastery. Nowadays on the territory of the monastery there is a two-storey red-brick Assumption Cathedral, a branch of the historical museum and other monuments of federal importance. You can admire Krutitsky teremkoy of fairy-tale architecture, walk to the Holy Gates and look at the arched passages. Time stands still in this picturesque place, it is not for nothing that many historical movies were shot there, for example, in the movie “The Gardemarines, forward!

Address: Krutitskaya Street, 8 (Proletarskaya Metro Station)

OPENING MODE: every day from 08:00 to 20:00

Krutitsky Patriarchal Metochion

Botanical Garden of MSU named after Lomonosov “Aptekarsky garden

This is one of the most amazing places in Moscow because it’s situated in one of the busiest streets of the city – prospect Mira Avenue – but you can’t get enough of the silence. A walk along picturesque alleys with unusual flowers lifts your spirits. Once upon a time the “Aptekarsky garden” was founded specifically to grow medicinal plants. Today there is an arboretum with a unique collection of bushes and trees and several roofed greenhouses, where new plants bloom every day. It is difficult to think of a better way to relax than a walk among such magnificence.

ADDRESS: 26, Prospekt Mira Avenue, bldg. 1 (Prospekt Mira metro station)

OPERATION MODE: daily from 10:00 till 21:00

TELEPHONE: +7 (495) 680-67-65, +7 (495) 680-72-22

Museum-Estate Kuskovo

Romantic Kuskovo estate not for nothing is called “Versailles near Moscow”. The beauty of the place is on a par with the gardens of the French kings. In the XVIII century there appeared a palace and a bell tower, pavilions and houses, a church and a greenhouse, as well as a luxurious regular-style park, which has remained virtually unchanged since then. Now the palace has a history museum, so you can see with your own eyes how Count Sheremetev, the owner of the estate, lived, walk around the park, admire his sculptures and pond, look into the pavilions. For those who want to go back a few centuries, the estate will be the most appropriate place.

ADDRESS: Yunosti str. 1 (Novogireevo subway station)

OPENING MODE: Wednesday through Sunday – from 10:00 to 18:00

Museum-Estate Kuskovo

Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye

Kolomenskoye is a former royal residence, which fascinates with the beauty of the surrounding nature and architecture. There are many objects of Russian wooden architecture, which are in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Three preserved gardens, Voznesensky, Kazansky and Dyakovsky, are part of the natural wealth of this reserve. Healing springs, an ancient oak grove, ravines and stones with magical powers also belong to it. The end of May is the best time for walks because it is the blossoming period of apple trees, the fragrance of which makes you dizzy, and the heart fills with joy and anticipation of a miracle.

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Address: 39 Andropova Ave.

OPENING MODE: daily from 06:00 till 22:00

Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno

Tsaritsyno was the country residence of Catherine II since 1776, in which the queen never lived. As time passed the palace was abandoned, as well as the landscape park, which was laid along with the residence. In 2004 the reconstruction of the buildings and the park began, and by now the palace ensemble has been fully restored, and the park has been put in order. Today “Tsaritsyno” is a palace and ponds, greenhouses with exotic plants, and a luxurious park, which is a place of calm in a noisy capital. In the summertime there is a musical fountain, and squirrels gallop along the paths.

ADDRESS: 1, Dolskaya Str. (Orekhovo subway station)

OPENING MODE: daily from 06:00 to 00:00

Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve

Mystical Kolomenskoye

We suggest you to visit one of the most mystical places in Moscow – Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve with our guide. “What a place.

Tsarist Tsaritsyno

We invite you to a fascinating walking tour around one of the capital’s most majestic palace and park ensembles.

Museum-reserve Izmailovo

Izmailovo estate is located on the island of the same name, next to the largest forest in Moscow. Here you can feel the breath of history, you can hear echoes of tsarist Russia. The estate keeps the memory of Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great, whose childhood passed here. Fans of silence will love the beauty and grandeur of Izmailovskiy Park, its relaxing atmosphere, picturesque and cool ponds, and mysterious quiet alleys. It’s beautiful here at any time of the year. It’s hard to imagine a better place for recreation than a colorful island, which is surrounded on all sides by water and reliably hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city.

