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House, apartment, cottage or villa: choosing and renting a house for holidays in Bulgaria

House, apartment, cottage or villa: the choice and rent of an apartment for holidays in Bulgaria


Sunny Bulgaria is chosen as a place of rest by many Russian tourists. There are all conditions for a comfortable family holiday: a mild healing climate, warm sea with impeccably clean beaches, many attractions and entertainment. Vacationers are attracted and the opportunity to go not only on the ticket, but also on their own, to rent a suitable apartment, enjoy the sea scenery, opening from the window. The most affordable way to rest easy in this country – to rent a house of your choice in the private sector, because offers to rent a lot.

In this article we will consider how to rent a house, apartment, cottage or villa in Bulgaria on vacation, where to look for bargains and what to look for when choosing and booking accommodation, the average cost of rent in 2021.

Search, Choice and Rent of Holiday Homes in Bulgaria

Tourists usually choose the private accommodation, as hotels are much more expensive. Renting an apartment, house, cottage or villa, you can not only significantly save money, but also spend your time at your own discretion, because hotels set rules for guests, which should be followed. For example, you can not roast barbecue at night and have a party until morning, although all this is allowed in the private sector.

Houses, cottages and villas often have more amenities, private areas have playgrounds, terraces, patios, barbecue areas, swimming pools.

The most comfortable accommodation can be rented in the following resorts:

  • Sunny Beach;
  • Sozopol;
  • Golden Sands;
  • Varna;
  • Nessebar;
  • Balchik.

If we compare the resort sphere in the Crimea, the Caucasus or Sochi with Bulgaria, the latter still leads in terms of price, quality and service.

Lodging for rent in Bulgaria can be divided into three tentative groups:

  1. Apartments in new buildings, which meet modern quality standards.
  2. Apartments in hotels.
  3. Private sector – houses, cottages, villas, rooms, apartments.

Some tourists are concerned about finding accommodation on their own because of the risk of running into a crook. Hosts often ask for prepayment when booking an accommodation, which may discredit tourists. To protect yourself from possible risks, you should use reliable websites (that check every advertisement they publish) and recommendations of your friends, who have already rented an apartment from the owner.

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In addition, there is a danger of encountering photo fraud, when the photos attached to the ad do not match reality. Do not be afraid to be meticulous when contacting the owner. Ask him to send you a window view or photos of the apartment from different angles. You should also ask how the apartment is equipped (does the Internet, air conditioning, washing machine, and other appliances), and how many minutes you have to walk to the sea. It will help you evaluate the condition of the apartment.

Also intermediaries between the landlord and the tourist are all kinds of agencies, and staff most of them speak Russian. So it will not be a problem for you to contact the agency and find an accommodation to your liking.

How to Rent an Apartment in Bulgaria

It is rather problematic to rent an apartment in Bulgaria in summer at the height of the tourist season (on the website or just on site), especially if it is situated in the resort area. It is better to rent an apartment 2-3 months before your trip to see all the options and choose the most suitable and profitable.

It will not be a problem to rent an apartment in Sofia, as the list of offers is quite extensive. You can rent an apartment in Bulgaria by the day or for a definite term.

Renting an apartment in Burgas, which is extremely popular among Russian citizens, is difficult in the high season. It is better to arrange this question beforehand. It is worth noting that Burgas is actively developing, put into operation whole districts, so with some effort you can find offers from agencies or owners and rent an apartment in the resort.

Not far from Burgas is Sveti Vlas, where you can rent an apartment. In the seasonal selection of proposals is small, you may have to pay more than booking an apartment in advance.

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A lot of people want to visit Varna – it is not just a resort town, but also a major port and logistics center. Here you can relax, improve your health, sightseeing and shopping. The city is actively expanding, with a population of 335 thousand people. Market for apartments for rent in Varna is quite large, you can find accommodations for all tastes – from a modest room to luxury apartments. For tourists planning a long stay in the country it is more advantageous to book an apartment for a month in Varna as it is much cheaper than paying by the day.

Rent a House on the Beach in Bulgaria

House for rent in Bulgaria is always in demand among Russian tourists. Year by year there are a lot of people, who want to rent a house for a long term in Bulgaria, because people come here all year round, and many of them want to rent it for a month or more.

To rent a house for a certain period of time is a convenient alternative to a hotel room. You can go to rest a large group, a few families with children, not worrying about that it will cause inconvenience to neighbors. Some people practice this way: rent a house in Bulgaria in the summer and rest there in turn with relatives or friends for the whole season. By the way, many hosts at the same time and do a discount.

The algorithm of booking a house is the same as for an apartment. You need to visit a specialized website, contact the agency or the owner directly, discuss all the details and make the reservation by paying in advance by one of the convenient ways. There are a lot of proposals to rent a property not only by the sea, but also at ski resorts. At any time you can rent a house in Bulgaria according to your needs – for a week, a month or a longer period.

