Private excursions in Qatar

Private excursions in Qatar

Qatar is a relatively small country located in the Persian Gulf. The country is rich in resources, and also has earned a global reputation.

Visitors to this state have no problem what to see in Qatar, in its many historical centers, cultural cities. Every traveler and tourist will find something of interest:

  • centers for children;
  • quality beaches;
  • hangout places for adults;
  • museums;
  • colorful markets.

In addition, Qatar opens up a lot to tourists through private sightseeing tours . The following information describes in detail what you can explore in different cities of Qatar, where a private guide can lead, what emotions it will cause the average person and the avid traveler.

Doha City Center

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Doha City Center

Choosing what can be seen in Doha in a day with a private tour, you should first of all pay attention to the center of the capital. The city itself is one of the fastest growing megalopolises. It is located on the Gulf coast. Here your guide will take you through a jungle of huge skyscrapers, as well as high-tech structures. Here are to your attention:

  • entertainment centers;
  • villas;
  • boutiques;
  • built islands of buildings and structures.

This diversity attracts many tourists.

Museum of Art

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Museum of Art

It is the main museum of this state . This is the largest museum in many countries located along the Persian Gulf. This museum, like other attractions, was opened relatively recently, in early 2008. It impresses with its architecture.

It is made of huge blocks of stone erected in a harmonious structure that looks like a high tower. Its appearance resembles the appearance of the villa of a real Sheikh. Inside you can enjoy textiles, ceramics samples, various manuscripts and other artifacts of Islamic trends.

The Espair Tower

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The Espair Tower

It is possible to book a private guide to another of the most attractive sights in Qatar. Espair Tower is considered a symbol of the country. It is located on the sports complex of Doha.

Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat

This place is among the very first objects to see, especially since it is impossible not to notice it from anywhere in the city. The tower is made in the form of a torch. It reaches a height of 320 meters . It towers over the city at night, as a building with a huge number of LED lights. At nightfall it begins to glow as if wrapped in an LED covering .

Fort Al Kut

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Fort Al Kut

Most of the sights are quite young, and the lovers of antiquity will also find a lot of interesting. You can order a private tour of Fort Al Kut. This is a special fortification structure, which was erected a couple of centuries ago. A little later the object served as a prison. In the twenties it was completely rebuilt, and for a long time the fort was not used until about 50 years ago, when a museum was opened. The pleasure to get:

  • historical quality photos;
  • elements of national craftsmanship and craftsmanship;
  • artistic paintings.

It is enough to visit this atmospheric place to feel the whole atmosphere of the country.

Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

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Fort Umm Salal Mohammed

When visiting Qatar, it is worth booking a private excursion to this fortification. In appearance such an object is similar to the above fort with the only difference that it is located near a major metropolis. It represents the appearance of a relatively small fortress and two towers.

They are restored and made in the form of a small mosque. At the same time, reviews suggest that this attraction is able to impress anyone. Not only because of its size but also because of its location. When you climb to the top, you can enjoy the contrast of the azure sea and the desert. In combination with the old buildings fort creates a truly unique atmosphere, which takes the breath away even the most avid traveler.

Tallinn in one day

Fort Zubara

Private excursions in Qatar cities - Photo 7

Fort Zubara

Another great place to take a private tour. It is a fortress that was made in the last century. It was previously used as a coast guard . This landmark is made as a rather laconic fortress. Among its main features are the following:

It is quite simple, yet looks quite harmonious in the desert.

Katara Village

Private excursions in Qatar cities - Photo 8

Katara Village

A noteworthy landmark. It is very often found in the list of private excursions. Many tourists enjoy visiting this ethnographic village . The object introduces the unique centuries-old culture and traditions of the state to the natives of the country and its guests. Having visited this place, you can soak in the spirit of Qatar and the customs of the country. It is enough just walking around the village with a private guide and at the same time enjoy:

  • A visit to an art gallery with works by Qatari artists
  • Lunch at a restaurant serving unique national cuisine;
  • Staying in one of the many shops selling pearls;
  • relaxing on a professionally landscaped beach with plenty of water activities.


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Qatar is an ideal place for international tourism. It attracts affordable prices . A private tour guide or guide will organize great educational trips in the city, while relying on the interests of each foreign guest. Travelling to the Middle Eastern countries is able to give an incomparable pleasure. It is ideal for anyone interested in Eastern culture.

Qatar – Excursions

Explore the unique cultural heritage of downtown Doha as you wander through the bustling maze of shops in the Souk Waqif Market. Admire the majestic architecture of modern Doha from the Corniche waterfront, Doha’s iconic landmark, where the azure waters of the Persian Gulf highlight the splendor of the spectacular silhouettes of the city’s buildings.