ADDRESS: Bauman town, 2, p. 14 (Partizanskaya metro station)

OPENING MODE: daily from 06:00 till 22:00

Izmailovo Museum Reserve

Park “Novodevichy Ponds

Novodevichy Park is situated near the Novodevichy monastery on the bank of the Moskva River. About one third of its territory is occupied by water bodies – picturesque ponds with an alley around them. You can cross the ponds by a beautiful white stone bridge. There are a lot of trees in the park, willows almost touch the water with their branches. This place is created for romantic strolls, and you can even wander here at night. Nearby, you can find Nadprudna, or Sofya Tower, where you can pray and make a wish. The combination of magnificent architecture and natural beauty is one of the main attractions of the park.

Address: Sportivnaya subway station

OPERATING MODE: Daily, round the clock

Novodevichy Convent with a visit to the Novodevichy Cemetery

The Novodevichy Convent is one of the most beautiful and well-known architectural and historical monuments of Moscow. The holy abode was built in 1524.

Kitay-gorod: back to the past

Kitay-gorod belongs to the most ancient districts of Moscow. It adjoins directly to the Kremlin and is not very large. But still Kitay-gorod is.

A blooming garden on the territory of the Marfo-Mariinsky cloister

The Marfo-Mariinsky monastery has existed since 1909. Now there is a nunnery on the territory of which there is a rose garden. It is open to everyone who wants to relax in silence, sit in a gazebo, and feel the local benign atmosphere. Architect Shchusev worked on it, and gave the garden a ceremonial look, preserving the layout with alleys, typical for the XIX century. The garden is full of shade and fruit trees, with violets, fragrant lilies and roses in bloom. This is a piece of paradise, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and tranquility, and all this is relatively near the center of Moscow.

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Address: 34, ul. Bolshaya Ordynka, bldg. 13 (Tretiakovskaya metro station)

OPERATING MODE: Daily, round the clock

Flowering garden on the territory of the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery

Main Botanical Garden named after N. V. Tsitsin of RAS

The Botanical Garden is rightly considered a museum of living nature. Formerly there were large forest areas on this place and thanks to the garden’s workers some parts of them have survived, for example Leonovsky forest and Erdenevskaya grove. In the Botanical Garden you can see a rich collection of plants, the largest in the country. It presents the most diverse forms of vegetation from many climatic zones and regions of the world. There are exhibitions devoted to flowering flora, tropical vegetation, and even a Japanese garden. The area is decorated in the style typical of Russian park architecture.

Address: Botanicheskaya ul. 4, building 2 (Vladykino metro station)

OPENING MODE: Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 18:30, a break from 13:00 to 13:30

Main botanic garden n.a. N.V. Tsitsin of Russian Academy of Sciences

Morozovsky Garden

Morozovsky Garden is not the most famous and hard to find place in Moscow. It is hidden in Ivanovskaya Gorka (Ivanovsky Hill) at the crossing of Bolshoy Trekhsvyatitelsky, Podkopaevsky and Khokhlovsky lanes and occupies 0.46 hectares. Its former name was Kokorevsky garden. At its time it was considered one of the best viewing points in Moscow, with breathtaking views of the city beauty. Not for nothing during Soviet times many films were shot there. For a long time people were not allowed to visit it, but now the entrance to the lower part of the garden is open. This is a cozy corner of old Moscow where few relict plants are preserved.

Address: Bolshoy Tryohsvyatitelsky Lane (Kitay-gorod metro station).

OPENING MODE: daily from 08:00 to 19:30

Morozovsky garden in Moscow

There are quiet places for quiet rest in noisy Moscow. Everybody can find a place of his/her choice among cozy islands of tranquility lost in the maze of streets, stately palace parks, untouched nature preserves and man-made gardens, where one can relax from the bustle and noise of the metropolis.

Small resorts in the Krasnodar region – an inexpensive beach vacation

Low-crowded resorts in the Krasnodar region attract the absence of pandemonium. But have certain features. It is impossible to say unequivocally whether they are bad or good. But the rest there is completely different.

West coast of Crimea (wild beach)

Small resorts in the Krasnodar region.

Very soon the popular resorts of the Krasnodar region will be filled with numerous tourists. But there are sparsely populated places, about which few people know. Therefore, holidaymakers there are few. At the same time, the living conditions are not worse.

Temryuksky District, Kuchugury

Kuchugury, a village located on the Azov coast of the Krasnodar region is a sand dunes. There you will find incredible landscapes and warm air rising from the sea. By the way, it is one of the favorite places for gliding.


