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Holidays in Sweden – reviews

Review of Holidays in Sweden

Sweden is a quite comfortable country for traveling. If you are inclined to the Scandinavian prices, and, in general, tend to plan a vacation in advance and look for the right routes and discounts, then your vacation will be fine. Я.

An extraordinary country!

Greetings to my dear readers! I want to tell you about how I spent a few days in Sweden. I went to Sweden as part of an excursion tour from the company Turtrans Voyage. I have long dreamed of visiting this fabulous country, and.

Everything is great!

We have been having holidays in Sweden for four years in a row. My vacations are always in summer, and I do not want to go to hot countries in summer. The Swedish climate is just right for me. There is a lot of sun, but not too hot.

A fairyland with characters I’ve known from my childhood.

I generally do not like to travel to countries where it is cool. I prefer countries with a warm climate. That’s about what I thought before I went to Sweden. Especially since it was right after New Year’s Eve.


Was in Sweden on a bus tour with my class in 2 places: the cities of Stockholm and Upsala. The first city we were in when we set foot on Swedish soil was Stockholm. I remember being shown the Swedish.

Traveling through the sights of Sweden

Good afternoon everyone, today I would very much like to share with you my review of a trip to Sweden. I guess I will start by telling you what we visited. I went on a trip with.

You really need to come here! It’s just wonderful!

In 2107, the first time my boyfriend and I visited this beautiful country. At that time I was 17, he was 18, and it was our first trip abroad together, just the two of us, no rules and prohibitions. The emotions are overflowing to this day.

The best place in Malmo for relaxation, contemplation of nature, inspiration for artists.

Limhamn – the seaside district of the city, historical architecture, the beach.In the center of the area there are many gift stores, famous brands.Cafes and restaurants.

The road to Limhamn. About the beauty of the old streets of the southern Swedish city of Malmo written quite a lot . But who knows charming place in this city, hidden from the eyes of the ubiquitous Asian tourists? I will tell you about such a place.

Changing the perceptions of urban smarts and sustainable development

Lifestyle, social order, local philosophy and approaches to technical issues, especially in the area of public utilities

It is worth noting that all, without exaggeration, Swedish cities are quite comfortable for tourists and for life in general. Everything flows here calmly and quietly, and as if this rhythm has not changed for decades. Except for one factor – constant improvement.

Bologna is the scholarly capital of Italy

Stockholm is the Venice of the North!


I liked Lake Mälaren, also the equestrian museum, very beautiful

2018 is a fabulous year in my life, I was in Sweden, we went from Riga by the Baltic Sea to Stockholm, we were in museums, also sightseeing excursions in the city, also, what was very beautiful is the hall.

Beautiful Nordic country.

In my opinion Sweden of all the Nordic countries has the most beautiful architecture. Norway is beautiful in its nature, but Sweden is more man-made beauty of its cities. The most important city visited in Sweden, of course, was its capital Stockholm.

Beautiful, clean, civilized, expensive, environmentally friendly, saving on electricity, polite.

Very interesting, useful, amazing, beautiful, civilized, orderly.It is necessary to visit, to see everything with their own eyes, and then be glad to go home, in Russia.

There are no minuses. A person from Russia is interested in everything, as if he had arrived on another planet. Of the minuses – a bit expensive, because everything has to be translated into rubles. and this is frustrating.

I visited my friend in Gothenburg. I was impressed by the beautiful nature, a lot of coniferous forest, clean roads and paths, but it is problematic for the dogs to do their business. There are no fences, but if a dog inadvertently steps on someone else’s piece.


Wonderful country for a vacation! Just recently came with my family from Sweden. It is a very beautiful country. People there are very cultured and if you need any help, they will always help you. Also Sweden has amazing beaches. If.

Just a beauty and a dream.

I happened to be in Sweden on vacation. On the way we found a place with a beautiful view around . This river goes trout and salmon spawning, the river is considered the cleanest and specially protected. Water from this.

10 reasons why you should go to Stockholm

Stockholm is not the most obvious summer destination. On the other hand, how many people you know have seen the city? Here. And you will, and the experience will be unique. Because the less you expect from the city, the more experiences it is ready to give you. So, what is ready to surprise you Stockholm?

Swedish architecture

Swedes are reserved people of the North. Therefore, even the Baroque buildings here do not have the usual curls and other ornaments. However, the local houses have charm, and it is impossible not to appreciate it.

