Portugal – a country of great opportunities

Weekend Tours in Portugal 2022

Portugal is a country of great vacation opportunities. Visiting this part of western Europe will be interesting at any time of the year, and the abundance of tourist routes that the country offers will be able to fully satisfy any tastes of travelers. Weekend tours to Portugal will be perfect for a short trip, which we will help make perfect. All areas of tourist Portugal are open to you – beach holidays, cognitive, cultural, sports. Read more.

Language: Portuguese, Galician

Population: 10 799 270

Portugal is a country of great opportunities for leisure. To visit this part of Western Europe will be interesting at any time of the year, and the abundance of tourist routes, which the country offers, can fully satisfy any tastes of travelers. Weekend tours to Portugal will be perfect for a short trip, which we will help make perfect. All areas of tourist Portugal are open to you – beach holidays, cognitive, cultural, sports. This country has all the possibilities to experience the delights of true eco-tourism. If you have a few free days ahead of you that you want to spend interestingly, then traveling to Portugal will help make all your dreams and desires come true. Short tours will introduce you to this extreme point of Europe and make you forget all the problems, learn to see life in new colors.

Tours in Portugal are an exceptional remedy for depression

Portugal has a very mild climate, which makes the beach holiday inexpensive and very comfortable. The southern parts of the country are the warmest areas, which the British and the Swedes love to choose for holidays. In general, along a long coastline of Portugal is located more than two hundred beaches. The water temperature in the northern beach areas is always a few degrees lower than in the south, because the Atlantic Ocean, due to the active currents of the Gulf Stream, is not very evenly heated off the coast of Portugal. If you are looking for a trip to Portugal to spend time on a beautiful and warm beach, then choose the southern province of Algarve.

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Portugal proudly bears the title of the oldest country in Europe, so even the tiniest little village can reveal a huge number of interesting historical buildings. Lisbon and Porto are the two largest cities in Portugal, which should be seen by every visitor to the country. A few days exploring these treasures of Portuguese culture will allow tourists to visit the beautiful coastline, experience the steep waves of the Atlantic Ocean, ride a cable car over the old quarters, and visit a real royal castle.

Two days of peace and quiet will make you fall in love with Portugal for a lifetime

Want to escape from civilization, where only your own cell phone will remind you to return home, then we suggest you consider interesting tours in the province of Alentejo. Portugal has preserved the most “wild villages”, where even today they do not know about television and the Internet. The province of Traz-Ouj-Montage, whose name literally translates as “Beyond the Mountains”, and today lives a completely subsistence economy and does not seek to abandon the closeness to nature. There are no mountains too high in Portugal, but there are ski resorts where you can spend a few days skiing or snowboarding.

In Portugal you can do any kind of sport, but, it is more likely to appeal to tourists who choose a long holiday in this beautiful country. Our tours to Portugal can be summarized as: better to see once than to read a hundred times! Choose Portugal for any vacation and you will never regret!

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Portugal – a country of great opportunities

Portugal has long been isolated from the European energy grid and even managed to earn a reputation as an “energy island,” writes the NYT. But now Europe. | 02.09.2022, InoSMI

Long cut off from the continental grid, Portugal and Spain have built a system based on LNG imports and alternative energy sources, the envy of other EU countries.Patricia CohenPortugal has no coal mines, oil wells or gas fields. This year’s hydroelectric output, normally quite impressive, has fallen markedly due to the drought. And Portugal’s prolonged isolation from the European energy grid has earned it a reputation as an “energy island. “Now that Russia is cutting natural gas supplies to EU countries that oppose its actions in Ukraine, Portugal could suddenly play an important role in overcoming the region’s looming energy crisis.For years, the Iberian Peninsula was cut off from the pipeline network and the generous supply of cheap Russian gas that fed much of Europe. Portugal and Spain have therefore been forced to invest heavily in renewable energy sources – solar, wind and water – and to build an elaborate system that now allows them to import gas from North and West Africa, the United States and elsewhere.Today, access to these alternative energy sources has become especially important. Circumstances have changed and the balance between the 27 members of the European Union has shifted, creating both new opportunities and political tensions at a time when the bloc is seeking to resist Russian energy blackmail, implement a transition to renewable energy sources and decide on infrastructure investments.Europe needs to address these issues urgently, and this week’s events have proved it. On Wednesday, the Russian energy monopoly Gazprom again halted its already declining natural gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream 1. Because natural gas is now about ten times more expensive than it was a year ago, the EU has called an emergency meeting of energy ministers to be held next week.As Brussels tries to find ways to deal with this crisis, the possibility of bringing more gas to Europe via Portugal and Spain is gaining more attention.Portugal and Spain were among the first European countries to build special terminals needed to receive ships with natural gas in its liquefied form and convert it back into compressed But now that Germany, Italy, Finland and other European countries are feverishly seeking alternatives to these supplies – alternatives that could be shipped by sea from the United States, North Africa and the Middle East – this shortcoming has turned into an advantage.Together, Spain and Portugal account for a third of Europe’s LNG processing capacity. Spain has the most terminals, and they are the largest, but Portugal is strategically better situated.Portugal’s Sinha terminal is closer to the United States and the Panama Canal than any other European terminal. It was the first European port to receive an LNG shipment from the United States in 2016.

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