Ranking of the 6 best hotels in Brazil for vacations

Best hotels in Brazil with free Wi-Fi

Best 30 hotels in Brazil with free Wi-Fi out of 283 in Brazil. Rated based on 510 reviews and ratings from tourists.

“One of the few hotels in Rio with its own fenced area and direct access to the beach. Clean pools. Great breakfasts. Very good food in the cafe . “

“Very beautiful hotel. Classy room with a stunning view of the ocean. The room is very quiet. Breakfast and service are top notch. It feels like po. “

“everything is very beautiful, sophisticated! the staff is responsive , great restaurant with a great menu ! the bar offered to taste the cachaça , told me everything . “

“we got a room on the 18th floor. and the noise of the ocean, of course amazing! did not swim in the pool, but drank cocktails. Quite a bit)) The staff is very attentive and helpful. “

“We liked the hotel, the location is great, there is a terrace on the roof, it has a gorgeous view. The room we had was standard, small but clean and nice. “

“Great hotel, the furniture although not new – but in excellent condition. the rooms are large. Polite staff. Located 5 min from the beach, the area is decent, in 3. “

“Checking into the hotel was the most beautiful of all the hotels in Brazil. We were greeted with champagne, checked in early at 10:00, invited to breakfast (for extra. “

“We were flying in for the 2016 Olympics. They placed us on the 18th floor, I don’t remember the room, but the windows faced the street. Rooms were nice, everything needed in the room. “

“Staff, location. The hotel itself is not new but gives the feeling that you are always welcome there!:) Didn’t like : Breakfast is good but would have liked it once. “

“The location is super. Everything is close by! Safe. Value for money. Good breakfast. What did not like : Lots of people at breakfast. Table can. “

“Great views. Two beaches directly below the hotel. The menu in the restaurant is in Russian. Nice hot tub with a window overlooking the beach. Huge balcony. “

“Great location – the hotel is on the first line of Copacabana. Very nice rooms! Comfortable beds and pillows. If you choose a room with a vi. “

“Nice hotel in the center of Copacobana. Took a room with floor panoramic windows, 12th floor out of 15, met expectations. Clean, cozy, soft big bed. “

“Nice hotel, liked the location very much, 5 minutes to Copacabana beach near stores, restaurants, bus stops, etc. The room is clean, comfortable. “

“Stylish hotel with a nice, nice pool with night lights. From the street, when you walk in, it feels like you are entering an island of cleanliness and grooming. Zavt. “

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“hotel in the style of the city of Brasilia, the architecture of the eighties, but it looks very even good. a little uncomfortable and darkish access to the central in. “

“First line – ocean outside the window )))) Super hotel in a super location. Spent enough time in this hotel (surprisingly) because there is such a place . “

“Beautiful hotel located on the beach. Service is top notch-help with any questions you may have. Great restaurant-everything tasty and varied. Territ. “

“The hotel is very nice, new, great bedding. I did not like it: very good sound from the neighboring rooms! The breakfast is not very varied. “

“The hotel is excellent! The rooftop pool and the beach across the street. buses with “local entertainment” drive right up to the hotel. can’t even figure out the room right away. “

“We were checked in early, which was especially nice since we arrived early and tired. We had a room for three and it was very conveniently divided into zones. “

“Nice hotel,located in a very nice place. The staff at the front desk speaks English. The rooms are very large and cozy,great pool. What’s not to. “

“We had a large suite for almost 3 weeks, large comfortable bathroom, table with chairs in the room, rooftop pool with sun loungers, great for. “

“Great hotel between copa and ipanema. Best location. Cons : Don’t know what to complain about for the price. Have stayed a couple of times and were seated in different units. О. “

“Good breakfast, clean room, friendly staff. Did not like: Paid calls to the front desk from the room. Few sun loungers near the pool. Lack of . “

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Ranking of the 6 best hotels in Brazil for vacations

Brazil is one of our favorite destinations, mainly because the country has good weather all year round! However, that’s not the only reason you should put this country on your dream travel list. Let’s start with the beaches: from wild and empty, such as the Morro de São Paulo, to beaches ideal for kitesurfing, such as Pipa Beach, to probably the most famous in the world, crowded and noisy, such as Copacabana or Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. If you dream of adventure, be sure to go to the Amazon, which is probably the richest place on Earth in terms of nature. Don’t forget Iguazu Falls with Devil’s Throat, a waterfall that falls from a height greater than Niagara Falls! Also carnival in Rio, delicious food, capoeira in Salvador.