How does travel to the South Pole go?

Getting acquainted with the architecture is worth starting at Djurgården, where there are many old wooden houses that once belonged to the fishermen. Today it is a luxury property in the city center and lucky for those who can rent it at least for a couple of days.

From Djurgården, one must move to Gamla Stan Old Town and examine every house, every roof and every alleyway in detail. Buildings in Gamla Stan are built in a variety of styles, from late 16th century Renaissance to 20th century modernism, but they are all uncluttered and painted in a variety of colors.

Many houses in Stockholm are painted dark red. For centuries, a house made of brick was considered a symbol of wealth. Peasants painted their wooden houses red to make them look like brick houses from a distance.

The pigment of Swedish red paint has a long history. For decades, the paint – now called Tikkurila – has been made in the county of Dalarna, and the very same red pigment is mined in a single mine. The paint is very durable and moisture resistant. The good news is that today you can go to a building store and choose any color of this brand, not just red.

To see how the locals live, you have to go away from the center at least to Vasastan, a neighborhood of apartment buildings inhabited by Stockholm’s medium-income residents. To appreciate the advantages of modern residential development, you can go to the relatively new Hjorthagen neighborhood near Ropsten.

See all the main attractions of Stockholm can be seen during sightseeing tours, for example, Stockholm from all sides for 25 euros per person or Stockholm: stories, mysteries and riddles of the old city for 38 euros per person.

Swedish Fashion

H&M, COS, &Other Stories, Acne – the Swedes gave it all to the fashion world. Famous names also include Filippa K, Cheap Monday and Whyred. The key ideas behind the Swedish style are comfort, quality and mix and match. And on the streets of Stockholm, this is noticeable unless you’re on a promenade filled with tourists. The locals dress stylishly and simply. Their closet is full of light colors, natural fabrics and straight cuts, and you’re sure to get a sense of that if you stay here for at least a couple of days.

Shop on Biblioteksgatan and find everything you need while also admiring the beautiful displays. If the shopping experience wasn’t enough, you can go to the stylish Nordiska Kompaniet, the democratic Ahlens or the trendy Mall of Scandinavia at the out-of-the-way but beautiful Solna subway station. We have not mentioned the Stockholm subway in this article, but it is another reason to go to Stockholm.

What stereotypes the people of different countries of the world are tired of

We talked about the best shopping malls in our article Shopping in Stockholm: Where to go, what to buy and how to save money. And for an article on the subway and other forms of transportation, see Stockholm’s public transport system.

Swedish art

Paintings by Scandinavian artists differ sharply from those by other European masters. Colors are much more subdued, lines are calmer, and strokes are softer. Sweden does not have such a lush nature as in the south of Russia and such a circle of life as in the center of Paris, which is why the paintings of Lind Bror, Johan Severin and Stephan Johansson are so special.

You can immerse yourself in Scandinavian art for free at the National Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. If you like, you can explore the Nordic flavor in more detail at the Thiel Gallery, which, among other things, shows paintings and lithographs by Munch.

Swedish Archipelago

Sweden has no fjords, unlike neighboring Norway, and Stockholm has no beaches like Poland’s Sopot or the Kaliningrad region. The entire coast of Sweden is rugged with islands. The Stockholm archipelago consists of 30 thousand islands.

We told about the most interesting islands in the article Islands of the Stockholm Archipelago.

Some of the islands are lifeless, and on some are small resort towns with cozy wooden houses and narrow paved streets, such as Vaxholm or Sandhamn. Some of the islands can be reached by ferry, which leaves from the city center.

If you want to save money on the ferry and still see the archipelago at least out of the corner of your eye – buy a daily pass for all modes of transport. Walks on the ferry are included in the price.

In fact, Stockholm itself lies on the islands, you can learn more about each of them during a tour of the 10 islands of Stockholm.

Swedish Tales

Sweden is home to many of our favorite fairy tales. On the island of Djurgården there is a museum dedicated to the characters of Astrid Lindgren – Unibakken. In the same museum you can find mummy trolls from the works of Tove Jannson. In the Vasastan district there is a house, under the roof of which Carlson lives. And in the courtyard of the Finnish church in Gamla Stan, there sits a little iron boy, so similar to the little Nils who flew with the geese. Miracles in Stockholm are at every turn.

If you’re walking around Stockholm with kids, they’ll love a tour to Stockholm with Kids or Old Town: A Visit from Carlson.

