Praslin, Seychelles: where to go, when to go and what to see


Compact and neat, impressive and mesmerizing, an island for secluded bliss and crazy night out – those are the words I can use to describe one of the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. Praslin is serenity compared to noisy and bustling Mahe and it’s luxury compared to unpretentious La Digue.

The first time we visited the island after a long stay on Mahe and the contrast was striking, as if it were another universe. Now in order.

How to get there

Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles, lying about 45 km northeast of Mahe.

There are over 20 flights a day between Mahe and Praslin.

In addition the islands are also connected by modern Cat Cocos ferries which take about 45 minutes to get from one island to the other.

I wrote in detail about how to get to Mahe itself in this article. Because initially Russians have an opportunity to fly only to the main island of Seychelles Mahe, and then travel further to Praslin.

By plane

From the island of Mahe.

The local airline Air Seychelles will take you to our island paradise in 15 minutes. The cost will be from 56 USD to 133 USD per one way per person, the price will vary depending on the time of the flight and the workload of a peculiar shuttle, an air cab. The capacity of the board is only 15 people. You can check the exact cost of the flight at well-known aggregator sites or, for example, here.

Please note that the weight of luggage allowed on local flights is 20 kg and the hand luggage is usually 7 kg. If, after arriving on Mahe, you plan to immediately move to Praslin, Etihad or Air Seychelles offer a direct ticket, of course with a change of plane, but without the need to re-drop the luggage.

The unobvious sights of Spain

I highly recommend taking the flight option (even though it is more expensive than the ferry) and not missing the unique opportunity to admire spectacular views of the ocean and islands from the sky. After the ferry, you can go to the island of La Digue, and be newly impressed by the beauty of the Indian Ocean.

By the way, upon arrival, I recommend changing money in the bank, which is located inside the airport of Praslin. On my visits, it had the best exchange rate in all the Seychelles islands.

How to get from the airport to other parts of the island

Next, I’ll tell you more about the airport area, which is located on Grand Anse. The island is not big as you can see on the map, you can get from the airport by car (you can rent a car directly at the airport, don’t worry, the rental price will be the same all over the island) or by bus on the opposite side to Cote D’Or beach – 25 min, and then to the famous Anse Lazio beach about 35 min.

There is a bus stop within walking distance. But (!) this option is only suitable for passengers with hand luggage, or rather, only with backpacks. Bus drivers have an unspoken rule – do not put with luggage, for suitcases use a cab, as luggage will violate the comfort of the other passengers of the bus. Of course, there are cases where the drivers put tourists with suitcases, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

On arrival is more comfortable and faster to use the services of a cab, and in most cases, a meeting at the airport is included, as a free bonus in almost all hotels and even hostels, find out in advance from your host, or they will be willing to meet for a cost significantly lower than the cab. This has been proven in my experience. For comparison, a cab from the airport costs about 35 USD and the hosts are willing to pick you up for 20 USD.

What to see in Braga, Portugal?

If you are traveling light, the bus route number 61, 62 will take you to Cote D’Or or route 62 to Anse Lazio for 0,4 USD (5 SCR, Seychelles rupee), keep your money ready, the driver has a right by law not to let you in if he doesn’t have change.

The main road passes through a nature reserve, you can take a moment to look around, even stop on the side of the road and take pictures, so as not to visit Valee de Mai as a separate event, as we did on my first visit to Praslin.

And in general the airport looks like the home of a wealthy slave owner in the past and its area is no different from the entire coastline, if it were not for the runway.

Absolutely developed infrastructure: supermarkets, hotels, and accommodations. At the airport itself you can call a cab, choose accommodation from a local tour operator Creole (if you didn’t have time to do it before), the guest Wi-Fi works, the atmosphere is very cozy, like an oasis among a deserted field of the airport runway.

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