Recreation in Arosa: how to get there and what to do


Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland - ski resorts in Switzerland. The sights of Arosa, a guide to the city,

Arose (Arosa) – a popular ski resort in Switzerland, located in the east of the country, near Davos.

Arose became famous in 1883, when Dr. Herwig-Hold, during his ski tour in the mountains south of the Kur, came across a remote village and decided it was the most suitable place to build a tuberculosis sanatorium. Over time, the sick gave way to sports enthusiasts, turning Arosa into one of the most famous ski resorts in the canton of Graubünden.

The road to Arosa runs from the Koor through the most picturesque mountains, past idyllic mountain villages. If the serpentine drive through the mountains is uninspiring, you can take the Arosa Express train from the Kur.

The weather in Arosa:

Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland - ski resorts in Switzerland. The sights of Arosa, a guide to the city,

Getting Around Arosa:

The town of Arosa is divided into two parts.

  • Ausserarosa (Outer Arosa) is located around the station and the small lake Obersee.
  • Innerarosa – Inner Arosa is actually the old part of the village, situated on the hill of the valley.

The tourist office is located near the station, a five-minute walk up the hill on Poststrasse. Inside the village, all buses are free. Travel by private car is prohibited from midnight to 6 am (except arrivals/departures).

Hotels in Arosa:

Some hotels charge extra for stays of less than three days. This applies primarily to the winter season. In summer, prices can drop by half, plus free cable car fare.

To get to Arosa:

Travel time: 2:32-2:57. There is no direct transport from Zurich, all routes with connections in the Kure. Usually departing at 12 and 37 minutes hourly from platform 6 / 10, respectively. There is a direct train to Arosa leaving from the Kure at 8 minutes hourly.

Full fare information is at

Ticket price: 36 CHF one way second class.

The sights of Arosa:

Arosa stands surrounded by three mountains:

  • Weisshorn (2653 m) is the highest and the most important. It is located in the west of the resort area.
  • Hörnli (2512 m) – the second highest, in the south.
  • Brüggerhorn (2401 m)-north of Arosa.

Winter in Arosa:

Ski slope – the slope is small, but the quality is high. Over 70 km of mainly blue and red slopes. There are also over 25 km of flat slopes and snowboarding elephants at an altitude of over 2000 km. Elevators run from Obersee to Weisshorn, from where you can go on to Brüggerhorn. At the top, from the Inner Arosa, there is another elevator to the very top – Hörnli. The ticket for the whole day or for 6 days costs about 55 or 256 francs respectively.

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Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland - ski resorts in Switzerland. The sights of Arosa, a guide to the city,

Summer in Arosa:

Numerous mountain trails for hiking are open in the summer:

  • From Mt. Weisshorn, a beautiful and easy 4-hour route through the Carmenna Pass and through the Urden Valley to Tschiertschen, where you can take a bus to the Koor.
  • A 3-hour tour through the meadows from the Weisshorn middle station to Alpenblick and Lake Schwellisee and back to Arosa.
  • From Mt. Hörnli to Parpaner Rothorn (2861 m), from where you can take a cable car down to Lenzerheide, near Valbella, 12 km from the Kur, and then to the Kur by bus.

You can rent a mountain bike at the station and take one of the five provided circular route.

Save in Arosa:

You can use a special tourist ticket for the canton of Graubünden if you intend to travel only in one region.

GraubündenPASS tourist card

Unlimited free travel on public transport in all or part of the canton of Graubünden, plus 50% discount on selected mountain railroads + a number of additional discounts. There is also an option for cyclists that includes transportation of the bicycle / motorcycle. From June 1 to October 23, 2016 – additionally, you’ll be given a set of maps with 12 must-see attractions. You’ll be able to see Graubünden while enjoying additional discounts.

Your choice of time:

  • 2 days out of 7
  • 5 days out of 14

Choice of area:

  • north of Graubünden
  • South of Graubünden
  • all of the canton of Graubünden

Public transport covered by the tourist ticket:

Rethian Railway (Bernina Express, section of the Ice Express), Swiss Federal Railways (SBB Chur – Bad Ragaz), Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, PostAuto buses (Disentis/Mustér – Oberalp pass), transport companies Davos, Engadin Bus, citybus Chur, Silvestri Bus Livigno, buses to Klosters, Scuol and St. Moritz or the cable car Rhäzüns – Feldis. Since June 1, 2016 were also added routes: the Palm-Express postal bus ride from Lugano to Chiavenna in Italy, the pass ride from Splügen to Chiavenna, the Heidi bus route from Maienfeld to Heidi village and to Balzers, the panorama ride from Lugano to Tirano (Italy) on the Bernina Express Bus.

