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What to see in Stockholm in a day

I’ve been living in Sweden’s capital for nine months and have been exploring the city all that time: going on tours and to museums, reading books and talking to locals.

Every neighborhood in Stockholm is different from the neighboring one, so the city never ceases to amaze me. Here classic architecture is combined with eco-neighborhoods, history with innovation, and an advanced transportation system with nature reserves within the city.

Russian tourists often take a ferry to Stockholm from St. Petersburg. If you plan a walk carefully, you can see the main attractions of the Swedish capital in one day.

I made a walking route for 8.5 km. It starts at Kunstredgården Park and ends at Djurgården Island. On the way we will see the Town Hall, Riddarholmen Island, the Old Town with Sturtorget Square and Västerlonggatan Street, the Royal Palace, Scheppsbrunn Quay, Abba Museum and the Vasa Ship Museum.

The Monteliusvägen observation deck on Södermalm offers a great view of the old city. Just above the observation deck behind the red fence is the small, picturesque Ivar Los Park. The view is even better from there.

Sweden’s national currency, the Swedish krona

If you arrive at Stadsgårdskajen Port, you can take bus number 2 to the start of the route.

The route is

Kungstredgårdskajen is a park that is popular with citizens and tourists. In the summer in Kungstrædgården are working fountains, in winter there is a free skating rink. All year round there are festivals, exhibitions and flea markets.

In April and May in the park blooms sakura. To admire it in silence, I advise to come before 8 am. The rest of the time there are crowds of tourists.

Town Hall – one of the most famous buildings in Stockholm. It is located on the arrow of the island of Kunsholmen. In the weekdays in the town hall work deputies, and on weekends, there are registered marriages. Once a year a banquet for Nobel Prize winners is held in the building.

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The 106-meter tower of the town hall has one of the best views of Stockholm. Unfortunately, visiting time is limited to 15 minutes. I barely had enough time to enjoy Stockholm’s vastness and see all the details of the nearby islands.

Riddarholmen is an island and the smallest administrative unit of Stockholm. Together with the neighboring island of Stadsholmen, the Riddarholmen forms the historic center of Stockholm. Once rich palaces now housed courts and public administration, there are no residential buildings.

On the island of Riddarholmen there is a nice little crowded promenade, which offers a view of the town hall and the steep banks of the island Södermalm. Weather permitting, it’s a good place to take a break before hiking into the bustling Old Town, or Gamla Stan. The Riddarholmsbrunn bridge leads to it.

There are many beautiful spots by the water in the city: this is the view from Villa Valdemarsudde on the island of Djurgården. A picturesque quiet park descends to the waters of the Baltic Sea. Sailboats, motorboats and huge ferries pass by.

Stortoriet Square in the Old Town is Stockholm’s main and oldest square. On it are two of the capital’s most famous buildings: the red and yellow houses that look like gingerbread houses.

costs an adult ticket to the Nobel Museum

Västerlånggatan (Västerlånggatan) is the busiest street of Gamla Stan. You’ll find an endless stream of tourists walking up and down it, with occasional stops at the windows of souvenir stores and the doors of eateries. If you want to find deserted alleyways, just turn wherever you can see.

At one point, Westerlonggatan intersects with Morten Trotzig Lane. It is popular for its size. It is the narrowest street in Stockholm: its width is only 90 cm.

500 years ago, the Danish King Christian II executed a hundred people in Sturtoriet. According to one legend, 92 white stones were placed on the facade of the red house to remind people of that bloody event

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The Royal Palace is the current residence of the Swedish monarch. The chambers, halls and offices are open to the public. The interiors of most rooms – royally rich and ornate, but there is a room with an unexpected design. For example, in the Jubilee Room, everything is furnished modestly and simply, in the spirit of Ikea.

Every day at 12:15 a.m. a guard of honor is solemnly changing near the palace. On Sundays and holidays, the ceremony takes place at 1:15 pm.

Sheppsbrun is Stockholm’s oldest promenade, spacious and very windy in bad weather. In winter, Sheppsbrunn is home to the city’s main Christmas tree. If you fancy a coffee and a bite to eat, I suggest checking out Bageri Skeppsbro.

At the end of Scheppsbrunn there is a pier where the city ferries to Djurgården island. The ferry is the same public transport as the bus, so the normal fare applies. The journey takes 9 minutes. On request, the ferry makes a stop on the island of Scheppsholmen, where there is a modern art museum, a free East Asian museum and other tourist spots.

On Djurgården the ferry docks at the Gröna Lund amusement park. It is open from late April to late October. In the summer, the park often hosts concerts, including international stars.

Vasa Ship Museum is the most visited in Sweden. It is called the museum of a single exhibit. In fact, there are many exhibits, but they are all related to the huge three-masted ship Vasa. It sank in 1628 for the first time as a result of a design error. It was only raised from the seabed in the 1950s. Due to the unique composition of the Baltic Sea, the Vasa remained almost intact. The museum opened in the nineties.

The entrance to the Vasa museum

On the island of Djurgården there are many other excellent museums: the ethnographic complex Skansen, Nordic Museum, Til’s Gallery, Valdemarsudde Manor and much more. If you are travelling with children, go to “Unibacken”: The exposition is based on the books by Astrid Lindgren.

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Language. Sweden is the leader in the rating of countries by level of knowledge of English as the second language. The locals usually have no problems with understanding. In my experience, all Swedes speak excellent English .

How to get there. In warm seasons ferries from Russia go along the route St. Petersburg – Helsinki – Tallinn – Stockholm. SAS flies from St. Petersburg to the Swedish capital, while Aeroflot and Singapore Airlines fly from Moscow. The average cost of the flight is 14 000 R .

The average cost of a flight from Moscow to Stockholm

Money. The country’s currency is the Swedish krona, denoted as SEK or kr. 1 euro is equal to about 10 kronor. Everywhere you can pay by card: Sweden aims to become a country where there is no cash payment at all.

The Stockholm subway is a separate attraction. It has been called the longest art gallery in the world. If you go down to Kungsträdgården station, you will find yourself in a semi-dark cave, under the arches of which there are many sculptures and ruins with antique motifs.

The most photographed subway station in Stockholm is T-Centralen. Many people are mesmerized by the blue and white patterns on the uneven arches of the rock. But for me, T-Centralen is my least favorite station because it’s also the busiest: it’s where all the branches intersect.

When searching for a subway station, look for the letter T: the Swedish word for subway is tunnelbana. The usual European sign in the form of the letter M is not here

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