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Rating of 6 Best Hotels in Brazil for Vacation - Photo 2

Ranking the 6 best hotels in Brazil for vacations

We’ve chosen six of our favorite hotels for you that will make your vacation in Brazil perfect! We found them during our many trips to South America, so rest assured that these are not random properties chosen based on other people’s opinions. Our ranking includes not only exclusive hotels, but also somewhat simpler and less sophisticated places where you will have the opportunity to experience the real Brazil and see the face of this country, often hidden from casual tourists!

Hotel Anima – Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is a port city located in the northeast of the small island of Ilha de Tignare, about 60 km south of the famous Salvador. You’ll find plenty of stores, pubs, hotels, and wild crowds in the clubs, where music plays until late at night. So, let’s move away from the city itself about 8 km south, where by the beach is an oasis of peace and a paradise for those who dream of a blissful vacation. A bus runs from the hotel to town several times a day, although we know from experience that few people take this option. The beautiful wide beach is covered with palm trees and the sea is very calm. There are daily outflows that open up the shimmering golden sand, but it can be a plus then the paradise beach becomes even wider!

Ranking of 6 Best Holiday Hotels in Brazil - Photo 3

Hotel Anima – Morro de São Paulo

Here you can find the four-star Hotel Anima, a charming but certainly not one of Brazil’s most exclusive hotels. Located just off a quiet and tranquil beach on the Atlantic coast, it offers accommodation in just eleven private bungalows set amidst a paradisiacal palm garden. Although getting here can be a little problematic, and to get out of the main port of Morro de São Paulo, where transport will be waiting for you to the hotel, you will need to hire someone with wheelbarrows to transport your luggage . The very aura of this place will surely compensate you for the previous inconveniences. A romantic atmosphere, great food (try the local produce and fresh fruit dishes) and blissful relaxation on the beach, in the hotel pool or on one of the comfy couches in the central lobby with a book (or a drink!). Put your phones, laptops, and tablets away and use your free time to relax, swim in the ocean, take one of the excursions offered by the hotel, or go horseback riding on the beach!

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Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 4

Hotel Anima – Morro de São Paulo

Pousada Santa Clara – Illa de Boipeba

The word pousada, which you will surely hear more than once during your trip to Brazil, simply means an inn, which is associated with an authentic local atmosphere, cultivates a long tradition and almost individual approach to each guest. This is what you can expect from the Pousada Santa Clara guest house, located in the middle of the only town in Ilha de Boipeba, Velha Boipeba. You can walk to the city center in less than 10 minutes and there are several mini markets, bakeries, bars and souvenir stores, but be aware that most of them are closed during lunch hours, usually from 12:00 to 14:00. Holidays in Boipeda are synonymous with escape from reality – there may not be any accessibility, there are no ATMs or cars on the island, but the local biodiversity (a UNESCO listing!), makes the island an ideal place for travelers who are looking for peace and quiet in the lap of nature.

Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 5

Pousada Santa Clara – Illa de Boipeba

Pousada Santa Clara is a place where you can sunbathe in the shade of coconut palms, hike and walk the beach or the hinterland trails of Boipebi, or go boating or kayaking on the abandoned and almost forgotten beaches of the south. You’ll find just 12 spacious suites immersed in tropical nature, and in addition to seasonal rides, there’s a small massage center and library on site, and a restaurant where you’re sure to meet the famous Santa Clara in person! You can get to Boipeba itself by speedboat from nearby Tinhara or from the mainland, or from El Salvador by a small seaplane. Due to the region’s location in the middle of nowhere, you’ll encounter far more fascinating geckos than foreign tourists, and most of the local paradise scenery will just be there for you!

Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 6

Fazenda Santa Clara Pousada Santa Clara – Ilha de Boipeba

Pestana Convento do Carmo – Salvador

Walking through the streets of old Salvador, we decided to visit what we thought at the time was a church. What was our surprise when we found an unusual place: a hotel, but in no way like a hotel. The four-star Pestano Convento do Carmo is certainly an unusual luxury hotel for Brazil. Its location in the heart of Salvador, near the historic center of Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allows you to explore the greatest attractions of the city even on foot. A short walk through the narrow cobblestone streets will take you to the local port, other monuments of the old city or churches that are still active.