The cost is:

All zones / 1 zone, 2nd class.

  • 2 of 7 days – 113 CHF / 75 CHF
  • 5 of 14 days – 165 CHF / 110 CHF

Graubunden Pass - - the cost of a tourist ticket for the canton of Graubunden.

The validity period of the GraubundenPASS ticket:

Greubünden Tourist Ticket - Graubundenpass- - valid map

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Arose Guide

Ella Sheikhova

Arosa is a unique resort in Switzerland. It is exactly the kind of quiet, peaceful, cozy place to go as a family. In comparison with the resort of Locarno is just an ideal place for sports lovers. In addition to all the town has a wonderful unique mountain landscape, combined with pure mountain air and microclimatic conditions. The valley in which Arosa is located is well protected from the winds because it is surrounded by mountains. The wooded slopes and small lakes attract all lovers of this kind of recreation.

Arosa attracts people because of its location and excellent opportunities that distinguish it from other resorts in the country. Many tourists think that the disadvantage of the resort is a fairly large number of easy trails, which are suitable for beginners skiing. But I think this factor is more of a plus for a holiday in Arosa. After all, this makes the resort a unique place for beginner skiers and future athletes. And also a place to teach children how to ski. After all, many resorts do not have pistes for children, and parents also want to take them on vacation. For parents who simply do not have anyone to leave their kids, and still want to ski, created a special club on the territory called Alpine Club Mickey Mouse. Here you can easily leave your kids with qualified professionals for your skating time. For older children here are constantly organizing fun activities, including contests and concerts. On the elevators.

When is it better to have a rest in Arosa?

Ella Sheikhova

It is a wonderful family resort located in the heart of Graubünden, in the Schanfing Valley. The town is small and very quiet. It is mainly visited by couples with children.

The valley is ideally protected from the wind because the valley is completely surrounded by mountains, it has a very special microclimate, which also creates the most favorable climatic conditions for children’s stay.

The favorite place for parents is, Alpine Club Mickey Mouse, a ski club for children. They can be quite left here while skiing, there are nurses with very high qualifications. There are relatively few ski slopes, only 70 km, but there is enough winter entertainment. Snowboarding, snowshoeing, horse-drawn carts, etc. makes the resort a special place, where one wants to come again and again. Arosa is different from other resorts in Switzerland, the largest number of sunny days.

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The ski season begins in December to mid-April.

But I advise you to be careful with the time of rest in Arosa, because from mid-April to June, and from mid-October to mid-December of the month almost all the complexes of the resort are closed, including hotels, so be careful.

What money to take with you?


In Arosa, as well as in any other city or village in Switzerland, it is better to go with Swiss francs or euros, you can and with any other freely convertible currency, which neither Russian rubles and Ukrainian hryvnia, as well as monetary units of other post-Soviet countries are not included. It is possible to pay in euro as a last resort, but not always and not everywhere. The Swiss consider exchange rate roundly: either 3 francs for 2 Euros or even 1:1.

There are no currency exchange offices in Switzerland. Exchange of currency is possible only in any bank branch, but only in the morning, i.e. before lunch break. For an exchange fee is charged. In some four-and-a-half-star hotels you can also exchange currency, but at a very unfavorable rate. It is not possible to change rubles anywhere except for some compatriot at the hotel, who is leaving and has some money left in Swiss francs. However, it is almost impossible to count on such an opportunity.

As for bank cards, it does not matter which/which international banking systems they can be used. Given the rather difficult economic situation in the domestic banks, you should have enough cash as a safety net not to depend on circumstances.

Where to stay in Arosa?

Ella Sheikhova

A quiet and quite secluded place in the mountains is exactly Arosa. Sports recreation, as well as the beautiful natural landscape, combined with mild climatic conditions, make the resort simply a unique, wind-protected place. In addition, surrounded by forest and mountains, this resort, which encourages a lot of hiking, attracts many tourists just by this feature.