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The advantages of renting a house:

  • larger area compared to an apartment or hotel room;
  • economy (the cost of living will be lower per vacationer than in a hotel);
  • the convenience of staying with children;
  • the possibility of independent cooking;
  • excellent condition of the building and premises (mostly new modern buildings);
  • freedom of choice (you can rent a house with a view of the sea or mountains, as well as in regions where there are no hotels).
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How to rent a cottage or villa in Bulgaria for vacation

People who come to vacation in Bulgaria, have the opportunity to rent not only an apartment or house for a vacation. There are a lot of offers to rent a bigger accommodation in this country.

Tourists have the following options:

  • Bungalow (townhouse) – a building with one or more floors divided into sections, each with a separate entrance, entrance and garage;
  • Cottage – a small private house with a garden;
  • Villa – a luxury building with several floors and a large plot of land.

If you’re planning a summer trip to Bulgaria, find a suitable Bulgarian villa or cottage to rent in January or February. Bookings for villas and houses close to the sea begin in early winter, and by April there is virtually nothing left in the first line of popular resorts (Sunny Beach, Albena, Sozopol). Have to make do with buildings away from the sea.

Those wishing to go skiing should be prepared to book a cottage in snowy Bulgaria must be in the fall, in September-October.

Bulgarian villas are usually rented for a week, a month or longer. As a rule, the longer the period, the better the offer, and you can get a discount even in the middle of high season.

Cottages and villas are provided with all furniture and appliances. Usually the owner asks for a deposit of a week or a month’s rent. The rent price rarely includes utility bills – electricity, water, internet. If you rent a building for a week or more, you may be offered accommodation, cleaning, and other services.

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How much does it cost to rent a house by the sea in Bulgaria in 2021

In the big resorts (Sunny Beach, Golden Sands) you can find accommodations for all tastes and wallets – from apartments to villas. You can find cheap apartments in Bulgaria everywhere; the main thing is to arrange the rent well in advance. For example, a studio apartment in a high-rise will cost from 900 rubles per day.

You can even rent a house in Bulgaria inexpensively near the sea. A one-bedroom apartment for 4 guests in Burgas will cost on average 1,800 rubles per day.

Prices in Sunny Beach are much higher. Thus, the rent price for a large studio apartment by the sea starts from 3,500 rubles.

In Sozopol, a 2-room apartment with 4 beds will cost 2500 rubles and more.

The price for a cottage in the resort Sveti Vlas starts at 8500 rubles per night, and a two-story villa at the same resort will cost 12000 rubles on average.

You can rent a big 4-room apartment in Pomorie for reasonable price. It will cost about 2500 rubles per day, and the apartment is equipped with modern furniture and appliances. Long-term rent of the apartment would be about 12000 rubles per month.

Luxury villas in several floors with swimming pools, children’s and sports grounds in Balchik or Albena cost about Br21-29 thousand per day. You might also be interested in: Cost of vacations in the resorts of Bulgaria in 2021.

What a tourist should pay attention to when renting an apartment

For a daily rental in Bulgaria usually does not require any documents. Sometimes the owner may ask to show your passport if you rent for a long time. The tourist should also see the identification card of the landlord, so as not to get that the house is not rented to 10 vacationers at the same time.

The safest option for a guest who is going to stay for more than a week is to ask for a rental agreement, stating the information about the owner of the accommodation, the terms of rent, the amount of payment, the responsibilities of the parties. Some prudent tourists before leaving abroad print a few blank forms for the contract (can be in several languages) and bring them with you.

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When registering on the sites specialized in Bulgarian rental housing, you should provide a fuller information about yourself, to gain the confidence of the potential landlord. You may also want to provide a link to your social networking site.

When communicating with the landlord, prepare a cover letter stating your name, age, purpose of your trip, and who you plan to travel with. A lively, open response will help to endear you to your interlocutor. Be sure to indicate when you plan to check in and the exact time of arrival.

Sometimes tourists have to spend extra money (more than indicated on the website). For example, payment to the cleaning company for cleaning after your departure is compensated at the expense of the guest. Be sure to check whether you may have to pay extra. Additional costs are not always listed on the website, sometimes they are in small print or in an attachment, so take the time to carefully read the terms of stay. Remember that the money is deducted from your card immediately after you confirm the reservation, so carefully study all the nuances, and calculate the total amount.

The cost of renting an apartment, house, cottage or villa depends on the proximity to the sea, the comfort of housing, the availability of modern furniture and appliances. Look for the last minute offers or those that provide a discount for early booking or a long-term rental.

Planning to vacation on the Black Sea coast or in any other picturesque part of this hospitable country, choose a comfortable accommodation from the owners or on specialized sites. Do it in advance to get the best option for accommodation among the variety of tempting offers.

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