We invite you to travel north from Doha through the city of Al-Hour, where we will visit the port and one of the oldest mosques in Qatar. El-Hour was once a rich center for local pearling and fishing and remains a bustling fishing port to this day.

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A guided trip to the Ras Abruk Peninsula, famous for its striking topography, much of which consists of unusual rock formations, numerous plateaus and unspoiled beaches on the coast. In these parts you can also see the massive monumental East-West/West-East art object by internationally renowned artist Richard Serra – a sculpture embedded in the surrounding landscape.

Discover the splendor of the pristine desert landscape – where sand dunes flow gently into the azure waters of the gulf that washes the Arabian Peninsula.

Arab coffee (pronounced kahwa in Arabic) has been an important part of Arab culture for centuries, and its preparation and serving are marked by elaborate customs and rituals.

We invite you to take a tour of this ancient bazaar, skillfully reconstructed to recreate its original 19th century appearance.

Hidden treasures of the Souk Vakif market, a unique cultural environment and a true culinary journey through the local cuisine.

A private tour will introduce you to most of Qatar’s iconic modern attractions, including Education City, Qatar National Library, Qatar Foundation Mosque.

During your 4-hour private tour, you can learn about the significance and importance of falcons in Qatari culture. The falcons used for hunting in the desert are an important part of the country’s distinctive culture. Breeding and training hunting birds has a centuries-old history and is considered a national sport in Qatar.

A walking individual tour through Souq Waqif, including the Falcon, Gold and Spice Market, where you can experience the city’s living heritage and traditions, enjoy colorful trade and culinary offerings, and witness the revival of the Msheireb neighborhood in the city center, whose design is inspired by the stories of Qatar.

Individual tour. Al Shaqab is a world-class center specializing in the breeding of purebred Arabian horses. You will learn how cultural heritage and attitudes towards horses are lovingly passed down from generation to generation, visit the oldest stable in Qatar since Ottoman times and see modern equestrian training centers.

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Discover an amazing world where sand dunes meet the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. Highly skilled drivers will guide you through the magical world of sand to a wondrous place – Khor Al – Adaid, which is of great natural heritage value.

A guided roadless tour to the Ras Abrouq Peninsula where the striking shapes of its unusual rock formations, plateau, and shoreline dominate the landscape. On this tour you will see and experience the work of world famous artist Richard Serra, “East/West/West/East” and visit Film City, the village built for the popular Qatari TV series Eyal Al Tib.

Individual tour, accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide Experience the unique heritage of Doha City Center at night as you stroll through the lively maze of pathways of Souq Waqif Bazaar. Explore Doha’s modern design and architecture and witness the rebirth and transformation of the Msheireb neighborhood.

Group Tour, accompanied by a Russian speaking guide. Discover an amazing world where sand dunes meet the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. Get an unforgettable experience of exploring the desert on a unique 32 local off-road bus, driven by our highly qualified driver.

Group Tour. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to take a cruise on a traditional Arabian Peninsula ship. Not only will you witness the spectacular view of the waterfront, the Corniche, but also travel north to the luxurious island with the stunning Pearl marina. Explore the modern architectural ensemble while enjoying a traditional Arabian-style dinner. The soft and comfortable ride of the ship will allow you to capture the best of the city’s scenery and the beauty of the bay.

Discover an amazing world where sand dunes meet the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. Highly skilled drivers will guide you through the magical world of sand to the wondrous place – Khor Al – Adaid, which is of great natural heritage value.

Noto, the showcase of Sicilian Baroque or the city with the most beautiful balconies

Discover the fascinating culture of Doha as you enjoy a stroll through the alleys and alleys of Souq Waqif, an artisan bazaar. Note the modern architecture of the city’s skyscrapers and witness the rebirth of the Msheireb neighborhood. Visit Corniche, the city’s waterfront where the azure waters meet the horizon. An accompanying guide will introduce you to the city’s most interesting sights.

Doha sightseeing tour. You will see the artificial island in Doha Pearl Qatar, about 4 square kilometers; the authentic Katara Cultural Village, where you will be greeted with birdsong, many cafes and restaurants in the streets and unique architecture; the Doha Corniche, which stretches for seven kilometers along the Gulf of Doha and the Museum of Islamic Culture and Art. Desert Exploration Excursion 15-00 to 20-00. Transfer (duration about an hour) to Gulf Adventures Dunes Camp and Camping.

A good way to explore the city would be a sightseeing tour of Doha on the DohaBus double-decker bus, which follows a route covering the main attractions. You can get off the bus and visit the Museum of Islamic Art and then continue the route and have a leisurely lunch at the Pearl of Qatar. For shopping lovers all the necessary conditions: in a variety of shopping centers. In the evening you can head to the Souk Waqif market, or a fascinating safari through the sand dunes to the impressive “inland sea” (Khor Al Adaid). Sunset in the desert and a traditional barbecue dinner.

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