In addition, it is a great place for families, because there are educational children’s schools and various recreational activities. I would call the resort a quiet village where you can enjoy nature and beauty, as well as skiing and outdoor activities.

Thanks to the fact that Arosa is very close to Zurich, a large number of tourists come here every year, many of whom have heard about this place from friends and acquaintances.

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Sun Valley has a fairly reasonable price compared to many resorts in Switzerland. Although on its territory is a very large number of expensive hotels and chalets.

Chalets are very popular with tourists, many of which are located in the wooded area, or in the foothills. People choose them because of the panoramic views of the mountains, the green outskirts in summer, and snow-covered fir trees in winter.

Arosa is very appreciated by fans of such holidays. The season at the resort is quite short, and, more often than not, the Swiss come here on weekends, so it is better to book a place in advance.

There is a high demand for the resort, which is located in the western parts of Switzerland.

How to get here?

Ella Sheikhova

A small, but so cozy and attractive resort called Arosa, is located in the canton of Graubünden. It is only a few hours drive from Zurich. This is the nearest international airport, leading to the resort itself.

The most convenient way is to travel from Zurich airport to Arosa by train, with a change in Kur. You have a beautiful panoramic view, the scenery of Switzerland is simply magnificent, because the road passes through the mountainous terrain. It is just a unique opportunity to enjoy nature on the road. The road takes no more than two hours. Trains leave from Zurich every hour.

From Basel the trip takes 4.5 hours, and from Friedrichshafen-4 hours.

If leaving Zurich airport, drive through the center on the A-11 towards the Kur. And then follow the signs towards Arosa. I would not advise to go by car. The road takes about the same time as the train, and the comfort is much less. This is because Arosa is high in the mountains. You have to drive on a serpentine road, which has more than three hundred turns.

Food and drink

Ella Sheikhova

Arosa is just an amazing, unique resort, which has more than 50 restaurants and stores, about 23 bars, as well as a sea of nightclubs, cinemas and other entertainment. Most of the bars and clubs are open in the hotels.

The most popular are:

Disco NUTS , is the most popular disco of the resort. It is a place not only for young people. People gather here regardless of age and musical preferences, and just to have a drink, relax and dance to their heart’s content. The disco is open almost until five in the morning, depending on the season.

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LOS Café Bar pleases visitors with quite a wide selection of drinks. Guests of the resort and locals enjoy live music, as well as music by DJs on weekends. People like to relax here, the place is very cozy, and they like to have fun with various board games over a mug.

The Seehof Hotel has a fairly relaxed atmosphere at The Lounge bar . Excellent cocktails and live music attract tourists. But during the peak season, there’s a cabaret show and people flock in from all over the place.

The Kitchen Club, located in the Eden Hotel, is quite popular. The interior is very original, as the club is housed in a 20th century kitchen. There are frying pans, fridge, pots as decor elements, and the DJ himself is located on the old refrigerator. The club is located in the heart of Arosa and is open until two in the morning.

In the building of the Eden Hotel, there is another club, the Crazy Club, but it belongs to the Post Hotel.

How to have fun?

Ella Sheikhova

An amazing resort, the first city in which a railway arch bridge was built, and the first in the world, the height of which is 62 meters. Arosa is more like a skiing village with beautiful panoramic views and cozy places to relax. The town lies in a valley, which is surrounded by mountains and almost completely sheltered from the winds, at an altitude of 1800 meters. Here are luxurious hotels with spa centers and other types of recreation and recovery. It is also a great resort for families. There are always absolutely free events for vacationers, such as holidays and themed entertainment.

For very young children and their parents here is equipped and thought out absolutely everything. Starting with the kindergarten, where you can leave the smallest children, Swiss Ski & Snowboard School, and ending with the whole ski school for children, Junior Club. Children love going to the Kursaal children’s cinema.

Children are very fond of sledging and skating . Therefore Arose is always ready to meet restless little kids. The distance between Pratschli and Obersee is exactly one kilometer. And another trail Tschuggenhutte – Grand Hotel Tschuggen, the distance is about half a kilometer. There are also two skating rinks.

For those who like to walk there are hiking, the routes are up to 60 kilometers. Hiking is very colorful and picturesque, the mountains are especially beautiful in winter.

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