Quality goods at an affordable price, or the secrets of shopping in Finland

What to buy and bring from Finland

Traditionally, returning from a trip, tourists try to buy gifts for friends and family or memorabilia for themselves. Our neighbor to the north produces very high quality products, whether it be food, clothing or medicine. Therefore, going on a trip, it is better to know in advance what to bring from Finland to please yourself and avoid problems at customs.


Finland Finland Finland souvenir wooden reindeer

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Even if you spend a lot, you hardly want to go home empty-handed. For a few euros you can buy nice little things that will remind you of your trip. Souvenirs from Finland are in constant demand:

  • wood-carved figurine of a moose – the symbol of the northern country (3 €);
  • Christmas tree decorations for New Year – figurines of Santa Claus, snowballs in sequins, miniature soft toys (from 7 $);
  • wooden mug “kuksa” (2-5€);
  • Mumitrol – figurines, toys (7-8€);
  • metal fishing rods of “Kuusamo” company (2-3€ per piece);
  • dolls in national costumes – from 40 €.

What to bring for the young people? Young people will be glad to get a smartphone or a tablet. More modest gifts are key chains, glasses, hats, gloves and t-shirts. Among the useful little things you can bring home – a phone case with local symbols, a miniature mirror in a case, a tea cup or glass.

Girls love to buy jewelry from local masters, handmade from natural raw materials. Traditional souvenirs of Finland – warm felt slippers and soft plaids are bought by Russian grandmothers. Household men bring gardening tools, scissors and knives. Sharp Finnish knife with a wooden handle will be the best gift for men. It is worth buying products Puukko, Marttiini, Roselli, Kainuun.

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Clothing and Shoes

A visit to the capital is an obligatory item on the tourist program. Shopping centers, trendy boutiques will offer you products and prices for every purse.

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What to buy in Helsinki? In central stores you’ll find a wide range of clothes for adults and children: sheepskin coats and jackets, dresses and business suits, jeans and sweaters, office and school uniforms. Ladies profitably purchase branded underwear. It’s hard to walk past the shoe departments, offering both sleek expensive models, and everyday shoes of inexpensive segment.

What to bring from Finland, which cultivates winter sports? Of course, brightly colored ski suits, sports uniforms, sneakers. Lappish hat with embroidery, similar to the headwear of Russian skomorokhov, is popular with young people of both sexes.

The Lappish cap, which looks like the Russian skomoros’ headdress, is popular with young people of both sexes. Here you will be offered exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Finland sportswear store

© gareth_james_fi / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

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Vitamins and cosmetics

Brand-name stores and pharmacies sell locally produced supplements and medicines. Here are the preparations tourists take home to maintain immunity:

  • For young girls – vitamin complex Ladyvita;
  • for pregnant and nursing moms – Ladyvita Mama products;
  • For children – Multi-tabs vitamins and Sana Sol syrup.

In addition, you can buy inexpensive tablets for gums and teeth, supplements to strengthen bones and joints, vitamins for the eyes with blueberries, fish oil. Do not forget to consult your doctor before buying.

What to bring from Finland as a gift for a woman? Ladies of all ages will be pleased with Finnish cosmetics brands Lumene and Herbina. It contains only natural ingredients, local products do not cause allergies and are perfect for sensitive and problem skin. Girls with thin, blond hair should bring shampoos and balms by Dermosil.

You are unlikely to pass Turku, what to bring from the port city? In the local supermarkets you will enjoy reasonable prices for the products of well-known European brands: skin and hair care products, perfumes, decorative cosmetics.

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Finland lumene cosmetics

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Food products

Reviews of our compatriots note the high quality of edible goods. Something to buy in Finland from the products go mostly residents of the northern capital and the border villages. In small stores and supermarkets, everyone will find something tasty to buy from the local food. After filling their bags and bags, day-trippers take their groceries home.