A few kilometers from the village, there is a great place with banks of sand and shell rock. Children really like it. Places to build castles of sand suffice. Predominantly shallow water, but not everywhere. One more feature of district – the sea changes the form of a coast and depth of a bottom every year.

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You will like it in Kuchugury if:

  • Do not be confused by gusts of wind.
  • You have a car so you won’t have to spend your vacation in one place.
  • Do you like walks on motor boats. At 15 km from the village, in the direction of Golubitskaya, there are several bases from which you can go to the Lotus Valley or on the other side of the Taman Peninsula to relax on the Black Sea.
  • Find an unusual activity for children. At 7 km there is an active mud volcano, in which children are happy to flounder, and then swim in the sea.
  • Strong underwater currents with traction, children need careful supervision.
  • In doldrums, the shores are filled with numerous jellyfish, although waves are more common.

х. Morozovsky

In 20 km from Primorsko-Ahtarsk, on the Sea of Azov is Yasenskaya Spit, called by locals – Morozovskaya. It runs between the freshwater Beysug Liman and the salty Yasensky Bay. You will definitely enjoy the nice small sand, the clearest water and the small forest at the bottom.


You can camp on the seashore or stay in a private accommodation. If you travel by car – take a ride in the evening in Primorsko-Akhtarsk. There recently made a very beautiful embankment. At sunset, the stone gives off pink, very beautiful.

Who is suitable for recreation:

  • Tourists on auto, which without problems will pass on the sand;
  • Not looking for clubs and restaurants, you will not find them there;
  • Everyone who is not embarrassed by the lack of good cellular service;
  • Lovers of shallow water;
  • Fishermen, the neighboring estuaries excellent fishing.

The main disadvantage, holidaymakers consider very active mosquitoes.

Arkhipo-Osipovka .

The settlement, located 50 km from Gelendzhik is better known among travelers. At the same time, holidaymakers there are much less than in popular resorts.

Camping Nazarova Dacha, Arkhipo-Osipovka

Camping “Nazarova Dacha”, Arkhipo-Osipovka

The coastal coverage is pebbly, the bottom is sandy. Thanks to the open sea, the water is renewed daily, so it is clean. The entrance is comfortable, flat, excellent for children’s bathing.

Numerous excursions to natural attractions: dolmens, waterfalls, the tract of Pine cleft and so on will help to organize a cultural program. The air is filled with the scent of pine and cypress trees.

I recommend to stay not in the center of Arkhipo-Osipovka, but closer to the river Vulan, near the mountain Camel. The prices there are considerably lower, and the sea is even cleaner and there are not many people.

If you like “wild” rest in tents, go to Autocamping, there are more than enough of them – Camping in Arkhipo-Osipovka.

  • The road to the sea takes about 20 minutes;
  • If you travel not on the car the way will be tedious. At first you will need to get to Gelendzhik air, there by bus 40 minutes and then by cab. Or in Novorossiysk by train, then again by shuttle bus to the village and again by cab.

Uch Dere is a village in Lazarevsky district of Sochi.

The village is located on the mountain, in comparison with his “brothers” Dagomys and Loo of people a bit more. Sea and mountain air, saturated with aromas of the arboretum – a definite advantage. I definitely recommend to have a walk in the arboretum: huge sequoias, tulip trees and Californian pines impress me. There are more than enough lodging options. Romantics camp right on the coast in their tents.

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Who is suitable for a vacation in Uch-Dere:

  • Everyone who is not afraid of coarse pebbles and uncomfortable entrance to the sea, in some places, large and even sharp boulders;
  • Those who are not particularly disturbed by the noise of the railroad, passing 100 meters from the beach;
  • No need for such facilities as stores, canteens and pharmacies. By the way, transport except for electric trains, too, there is no.

Small resorts of Krasnodar Krai are represented by a much larger list. In the region there are many places where you can spend a secluded vacation. Well, next we will consider a few more inexpensive resorts for a beach vacation.

Inexpensive resorts in Krasnodar Krai

Budget resorts in the region is also enough. Below I will describe the most interesting of them, in my opinion.

Golovinka – a village in Lazarevsky District

Golovinka is located 30 km from Sochi. In the village of shallow pebble beaches with easy access to the sea, ideal for children and older people.


According to reviews of tourists the main attraction is the tulip tree, which is believed to grant wishes. Beach holidays can be diluted by an excursion to the Olympic Park, horseback riding or visiting waterfalls at the River Shah.

