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Top 10 the most popular tourist cities in USA

About such a country as the United States of America, probably everyone knows. It is a huge, strong and majestic state, which is currently the world leader in the economic, political and military sphere. Because of its geographical position America is not particularly popular as a tourist destination among Europeans, Russians, Asians and many other nations.

The thing is that to get to the United States is very expensive, because the way, frankly speaking, is not close. In addition, the U.S. itself is quite expensive country. Not everyone finally knows enough English not to get into trouble in a completely English-speaking country. And, after all, America is not the most touristy country in the world. However, every year tens of millions of people visit the U.S. just for the purpose of tourism. We have collected for you ten most beautiful, interesting and touristically attractive American cities. Let’s go!

1. New York

De facto, the capital – primarily economic and financial – of the United States of America is not Washington, D.C., but New York. It is one of the “capitals of the world.” New York is one of the largest and most important cities in the world, and definitely the most important city in the United States. This settlement stands on five islands, each of which is a separate borough: Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Millions of people from all over the world visit New York City every year. It should be noted that it is very expensive and unaffordable for most domestic tourists: just a night in an inexpensive hotel you have to pay two hundred to three hundred dollars. The same applies to food – you can’t live long on fast food on the street, and cafes and restaurants here are very expensive.

Meanwhile, New York is full of sights. The famous Statue of Liberty, Broadway theaters, the subway museum, the iconic Times Square and Central Park in New York, which is the most visited park in the world. There are also many fashion stores with unique collections. Well, for the lovers of antiques there is always the old center of New York with houses from the thirties of the last century. In general, you should definitely visit this place!


Perhaps one of the most atmospheric cities in the United States is the “city of angels” Los Angeles. Long Beach and Malibu Beaches, where you can easily run into Brad Pitt, mature movie industry, the legendary Walk of Fame, Hollywood – well, you can find plenty to do in this city. From its warm nights to its many bars and cafes, Los Angeles is well known for its nightlife. All in all, this is a very special atmosphere of freedom, wealth, and fame!

Beverly Hills

A city that is famous first and foremost for the TV series of the same name that was filmed here in the nineties of the last century. Beverly Hills is a place where mostly rich people live, so on the streets you can easily see elite cars and expensive dressed people. The houses are neat, the lawns are clean, and the fences are all white and carved and pretty. Nothing much to do in Beverly Hills except enjoy the atmosphere of calm, quiet and rich life.

4. Miami

Miami is home to one of the world’s most expensive and prestigious resorts, the famous Miami Beach. The city is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Here are palm trees, tanned beauties in bathing suits and sunshine almost all year round. Here are the chic villas of the richest people of America: politicians, businessmen, celebrities. Miami is a small (only about two dozen square kilometers) paradise on Earth, where it is always easy, warm and sunny. Of course, needless to say, how expensive to rest here! Unfortunately, the vast majority of domestic tourists absolutely can not afford Miami.

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Among other things, the city is famous for its nightlife, so before dinner the streets are almost empty: hundreds of thousands of tourists are sleeping off another night out. Life in Miami is like an endless carnival, so if you can afford an expensive vacation and want to be immersed in an atmosphere of joy and carelessness, you should fly to Miami!

5. San Francisco

This city is traditionally considered one of the most expensive in the United States. Despite the lack of any special monuments of architecture (this is due to the fact that only a century ago there was a devastating earthquake), San Francisco is one of the five most attractive tourist American cities.

And San Francisco is also home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, a real masterpiece of infrastructure. Beware, San Francisco is not a cheap city, and it’s hard to rent an inexpensive place to live.

6. Washington

Washington, D.C., a city with a special status – it’s the capital of the United States, but it doesn’t belong to any state, being a separate administrative-territorial unit. The city is almost not popular among tourists: it does not look like the rest of America, and lives as if by himself. There are no special beaches, no outstanding nightlife, no famous American skyscrapers.

Meanwhile, Washington is one of the most historic settlements of America: there are many museums and memorials to American presidents, as well as the famous Capitol and the White House, which is the heart of American government. Among other things, the city is famous for high crime rate, so be careful.