All at once! What cities you can see in one trip

Swedish meatballs

Author: wuestenigel,

“Oh, wonderful little meatballs! They smelled so delicious and were so crispy, ruddy – in short, just like good meatballs should be!”

Carlson liked meatballs – you will, too. You can try them in any local restaurant or eatery, and many of you have probably already tried them in an IKEA store café.

Stockholm establishments serve meatballs from a variety of meats and even vegetarian ones, but the classic recipe is as follows: ground pork and beef, onions, bread, cream for the meatballs themselves, a sauce based on broth and flour, and sweet and sour jam from cranberries or lingonberries.

The best meatballs in town are at Meatballs For the People (address: Nytorgsgatan 30) where you can try the classic meatballs with mashed potatoes or spaghetti, or go a little fancy with meatballs in a burger.

For more on what else to try in Stockholm, read the article Swedish National Cuisine.

Swedish décor

Those who like to decorate their homes will feel very comfortable in Sweden.

To start with, Sweden is home to IKEA, and on the outskirts of Stockholm is the mother of all IKEAs – the largest IKEA store in the world.

But IKEA is not alone – stores with decorative items in Stockholm are literally on every step. Swedes like practicality, so they try not to buy unnecessary things, but on the other hand, when was a beautiful vase or a candle with the scent of forest moss unnecessary?

Swedish fauna

Animals and birds in Stockholm feel right at home. A deer or hare can easily be found on the museum island of Djurgården, and crowds of birds of all colors and sizes roam the city’s lawns. Swans, ducks, wood pigeons, gulls, petrels, loons, geese of all kinds. In short, if you have ever been interested in watching animals, and especially birds – you don’t even need binoculars to do it here.

Swedish Fika

The locals are so fond of a break for a cup of coffee that they even invented their own name for it – fika. Fika lasts only 10-15 minutes, but they have it every two hours. During fika you must not just drink coffee. It is necessary to enjoy it. You may chat with colleagues or friends, sharing brought cookies and cakes, or you can just sit on the terrace of an outdoor cafe, read a magazine and leisurely drink coffee.

At the fika you can come to Drop Coffee (address: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10), where they brew the benchmark coffee and for many years in a row win prizes in the world barista championships.

If you are more interested in snacks, go to Vette Katten (address: Kungsgatan 55) where they have been serving good coffee and delicious cakes since 1928, including the delicious Princess Cake. Here’s a secret: If you buy the cake at lunchtime, you can get coffee for free at Vette Katten. That is, you have to pay 4 euros for a cappuccino or a latte, but the usual filter coffee with milk is unlimited and absolutely free.

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Swedish Happiness

Lagom is a traditional Swedish philosophy of harmony and moderation. Living happily is a national idea. And the fika we talked about above is only a small part of such a life. Swedes try to enjoy everything that happens: work, walks, socializing, delicious cookies and greens grown on the windowsill. They like to work in moderation and rest in moderation, to experience as little stress as possible and have as much fun as possible.

Lagom is the reason why big shopping malls close at 9 p.m. and there’s not a soul on the streets after 10:30 p.m. After all, people need time for themselves – to light candles, pour tea and think about the good things.

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Throughout the year, and especially in winter, airlines surprise you with amazingly low prices on flights to Sweden’s capital. Even if you weren’t planning to fly to Sweden this vacation season, it’s worth considering the option. And if it’s a long-time dream of yours, now’s the time to fulfill it. The best ways to get to Stockholm on a budget

We’re talking about food prices in Swedish supermarkets and ways to save on food.

We will make calculations in several stages: travel (flight, ferry, etc.) there and back, hotel accommodation for 1 day, meals for 1 day, excursions and souvenirs for 1 day. In the calculations we will take average prices.

Are you in Sweden’s capital and don’t know where to go and what to see?

We have written for you a route to the most important and interesting places in Stockholm, so you can make the most complete impression of the city and feel the romance of the most beautiful streets and squares. We tried to mark in the route and the most famous points of the city, and places that are silent guidebooks, but which are popular with the locals.

Everyone knows that Stockholm is not the capital of budget holidays. It’s expensive to live, expensive to eat, expensive to entertain, and yet here every year more and more tourists come to visit – there really is something to see. We have carefully researched the conditions and prices offered by local hotels and hostels to their guests and gathered for you the cream of the crop.

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