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Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 7

Pestana Convento do Carmo – Salvador

The hotel is located in a former monastery and the remains of the equipment and decorations can be seen at every step. Built by Carmelites in 1586 it has witnessed many events in the history of Brazil over the centuries. An overnight stay in this 16th century monastery is sure to be a unique experience that will give your trip to Brazil a special flavor! On the property you will find 79 luxurious apartments, the furnishings of which are the result of colonial style, ancient church furnishings and modern technology. The atmosphere here will surely remind you of the previous inhabitants of the building, but there is no doubt in what asceticism (at least, supposedly) lived the monks! Relax at the swimming pool in the center of the complex, take advantage of the local jacuzzi and steam room and sample one of the local wines at the hotel’s restaurant, Bottino do Convento, which also specialises in Portuguese cuisine. During breakfast, be sure to note the intricately decorated blue and white azulejo tiles depicting the most important religious scenes of the Carmelites that still decorate the walls of the local restaurant!

Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 8

Pestana Convento do Carmo – Salvador

Villa Bahia – Salvador

Where better to experience the fascinating Brazilian culture than in the local old town, called Centro Historico in Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries? Villa Bahia is located in the center of El Salvador, one of the most vibrant cities combining Latin and African cultures. Thanks to this combination, visitors from all over the world praise the local friendly and warm atmosphere, the extremely hospitable residents and the atmosphere that prevails in the city – the rhythm of life, fun and fantasy! In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is a series of narrow one-way streets, where – in the gates of the bright apartment buildings – you will find many charming cafes and family stores. Within 500 meters you’ll find El Salvador’s most important 17th- and 18th-century churches and a charming coastline with one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks, Elevador Lacerda. Taste fresh seafood, take in capoeira and experience the unique atmosphere of a city that mixes Brazilian and African-American motifs.

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Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 9

Villa Bahia – Salvador

Villa Bahia has a total of 17 rooms spread over three floors of two historic townhouses, each reflecting a different period in Bahia’s history. Each room has a view of the nearby Baroque San Francisco Church or the villa’s green courtyards and the upstairs rooms also have small private terraces. Guests staying here have access to a pool, an observation deck, numerous seating areas, and an excellent restaurant serving local and international cuisine. The boutique, intimate atmosphere in both the common areas and the individually decorated rooms, reminiscent of the region’s historic past, has kept us coming back to this place almost every year for years!

Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 10

Villa Bahia – Salvador

Villa – Rio de Janeiro

A place that has been on our list of favorite hotels on the Rio de Janeiro map for years, located in the hills of the Santa Teresa district, with beautiful views of the city’s most important attractions! From the terrace of The Villa, which also serves food, the pool located on the ground floor, and even from some rooms you can easily see the famous Guanabara Bay, Sugar Loaf Mountain or the majestic Christ the Redeemer, which have been indispensable symbols of Rio for many years. But what we like best, besides the views, is the homely atmosphere and the fact that it is not a luxury hotel, but a family-run boarding house. Although it’s nearly 10 kilometers from the famous Copacabana, you can get there in just 25 minutes by cab, and the green hills of the Santa Teresa art district, full of local pubs, restaurants and art galleries, allow you to get up close. See the everyday life of the residents of one of Brazil’s largest cities.

Ranking of the 6 best recreational hotels in Brazil - Photo 11

Villa – Rio de Janeiro

In this boutique hotel you will find only 11 rooms arranged around a common patio (although each room has its own terrace!), with a pool, and the views that await you there will give you a bird’s-eye view of Rio de Janeiro. New Perspectives. Despite having more than 12 million inhabitants, the former capital of Brazil is still wild, green and at times full of contrasts. In some of the apartments you’ll also find indoor or outdoor Jacuzzis, allowing you to sink into blissful laziness after the amazing experiences that await you in Rio. Enjoy the almost family-like atmosphere, otherworldly scenery and the national drink of Latin America’s largest country, caipirinha, whose tasting on the hotel terrace will surely be one of the best memories of your trip to Brazil!

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