7. 7. Las Vegas

The comments here are unnecessary. Only a person absolutely disconnected from life has not heard about Las Vegas, which is also called “the pearl of the desert”. Countless casinos, luxury hotels and bright lights that can be seen even from outer space – this is Las Vegas. It is the gambling capital of the world: the whole city, completely faceless by day, sparkles with thousands and millions of lights at night, it is bright and colorful, like a holiday card, like fireworks, and at first it is very hard to get used to it.

Well, if you walk down the Strip after midnight you’ll see why Las Vegas is considered one of the main nightlife centers of the entire planet. Unless you have a couple or three thousand dollars to spare (at least!) then there is absolutely nothing to do here: the city is incredibly expensive as it is primarily designed for wealthy tourists who lose fortunes here.

8. Hawaii

Another tropical paradise on Earth is Hawaii. It should be noted that Hawaii is the youngest part of the American state: it became part of the United States in 1959. The good news: Hawaii is quite inexpensive and with the proper skills even our tourists can save money for a modest but memorable vacation in this paradise place. The locals are always kind and friendly, the eateries and cafes are inexpensive, and the beaches are free. In addition, Hawaii is one of the world’s recognized surfing centers: ocean waves sometimes reach a height of fifteen meters. Would you be able to ride such a wave?

9. Chicago

One of the business and political centers of America, as well as of the world, is Chicago. Huge high-rises to the sky, luxury cars and businessmen in expensive suits in an eternal hurry – that’s what Chicago is. The city is located on the shores of Lake Michigan, so you can swim here, although it’s not a resort. Chicago has no particular attractions or monuments, but still, people come here to enjoy the panoramas of high-rise buildings and to walk in Chicago’s picturesque parks.

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10. Houston

This city is the capital of the iconic state of Texas with everything that comes with it. First of all people come here for the Texas atmosphere which is hard to explain in words, you just have to feel it. What’s more, year after year Houston is consistently ranked among the top ten most comfortable and convenient cities in the world to live in.

Do not forget that this settlement is on the border with Mexico, so here you can often meet representatives of other nationalities. The city is famous for its rodeo festival: cowboys and bullfighters try to ride a wild bull. It is not for the faint of heart!

U.S. Attractions

Holidays in the USA are good both in summer and winter. Every year the number of tourists visiting this country is only increasing. And this is no wonder, because vacation in the U.S. is diverse: you can choose a tourist program for every taste and purse, because there are a lot of attractions. And of course, the U.S. – a real playground for shopaholics! This country has an innumerable number of shopping malls. But shopping is another story, today we will look at the main architectural and natural attractions of the United States of America, which is worth seeing!

1. Statue of Liberty

The most recognizable landmark in the U.S. that is a must-see is the Statue of Liberty, which has become a symbol of this country. The Statue of Liberty has become a symbol of the United States and pops up in our minds when we hear about the USA, it’s in the mainstream of American movies and TV shows and it’s been seen all over the world. Millions of tourists visiting New York City head to the Statue of Liberty for its observation deck to get a great view of the city. Inside the statue there is a spiral staircase which takes visitors to the “head” of the monument, where the observation deck is located. Not to be here is not to be in New York!

U.S. Sights: Statue of Liberty

2. Central Park in New York

Attractions in the United States, such as Central Park in New York City, are the hallmark of the country. It is a favorite vacation spot for New Yorkers and visitors to the city. The world famous park is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also concentrates many amazing “exhibits”. You can feed the squirrels, enjoy street musicians playing, stroll through the sculptures and monuments, and visit the theater, museum, and even the castle located in the park.

3. the Freedom Tower

The youngest landmark in New York City is the Freedom Tower. It was built on the site that once belonged to the twin towers that were destroyed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. The tower was completed in May 2013. Today the Freedom Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the United States (541 meters). But to the great surprise of tourists, the construction has more of a symbolic meaning because it is an ordinary office skyscraper.

U.S. Sights: Statue of Liberty

4. Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

The pearl of the art world in the United States – the Metropolitan Opera is located in the city center and is revered by many connoisseurs of the beautiful. Much of its fame is due to the work of its opera house directors who have arranged for the world’s greatest artists to perform at the Metropolitan Opera. But not the last place is also given to the splendor of the interior decoration: frescos decorating the walls of the theater, a curtain painted with silk patterns and striking acoustics of the hall can not but please the visitors of the opera house.