So, what to bring from Finland from groceries:

  1. Smoked and raw smoked sausages. Usually buy products of company Kotivara. Prices range from 10-15€;
  2. You can bring packs of Lapland cheese and salted butter in packs;
  3. Coffee from the world famous manufacturer Paulig is cheaper to buy in a Finnish supermarket;
  4. It is profitable to buy red caviar (from 70 to 115 € per 1 kg) and fish – salmon, tuna, salmon, trout in a package (15-17 € per 1 kg);
  5. High-quality alcohol – mint and berry liqueurs, premium vodka, home-brewed beer are brought from Finland to Russia. One person can bring with him up to 5 liters of liquor;
  6. Liquorice – candies with the addition of herbs, vitamins and trace elements, candy and medicine in one package;
  7. You can bring no more than 3 kg of fresh berries and fruits or a few jars of jam.

It’s hard to choose what food to bring home – Borges olive oil, Fazer chocolate, flour with additives, sugar with cinnamon or vanilla. All products are fresh and of very good quality.

Finland food store cheese

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Home and Sauna Goods

Not only food products can be bought in Lappeenranta, reviews of tourists praise local detergents, tablets for dishwashers. And household chemicals in Finland is partly familiar to us, but the Russians assure that Fairy, bought abroad, washes dishes better.

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Finnish household goods are of high quality. Tourists have heard about it and actively buy:

  • homespun towels and mats;
  • Handmade napkins;
  • Wooden goods – chopping boards, coasters, mugs;
  • elegant tableware;
  • wine glasses in the Medieval style;
  • ceramic beer mugs.

Finns, like all the northerners, love hot baths, saunas, and know a lot about it. Tourists gladly buy essential oils, body scrubs, stones for the steam room, bathing shoes and even brooms.

After listening to the reviews of tourists, Russian needlewomen believe that it is more profitable to buy colored wool in Finland in Åland Islands, and the best decoration of the house will be a cozy homespun rug “Ryuu” or a real deer skin. Scandinavian style interior will emphasize products from deer or moose antlers.

Finland interior store

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Go shopping in Finland

There is a category of tourists for whom the main purpose of traveling abroad is shopping. For them, they organize one-day bus tours.

Imatra is a small town 15 minutes away from the border with several supermarkets and many small stores. Often tourists are only on the spot to decide what to buy in Imatra, Finland encourages Russian shoppers, for them often organize specials and sales. In Imatra supermarkets can arrange “tax free”, and your shopping will be even more profitable.

Lappeenranta is a city of shopping centers, located close to each other. Network of German stores Lidl known throughout Europe. Many people specially come to Lappeenranta to buy at Lidl German and European products at an affordable price. Warm clothes, fashionable shoes, Finnish souvenirs, creams, ornaments – all this can be bought at Lidl cheaper than in other stores.

Merchants take the opportunity to make good money. What do they bring from Finland to sell? In addition to products bought at great discounts, enterprising buyers bring to Russia goods that are used, but of good quality:

  • TVs, computers, home cinemas;
  • sporting goods;
  • boats and motorcycles;
  • auto parts, rubber, paint for cars;
  • leather furniture;
  • household appliances (refrigerators, electric stoves, washing machines);
  • building materials.
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It is important to know what you can take out of Finland, and what are the rules of duty-free travel.

lidl finland store

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Taking goods across the border

Goods weighing not more than 50 kg and costing up to 1,500 euros may be taken across the border with Finland. For exceeding the limit you have to pay duty.

Restrictions apply to alcohol (up to 5l) and tobacco products – one carton (200 cigarettes) or 50 cigars maximum. As for the dry pet food, it must be in a branded package, you can bring up to 5 kg.

Sausage and fish may only be brought in vacuum packaging and not more than 5 kg per person. You can not bring into Russia fresh fish and meat, potatoes, bottled milk.

Finnish Customs has its own requirements for tourists entering the country.

It is strictly forbidden to take:

  • medicines containing narcotic drugs without a prescription;
  • Weapons of any kind, including canisters of gas;
  • Anti-radar devices;
  • Counterfeit disks with games and films, even for personal use.

Some of the goods you can buy in Finland can not be found in Russian stores. Consider this fact, when you choose gifts to yourself and your friends.

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