To get there is very simple: from Adler Airport or railway stations of Sochi or Lazarevsky about 30 minutes by shuttle bus. Cost of accommodation is not high for the region: guest house from 700 p., hotel from 1 200 p.

Shirokaya Balka near Novorossiysk

Village Shirokaya Balka is 12 km from Novorossiysk, is considered a dacha, but it is not quite true. The village has only a few streets with guest houses, pioneer camps and recreation centers. Entertainment infrastructure, including youth developed excellent: discos, billiard, restaurants and karaoke.

Shirokaya Balka

Beach recreation is complemented by a variety of entertainment in the form of water rides, including sailing on yachts. Riding on water parachutes, paraglider flights, diving and even underwater fishing. Tourists are offered exciting jeep trips and hikes in the mountains. Especially popular is the town Amzai with ruins of an ancient fortress.

Beaches of Shirokaya Balka stretching for several kilometers have everything for convenience and comfort of tourists. Including: awnings, sun beds, umbrellas, changing rooms and showers. The sea is clean and deep with pebble shore. The air is filled with curative aromas of pines, cypresses and junipers.

From Novorossiysk to the village by minibus cab you can reach in 20 minutes. Or you can take a plane to Gelendzhik or Anapa, then a bus to Novorossiysk and further to Shirokaya Balka. Room at the recreation center will cost 1 000 rubles, in the guest house for 200 rubles more expensive.


The village of Lermontovo is located in the Tuapse region and is in demand among travelers. A quiet bay with a chic sand and pebble beach is perfect for both family and active holidays. You can go to a water park or on an excursion to Tengin waterfalls and other natural attractions.

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As an option: horseback riding, catamaran riding and bungee jumping. And after a busy day I recommend tasting the delicious barbecue of meat or sturgeon. By the way, the village got its name for a reason. During the Caucasian War there was an infantry regiment, in which Lieutenant M. Lermontov served.

Go to Lermontovo from Tuapse about an hour by bus. The prices for accommodation are minimal. A place with a tent in a camping will cost from 350 rubles, recreation center from 700 rubles, a room in a guest house from 700 to 900 rubles.

Sennoj (Azov sea)

A small resort village on the Azov coast attracts silence, warm sea, great weather, delicious wines and unique healing algae. This place is called “Russian Atlantis.


The village is not different development of hotel services, the resort only three hotels, but proposals in the private sector is very much. Recently in the resort appeared several mini-hotels and guest houses. Owners of rural cottages gladly rent rooms for little money. A hotel room costs from 600 rubles per person and a private sector room from 300 rubles.


The beaches of the village Sennoy sandy type, but created artificially. In this local authorities should be grateful. Each year, before the beach season sand is brought from the mainland. On the wild sections of the coast and the seabed there is a lot of algae, they are therapeutic, like mud or silt, but it is not particularly pleasant to swim. Therefore, equipped beach areas are regularly cleaned of green plants. As for the wild areas, they are suitable either for diving, outside the water area with algae, or for recreational procedures, that is, thalassotherapy.

The beach in Sennoi is dirty and sparsely populated.

The beach in Sennia is dirty and sparsely populated.

What to do

In the village of Sennom you can not only relax on the beach, but also visit attractions. They are few, only three, but definitely worth seeing. I recommend visiting the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Phanagoria, part of which is underwater. They are called the “Russian Atlantis”. Unfortunately, the ruins of the settlement has not yet been fully explored, but the settlement is developing a large archaeological complex. Every tourist can freely conduct their own archeological investigation, and if they are lucky, they will find some artifact.

The winery, which produces drinks according to ancient Greek recipes, is also called “Fanagoria”. It is noteworthy that the liquor is stored in ceramic amphorae. There is a tasting room, where you can taste the most popular sorts of wine.

The ethnographic complex “Cossack village Ataman” is especially popular among tourists. There you will touch the life of the Kuban Cossacks, cheer on the races and get maximum pleasure from the theatrical performances of folklore groups. From the village. It is about 20 km from Sennoj to Ataman, but it is not difficult to overcome this distance.

It is useful for tourists:

Low-crowded resorts of Krasnodar Krai is not a myth, but a reality. The main thing is to choose your direction and thoroughly prepare for the trip. Everyone have an unforgettable and safe holiday in 2022!

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