Registration of Visa to Riga by yourself

Visa to Latvia on your own

The Baltic Territory of Latvia used to be a part of Soviet Union. Because of this in the Baltics live a lot of ethnic Russians and Russian language is popular. This detail greatly simplifies the procedure of applying for a Schengen visa.

  • Those who have not previously encountered the procedure for requesting permission to enter the Schengen territory, it is recommended to take an initial consultation with the lawyers of an accredited visa center.

Unlike many EU countries, as well as the USA and Canada, the official website of the Latvian embassy does not have an exact list of documents, which must be submitted to the consulate. The registry is made independently, and an appointment for an interview is very rare.

  • Consequently, the authorized persons of consulate will make a decision on granting or refusal of visa only on the basis of those documents, which will be submitted for consideration.

Visa to Latvia on your own

+7 (495) 128-66-49
  • Visa Consultation on processing and application for a visa to Latvia
  • Monday-Thursday, from 9:00 am till 19:00 pm

Visa fee in Latvia

Visa type requested Duration of stay
Russian Federation and CIS citizens Citizens of other countries
Schengen multiple entry visa (type “C” visa) 180 / 365 days 3500 / 6500 / 9500 roubles 9500 / 18500 roubles
National Visa/Visa (type “D” visa) from 180 days 9500 / 18500 roubles 18500 rubles
Service and consular fees for “C” or “D” visa are paid regardless of nationality

VISA ASSISTANCE +7 (495) 128-66-49

Visa to Latvia by yourself – documents

Electronic Document Workflow is not yet available to the Latvian side, so you have to collect a completely paper package when you submit the documents in person. The main list of official papers includes:

  1. A copy of the domestic passport . You should make scanned copies only of those sheets where there is important information. The first two pages are mandatory for copying, for residents of the Northwest region – the first four pages of the passport.
  2. Please enclose your passport in its original form with the envelope. Two blank pages are compulsory and must be valid for more than 90 days after the expiry of the Schengen visa. It is forbidden to submit a passport with stamps, liquid stains or other defects.
  3. Questionnaire and Cheque . The application form is filled out in a virtual format, then printed and signed by the applicant. The visa fee check can be obtained after the online transaction or enclosed in the envelope prior to submission by paying the consular fee directly at the embassy’s ATMs.
  4. Financial Documentation . It will take at least 14 euros per day to support one adult in Latvia . The client must provide proof of a bank deposit, high salary. For unemployed, students and pensioners it is acceptable to attach a sponsorship letter from guardians or the host party in case the visa is issued by invitation.
  5. Social documentation indicates the presence of family, immovable property. This includes a certificate of marriage or divorce, house books. is issued regardless of the period of the tourist’s stay abroad. For a standard Schengen class C visa the insurance coverage is 30,000 euros. Ordering a national visa is available for students going to study and workers on long-term contract. Category D requires insurance coverage for medical care from 42600 euros .
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Then an extended package of papers is collected depending on the purpose of the visit to Latvia. Tourists attach the itinerary list and the voucher, if you order a visitor’s visa the invitation from a resident of Latvia is required, if you order a business visa the confirmation of the qualification is required.

  • Students should enclose a full package of education forms, employees should provide a certificate confirming the level of education, profession and length of service. Minor children go on the basis of a written permission from parents, their data are written into foreign passports of accompanying persons.

Visa to Latvia on your own in Moscow – the process of drawing up

    can be performed at the official site of Latvian Consulate. The data is entered in Cyrillic or Latin alphabet in Russian. For native English speakers or those who know a foreign language at the level of upper-intermediate it is allowed to fill in the questionnaire in English.
  • The documentation package is prepared in accordance with the purpose of the Schengen visit and the legal form of the applicant. It is necessary to collect as extensive a package of documents as possible to confirm all the information stated in the questionnaire. It is necessary to start collecting official forms 2-3 weeks before submitting the envelope to the embassy.
  • Registration for biometric data . Required for those who have not traveled abroad in the past 5 years. Fingerprints are not taken for children under 12 years old, diplomats, and disabled persons without fingerprints.
  • Make an appointment for personal delivery of documents to the consulate . Available at the official website of the Latvian embassy, late submission is inadmissible and results in automatic refusal of the visa.
  • The consular fee can be paid at the building of state institution through terminals or previously by online banking on the official website.
  • It takes up to 10 working days to wait for the decision of the authorities. Urgent visa with double consular fee can be issued within three working days.
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In order to get an urgent visa for the Schengen area in one working day, you need to contact the specialists of an accredited visa center.

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