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5. Times Square

The world-famous Times Square, the heart of New York City, beckons travelers like moths with its neon glow. This place is filled with a unique atmosphere of American spirit and mentality. Tourists are encouraged to visit a number of attractions located in Times Square. Here, visitors can stroll through the malls, go to a museum, and enjoy the grandeur of the Theater District. Wherever you choose to go in the city, it doesn’t have to be a bad choice.

U.S. Sights: Times Square.

6. the Empire State Building

A visit to one of the most spectacular skyscrapers in the United States is something almost every visitor to New York wants to do. We are talking about the Empire State Building. The tower has 102 floors, but tourists are encouraged to visit the observation deck located on the 86th floor. Notable is the presence of mooring masts at the skyscraper to receive airships, although none of them was ever accepted by this tower. During the years of its construction the Empire State Building was equated with the eighth wonder of the world.

7. The White House in Washington.

One of the most important landmarks of the United States, and Washington in particular, is considered to be the White House which symbolizes the national firmness of spirit and presidential power. The architecture of the building does not differ in “refinements”, but it does not become less attractive. Two centuries ago Thomas Jefferson (the 3rd president of the United States) received the first guests in his residence. Since then, the White House is open to tourists. Also celebrate New Year’s Eve and Independence Day here.

8. Capitol in Washington.

Another symbol of America’s national freedom is considered to be the Capitol, the place where Congress meets. This landmark of the United States is given one of the leading places among other important values of the country. The Capitol is ranked as one of the tallest buildings in the city, standing at 88 meters high. A high-speed elevator takes tourists to the observation deck. Unfortunately, visitors are allowed to see only two of the 540 rooms of the Capitol. But this fact brightens up the gratuitousness of the tours.

9. Pentagon

A symbol of supreme power and strength of the United States, the largest office building in the world, the building of the Department of Defense of the United States – the Pentagon. This attraction causes genuine pride among the inhabitants of the country. The building has 7 floors: 5 above the ground and 2 under it. Earlier tours to the Pentagon were regular and free, but after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 you can get inside only by signing up for one of the tours, which are not held as often.


10. Hollywood’s Walk of Stars

Hollywood has long gained worldwide fame and popularity, and has brought just as much fame to Los Angeles and the United States in general. Hollywood has absolutely no value without its actors. And that’s why the most worthy of them decided to be immortalized on the Walk of Stars. Tens of millions of travelers, strolling along the Walk of Stars, enthusiastically mark the names of their idols on it. The Hollywood Walk of Stars continues to “evolve” today, with two new stars appearing on it about twice a month.

U.S. Sights: Walk of Fame

Beverly Hills

A fabulously rich place in the United States is Beverly Hills. This area of Los Angeles is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Posh mansions with exotic vegetation growing around them belong to the world’s stars. Tourists who want to walk around the area should consider that walking around Beverly Hills is a desperate but thoughtless act, because the neighborhood is simply huge. Transportation here is simply not developed, so it is better to rent a car for this.

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What to see in the USA: Beverly Hills

12. Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

The Grauman’s Chinese Theater is one of the most famous and popular attractions in Los Angeles. It is a kind of ode to the Oriental architectural style and a sign of reverence for the Chinese diaspora, which for the past 75 years has become an integral part of life in this U.S. city. Inside the theater courtyard is the Walk of Fame, which will lead guests to two lotus flower fountains. All the elements of the theater are created with incredible precision after the images of the imperial palaces in ancient China.


13. Alcatraz

Alcatraz prison located on the island of the same name is not the place where dangerous criminals are kept any longer. For three decades it has been one of the most popular U.S. tourist attractions and once you step inside the prison walls you get a taste of what a living hell Alcatraz was for its inmates. Walking through narrow barred corridors and glancing at tiny solitary cells and solitary confinement cells the blood seems to get cold.


14. Golden Gate Bridge

The most recognizable landmark in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This bridge has become a symbol not only of the city but also of the entire U.S. Pacific coast. There isn’t a tourist who hasn’t seen this bridge in American movies. The Golden Gate even has its own website! And not every landmark in the world can boast that. Tours of the bridge come in a variety of forms: walking, biking, or driving.

15. The Strip in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, or as it is also called “Sin City,” has become scandalously famous around the world for its establishments: casinos, nightclubs and atypical hotels. Well, the Strip is the most “sinful” place in Las Vegas. The Strip, by its nature, is territorially outside the city and is actually considered a suburb. But its visitors don’t care much about that. This bright and alluring showcase of the gambling business of the States attracts fans of tickling their nerves with gambling entertainment.


16. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has been in existence for almost a century and a half. Unlike most museums in the world, this one is not funded by the state treasury, but by sponsorships and donations from “ordinary” art lovers. Another amazing feature of this famous U.S. attraction is the ability to buy an admission ticket for any amount (and even free) – each person decides how much he wants to “donate” for a ticket. The museum has so many exhibits that you would need to spend about a week to see them all.


17. Guggenheim Museum in the United States

Another famous sight in the United States is the Guggenheim Museum in New York. It is located in the Central Park of the city. Visitors to the museum amazes by its simple appearance, not to mention its exhibits. Guggenheim Museum overturns every known canon in the field of museum art. Unusual exhibits, a striking exhibit that offers a tour starting on the seventh floor – all this gives a new perspective on the usual order of things.


18. International Museum of Espionage

A young and unusual attraction in Washington, D.C., is the International Spy Museum. At the moment it ranks among the most visited museums in the United States. It reveals all the secrets of spying practices. The museum is divided into halls, each of which is devoted to the history of spying activities of a particular country. One of them is devoted to Soviet and Russian intelligence service. By the way, our fellow countryman O. Kalugin is a member of the board of directors and one of the founders of the museum.

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19. National Museum of Aviation and Astronautics in the United States

Man as a land creature has always been interested in the sky and space. Perhaps that is why the National Air and Space Museum in Washington receives such a huge number of tourists every year. It is famous for its richest collection of airplanes and spacecraft in the world. Visitors can experience the breathtaking professions of aviators and astronauts, visit the space station, and sit in the cockpit of an airplane. This place helps to touch the great things and is an exceptional destination for tourists and travelers in the U.S. capital.


20. National Museum of Natural History

One of the most interesting attractions in the United States is the National Museum of Natural History, located in Washington, DC. It will be of equal interest to both adults and children. The museum has over 125,000 exhibits. Of particular interest to children, especially boys, dinosaur skeletons. Also, there are life-sized stuffed animals, plants, minerals, and minerals, and the main exhibit that delights adults is the gemstones. This museum is home to the famous Hope diamond.


21. Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum has been the pride of Detroit for a long time. It houses mostly cars (not surprisingly), but you can also see the first models of airplanes, steam locomotives, and trailers. The museum even houses limousines that once served American presidents. Tourists can buy copies of the exhibits in two souvenir stores. There are also cafes and snack bars for the hungry.


22. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is the most beautiful natural place in the United States! It is the oldest national park in the world and one of the world’s greatest natural treasures. Before the colonizers came to this land, the aboriginal Pueblo Indians lived here and built cave-like dwellings in the canyon. The Grand Canyon has stores, parking lots, and transportation, and the ticket is valid for a week. The Grand Canyon is a must-see!


23. Yosemite Park.

The pride of the United States among nature preserves, the beautiful Yosemite Park has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Remarkable and at the same time surprising was the fact that the contemporaries managed to keep the nature of the park almost intact: 95% of the park area is completely wild. Only a small part of the protected area is accessible to tourists, but this does not mean there is nothing to see. Picturesque views, granite rock, hiking trails – all this and more awaits Yosemite visitors.

U.S. Attractions: Yosemite Park

24. Bryce Canyon

The assembly of the famous Grand Canyon is (ironically) its neighbor, Bryce Canyon. Many travelers call this amazing place in the U.S. an amphitheater of rock peaks. And for good reason: the pointed rock tops, painted by nature in all shades of orange, are like mysterious ruins, preserved after unexplored events. We recommend hiking Bryce Canyon at sunrise or sunset, as the play of sunlight changes the view.

The most beautiful places in the U.S.

25. Monument Valley

As you can see, the U.S. has some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. An equally popular tourist destination is Monument Valley. For many years, the winds have blasted the sandy rocks to create this magnificent place. To this day, these areas belong to the Navajo Indians, and they are the guides in these areas. Horseback riding through the picturesque surroundings is very popular with tourists.


The vastness and variety of attractions in the United States will not let any visitor get bored. This is why the country is on the list of the most visited in the world. If you are a traveler, you just can’t help but visit it!

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